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Notorious Indulgences That Cause Rupture In The Twin Flame Connection… Are You Doing Any Of These Things? Is Your Twin Flame?

Today we’ll be looking at the shadows that often cause trouble in the Twin Flame connection.

And before you begin reading, know that I understand. No judgment here! This article is meant as a reminder, a checkpoint, a mirror to help you stay the course.

I think most Twins have been dragged into the shadows on occasion – because this is a journey that has the power to turn our lives upside down and that in itself brings out the shadows of fear…

If the below “temptations” fit with you, know that you have the power to change things around.

Above all, if the temptations of the “dark side” have got under your skin – make sure you clear your energy to step out of negativity and open up to love by uplifting into the harmony you desire.

Use the Free Energy Cleanse Tool here to begin clearing out congestion and negativity from your Chakras and Aura, and Infusing your system with New Light.


#1) Forgetting/Ignoring The Eternal Love You Share

In a world focused on problems and conflict, this is a common issue for Twin Flames. The spiritual fact is, love is the only truth for your Twin Flame connection.

But when you take your focus off the fire of love, it stops being nourished. You “tune in” to the channel of problems instead of the channel of love.

In energy terms, like attracts like. This means, to want love from a place of anger is an impossibility. You must be in a state of love to really be open to receiving and experiencing love.

Trying to get love from a place of anger and blame is like setting your radio to RockFM and expecting to hear classical music. It doesn’t work!

Shift your focus and your energy to open up your connection to the harmony and reunion you truly desire.

Read more here: “The Journey Back To Love”


#2) Waiting For Someone/Something To Save You

I see this with many Twins and again, no judgment.

Our society is one with old traditions of religion encouraging people to look for an outside savior. This is especially common with females. And again, no wonder, it’s something society “teaches” people to do.

The divine isn’t something outside of you or superior to you – you are the divine experiencing life as a human being. A powerful co-creator of your experiences!

The truth is you are an infinite being who is here because you chose to be! You and your Twin Flame planned to come here together and you arranged so many of your life’s circumstances from a place of wanting to learn.

To divide into “separation” in human bodies and journey back together. You are not here to wait for some outer force to magic things to happen for you. You have to be a present, active agent in your own experience.

This is a journey of cause and effect, and your soul will keep pushing you to take responsibility, to take action on your journey.

Twin Flames are always being asked to balance our inner Masculine and Feminine energies, as well as the union between the two, we are in the alchemy of uniting within.

To reach inner wholeness and balance, it’s imperative to balance the Feminine polarity of receiving and intuition with the Masculine polarity of action and outer activity.

Read more about this in the article The Twin Flame Mirror – Why The Twin Flame Journey Is An Inside Job


#3) Getting Caught Up in The Gossip of Other People

Bonding around “gossip” and debate is a human instinct, a group social instinct that has served to help people to bond and assist survival in past times.

However, on the spiritual journey dealing with others can be just as damaging as it is helpful. Read more about this here: Whose Beliefs Are Mapping Out Your Twin Flame Journey?

In Ascension and on the Twin Flame journey your soul is always pushing for you to go within, to step into your own power, to discover your own light… And to connect into the space inside where you become your Twin Flame and they become you.

The more time you spend debating the connection with others, the further you travel from your own inner center and the core of your Twin Flame connection.

If you’re looking for answers about your Connection, wanting to center into your truth and to uplift your connection, to reach Twin Flame Union – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program.

It’s packed with information about the Twin Flame connection and includes channeled answers to many common Twin questions including “What if my Twin Flame is married or with someone else?” and “What if others are trying to get between us?”

Have a look here for more, and go here to read about other Twins’ experiences with the program…

twin flame program

cassady-cayne-twin-flame-union-testimonial.jpg   twin-flames-1111-cassady-cayne-testimonial-2023-shortened


#4) Buying Into the Myth of Rules

Contrary to what the majority of information out there will lead you to think, The Twin Flame journey is not a “one size fits all”.

Yes, the purpose is love. But the variety of ways we chose to divide and journey back to unity, is endless. All Twin Flames are experiencing different aspects of lessons, choosing to develop and learn in different ways.

There are no “set stages”. Not all Twin Flames will experience separation, not all Twin pairs will have a “runner” and a “chaser” (read more about this here)…

And there will not always be a “bubble phase” (I was asked about this recently – who comes up with these terms?).

The Twin Flame rules and “musts” are false ideas. Ideas created from human ego consciousness. Spiritual truth is much deeper than categories and rules (if something seeks to divide and judge, it is ego consciousness. Based in separation).

Ultimately, the Twin Flame journey all about love, and you yourself hold the inner map to your journey.

You are the one who has to travel your path. No one can travel your path or learn your lessons for you. There’s no “Twin Flame rulebook”.

You know your “stuff” better than anyone else – and your soul wants you to experience these lessons to the fullest, because that’s how you evolve, that’s how you open up to a love bigger and wider than people on earth ever experienced…

This is why I teach tools, not “rules”! Learning to manage your energy, clear old negativity and uplift into a higher vibration will work wonders both for your Twin connection and your life in general.

Have a look for my method, where I take you step by step through how to uplift your unique journey into greater love and harmony. I was asked to share this with other Twins after my own mirror soul and I reached Union.

#5) Not Following Your Own Intuition

This is a lesson all Twin Flames are being pushed to learn – to connect with our intuition, our spiritual “compass”.

Your soul will always be pushing you to go within, to connect to your own truth, to find your own divinity, the inner connection to your Twin Soul through love.

The more you look outside for answers, the more your soul will push you through circumstances and real life “blocks” to try to get you to go within and find your *own* answers.

To make your journey smoother, more joyous and harmonious, begin to listen to your soul. Note down what’s going on in your dreams at night.


Pay attention to repeating symbols and messages. And above all, meditate.

Quiet the mind and go within. Just a few minutes a day to start with, will make a difference.

And if you find meditation tricky, I’ve created a Free guided meditation where I talk you through relaxing and quieting your mind step by step. You might find it helpful to start with this before you venture into “classic” meditation again.

Download the Free Meditation here.

#6) Not Having Faith in Your Own Power

Many Twins believe that it’s up to a higher force to bring them together, that their own desires and efforts make no difference and that they must “surrender” to the Universe to experience love and Reunion…

There is some truth in the idea of trusting a higher part of your being, however… (drum roll)… You *are* the universe…! The divine is always in you, is you, not something outside of you pushing you to give in or submit to its will. 

If you are finding it helpful to “surrender”, be mindful of how you approach this as it could be damaging long term. Read more about this in the article: The Truth About Twin Flame Surrender.

You are here completely capable of making love happen, of reuniting with your Twin. Otherwise, the two of you would not have chosen to come here!

When two Twin Flames reincarnate at the same time, it is with the express purpose of journeying together back to love.

If you were meant to focus on individual experiences, one would usually remain behind in spirit to guide the other through their experience in the physical.

Ancestral Crown Chakra blocks of religious conditioning and powerlessness create blocks for many Twin Flames.

I was asked to channel the new Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session to assist Twin Flames with this – including to help unawakened Twins rouse to full awareness.

If your Twin is “asleep”, you’ll want to have a look at this.

twin flame awakening

#7) Focusing On the Negatives/Ignoring The Positives

Remember that what you energize, manifests! Think of it like this: What you focus on, you get more of. So, do you want more of what you’re currently giving your attention to? If not, it’s time to shift your focus.

There can be challenging moments on this journey for sure – but there are also beautiful moments, and this is a connection that defies words: It really is a love beyond love.

A love that can lift you up and bring you home to yourself – a love that can illuminate your whole life.

The problem is that we human beings have evolved to look for problems everywhere – it’s how our ancestors survived; they had to find the potential source of death before it found them.

Often we get into a loop of thinking over and over about all the difficulties and the hurt between our Twin Flame and ourselves.

The thing is: if you’re in a loop of negativity, you’re only inviting in more negativity. It’s like being tuned into a radio station with music you can’t stand – unless you change the channel, you won’t hear different music.

Uplift out of problems with this in-depth session where I take you through why Energy is the most important thing to know about on the Twin Flame journey, plus how to remove old attachments and healing karmic wounds that might have kept you and your Twin Flame in struggle…


#8) Looking For Drama/Trouble

Science believes that early life programming from experiences with getting our needs met, shape how we react to addiction and how we behave in relationships.

Children who had to cause a big stir to get love or attention, tend to carry this pattern into adulthood. These are the people who become “attention seekers”, “drama queens”, “narcissists”…

Because they learned that in order to get what they needed to survive (love, attention, nourishment) they had to fight for it, scream for it, cause a fuss every time.

These are the people who have an unconscious belief that love can and will be taken away from them – so they’re testing everyone, pushing them away to see if they will stay. These are usually the people who become “Twin Flame Runners”.

The spiritual truth is that we are love. And these early life patterns of believing love is going to be taken away from us, are a big block to the Twin Flame connection.

Many Twins who are spiritually conscious and doing their inner work, struggle with the emotional intensity, heaviness and inner “drama” they feel from their Unawakened/Runner counterpart. 

On the Twin Flame journey, and especially when Twins start to enter into the soul merge process – energies and information begin to blend between the two Twin Flames’ energy systems, and there can be triggering and “issues” as negativity travels back and forth.

I was asked to create the Complete Harmony Healing by spirit, to assist with this. This clearing will clear out potential triggers of running/chasing/separation and ensure that only high vibrational energies are blending between you.

Plus, we shield you as a pair to protect you both from harsh outside energies, and much more. Have a look here to discover more.

Complete harmony Healing Tool


#9) Trying To Treat It As A Regular Relationship

The Twin Flame connection is transformational, spiritual, eternal. When we try to apply the traditions and expectations of a “regular relationship” to it, we create frustration. Your connection is sacred, full of divine love.

But in order to experience the divinity of the Twin Flame connection we have to stop trying to “control” it with regular expectations. The world is full of old world 3D beliefs around men and women, the nature of marriage and relationships.

Twin Flames are here to uplift into a higher state of love, to create new “stories” of unconditional love. Read more about this here


In order to fully invite in the divinity of the Twin Flame connection, we have to remove the old debris of the “human world belief systems” – 3D relationship patterns of control, conditional love and male/female conflict systems.

To step out of the old 3D conflict/separation modes of relationships (these are inherited and taken on in childhood), have a look at this full session for Twin Flames

#10) Getting Addicted To Outside Help/Advice/Information

Twin Flame Ascension and Awakening is a challenge for most – after all, our whole experience of reality is being broken wide open.

However, remember that you’re fully equipped with the inner guidance and wisdom you need to navigate this journey. The key is to go within, to manage your energy and connect with your own higher faculties.

Many Twin Flames get addicted to the idea of salvation – chasing new insights all the time, often from healers and psychics. Chasing the “payoff”… The problem is that this will keep you in that state of always seeking, never finding. 

Read more in the article “3 Things You Need To Know About The Future Of Your Twin Flame Relationship”

twin flame psychic

If this is you, it’s important that you go within. That you begin facing your own shadows and discovering what’s *really* going on beyond the surface. Your soul has been waiting for you to do this.

Are you someone who’s been on this blog for years reading but not doing the inner work your guidance is calling for?

If so, please experience a Free Guided energy healing session and here, it’s made a positive difference to so many already.

It’s free, so what have you got to lose?

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

I believe in you! Don’t forget you are here for a reason.

Cassady x

twin flame program            

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  1. I have done soooo many of these things over the years. Especially number 1. But recently in meditation my twin told me, “There are no obstacles, just love.” So maybe I’ll be able to tune into that love frequency again soon, I hope so! Much love xxx ??

  2. I just love your weekly posts! Your website was an answer for a question I didn’t thought I could get on the Internet, last year, but luckily Google brought me here. I googled/asked for ‘interdimensional relationship coaching”. What amazing times we’re living in! Thank you so much for your work and for sharing what you have learned from your Twin Flame connection.

  3. Hi Sharon!

    Thanks for your comment – absolutely a Twin on the other side can unite with their living counterpart, my statement was not meant as an objection to that. My statement regards the purpose of Twins who incarnate at the same time – so people know, if they’re both alive their souls have a specific purpose to it.

    I’m so happy for you that you’re able to maintain a good connection with your twin : )

    Sending you both love and light x

    Cassady x

  4. Hi Edmund, thank you for sharing this. There are many different ways of viewing the Twin Flame connection. Everyone has their own path to walk, so there are many versions of truth for those experiencing it. Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  5. ScarletRose, thanks for sharing, yes they don’t call it a rollercoaster for nothing ; ) Tuning into the frequency is such a great way to put it, love is always there, it’s just that we sometimes “drop off” out of range – mostly because of our thoughts and the analytical mind getting too involved.

    Sending you love and light <3


  6. I met someone in August, when I met her, Wow!! Beautiful, peace, calmness, easy conversation, and just a pull to her I have never felt in my life and I am 49 years old. I seem to always smell her too, even two weeks after having seen her, even in the oddest locations where I should not smell perfume. I let her know how I felt about her in October and since we are in a provider (her)/client (me) relationship we can’t go any further. I have decided to stop seeing her in the next month and I have been using the time so we can get to know each other better and she has opened up more with each visit. This past weekend I spoke with 2 psychics who both said this was a twin a flame and we are connected and attracted to each other spiritually, emotionally, and physically. One said I had hurt her in a past life. I had no knowledge of twin flames or the 11’s prior to last Saturday and have been reading up on it. First we are both Cancers, 11 years and 8 days apart. Second, I looked at my cell phone yesterday and it was 11:11 am when I sat down to eat lunch. Today, I got on my phone and was in hurry and listened to a couple of voicemails and looked at my clock and (maybe just wishful thinking) it was 11:13 but I thought about it and it was probably 11:11 am when I got on the phone. I have had other things that made me wonder too, see her name all over anymore and it’s also my great-grandmothers name, see her country of origin referenced all the time, and one day I was daydreaming about her and almost rear ended a car with the license “2 LUV”. While I can’t say I am in love with her, maybe in this world, I feel like I am really in love with her. I am hoping for the best and hope she is receptive.

  7. I’ve been asking myself if it’s fear or something else. At the beginning of the telepathy it was perfect, now there are rare moments wich i can feel his energy. I really wanted to ascend but i don’t know how… I feel something blocks me from it with my twin, i don’t know what it is… There are moments i feel lost and empty, other moments my higher self cries inside of me with a lot of tension, nervous, all her emotions trying to go out to the surface. If someone could answer me i would be glad and happy.

  8. Thanks thanks thanks Casady for your light. I send much love, gratitude & infinitive light from my heart!

  9. There are some good truths here! We are all on partly unique paths with our Twin Flames, and don't have to follow anybody's script. You also said that sometimes one's Twin Flame will stay on the Spirit side to guide you, and indeed this is what mine did for this life.

    Thanks for sharing these facts!

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