Key Warning Signs Of The False Twin Connection – Plus, The Secret Reason It’s Actually A Great Thing To Have Met Your False Twin!


Today’s post is the second one in a brand new Twin Flame video series to come during 2018. I know many of you are on YouTube and have been asking me to put out videos – so this year I will!

This second video is on False Twin Flame – Key Signs Of The False Twin Connection


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Here is a transcript of the video if you’re not able to watch right now –

****Key Signs Of The False Twin Flame Connection****

“One of the most common questions I receive in the Twin Flames 11:11 community, is “How do I know if this person is actually my false Twin Flame?”

I receive literally dozens of emails and comments about this every single week from twins all over the world.

So this week, I want to help you get familiar with some key conclusive signs and indications of the FALSE twin flame connection.

Make sure you stay till the end because I’ll also be sharing with you something rarely discussed – the secret reason why it’s actually a *good* thing to have met your False Twin!

So – Here are 5 tell-tale indications that you’re not dealing with a Twin Flame at all – you’re dabbling with the dreaded False Twin.

False Twin Flame Sign #1)
– Something Feels *Off*

Yes, synchronicities, numbers and symbols seem to indicate this person is your Twin Flame. You might even be seeing 11:11 all over the place but something just feels *off*. Your intuition and feelings are your soul’s way of speaking to you.

When something feels *off*, think twice. With the true Twin connection it’s all about feeling resonance, so when something feels off – it’s a key indication that you’re not dealing with your true mirror soul at all

False Twin Flame Sign #2)
– There’s No Chemistry

Mentally, it seems like a fit, but emotionally and energetically there’s no “chemistry”… This is another tell-tale sign of a false twin flame. True Twin Flames ignite each other, pull each other in. With a true Twin Flame connection, it feels like your heart is glowing like a sun. When there’s no chemistry, it’s a tell-tale sign of a false twin connection

False Twin Flame Sign #3)
– You’re Not Attracted To Each Other

Not necessarily romantically – but Twin Flames’ systems ALWAYS seek to get closer. When you meet for the first time in this life, your souls will be in elation. If there’s energetic repulsion or negativity from the start with a person, it’s a sign that something is up. This is likely not your Twin Flame.

False Twin Flame Sign #4)
– You’re Trying To Figure It Out, Not Experiencing It

The Twin Flame connection is often described as a rollercoaster – for a good reason. When Twins meet, the soul kicks into play and our mental faculties tend to be pushed into the background. Emotion and energy takes over. The two Twins come together like nothing else matters.

If you’ve recently met your true Twin Flame, your soul will be running the show more than ever before in your life. So… if you’re there in your mind trying to figure things out at this stage, it’s a key sign that you haven’t experienced the chakra activation and kundalini rising that happens when Twins meet. That means, it’s likely not your real Twin…

False Twin Flame Sign #5)
– There’s No Feeling Of “Home”

With true Twin Flames this is one of the number one things I hear – what made them realize and know on some deep level that they had met their true mirror soul.

The feeling of being home. That you belong together, in some way you might not be able to put into words. That they are ultimately your home and you are theirs.

Still Feeling Disheartened or Confused? Take The Twin Flame Test here – an in-depth quiz that will help you get clarity on whether they’re your real Twin or not



Did You Know? Meeting Your False Twin Is Actually An Amazing Thing! A Sign Of Your True Connection…

Meeting a False Twin is actually a strong indication that your REAL Twin Flame is right around the corner!

Many Twins set themselves up to encounter a so-called False Twin to get the chance to work through karmic issues and learn lessons before meeting their true counterpart – so that their journey together will run smoother.

The very fact that the Twin Flame connection has been brought to your attention is a key sign that your guidance wants you to be alert to this. Even if you haven’t met your true counterpart YET, this is a part of your journey!

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In my guided meditations, you’ll be taken through meeting your true twin flame on the soul planes, even if you’ve never met before.

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And do go ahead and share – What Experiences Have You Had With A False Twin Flame? What Made You Wonder?

As Always I’m Sending You Love And Light For Your Continued Journey! <3

Cassady x

PS: You might also be interested in the following video: 22 Key Signs Of The True Twin Flame Connection

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“Where can I start Cassady! Since having started your Harmony Session things have changed so rapidly. I cannot even describe it with words. My heart has opened so much and I am standing in a place of acceptance, love, compassion. I keep seeing 1111 and 111 and I keep repeating myself as a mantra – we are one. I feel this love inside, I feel the changes. Thank you is not enough! Xxxx”

– Annalisa, London, UK

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  1. Thankfully i am not with a false twin – and greaful i have not experienced one , not in this life..i always check inhere fromtime to time..not because this blog does not serve my journey,it has done at a specific time whene my own twin awakening was being realised… now this blog and cassady / our spirit team are delivering what the current wave of twins need – what is great that the energy forcasts relate to us all on a collective level – some more than others,then some times you feel it is written specificllly for you!! So glad twinflame 1111 are now doing youtube, i cannot bare youtube in truth, usually – i am always interested in TF issues regardless of where we are in our journey – my journey is personal to me, but i like to know more about other twins who are having very different experiences..without comparing,or allowing thoughts to take root in my mind – twins are like ducktape in my opinion,if relate to it then it sticks to us? i only notices this after going on youtube to see what was going on in twin land on main stream media..the BS is overwhelming,the energy felt toxic,no one seemed to be getting anywhere in their journey or offering insight specififc to twins..ete etc! so personally i am happy to see cassady and twin flame 1111 show up – with our unique powers of transmuting energy means just being there has purpose

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