Feeling Down About Valentine’s Day? If You’re A Twin Flame (Especially In Separation), It Can Be Excruciating. Here Is How To Take The Sting Out Of The “Day of Romance”, And Align With A Higher Truth!

Valentine’s Day Week is a hotly anticipated day in society in general, but for Twin Flames it can be really challenging.

This can be the worst of times or the best of times, depending on your situation – I know how bad it feels to see “everyone” enjoying romance if you’re not with the one you love… And being reminded by practically every store and email list in the world about Valentine’s, love and couples…

So today I wanted to share an article to help you with this as a Twin Flame!

Because unfortunately, Valentine’s day really can be highly toxic – if we don’t know how to handle it!

But like a big red balloon, we can puncture the myths and the constructed ideas, to return to a much happier, more truthfully love aligned state.

#1) Remember That Valentine’s Is Not Quite What It Seems

It may sound cynical, and for those who enjoy Valentine’s, I’m really happy for you…

But if you’re feeling hassled by the focus on love while you’re not with your counterpart in the 3D physical…

Remember that a lot of the information and energy around right now is distorted, based in a constructed idea of perfection. It’s designed to get us emotional.

Be mindful you don’t buy into this created lack. Your happiness can look completely different from someone else’s. And it’s completely OK to be “alone” and working on self love!

(I say “alone” because your Twin is with you as a soul wherever you go!)


#2) Don’t Be Stingy With Love: Celebrate And Be Good To YourSELF!

In energy terms and on the Twin Flame journey, showering yourSELF with love, is like a magic potion. When you can be whole within and cherish yourself no matter what, it tends to magnetize that from your counterpart too.

So, self love doesn’t have to look the same for everyone, but it could include things like:

Gifting yourSELF something meaningful, writing a letter to your younger self, going within and filling up with glowy love and light energy, taking a long bath or spending the day eating food you love while watching your favorite film with a friend… In short, whatever makes YOU feel appreciated and loved.

Keep an eye on yourself at this time, be good to YOU above all!

An easy way to know how to approach it is: Treat yourself the way you would a child or a dear friend.


#3) …And Let Your Twin’s Higher Self Shower You With Affection!

The truth is you can ALWAYS experience UN-conditional love and the complete bliss of unity and romance. How? Go to your Twin Flame’s Higher Self!

Your Twin is always with you, rooting for you to ‘come home’ to unity. Let them guide you there. Things truly can be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Don’t accept the outside as set in stone if you’re not happy with how things are.

Picture your Twin Flame as their higher self – in the 3D physical. How would they be as a person, how would things be different? This really is possible.

The strong message right now is:

“Go within and interact with your twin’s higher self. Connect with them. Allow them to support you and show you how they truly feel and the magic they can bring into your life when you allow them to”.

Spirit shows us, that interacting with your Twin’s higher self activates this aspect of them in their daily life more and more.

(We do this in the Oneness Code session – your Twin’s Higher Self reaches out to help you and reconnect, and to lend you more support in the physical. Click here to read more and download) 


There has been so much amazing feedback for this session – here are a few responses: 


#4) If You Feel Sad Or Stressed, Make Sure You’re Not Actually Reacting To Collective Energies!

We Twin Flames aren’t the only ones who often struggle with Valentine’s Day.

All over the world there are people who suffer in this period because of feeling so FAR FROM love. And imagine, not being a Twin Flame, you wouldn’t even know that true soul love exists…! So there’s a lot of heaviness around this time of year.

In the run-up to Valentine’s Day– many people are hurting. Shame, loneliness, guilt, comparing ourselves to others…

But there’s also a lot of light and celebration energy around, if you’re on the right frequency. Therefore, surf the highs of Valentine’s day by shielding yourself from outside negativity, and staying on top of your energy clearing/balancing.

Go here for the Free Energy healing session that will clear out heaviness from your chakras and aura, help you re-center into self love and infuse you with new high vibration light so you can stay up no matter what anyone else is thinking or feeling!

I’ve had Twin Flames email me from all over the world to say how profound the effects of this session have been for them – including Runners literally getting in touch out of the blue after their Twin Flame cleared energy!

(You can read about some of their experiences here)

The reason this happens is that all Twins share an energy field and everything we do or intend or feel impacts the other. One twin shifting their energy impacts the whole dynamic in the pair!

#5) Remember That The 3D World Is Not All There Is

Valentine’s Day is one (3D) idea of Love, but it’s not the only. This is most often “conditional love” being displayed.

The history of Valentine’s Day stretches back to the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia and the legend of Saint Valentine, a day originally celebrating fertility.

Over time, these tales have morphed into the Valentine’s Day we know today, focused on romantic gestures and love.

But remember that we Twin Flames share an eternal, spiritual love that goes beyond chocolates, roses, balloons, or token gifts – or even the more outlandish romantic gestures you may see out there.

And that love is available every single second.

For a deep experience of true, divine love and unity on the etheric planes, use the Oneness Activation Session where spirit and I take you through a deep preparation and entering into the Sacred Twin Flame Hieros Gamos – the “alchemical marriage”.

This is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had on my own journey. To experience the immense love that exists between the Twins on a higher plane.


The Thing About Valentine’s Day…

In closing, Valentine’s Day can be amazing and a beautiful celebration, a reminder of true love… But it’s also a powerful trigger, which challenges and hurts so many people.

Therefore, with not only Valentine’s Day coming up but also Mars and Venus joining together in their rare “Reunion”… I wanted to do something special around healing, self love and reunion for *you*.

So for the rest of February, I’m adding an extra bonus Q&A session with me for everyone who signs up to the 12-month Twin Flame Gold Coaching – and you get $375 off your tuition for the year!

So, instead of chasing after society’s idea of romance, spending on things you don’t really need – like chocolates or balloons…

You can gift yourself a journey of healing and breakthroughs for the next year.

I cannot tell you how much happier every single day becomes, once you are brimming with love for yourself, radiant with true inner peace and confidence.

(To get the special pricing and bonus session, use code VALENTINE.)

Do let me know in the comments how YOU are going to celebrate this Valentine’s – whether showering yourself with love or spending it with your Twin somehow. 

May this and every future Valentine’s Day be a gateway to self love and healing for you, and a celebration of true love!

Cassady x


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