How To Know If You’ve Really Met Your True Twin Flame: 22 Signs – Kundalini Rising, 11:11, Energetic Resonance, Heart Activation… First In Video Series On Twin Flames


Today’s post is the first one in a brand new Twin Flame video series to come during 2018. I know many of you are on YouTube and have been asking me to put out videos – so this year I will!

This first video is on Twin Flame Recognition – 22 Key Signs That You’ve Met Your True Twin Flame

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And here is a transcript of the video if you’re not able to watch right now:

“One of the most common questions I receive in the Twin Flames 11:11 community, is :

“How do I know if it’s REALLY REALLY my Twin Flame?”

I receive literally dozens of emails and comments about this every single week from twins all over the world.

So this week, I wanted to post an overview of conclusive signs and indications of the TRUE twin flame connection.

So let’s get started!

22 Conclusive Signs and Indications that you have met your true Twin Flame – make sure you stay till the end as we’re going deeper into the depths of the connection with each point…

Twin Flame Sign #1 Remembering Forever

Feeling like you have known this person forever even though you’ve just met

Twin Flame Sign #2 Your Other Self

Similarities or complementary traits between you – personalities and values

Twin Flame Sign #3 Chakra Activation

Chakra “tingling” – experiencing symptoms of energy activation such as heart palpitations when you are together

Twin Flame Sign #4 Systems Calling To Merge

A feeling of being pulled closer like magnets – your energies seeking to merge

Twin Flame Sign #5 Seeing Into The Soul

Intense eye contact – as if you are seeing each other beyond your human body and “masks” of ego

Twin Flame Sign #6 Fated Meeting

Meeting under strange, serendipitous circumstances – as if you were guided to each other

Twin Flame Sign #7 Parallel Experiences

A sense of your lives having developed in parallel – experiences and themes mirroring each other

Twin Flame Sign #8 Emotional Intimacy

Feeling like you know this person intimately even if you have only just met

Twin Flame Sign #9 What You Both Were Seeking

Feeling like on some level, you had been waiting for this person and they had been seeking and waiting for you

Twin Flame Sign #10 The Twin Flame Soul Song

Feeling like you are “on the same wavelength” completely, more than anyone you’ve ever met – most likely without being able to explain it fully in words. This is because you do in fact have an identical core energy frequency that no one else in the universe shares. Your Twin Flame is literally the other part of your energy.

Twin Flame Sign #11 Deeper Understanding

You feel safe to be your innermost self with this person – you feel understood on a deep level

Twin Flame Sign #12 Sharing A Secret World

A sense of having a secret world together – like nothing matters outside this connection

Twin Flame Sign #13 Telepathy/Psychic Gifts Triggered

Experiencing an increase in, or onset of intuitive/psychic abilities you may never have had before, such as telepathy. Hearing their voice in your mind, feeling them with you as a presence even when you’re not together

Twin Flame Sign #14 Completion

A sense of completion, that goes beyond words and facts. You feel “right”, at peace on a deeper level when you are together

Twin Flame Sign #15 Dreams And Astral Encounters

Meeting in dreams and astral experiences, having an increase of dream activity around the time of your meeting, or remembering that you have dreamed about this person before even if you never met until now

Twin Flame Sign #16 Mirroring Each Other

Feeling each other’s emotions, and even mirroring physical symptoms of pain or excitement

Twin Flame Sign #17 Deeper Acceptance

On a deeper emotional level there is a sense of total acceptance for each other

Twin Flame Sign #18 Eternal Awareness Of Each Other

You are aware of them even when apart, you can feel their energy with you even when they are not physically present

Twin Flame Sign #19 Remote Romance

Non-physical experiences of romantic intimacy – this and telepathy most often occurs in the alpha state just before and just after sleep. Feeling your counterpart with you sexually, kissing you, holding you and so on…

Twin Flame Sign #20 Signs And Symbols – 11:11

Seeing signs such as 11:11 frequently, especially just before and after meeting – this is a sign that you are “awakening” to your eternal soul self, triggered to remember. Spirit guides also use 11:11 as a trigger for you to remember your Twin Flame, indicating that a certain person you have wondered about is indeed your Twin

Twin Flame Sign #21 A Feeling of Home

With true Twin Flames this is one of the number one things I hear – what made them realize and know on some deep level that they had met their true mirror soul. The feeling of being home. That you belong together, in some way you might not be able to put into words. That they are ultimately your home and you are theirs.

Twin Flame Sign #22 Kundalini Rising – The Soul’s Power

When Twin Flames reconnect, especially in terms of sex, the two are literally brought back “online” with their eternal presence. The spiritual consciousness “reawakens” after having been dormant in their human lives so far.

When Twins meet, the soul kicks into play and our mental faculties tend to be pushed into the background – things begin to happen at rapid pace. Emotion and energy takes over.

If you’ve recently met your true Twin Flame, your soul will be running the show more than ever before in your life and you might notice it from a feeling of losing control.

I share the above information with you with a caveat, because the Twin Flame connection is something you will feel with your whole being. No analytical fact can give you the definitive answer.

The Soul Always Knows – Doubt Comes From The Mind

The ultimate truth is that you know your Twin Flame instantly, as soon as you meet – your soul has no doubt about your connection. It’s the mind that gets into confusion.

Letting your mind evaluate whether you have met your true Twin Flame or not is a recipe for frustration – instead, do try to quiet your mind and get into a feeling place. Your intuition is your soul speaking. It already knows the answer. So do your best to step out of the analytical mode and feel into the connection.

No other connection is as deep and life-changing as the rekindled bond between the Twin Flames and it’s above all about feeling and energy.

I share a free guided meditation that will help you clear out confusion and help you tune into your intuition to get to the truth of the matter.

Why It’s Not Just About 11:11

The Twin Flame connection is not about “compatibility” in a typical earth sense. It’s about the resonance of energy – the magnetic pull like electricity. Feeling that this is something unique.

The truth is no matter how many 11:11s you see or how many synchronicities surround your meeting another individual, nothing can fake the energetic resonance of the true Twin Flame connection.

It really is all about energy. You feel it, if someone is your Twin Flame. It’s different from any other connection you’ve ever had with another person. It will nearly always be clear, if you just feel into it.

It shouldn’t be tricky to figure out. If it feels difficult, confusing, overwhelming, you’re either so in your mind and alienated from your intuition you’ve shut off the ability to feel the truth, or it’s likely that it’s not a genuine Twin Flame connection.

If you’re stuck in your mind trying to “figure it out” you’re in the wrong place and creating struggle for yourself. Stop trying figuring it out. Instead, feel your way there…

For help with this, download the free guided meditations I offer. I also share full energy transformation sessions, and free weekly energy forecasts for Twin Flames, so make sure you sign up to be the first to know!

How did you know you had met your True Twin Flame? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below!”

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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  1. My twin flame must have formed into at least four people. Every aspect of a twin flame I see it in four people that I feel I have a very strong connection with. This has been bothering me for years and no one can decpher this and I probably will never know because I don’t see them.

  2. It’s common to have *similar* experiences with soul family members. These beings are also of a very close vibration deep down, so at times we can have elements of the signs twin flames share, such as feeling telepathically connected or as if we already know them! Hope this helps xx Cassady

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