How Do You Know If It’s Really Your Twin Flame? Discover The Truth With This In-Depth Quiz – 25+ Specially Designed Questions To Give You A Clear Answer…


  • “Have I Really Met My True Twin Flame?”
  • “Is This Person My Karmic Twin, A Soul Mate, A False Twin?”
  • “How Can I Be Sure If I’ve Really Found My Twin Flame?”

These are the most common questions I receive from people all over the world, every single day!

Although the Twin Flame connection is intense, it can often be hard to differentiate for many – most get conflicting answers and impressions through articles, from healers and even psychics.

And it can be a struggle to try to come to terms with such a big question, to try to live without fully knowing. Trust me, I’ve been there…

(If you feel you need some help with an Unawakened Twin Flame, go here for my latest channeled session – I’ve had so much amazing feedback for this one!)

twin flame awakening

The Truth About Your Mirror Soul

So I’ve covered the issue of Twin Flame identification before in articles, and have provided these Free Guided Meditations and Ebooks to help you gain clarity and open up your connection to increased love and harmony…

But I know there’s a need for something that can give Twins a clear indication. Something that can give a reliable answer to the question of whether you’ve really found your True Twin Flame – Your Mirror Soul.

You can find a number of articles and quizzes online, but there is usually something missing or they’re overly simplified… So I was guided to provide a definitive, clear-cut resource for you to use.

An in-depth quiz which will give you a clear answer as to whether you’ve met your true Twin Flame or not.

It deals with all the hallmarks of the True Twin Flame connection but also takes into consideration little known subtleties of karma and the Soul Mate bond.

If you’re new on the site, do make sure you Download My Free Resources For Twin Flames here and sign up for the free weekly energy forecasts – I get emails from Twins every single day about the great results they’ve had with these free materials.


And here it finally is, with over 25 in-depth questions to map out the truth about your connection:



As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 

Cassady x


Want more? For a step by step roadmap to Twin Flame Union have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program here.

twin flame program

“I decided to listen to one of your energy clearings while on a flight this week, and something amazing happened – I actually felt and saw my Twin’s higher self kiss me! I had my eyes closed, and as we were going through the clearing part of karma, I saw a face emerge from a black and blue background, covered in white-beaming stars… This has not ever happened to me before! I immediately knew and felt that it was my beloved, and the positivity that flooded my entire being was amazing. Thank you so much, dear Cassady!” – Karina, San Francisco, USA

Alternatively you can try my Free Twin Flame Help kit which contains meditations from the full Vibrational Alignment Program

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  1. Loved the Twin Flame Test Cassady, great timing as usual. Just when I was starting to doubt again
    He is my twin flame ??

    I’ve always known since I met him that we have a very special connection. And when I found out about twin flames less than six months ago I realised that’s what we are. My whole life was turned upside down and I have never felt so much unconditional love for anyone else.

    One thing we are good at (which came up in the test) is learning from each other. He loves teaching me about a lot of things, and vice versa. I’m hoping that he learns what he has to from his current relationship so that we can also come together in the physical when the time is right, we already have spiritually in 5D and emotionally. To the point where I get caught out when I have to explain that ‘no, we are not together’ and it feels so wrong saying that because we are on other levels.

    In the meantime I’m working a lot on myself, becoming the best version of me I can be and trusting in the universe and my intuition to guide me/us on our continued journey. Love & light Katie

  2. OMG!! This quiz was so great! Thank you so much!… ugh the confusion over the years, being told by healers he’s not the one, so much self-doubt, such a rollercoaster! I really appreciate this post, as it turns out I have met my twin flame! Love and Light! (and less confusion) xx

  3. Oh wow…Cassady, thank you so much. I feel this post is an answered prayer. Everything rings true. I know who my twin is and love him so much. We have been apart for sometime now, but its only seemed to have intensified our nonphysical connection. It is very very strong….overwhelmingly so. Thank you.

  4. I literally asked for this yesterday as I am in a number of groups and I am finding that there us a significant number of people who are confused as to what type if connection they have. Thank you so much for this.

  5. My results are YES!!!!! I met my Twin Flame. I’m still opening up to this connection with him, though it is different when he is on the other side/not in this world anymore. Though my energy has been pretty bad from my past, past childhood, family, past relationships though I have done a lot of clearing and my energy been raising more each day. I hope I still have his love after all I have put him through. Thank you for this quiz.

  6. “Yes! You’ve met your Twin Flame!” ????

    Thank you, Cassady! This was fun, and very useful! I’ve known for a while (lol), but I maintain that I do enjoy reassuring my overly analytical self/logical mind from time to time.

  7. Hello,
    I just saw your original reply….. I’m sorry you are waiting but I wanted to extend some advice like you so kindly did to me. Don’t ever be afraid of love… is what connects us all and all relationships (even if they are not TF’s) are special. I’m trying to have faith in the universe and that our path will be guided to us in time…..even if that path does not include our TF. Consider us all lucky for knowing “a love” like this exists. I wish you positivity and hope in your quest for your path and TF.

  8. yep…I’m married to my soulmate but am overwhelming attached and always thinking about my “twin flame”. I assumed I was just going crazy. I would give anything to get her out of my head and my thoughts. I don’t want to be with her but the energy is out of this world.

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