Find Out If Your Twin Flame Has Been Thinking About Or Is Missing You. Tap Into Your Intuition, And Unlock The Power of Twin Flame Telepathy…


Today I’m addressing an issue I’m asked about every single week. “How do you know if your Twin Flame is thinking of you?”

The amazing thing is, yes, it is possible to sense when your Twin Flame is thinking of you even if you’re not physically together!

Let’s explore how:

Twin Flames Are Always In Communication

Whether you realize it or not, you are always in communication with your Twin Flame (even if you haven’t met them yet!).

As Twin Flames, you and your Twin share an energy frequency that is unique to just the two of you.

Your souls are already “tuned into each other’s channel,” like on an old-fashioned radio.

You and your Twin are constantly in communication on the energetic plane. This is what makes it possible to detect when your Twin Flame is thinking of you.

Many Twins can feel, sense, and hear each other’s feelings, moods, and thoughts, no matter how far away they are physically.

This is known as Twin Flame telepathy.


How Do Twin Flames Communicate When They’re Apart?

Energy is how you are able to sense when your Twin Soul is thinking of you, even when separated physically.

The messages “I love you” and “please forgive me” are two of the most common messages Twin Flames send each other.

This is because deeply emotional and archetypal messages are easily transmitted through the nervous system and energy channels.

The energy of love is another amazing message Twin Souls commonly send.

When your Twin sends you love, you will sense it somehow, even if you’ve never spoken before in life or you’ve been estranged for years!



The Top 11 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking of You

The energy and emotions your Twin feels when they think about you can be communicated in SO many different ways.

However, there are some forms of communication that are more common than others.

Here are the 11 biggest signs that your Twin Soul is thinking of you.

(Do share in the comments which of these YOU have experienced!)

#1 You Dream about your Twin Flame 

Dreaming about your Twin is a clear sign that you are on your Twin Flame’s mind. Dreams between Twin Souls are often intense and vivid.

Your dreams might include a specific message from your Twin, or they might call up deep emotions within you that you continue to feel when you awake.


#2 You Feel Wrapped in Warmth

If you suddenly feel your heart begin to radiate joy, this is a sign that your Twin Flame is sending you loving energy.

When you feel the warmth of love between the two of you in moments when you haven’t been focusing on it, it’s because your Twin is feeling it.


#3 You Feel Your Twin Flame Touching You

When you feel your Twin touching your skin or kissing you, this is known as remote touch.

Remote touch is common between Twin Flames, and both this and telepathy are especially active at times when our brains are in the Alpha or Theta state (when our defense mechanisms and ego are relaxed and communication is open). 

This means we are most likely to experience remote touch in moments just before we fall asleep or when we’re meditating.

Many Twins feel their counterpart holding their hand or kissing them, and some even experience sexual encounters this way.

To boost your connection and get in touch with your Twin’s soul, try the Alpha Level meditation in the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames I’ve created.


#4 You Experience Sudden, Intense Emotions 

If you suddenly feel strongly positive or negative emotions surging through your body, which don’t seem to be connected to what you are experiencing in your physical reality…

This is a sign that you are experiencing your Twin’s emotions and desires as they think about you. 

Note that the feelings you experience might not always be positive – sometimes they may feel like elation or bliss, but in other moments they may feel like stress or anxiety, especially if your Twin is struggling with being apart from you.


#5 Your Intuition Is Telling You

If your intuition is nudging you that your Twin Flame is thinking about and/or missing you, trust this instinct. Your intuition always knows.


#6 You Spontaneously Start Thinking About Your Twin Flame

If your Twin Soul randomly appears in your mind while you’re going about your day and thinking about other things, this is very likely because they are thinking about you.

You might suddenly see an image of them in your mind, see or hear their name, recall a memory of them, or just start thinking about the idea of them.

Whatever the experience looks like for you, those times you suddenly have a thought pop up about your Twin Flame, it’s usually them thinking about you.


#7 You Sense a Loving “Presence” With You 

If you begin to feel your Twin Flame by your side when they are not physically there, this is another sign that they are thinking about you at that moment.

When feeling your Twin’s presence next to you, you might also experience sudden bursts of “elation” or notice palpitations in certain parts of your body – especially your heart.

These are all signs of your Twin Soul interacting with you energetically as they think about you.


#8 You Feel Tingling Sensations In Your Body

Tingling sensations in your body often occur when your Twin Flame is thinking about you sexually.

You may also experience a change in your body temperature (sudden warmth or cold), goosebumps, shivers down your spine, butterflies in your stomach, or a racing heart.


#9 You Experience Out-of-body Sex

Most Twin Flames share a connection that has a sexual component to it, the irresistible pull. For Twins, this encompasses all planes, not just the physical.

In moments when your Twin Flame is thinking about you sexually, you might feel their soul kissing or hugging you or even making love with you!

This is most commonly noticed in the Alpha state, during meditation, or right before/after sleep.


#10 You Keep Hearing a Particular Song or Phrase

When you keep hearing the same songs or phrases out loud or in the back of your mind, this is a sign that your Twin is thinking of you and could be sending you a specific word-based message.

Listen to the lyrics or consider the phrase that is repeating in your mind. Tune into what they are telling you – this is a sign of how connected you are. 


#11 You See or Feel Your Twin Flame While Meditating

When in a meditative state, you are very in tune with your intuition, which means it becomes extra clear to you at this time if your Twin is thinking of you.

You might see their face, hear their name, or simply feel a sense of knowing.

During meditation, brainwave activity is in the Alpha or Theta state, and the analytical ego mind is resting and can’t interfere. This allows your channels of communication with your Twin to open up.


Your Messages Are Unique

Whenever your Twin Flame thinks about you, they are communicating with you on the energetic plane

The energy of love is unmistakable so trust your intuition here – if it feels like your Twin Flame is thinking of your right now, then they most likely are.

What you experience when your Twin Soul thinks about you will be unique to you. Maybe you will start thinking about them more.

Maybe you will suddenly remember happy moments you spent together, and loving memories will pop up in your mind seemingly out of nowhere. Maybe you will dream of them… 

Although this communication often comes through in different ways for each of us, I guarantee that you will receive and experience your Twin’s messages in some way or another.


What If I Haven’t Experienced Any Signs My Twin Flame Is Thinking Of Me?

The more attuned you get to consciously using Twin Flame telepathy, the more you can receive communication from your Twin Flame in this way (and send messages to them yourself as well!).

However, although you and your Twin can theoretically connect any time you want and communicate freely through both emotion and thoughts, real life can be a different story. 

If you haven’t yet experienced any telepathic communication with your Twin Soul, it could be that your energetic channels are congested and blocking you from receiving your Twin’s messages.

twin flame telepathy


How To ‘Tune In’ For Clearer Communication With Your Twin

Twin Flame telepathy gets stronger and easier the more we clear our energy to get into alignment with the core frequency that we share with our Twin.

If you’ve never experienced telepathic communication with your Twin before, the first step to activating this ability is to clear your energetic channels – chances are you’ve been blocked from receiving. 

Managing your energy will help you open up to Twin Flame telepathy quicker than anything else. For me it happened in under a month, using energy tools.

It went from a word here and there to having full-blown conversations. And I had never in my life had any “psychic” abilities before.


No Previous Skills Required

Even if you’ve never had “psychic” abilities previously in life, Twin Flame telepathy is something that can develop rapidly, almost “overnight” when you and your Twin interact energetically and your souls are “brought online.”

You can learn to receive messages from your Twin Flame every day.

All you need to do is clear and uplift your energy so that you tap into your intuition. From there, you can communicate with your Twin Soul without ego and interference getting in the way.

As with any skill, the more you practice, the easier and more effortless this gets. 

In the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames, I’ve included tools to help you practice opening your channels of communication with your Twin.

The Free Kit includes a deep Alpha-level meditation that strengthens your inner soul connection with your Twin! Get my Free Kit here.


A Warning

Many people experience confusion and struggle when trying to figure out whether their Twin Flame is trying to communicate with them or not.

The truth is, it’s not about the outer signs and synchronicities so much as a feeling of resonance in your soul and energy.

When you quiet your mind, you will always be able to sense, feel, hear, or see communication from your Twin Flame.

Meditation is a powerful way to get in touch with your soul – and your Twin Flame’s soul too. Try to quiet your mind and get into a feeling place. Your intuition knows.


Assistance on your path

If you’d like help in getting deeper insight into your Twin Flame connection and any issues that have arisen between you, I highly recommend looking into my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

twin flame program

cassady cayne coaching twin flame testimonial

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This program will help you melt away all energetic and karmic blocks, put an end to running and separation, and prepare you to enter Divine Union.

It’s a step-by-step roadmap to Twin Flame Union that will show you how to shift your energy and your Twin Flame dynamic for good.

There’s even a whole class in the program on developing Twin Flame telepathy.

Have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program here for all the details.

No matter what’s happened before or what pain you’ve experienced, know that things really can change for the better!

I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

As always, I’m sending you love and light on your continued journey,

Cassady  x

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