The 6th house of work, service, health
Earth sign
Ruled by Mercury
Feminine energy polarity

Purification and healing mastery – paving the path to a higher state

You are here as a highly gifted guide of helping humanity to elevate into a higher state of existence. Your soul is an expert healer and you carry this gift with you more than most other zodiac signs – you remember innately the laws of the universe and the wisdom of the ancients. Spirit describes you as someone who “directs the heavens” – you are an expert manager of creation and harmony, to point others in the direction of good. It’s as if you remember what it is like to dwell in the oneness and harmony of the higher realms, and now you are here you see only too well what humanity has created is out of alignment, imbalanced, dysfunctional.

Your path is closely involved with refining ideas and methods to a higher state. To evolve and create new methods for existence and life which serve us better. Health, well-being and harnessing the natural powers of the elements is key here. You are innately attuned to healing with essential oils, energy, mind-work, crystals and more. Remember that perfection and balance truly is the natural state of the universe, and listen to the subtle messages your system sends you. You are here to pave the path to a higher and more harmonious reality – “heaven on earth”.

Your big challenge is to step into acceptance that yes, life really CAN be amazing, yes you ARE worthy, yes your counterpart really CAN live up to your high expectations. You may have been used to being let down, because your ideals are so high, but know that in spiritual truth there is no such thing as “impossible”.

See yourself from the perspective of the divine and know that you are exactly the way you are for a reason – you deserve all good, you are infinitely worthy and cherished. Feel into this daily to open up to more and more positivity. The problem with perfectionism is that it tends to attract more and more flaws – remember what you focus on, manifests and what you give energy to, grows.

You have been gifted with such an incredible eye for perfection on your life’s journey and this can unfortunately become a challenge when you instinctively apply it to yourself, your own life and the future. You have a tendency to see the flaws where others would see the niceness of the big picture, and wielding this powerful ability to perfect things is a major theme of your life.

Your Twin Flame journey and connection is also highly affected by this. It will be helpful for you to work on WHEN to apply your “magic perfection X-ray vision” – to become conscious of how and when you engage with this. Try experimenting with thinking about it like an on-off button on the back of your hand, and when you want to relax and enjoy the present moment, click it off.

You are here to remind the collective of ancient healing wisdom and powerful methods for manifesting unity and a happy love connection. Key in this are methods from the ancient societies regarding sound baths, natural remedies, the power of herbs, aromatherapy and more.

You are an intuitive expert at scanning and assessing the human body and your surroundings, finding the root of illness (or problems) and applying the perfect remedy to restore physical, mental, emotional health. This makes you a powerful teacher of how to experience the highest level of wellness and enjoyment in Twin Flame relationships, as you are an expert on how to detect cause of dysfunction and open to the natural divine state of love we share as souls.

It comes naturally to you to see what your counterpart is truly capable of, their highest potential self – their higher self. This is an incredible gift, but it can be frustrating for you to see others let their divine potential go to waste. The key is to hold high intentions for them from a space of love, and know that this in itself is powerful – you affect them with this intention as you are one original consciousness divided.

You are willing to work tirelessly to get your projects and desires completed, and this is another benefit to your journey and your connection – you have it in you to rise into a higher state than others believe possible. Because you 1) feel what could truly be, and that the regular human way of doing things doesn’t feel right or good, 2) you are willing to work at uplifting your energy and raising your vibration to get to that place.

You can truly make major progress in your life and manifest a wonderful journey, Virgo. Try to see the highest in yourself but also be forgiving and know that sometimes, the most effective thing you can do is rest and recuperate so you’re inspired and strong for the future.


twin flame session
Virgo, you are such a powerful soul, but you can be very hard on yourself and get into pessimism about the future – which unfortunately only attracts negativity. On the Twin Flame journey you will benefit so much from learning how to lift your vibration to actually RECEIVE the love and miracles you’ve been asking and hoping for. Because when you’re hard on yourself you unfortunately block out the good that’s wanting to reach you. Learn more about how this works in Clearing Blocks To Unconditional Love – and I take you through opening up to receiving once and for all.


twin flame program

Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks? To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look at my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.


You may know that self love and acceptance is a major key for a harmonious Twin Flame journey – it’s a challenge for most people, especially those with strong Virgo energies in their chart. In the Higher Heart Transformation Journey we go into how the Twin Flame Mirror functions and download and embody the new 5D programming of self love. Not just as a mental concept, but as a way of living, an emotional state, an embodiment of complete self acceptance and wholeness within.

“What if others are better off NOT being helped or healed by you? What if that’s what they need to learn most from – what their souls want? What if you letting go of control, allows them to open up to you?”

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