The 8th house of sex, death, rebirth
Water sign
Ruled by Pluto (Ancient ruler Mars)
Masculine energy polarity

Mastery of rebirth, kundalini power and alchemic transformation

Born under the protection of the god of death/rebirth, power and sexuality, you carry a lot of intensity and depth in your being, Scorpio! You wield power that other signs find hard to understand. You are here to teach alchemy – transmuting darkness into light. Rising from mortality into immortality – through stepping into the soul’s light while still alive in the here and now. You are an ancient master and were most likely born into a situation where there was darkness around you – whether externally or emotionally and unspoken.

You are here to assist humanity in not fearing darkness, but in probing so deep into it that you find the way into the glimmer of light that exists there, and unleashing it. Travelling into the unknown and finding the deepest treasures, and showing others what you have learned from your inner travels into the psyche. The wisdom you carry, Scorpio, is that death and endings are not to be feared, and that transformation and change is a friend. Constant evolution is the natural state of the universe – and whether you realize it or not, you are someone who is constantly evolving, transforming and seeking more from yourself. You have a deep inner desire to become as much as you possibly can, to understand the mysteries of your own being. It can feel heavy, but know that you truly have intensity and passion of emotions for a reason!

You are one of the zodiac’s bravest souls – fearlessly paving the path into inner transformation and mastery of the soul’s light. Just when things seem so dark you cannot find the way out, you realize that the light is already inside you – this is spirit’s advice for your journey. The phoenix is an ancient alchemical symbol and one of the archetypes associated with Scorpio. Just like this mythological bird who died in flames and was reborn from its own ashes, you are always rising again. An ending always means a new beginning. This is a path that not many souls were strong enough for, as you go through cycles of change where others remain stagnant. But the power that comes with it, is the power to change lives, the self, the world. To become your infinite soul while still alive as a human being.

For you, love is “all or nothing”. And sometimes others can find your intensity frightening because they feel not ready to go that deep within themselves. But when you find that someone who is ready to plumb the depths of existence together with you, you ignite each other into a conflagration of beautiful fiery love. Your Twin Flame will always be that person, it’s just a question of helping them feel safe to open up. In fact, you yourself may be hesistant to open your heart.

Scorpio has a reputation for being a sexually adventurous sign, but the higher evolution of Scorpio is connected with delving deep into the connection with their other self. If a Scorpio is “promiscuous” it means they either haven’t found a partner yet who is connected enough, or that partner is not ready to open up. Scorpio is powerfully attuned to kundalini activation and the full blossoming of the soul’s passion through sacred sexuality – where both partners open completely to each other in an ecstatic connection with the oneness of being.

Our society is focused very much on surface, especially with the internet culture – you are so needed these days, Scorpio, to help bring new depth and to stay in touch with the soul’s wisdom, which only comes from being willing and open to going within.

Don’t let the world fool you into believing that real love and completeness of passion doesn’t exist. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot find deep satisfaction within yourself and with another. You already feel and know that it exists – follow that compass. Within you lies the secrets to the world you desire. Within you, are all the answers.

You are here to reignite the fire, reconnect humanity with their souls – as you know Twin Flames are already one as souls. You feel this, and your whole being seeks it, to merge with your counterpart as deeply as possible. You are here to assist the collective in healing ancient wounds around sexual intimacy, gender roles and to upgrade humanity’s templates for relationships. Shifting sex into a state of healing and high vibrational unity.

You are not afraid of going deep, of feeling ALL of your emotions, of experiencing things to the fullest. You are naturally in touch with sexuality and intimacy, and it’s as if your being is naturally attuned to wanting to break down boundaries between yourself and the one you love. Within you burns the fire that disintegrates everything in the way of love.

This is a super-power on the Twin Flame journey. Go all in with everything you have, and know that you ARE the power that will burn away anything in the way of love. Feel it inside you. Know that your mere existence, means that love will win the day. The light that burns within, can never be extinguished.



Scorpio, you will love the experience of merging as souls with your counterpart’s Higher Self in the Oneness Activation Session – it’s the most intensely blissful experience of love we can share as beings – how the soul makes love. You will feel so satisfied on a deep, palpable level! In the Oneness Activation Session, your Twin Flame’s higher self journeys with you on the etheric planes in a beautiful ceremony of souls, expressing their undying love and they help clear out any negative lifetime/timeline programming from your journey together, plus much more.

Or, try my Free Twin Flame Help Kit for an introduction to Energy Healing, Ascension, 11:11 and the Twin Flame Journey to Union.


Complete harmony Healing Tool

With such a strong focus on the sacral chakra, sexuality and power, you are sensitive when it comes to your partner, Scorpio. It can feel intensely unpleasant to even consider them being with someone else, so an amazing thing you can do for your connection and to promote love between you is to cleanse the channels between you and your chakra systems of any residue from outside partners, romantic encounters and attachments to exes. In the Complete Twin Flame Harmony Healing I take you through all this in alignment with Free Will, for you and your Twin Flame.


Because Scorpio is so attuned to the unconscious mind and deeper self, it can feel heavy if you sense negativity “in the background” of your being. The unconscious mind is like a constant silent commentary that can drag us down or lift us up, depending on what we’re habitually aligned with. So I was guided to create a resource to help re-program the unconscious mind to align with positivity and harmony for the Twin Flame journey – on “automatic”! The Twin Flame Affirmations with music are amazing for uplifting daily, and the results get stronger and stronger with time!

“Positive affirmations really work! I use your twin flame affirmations recordings every morning and within a week of starting these, I felt my energy shift dramatically and I’ve started attracting positive events and positive reactions from others in the physical” – Eonesca (via Instagram)

“What if darkness was just a different kind of light? What if this whole experience was a game to have fun with? What if YOU WERE both the darkness and the light in everything?”

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  1. Wow my the person that I feel is my twin flame is a Scorpio and I’m a Aries and reading about the both of our signs wow

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