Avoid The Painful Mistakes I Made… Check This List Of Pros, Cons And Warning Signs, To Help You Navigate Through Confusion… Twin Flame Teachers, Healers And More

Today I’m reaching out with a different kind of article! Since I started this site 5 years ago, there are hundreds of new sites, groups and channels around Twin Flames out there.

Not all are focused on your highest good – and you may have noticed how hysterical it’s gotten…

From psychic readers in your social feeds or practitioners “sliding into your DMs” with messages that ancestors are working to reach you, or you’ve supposedly been cursed…

To healers advertising to you, claiming to have the power to cast a spell to get your lover back, spiritual coaching pyramid schemes looking to suck you in and more…

Needle In A Haystack…

Some people really ARE genuinely psychic, connected, in touch with true light and will help you improve your journey.

But they are few and farther between than a few years ago. There are a lot more pitfalls now as a result.

The unfortunate thing is, spiritual negativity isn’t like buying the wrong pair of shoes and returning them at the store.

Encountering the “wrong” teacher/advice/psychic can set you back on your journey from “false guidance” and damage your self perception, disconnect you from your intuition and block you from opening to the real love and support in your Twin connection…

So today I’m sharing some advice on pros and cons, and how to choose the right Twin Flame teacher / service / healer / modality for YOUR journey.

Choices That Have A Major Life Impact

It’s always your choice who you go to but here are certain guidelines that will help you find the best fit.

For you to make your best choice in a scene that’s becoming ever more full of practitioners, information, confusion and desperation.

This can make a massive difference to your Twin Flame journey and your WHOLE LIFE…

This is a subject close to my heart – because I went “through it all” early on my journey:

*Twin Flame coaching where they were more interested in showing how “superior” they were than actually helping me… $200 per session, no improvement.

*SO MANY healing sessions where I felt WORSE, not better. The “best” of the worst were the ones where I just didn’t feel anything at all. I spent close to $7,000 learning the “lesson” to be extremely careful in letting outsiders mess with my system.

*Psychic calls where they gave me upsetting timeline outlines that were later proven wrong, meaning I got hurt over false info and wasted weeks and months depressed and confused – $1,000s

*Practitioners claiming to bring certain events at certain times for a fee, which never came to pass (i.e. the “I’ll return your lover spell casting” type service), at $450

*Twin Flame sessions and shamanic soul retrievals that only made me feel worse, then candles that were supposed to help me feel better, none of which worked as claimed… Totaling into the $3,000s

*Crystals advertised to bring TF Union/increase telepathy/protect from negativity and more, with no real results – $100s

All these ended up landing me with credit card debt, and feeling MORE lost than before.

And still I was no closer to the LOVE I really desired…

I KNOW Why It’s So Easy To Get Tempted…

I KNOW I should have known better at the time…

But I also know that you and I are both PAINFULLY aware of how desperate it’s possible to become, when longing for a love as intense as what we Twin Flames experience.

So I hope you understand why I write these “strict” articles for you.

I’m trying to save you the pain I experienced.

So what did I learn through my hardship and failed trials, that actually DID help?

Two key things. Clearing energy to become a match with love and unity, and listening to true guidance (including opening my own channel to my Twin’s higher self).

That’s why I created the Free Twin Flame Help Kit, and recently why I made the Twin Flame app with channeled guidance (which you can use at no cost to get answers and support).


The key to what I learned is, when you go within and tap into your OWN light, your path and connection begin to blossom!

The Importance Of Energy And Vibration

energy vibrations

Ultimately, the ideal source of help for you is someone in Unity consciousness, a “High vibration”.

Because Twin Flame union and true harmony exists in a high vibration of unconditional love, energy vibration is key.

Very few people are in “unity consciousness” (“love or above”), and if you end up with information/coaching/teachings that are from Ego or toxic energies, it will unfortunately drag you down.

There are a lot of people who CLAIM to be in light and love who really aren’t… and it can get confusing. So listen to your true guidance – and if in doubt, take your time.

Here are some other practical tips to help you assess:


When considering someone, look at their track record, check testimonials but also notice what KIND of testimonials are they?

Are they screen shots and so on from social media, or constructed/paid/forced? Listen to your intuition. Unfortunately there are “fakes” out there.

There are also fake social media followings out there (bought followers – you can google for tips on spotting this), fake reviews, fake psychics…

There are also unfortunately fake Twin Flame couples :/ Why? Because they’ve realized they can make money more easily from it, than marketing or coaching in other subjects.

I tend to always think the best of people, and it’s landed me in trouble so many times…

Through being in this scene for 5 years I’ve seen some stuff I would never ever have expected people to be capable of, before my spiritual journey started…

Were You Really Guided There? Or Was It Advertising?

When people are desperate, they do desperate things. I don’t say this because I’m a skeptic or a cynic – I tend to think everyone is nice until proven otherwise, and it’s been a tough lesson to realize otherwise…

So if you’re like me – if you tend to see the best in others, it’s ESPECIALLY important to pay attention.

If in doubt about someone, Google them. That will get you more information. You’re allowed to be a bit skeptical – this is about your well-being and your love connection.

Another thing to be aware of is, if someone says “you were guided here” or similar, that’s not always true…

There are advertising methods that enable people to track you online so they can show their ads to you based on your interest in spirituality/Twin Flames.

They just know you’ll be more likely to believe them if they say that it was the universe/angels/guidance…

Yes, true guidance DOES lead you places, but there are other ways of noticing. Look for multiple confirmations – and if in doubt, ask them to clarify.


What is the teacher/service/psychic/healer promising?

If they’re “selling” you on a “fix it all” like promising to find/get your Twin Flame back, this is usually cause for concern.

Especially if they claim “special” spiritual powers (this is a sign they’re in Ego – because every single soul of light is powerful! If they can do it, you could too.)

How do you know if they can deliver? Look into their methods and see what your gut instinct tells you, first of all. And take a look at the following warning signs to help your process:


*Are they pushy with you, especially with personal messages, DMs and so on? This is often a sign that someone is desperate for business/money. Did you reach out to them or did they “find you” in social media/a group online? That’s a useful guideline.

*Do they seem domineering or ask you to submit to something that takes your power away?
Ie. you have to “surrender” to something they’re in control of, give up your common sense, or similar. This is cause for concern. True light is about supporting YOU as an individual, not building up the teacher’s Ego and/or taking your power away.

*If they don’t have an authentic TF/psychic/healing/teaching background story, that’s cause for concern.
A true spiritual guide has been through the experience of awakening, either through being born with spiritual gifts, going through the dark night of the soul, or being activated through ascension. (Not everyone has shared their story publicly, so if in doubt, ask them!)

*If they claim to be a Twin or an expert, yet don’t speak about the “twin flame hallmarks” such as synchronicities, awakening, ascension, purging, shared dreams, telepathy, chakra climaxes and the other things that are clear signs of True Twin Flames (read more here). This means they’re working you based on your wanting LOVE, but they don’t understand the Twin Flame connection – and haven’t experienced it.

*If they seem more interested in showing superiority over you or others than helping you

*Do they seem like they’re pulling at your energy to get your business?
This often feels like a tugging at your solar plexus, they may hassle you, pursue you consistently. TRUE guidance knows not everyone is a fit and/or ready, so it respects your natural pace and that you will make the choice that’s to your highest good. If there’s exploitation energy you’ll feel it in your chakras as a “pulling” – know that it’s not your intuition, it’s them trying to pull you in. Spirit is very eager to get this info out there, as many think that it’s intuition when they feel a “pull”.

*Are they acting/speaking from separation consciousness? Ie conflict, blame, division, presenting self as above all others etc.
This will cause problems for your journey, as Twin Flames are here to ascend beyond separation consciousness, into unity.

*Are they telling you they have a magical or god given power to fix everything in your life?
They are telling you what you WANT to hear – again every soul is powerful, and the universe would never create it so that YOU were unable to have your Twin Flame love, while enabling another to be able to do it FOR you for a high sum. Be careful you’re not getting drawn in by a fantasy they’re painting to get your business.

*Do they seem to be repeating an “old story” you’ve heard before somewhere?
This is cause for concern, as it can indicate they’re repeating the most common info out there on Twin Flames rather than working on true guidance.

*Are they telling you the things they KNOW Twin Flames long for?
Such as a spell that will get your lover back, promising to get you to Union/bring your Twin to you if you only follow them and stop listening to anyone else/and or pay them a very high price. If the promises and prices increase in tandem, that’s usually reason for concern. Be careful.

*They’re trying to “love bomb you”
crowding your space, pushing what can FEEL like love or attention onto you, to get you to trust them or become dependent. Spirit is keen to say that some practitioners use what is called “trauma bonding” to get vulnerable people drawn in. Meaning, they dominate your space with forceful/intense images/words/ideas/energy/emotions. This is often used by Narcissistic personalities.

This can involve the person being pushy and trying to get you to “surrender” as it triggers the inner infancy wound of associating love with being powerless. Be careful if this happens, because it is not to your soul’s light. It is reactivating and reinforcing an old childhood wound.


*Do they encourage you to ask questions or seem open minded?
This is a good sign that you’re dealing with a level headed, connected person who is in their own light.

*Do they seem happy for you that you’ve met your Twin Flame/are interested in finding them?
A teacher/method of true light will ALWAYS be encouraging because the truth is you have everything it takes to reunite, and your soul knows the way. A true teacher/method of light knows your SOUL is the key, and they won’t make the experience about their own Ego. They know they are your GUIDE on the journey, and won’t try to hold power over you.

*They have an authentic reason for sharing their gift/service.
Ie they’ve been through the TF journey and want to help the community, have a psychic gift and want to help others to bring more love to the planet, or struggled personally, and want to share the methods that helped them. (Again, not everyone has shared their story openly. If so, you can ask them what made them start doing this work)

*They seem like genuinely happy, light people who are in touch with the truth that you have everything it takes as a soul to be happily with your Twin… And who will help you unlock that (your own power) and make it happen.

*You get a genuinely good feeling about them, like the sun is shining a bit brighter when you speak to them/look at them/read their info – AND afterwards. This means they’re in a high vibration and are pulling your own vibration up. If in doubt, look at a photo of them and see how it makes you feel (reading their energy).


*How do they talk to others/treat you?
Are they dismissive, condescending, mean? Or are they kind, loving, light, encouraging?

*Do they respect you and your life circumstances?
I.e. if you don’t have money/time right now, are they understanding and allow you to proceed as suits your circumstances?

*What methods do they use?
Are they sharing something to YOUR good, that you can use in your life, or are they claiming it’s all about their “special powers”? With the latter, it means they’re trying to keep you dependent on them. So you keep coming back and spending money, instead of embracing your own power.

Again, how do you FEEL when hearing them speak/seeing their image/reading their words? How do you feel AFTER being around them/exposed to their work?

*Are they letting you take your time?
If there’s a super high price option, be very aware if they put pressure on you and work hard to sell you on a vision that is “too tempting to ignore”. This means they’re working to “make the sale” while you’re “hot” – ie they’ll do their best to not give you time to think about it LOGICALLY but get you to commit while you’re desperate.

Again, I know how tempting it can be. If in doubt, sleep on it. Take your time. Ultimately, know your weak spots so they won’t be used against you without you realizing it.


For best results, you want to ideally work with someone who has reached a level of unity consciousness themselves because that’s the vibration of love and twin flame Union. This includes any courses/coaching/readings/healing/sessions.

So how do you recognize it?

Well, a lot of people will CLAIM to be of love and light, but are actually in a toxic state. So you have to listen to your intuition.

*One major thing is that UNITY consciousness means recognizing “self in other”, so a person who is in unity consciousness will treat others with respect, understand that we ALL make our own free will choices, and they will have an energy of truly “seeing” you for who you are.

*They will mostly be quite gentle, and spiritually connected to light. True light knows that every person is an infinite soul, and celebrates that.

If you encounter someone who is making things all about themselves and showing “specialness/superiority”, and isn’t nice to others, seems to have narcissistic tendencies, seems touchy or self serving, that’s definitely a major signpost that they are NOT in unity consciousness.


*If in doubt, google them!

*If they offer a free option, try that first for a while and see what tangible effect it has.

*Spirit’s comment is, someone who is truly of the light will be aware of Twin Flames and be able to address this and bring forth your true guidance, even if they don’t SPECIALIZE in this subject.

*Take your time, there’s no rush. You’re always allowed to sleep on it, write out pros and cons and whatever else will help you make your best decision.

*Can you afford it? If they’re asking for three months’ rent from you or something along those lines, it’s not worth the risk. Spirit is keen to share they will never guide you to something that will get you in major debt or financial trouble – it wouldn’t be to your highest good.

*If in doubt, meditate, ask your Twin’s higher self what THEY see as the best option (get free insights and messages from them here)

*Set the intention right now, to your guidance team and Twin Flame’s soul to always only lead you to the info/support that’s of the highest light and alert you to anything damaging

*If you want to get started on uplifting your connection at no cost I have a Free Twin Flame Help Kit here, and many powerful sessions at a low price.

I hope you found this helpful, and do let me know if you have further tips below based on any ‘learning experiences’ YOU have had and want to alert other Twins to, so we can all enjoy a smoother path forward.

Unfortunately the wrong info or toxic person can set you back years.

So I really hope my own negative experiences have helped you gain some “shortcuts” to light and unity.

And do share your own below to help the community!

(If you feel you’ve been exposed to something or someone toxic already, have a look here for an article with help)

As always, I’m sending you love and light

Cassady x

Want more? Download my FREE Twin Flame Help Kit, which includes:

– an eBook on the Runner/Chaser Phenomenon
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“Cassady’s teachings and techniques have lifted me from utter soul sickness to greater peace and increasing forgiveness, self love and love for my partner. Now I can greet my fear and anguish with peace and love. I am finally feeling more calm, clear and confident. Thank you Cassady!”

– Kate, California, USA

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