Are You Imposing On Your Counterpart? Is It “Wrong” To Work On Manifesting Unity? The Spiritual Truth About Twin Flame Free Will…

Defining Free Will


I’m so often asked by Twin Flames, what is truly “free will” in the Twin Flame connection and whether they are “breaking their Twin’s free will”.

What they often ask, is, if it’s “wrong” for them to do their inner work to affect their counterpart and focusing on reuniting.

Because the idea they have picked up somewhere (likely online), is that it’s imposing against their counterpart’s wishes.

If you’re reading information that tells you that you are abusing your Twin by working to manifest unity, it has unfortunately been filtered through Ego.

It is not considering the full picture.

Your Ancient Other Self

As “one soul divided”, the situation is of course not as clear cut and simple as with “non Twins”. Because you and your Twin Flame share an energy field, you are always intrinsically connected.

They are not merely another person, they are an aspect of YOU, deep down on the soul level.

So I was asked to write about this with spirit today. (To join me in deeper soul work to manifest Twin Flame unity in the 3D physical and beyond, go here)

So what IS the truth about Free Will and Twin Flames?

Ultimately, spirit’s CORE message which is coming through very strongly is that above all, DIVINE WILL is supreme.

Differentiating Between Negativity, Positivity

What does that mean?

It means that love, light, unity, harmony, forgiveness, higher consciousness and any choice and action taking in THAT direction, is always “correct” and supported by the universe.

Especially for Twin Souls.

Because the Twin Flames’ divine nature is unity, harmony, oneness.

So in essence, choices that support this, are aligned with divine will.

The Opposite Of Divine Will

Whereas any choices and actions made in the direction of division, conflict, resentment, blame, and other separation-based consciousness, is NOT in alignment with divine will or supported by the universe.

This is the KEY compass or guideline we are being asked to focus on.

Of course, the complication that causes so much confusion is that here on earth, we are not just our souls.

We also have the “Ego self”, the constructed human identity.

And technically, we are “free” to choose to do, think, feel and act in ways that can bring harm. We will not always be stopped, because there may be lessons that are seen as valuable… BUT this is changing in this era.

The Awakening Era

Spirit interjects, that we are in “the awakening project”.

The “karmic suffering” era (the old 3D) is ending. That “experiment” is over.

This is the era of awakening and ascending into unity consciousness. (5D). So the era of karmic learning and “ego rule” is over.

We Twin Flames are here as pioneers of this – so it is even more pertinent for us.

So in the interest of the “divine plan” we are often being pushed to take actions to realign with the higher state.

Again, we’re back to the compass of, is the ‘WILL’ aligned with unity and love or not? That is a pertinent question.

Ego Vs Soul Will

Let’s look deeper into the question that so many Twins are focused on.

So to answer the question further, could you be “breaking your Twin’s free will?” – there is a BIG difference between Ego will and Soul will.

The soul is eternal. The ego is the CONSTRUCTED human identity, created via programming, ancestry, habits and influence from society and “patterns”.

In life, people take on patterns, negative consciousness programming, and so often act on influence from the outside.

(Attachments and intentions pasted onto them by friends, family, partners and even society).

What So Many Twin Flames Miss Out On

So is Ego Will truly “free will”?

In spiritual terms, the answer is no.

And this is part of the experiment of coming to earth, to get to experience the difference and understand.

So as an example, if someone was drunk, or on drugs, would you consider them as making a free will choice if they signed a contract? Human law in most countries, says no.

In fact there are countless cases in courts where people plead not guilty because they were “under the influence” or not in possession of their full faculties. And they are released.

Because we understand that Free Will is open to interpretation and context.

Someone can make a CHOICE without being fully aware.

Asking For Help

As I’m writing this article, I’m hearing from the unawakened Twin Flames’ collective consciousness.

If YOU were drunk, or drugged or sedated, and were about to hurt yourself, would you not wish for them to help you?

I.e. their point is that they long for you deep down and may not be able to express it through the filters of ego and societal baggage.

They may be acting based on ego in life but that does NOT mean it is what they truly long for.

And they may be asking you to HELP them wake up. (The easiest way to know, is to stay in touch with them on the soul level. I take you through this here)

Imposing On Them? No

Influence happens spiritually ALL the time. We knew this before coming there.

This is why SOUL CONTRACTS made on a higher level bear more weight than any Ego based agreement, creation or action.

So does that mean we impose our own ego will on others?

No. Let’s continue exploring and I’ll show you why.

Let’s get to the Twin Flame specific situations.

Perspective Flipped Upside Down

So many Twins debate whether it is right and fair to do healing work or nudge their counterpart to awaken and reunite, because they feel it may not be in their counterpart’s “Free Will”…

***Spirit says, who do you think awakened YOU in the first place?****

***It was your Twin’s soul!***

That’s the agreement. And they would not have awakened YOU only to block you from helping them follow suit!

(More in depth info on this here)

Respecting Soul Will

Again, from a spiritual perspective, ego actions are not considered “free will” on par with soul contracts.

Do we force actions or change or attachments or choices on someone? No.

But in the case of Twin Flames, the foundational SOUL will is to share love.

So if you have a soul contract to meet, your soul will is to unite. The universe’s will is for you to share unconditional love.

Remember, if you have been awakened, it was by them.

You are one consciousness divided, so it is yourSELF you are talking about.

Getting Clarity From “The Horse’s Mouth”

The ego self is “asleep”. It is not “really their real self”.

This does NOT mean, again, that we impose our EGO will on them.

But in spiritual and energy terms, we can work for soul will.
However, we respect others’ boundaries.

Ultimately, this means, if you are concerned with breaking your Twin Flame’s free will, go and ASK them on the soul level!

They will always answer you honestly. (I take you through it here for Free – make sure you intend you ask for their SOUL)

They Are The “Mastermind” Behind It All?

And you may be surprised to discover their SOUL is there PUSHING YOU to awaken them, because they WANT to be together.

This often happens.

Twins think they are bothering their counterpart romantically or with their wishes, but they’re actually picking up on their soul’s nudges.

(This happened to me in the beginning, when I thought I was bothering my Twin with romantic thoughts and it turned out it was him SENDING them to me).

The Difference Between Aligned Work And Control

When comes to our other self, if their soul is on board, we are not going against their will.

Clearing out distortions and cleansing away illusion and “human baggage” is NOT to hurt someone. They are still free to make choices from that place.

We do not influence them with coercion, we do not do binding spells on someone to force them, and so on.

But to work with their soul, to help them awaken, to help them rise into more of their light, is “divine will”.

When we do this we help them become more THEMSELVES.

And as their eternal self, they love you unconditionally.

This is why energy clearings have such a strong effect on an unawakened Twin Flame counterpart, even if they themselves are not part of the work on the 3D ego level!

twin flame coaching

The Twin Flame Team

Again, if you are ever concerned, ask their soul when you do inner work.

I guarantee they’re already there working with you and helping you with your healing and clearing. Because you are a team.

You chose to come here as souls. They awakened you.

Now they are wanting you to help with the further path!

Seeing Through Illusion

Above all, keep in mind that things are NOT as they seem from the human ego perspective.

So don’t get caught up in online debate that drags you into distortion.

Go to the soul, and you see eternal will.

Not perspectives and decisions clouded by the illusion of Ego.

I hope you found this article helpful.

Please don’t worry so much. Go to your Twin on the higher planes and you will find peace, love and unity.

If you want to go deeper into soul work and bring unconditional love into the 3D physical and beyond, I invite you to join the beautiful soul work we’re doing in the Twin Flame Group Coaching these next 12 months. 

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Cassady x

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