Discover Their Core Fear And Why They’re Hurting Deep Down… Historical Collective Karma And The Toxic “Masks Of Masculinity”. Are You Ready For A New Era?

So many Twins contact me with challenges that seem specifically related to gender issues and their “Masculine Twin Flame”, often referred to in the community as the “DM”.

I get so many questions about this – and, we are headed into a powerful new era with so much focus in Aquarius. This signals a time of deep recalibration in terms of how we approach the Masculine.

So today, I’ve been guided to address this on the blog!

In this article I’m answering with spirit’s input to give deeper insights, advice and information on the Masculine Twin Flame:

– Where common issues often stem from
– How to move beyond the fear of intimacy many experience from their counterpart
– What role collective karma plays in the situation
– And much more…

Be aware that in spiritual truth the Masculine Twin is not always biologically male… However, in this article, there is an emphasis on biology.

Because when someone is born into a biologically male body, they become connected with the collective karmic fields of that gender.

8 Keys To Dealing With The Masculine Twin – Where The “Issues” Come From & How To “Unlock Their Heart” To Unconditional Love…

#1) Why So Many Men Shut Their Hearts…

Spirit is keen to communicate on the subject of collective male karma, and shows us something eye-opening:

There is a REASON why many men have such an aversion to feelings and heart-centered love relationships, because of historical guilt and shame towards the Feminine.

Because in their heart they feel the pain, shame and above all guilt from the male collective energy fields. Male power abuse from history.

In essence, even if they’ve personally been good to others, they feel the collective “effect” of hurting their counterpart… From the karmic fields they have been tapped into since birth.

This is one of the reasons many have shut their hearts, and instead use sexual connections as the bond, the outlet, the intimacy…

Because they’re so afraid of going into their hearts.

(Read more about that here)

#2) If Your Twin Is Running… It’s From “Himself”

This unconscious baggage of power abuse and hurt in the collective fields, causes deeper inner issues where the “Masculine” Twin fears opening up to “his” counterpart.

Inside, they are holding onto age-old hurt and the archetypal self-image of “the one who hurts” others.

In order to stop the Running from “himself”, the Masculine must clear those most deep-seated wounds that he is still holding himself in shame and guilt for.

This is the root cause of Twin Flame Running:
Twins do not Run from their counterpart, but from their own mirror reflection

If your Twin Flame is Running, they are ultimately Running from themselves – their reflection – not from you.

Have you been feeling triggered by your Twin Flame’s intimacy with others?

This can be hurtful because the Twins “share” energy and feeling your counterpart with another is something you can feel in your chakras and energy system.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

To help them and yourself, make sure you use the Twin Flame Harmony Healing here to cut cords with outsiders and cleanse out triggers.

It truly gives you a fresh start as a pair, to rekindle your own bond instead of being stuck in toxic outsider connections and old “baggage”.

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#3) If They’re Pulling Away It’s Because They Think It Will Protect You…

We’re shown by spirit that the collective Masculine harbors an unconscious fear of the Female. Unconscious feelings of hurt and guilt, an expression of the historical negativity of power abuse…

These ancient energies of guilt and shame often cause a fear of coming together. A fear of moving into the heart and really FEELING the experiences.

Spirit shows us again, Twin Flames as actors embodying human history’s females and males… Coming together as “volunteers” so that these hurtful and heavy feelings can be transmuted by the unconditional love of the Twin Flame bond.

But because “he” doesn’t realize this, and is unconsciously reacting to the karmic energies he’s tapped into….

The Masculine Twin often harbors a feeling that he is not good enough for his counterpart, that his presence is tainted or hurtful.

That she is “pure”, and he is damaging her or doing her injustice merely by touching her or interacting with her. In essence, that he’s “bad” for his counterpart.

Spirit indicates, this is what many Masculine/Male Twins tell their counterparts. They may not be able to explain why, but what’s really going on is a deeper underlying UN-conscious alignment with this karmic male identity.

This can also be a powerful cause of negative, hurtful behavior in the Masculine/Male Twin.

If they’ve been hurtful, it’s not “who they are” – they’re reacting to negative programming in their system – inherited or absorbed from society.

They’re expressing the programming of historical male “shadow traits”. Do know that if your Twin has hurt you, it could likely be this karma at work.

The amazing thing is you can help your Twin shift out of this more and more by clearing their chakras of this negative programming and attachments to the old 3D karmic fields – so you can both move into a higher state together.

We do this in complete alignment with their Free Will.

twin flame awakening

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring was the absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

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#4) Unconditional Love Is Your Power

Remember that your Unconditional Love is an unparalleled power – when you send your Twin Flame love, know that you are helping them more deeply than they or you might know.

Don’t feel like it’s your “fault” if your Twin pulls away from you – because you’re “one soul in two bodies”.

If there’s distance it means there’s negativity being stirred to the surface in your connection! (Watch a video on that here).

In essence if your Twin is pulling away from you, it’s because they haven’t forgiven *themselves*. They feel so bad about the past (or are picking up on collective negativity about this) that they’re holding themselves hostage with it.

Spirit shows us, feeling like they don’t deserve love.

So when you forgive them, when you approach them with Unconditional Love, you change the playing field completely.

You remove the tension that was pulling the two of you into repeated conflict or problems. And you help them feel safe to open up again.

And if you find it hard to forgive, which is understandable, have a look at this article on why Forgiveness isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength…

And make sure you experience my Free Energy Healing for Twin Flames where we clear out any stagnant energy and the attachments to old hurt, to open your connection again to love!

#5) Redefining The Masculine

So many males are trapped by society’s definitions of what they’re “supposed” to act like and be like – and this can feel lonely…

When someone is attached to a “learned masculinity” it can feel frightening for them to open up… Especially to the opposite sex or a love partner.

For Twin Flames this is a key part of the “mission” we’re here for – to break down old 3D definitions and perceptions of men, women, relationships and love.

You can help your Twin Flame open up by being open to a new idea of the Masculine yourself… Remember that behind the facade, your counterpart may be hurting because he’s been playing pretend and been denying his true feelings for years…

Show that you’re accepting of men having strong feelings or that you perceive strength to be more than just muscles or money…

So what is “a man”? What is “Masculine”?
Most of society’s definitions and concepts are completely outdated.

Society often acts as if men don’t have emotions – but in recent years we’ve had a strong cosmic push for allowing a sensitization and increased openness for the Masculine.

 It’s time to let go of any damaging old 3D paradigms and perceptions, to open up for new energies, new activations and patterns and a new era.

Because it’s not just “them”. It’s “us” too.

Many females are in need of adjusting the expectations and conceptions they hold about what a male is “supposed” to be, think, feel and act like.

#6) The Masks We Wear – Opening To Unity

Twin Flames are pushed to release 3D stereotypes and preconceptions, because they become powerful blocks to Union…

If we can’t see our Twin for who they are as an individual and as a soul, we cannot truly open to each other.

We’re being asked by the universe to be brave and move forward into a new era by releasing these old limiting ideas.

And if your Twin Flame has seemed to express all the “worst” of the masculine shadow traits, know it’s not just an accident… He’s not a bad soul or destined to hurt you for life…

He may actually be sensitive to energy, and is reacting to the powerful purge of negative energies from the Collective Male Karmic fields in recent years.

You can help your Twin step into a higher state by shielding him from the negative programming and outside societal energy, interacting with his Higher Self to activate unity consciousness in his system, and work with his Higher Self to shift his energy system into a higher state.

I was asked to share the “Oneness Activation – Sacred Union” session with the Twin Flame collective, where we activate new unity programming in both of you and your Twin’s Higher Self steps in to support you more tangibly on your journey.


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Energy clearings are a fast, painless way to heal wounds, even remotely – because the Twins have signed up for this journey together and both souls are working for Union.

This means one Twin can help the other by clearing negativity from the shared pair field.

Working with energy can work wonders in seemingly hopeless cases of running and ongoing separation. Have a look at what some of these Twin Flames say about their experiences.

#7) The Innermost Fear – Why “He” Finds It So Hard To Open Up…

If your Masculine Twin Flame is pushing you away, know that it’s not “really you” running from… It’s a past wound expressing itself.

If you’re the female or feminine in the connection, ask yourself this:
Who was the first female who rejected “him”? This is where the real issue lies.

What is going on between you is a “mirage” overseen by your souls in order to heal and release the original trauma…

We’re asked rhetorically by spirit:
Where does the historic Male drive for dominance come from? Why so much violence and conflict?

The answer is:
Fear of being destroyed. Survival programming.

So how can the Masculine now be elevated into the higher vibrations?

We must face and resolve fear. Otherwise “he” will always be pushing love away.

The problem for many is that it’s “socially unacceptable” for men to admit fear…

Therefore, inner child healing and energy work is a powerful way to assist your counterpart in releasing the fear on a deeper level – without them having to “lose face” by admitting it consciously.

When we clear energy, we remove the basis of the fear.

#8) Embracing Immortality – The Light Of The Soul…

What the Masculine Twin’s soul is really waiting for, is for the Ego self to ultimately face his deep unconscious fear of destruction… and to open to love, by realizing in his innermost heart that he has nothing to fear.

 The soul never dies. So the fear has been based in mis-identification. Love is not a danger that will make “him” weak and unable to protect himself.

Love is the natural state of his soul – and has been all along.

Historically, as a collective the male’s actions, fears, aggression were all based in misunderstandings. A belief that he was “just” a physical body.

He need not fear his feminine counterpart, or compromising his ability to defend himself or escape, because the danger he was feeling, isn’t real.
The soul is indestructible and eternal.

When the Masculine has faced this truth in himself – that there is no real danger, that there is no authority besides himself – he will be free.

Once he has faced this truth, the Masculine will be able to embrace his TRUE power. Not the physical power of dominance based in fear.
But eternal spiritual power based in love.

It’s key to note that this cannot happen via the Ego *saying* that it’s over the fear.

In order to open up to his true divinity, “he” must be willing to be vulnerable and stand completely open with the self and “his” counterpart…

Not out of force, but from releasing the deeper fears he’s held onto so long. This is when he will be truly open to love.

(You can help your Twin into this state of alignment with his divine soul, by interacting with his Higher Self.)

In this new session we download a powerful oneness code harmonizing your energies as a pair and enlist your Twin’s Higher Self to support your shared journey into a state of unity…

Including clearing out the negative collective karmic imprints of separation/conflict paradigms which keep so many Twins locked in struggle.

Why Twin Flame Union Is Never Out Of Reach

I hope you found this article helpful – do let me know your questions and insights in the comments below.

And remember you are here for a reason – love is always possible, you’re both souls of light.

If it wasn’t within reach, you wouldn’t have come here together.

I believe in you! And as always I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x

“I have made such a progress in my journey just within the last months by consistently practicing the Vibrational Alignment Program. I feel like our telepathic connection has gotten stronger and clearer. My dreams are vivid and deep again as they were before and during our initial meeting four years ago, and even though we are apart I feel complete, content, and happy within myself as well as stronger than ever. “

– Detelina, Georgia, USA

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