Discover The 7 Keys To A Calm, Centered Journey Of Love, No Matter What Your Counterpart Is Up To. Yes – It’s Possible! And It All Starts With You…


How do you regain inner peace if your Twin Flame connection has gone haywire? This can be a challenging prospect on this “rollercoaster” journey…

So today, I’ve been guided to provide you with insights and resources for how to above all take care of yourself on this Twin Flame path.

Because as you know, your relationship with yourself dictates the dynamic you have with every other person in your life… especially your Twin Flame.

If you want to find a sense of inner peace, wholeness and to know how to find your center no matter what’s happening in your life (and Twin connection), read on to discover the 7 keys to a calm, centered journey of love.

1) The Power Of Beliefs

If you want inner peace and a harmonious Twin Flame journey, you have to take a good hard look at your belief system.

Our whole life experience is affected by the beliefs we hold. Our beliefs are the “glasses” we experience our whole reality through. And they can truly hurt us.

Consider this – every belief we hold comes from somewhere. If you believe “love hurts”, most likely you were told this or observed it from somewhere. If you believe “life is hard”, likelihood is someone passed this belief onto you…

Our society is full of belief structures that keep us feeling and aligning with the experience that we cannot have the joy and the love we desire.

If you’re struggling on your Twin Flame path right now, ask yourself how your beliefs relate to it. And where did those come from?

The truth is negative beliefs aren’t simply a choice we make, they can be ingrained in us from birth or taken on from others.

The fastest way I’ve discovered to uplift into positivity is to clear the energy behind the heaviness and limiting beliefs – because the truth is, we’re here to love, not to struggle. But if you believe struggle is a given, that’s what you’ll attract…

Go here for a session where we clear out negative belief structures that trip up so many Twin Flames on their journey…


2) Everything Is About Energy

Clearing your energy and raising your vibration helps you enjoy the good sides of the Twin Flame connection without being made miserable if there are challenges.

Energy management is highly recommended so that we can open up to the unconditional love that exists at the core of the Twin Flame connection, without negativity blocking the union.

Discover more here about how the chakras so powerfully impact the Twin Flame journey – and get a free chakra reading.

Go within and allow your soul to show you the place where you become your Twin and they become you. Where your bond is all love. Stay in *this* feeling, and let go of blame and judgments.

Now, you’re allowing the situation to shift. Now you are opening up to harmony more. When you are in blame, you’re on the exact opposite side of the scale to harmony. The two cannot exist together. It is an impossibility.

For a powerful energy session where we go into all the major energetic areas of your Twin Flame connection, clearing out static and negativity from your auras, chakras and cutting negative cords, plus infusing you with new light – have a look here.

We also uplift your timelines into a higher state, update your Akashic records and receive a gift of energy directly from source to amplify love between you.

Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames

Complete harmony Healing Tool

3) Happiness Is A Choice

This can seem daunting and far out, but consider this: The essence of happiness is deciding to be happy in every moment.

Next, happiness is an energy – a state of being. It’s something you yourself align with and allow, or deny yourself.

When we focus on happiness as being out there in the future dependent on outer events or other people, we rob ourselves of the joy of living *here and now*.

Because as you’ve read before – energy is like a radio station. What we focus on is what we’re “tuning into” getting more of. Therefore, happiness attracts happiness. Whereas worrying about and waiting for our Twin Flame to change or for reunion, just attracts more worry and waiting.

Mindfulness and positive habits for a happier everyday life can impact your Twin Flame connection more than you might ever have realized…

I’m all the time getting emails from Twin Flames who report that when they began working with the Vibrational Alignment Program, it wasn’t just their love connection that shifted and improved – every other relationship and life aspect began to feel lighter and more positive too.

(You can read some of their testimonials here)

Have a look here for more on the Vibrational Alignment Program, where I teach you simple yet powerful step by step methods for Twin Flame harmony and reunion.

4) Your Mind Can Be Your Greatest Ally Or Enemy…

Being fully present in the here and now is the quickest, easiest way to find peace and fulfillment. At the end of life, you will thank yourself for living each day as fully as possible and to focus on finding joy and staying out of negativity.

When you can learn to make your mind work for you rather than running riot with you, you will find your journey stabilizes immensely. You’ll feel more centered, more at peace, more available to the love that exists between you and your Twin as souls.

It will actually keep you from getting pulled around by the “rollercoaster” of negativity, which can otherwise block you from attracting love.

Someone who is at peace and mentally calm is magnetic to love – whereas someone who’s regularly in stress mode and not centered in their power, is deflecting love left right and center because they’re not able to stay in a lasting vibrational alignment…

To tune into your intuition and begin uplifting into a state of inner peace, you can experience a free energy healing here.

Twin Flame Energy Session

5) Meditation – Warning, May Cause “Miracles!”

Meditation is an excellent way to increase your vibration and stabilize your moods, bringing you in deeper touch with your essence.

Meditation has been proven in countless scientific studies to have benefits ranging from improved sleep, increased mind power, strengthened immune system, heightened experiences of pleasure and slowed down ageing.

Even as little as five minutes daily of finding a quiet spot and stopping the flow of thoughts can bring immense benefits in your daily life.

Meditation also helps you control your thoughts, making you more in charge of your moods and emotions and helping you stay away from negativity.

Meditation is highly advised for the Twin Flame journey – as this helps you perceive your soul’s divine guidance too. Tapping into the “divine blueprint” you already possess for your journey back to love.

Often, we’re too congested with stress and thinking to really notice inspiration and answers to our prayers, and meditation is a huge help in this.

If you’re still not “sold” on meditation, have a look here to see a list of the impressive scientifically proven benefits. More intelligence, less pain and better sleep in as little as 5 minutes daily?

If meditation was a pill, we’d probably all be taking it…!


6) Consider The Immense Power Of Forgiveness

Being willing to release the past, means being able to open the door to a new and lighter state. Including within the Twin Flame connection.

Unfortunately, dwelling on the past rarely brings anything but stagnation and unhappiness.

I know it can be a challenge, but you will benefit immensely if you can forgive and clear out any past hurt.

As the Buddha said: “Holding onto resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”.

Holding onto negative energies such as resentment and anger only serves to hurt *you* because you’re holding them inside yourself. The other person can continue on carefree with their life – your anger or hatred doesn’t hurt them. It only hurts you.

If you can forgive, you will begin to notice improvements not only in your mood but in your connection – because you allow it to rise up into a higher state.

If you hang onto hurt, you’re weighing down the connection, forcing it to stay in the state of negativity.

See your connection as balloons – dwelling on hurt is like keeping them weighed down by anchors. When you forgive, you allow the balloons to float up to their higher state.

If you’re skeptical, I completely understand that… I know it’s not always easy to let go of hurt.

But for your own highest good please have a look at this article for more on how Forgiveness can transform your Twin Flame journey. *Not for their sake, but for yours.*

In this article spirit shows us why forgiveness can feel so hard – it’s presented as if we’re giving up, being weak, allowing someone to walk all over us… When that’s not the case at all. For their perspective on forgiveness, have a look here. It’s truly eye-opening.

And if you feel like forgiving is the last thing you’ll ever want to do, have a look at this article for a healing and soothing perspective on Twin Flame Hurt. At the very least it will make *you* feel more at peace and good inside:

“The Real Reason Your Twin Flame Hurt You”

7) Have You Remembered To Ground Yourself?

When we enter into the spiritual journey, it’s very common to lose sense of the here and now, the earthly reality. The problem with this “floaty” feeling, which can feel really good  is that it opens us up to influence and instability.

If your moods are up and down a lot, chances are you’ve not been grounding yourself.

To ground yourself, imagine growing roots into the center of the planet.

And to stay grounded over time, work on avoiding over-thinking and forgetting the here/now connection, and try to spend some time out in nature even if it’s just going to the nearest park for a few minutes at lunchtime…

It will help counteract those intense cosmic and collective energies that can easily leave us feeling stressed out while really going nowhere.

Animals are very good at grounding – if you’re sensitive you might actually have felt your pet companion working on your energy or sending you positivity, most often grounding energy.

For us mentally focused humans, it’s essential for a happy Twin Flame journey to *not* lose ourselves in abstract information and overthinking – this will only make us feel even more ill at ease!

So if you’ve been feeling on edge, hazy or foggy, bothered by discomfort or fear, spend some time in nature and make sure you ground yourself.

I teach you effective methods for grounding and daily well-being in the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames – have a look here for more.

twin flame program

8) Discover The Release And Power Of Journaling

A great habit to develop and use to deal with intense energies and experiences on the Twin Flame journey is to do some creative writing or journaling to make sure anything unhealthy is expressed rather than bottled up.

Taking the time to journal is a powerful tool in helping you to find your center.

Make sure you don’t put too much pressure on yourself to write pages worth of emotions and thoughts, but let your truth flow through and find its way to pen and paper…

Then simply allow your intuition to show you ways to move past these things – when you regularly journal you strengthen your intuition and your connection with your own higher self.

Journaling also helps you gain new perspectives, and see solutions where before you may only have perceived problems.

To start journaling, simply start! Let your thoughts and experiences and feelings flow onto the page or onto your phone or computer (for best therapeutic benefits, use pen and paper).

Write about the dream experiences you’ve had, about signs and symbols you’re seeing, about the feelings you’re having, about worries you might have and potential solutions…

You’ll feel so much more at peace when it’s out there on paper instead of clogging up your mind and your system.

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

I believe in you! <3

Cassady x

“Cassady, Your tools have continued to be a direct link to my healing. Thank you for the love and continued information. Your tools have helped me more than anything I’ve done to heal my karma and pain. Love to you “

Karen, Arkansas, USA

Alternatively you can try our Free Twin Flame Help Kit which contains samples from my full program!

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  1. Thank you for your comment Dani, I’m so glad this article and the blog resonates <3 Sending you love and light x Cassady

  2. First of all, I wanted to thank you for all of the articles you share and all the inner workings that you are doing. I only started, just using the free energy clearing tools a couple of weeks ago. I was skeptical about it for a long time. Then something amazing happened! After having doubts and insecurities about whether or not I would be in more contact with my twin, we all of sudden became much closer than before. I believe we met 20 years while we were attending the same highschool. He then contacted me on facebook one day, and the reconnection has been increasingly powerful. A few months ago he brought up something that he hadn’t done, in many months. At first it was 9nly an idea, then recently it has become a full fledged plan. He wants to move back to Sacramento to see his family and rekindle our relationship. So we decided to be in a long distance relationship with each other, until we meet again. I have also noticed many positive changes in our vibrations and I’m having more vivid dreams. Thank you so much, I love you, Cassidy!

  3. Is it possible that one twin awakens, does the soul work, maintains a high vibration consistently, heals and doesn’t bother about reunion, while the other remains unawakened and chooses to stay in low vibrations and chooses to not wake up to their soul truth. In other words is it possible to completely heal without ever reuniting with your twin, because they are still having blockages? Is it possible for one twin to continue to ascend if the other one makes a free will decision to stick to their old self and not ascend spiritually? From what i have gathered from what you say is that any soul work I do to myself will impact them, but what if their energy is congested and it doesnt get them impacted at all?

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