The 7th house of marriage and relationships
Air sign
Ruled by Venus
Feminine energy polarity

Innate mastery of harmony and balance

Born under the auspices of Venus, goddess of love, you sense deep down that harmony and balance is the natural state of the universe. You are the divine’s representative to remind humanity of this. The tarot card associated with Libra is “Judgment”, balance.

You are here as a divine representative assisting in unlocking and providing new templates for harmonious relationships on the planet. You are an expert at relationships, art and beauty – both relationships between family, colleagues, friends and romantic partners. You carry in your being an innate knowing of balance and harmony – which is the natural state of the universe. You know, that in divine truth, there is always a solution, a point at which everyone involved benefits.

You are effortlessly attuned to the highest good of all and find it easier than most to be diplomatic and exist in a state of harmony with others. This is a key gift on the Twin Flame journey. You see that when someone else also benefits, you benefit more too – the energy exchange of give and take is something you understand deep down. You are someone who actually finds it uncomfortable, even painful, when things are imbalanced, “ugly”, harsh, conflict-filled.

This instinctual reaction to imbalance is for a reason – you are here to assist the whole in reclaiming the natural divine state of flow. Because balance is the point at which flow happens. When things are distorted in some way or out of balance, we are cut off from the natural flow of light which is our higher power.

Spirit tells us that because you are so attuned to balance and harmony you likely chose as a soul to be born into a situation which was imbalanced in some way. Where you had to act as a diplomat. Early on, you were already a teacher of harmony for others. One challenge you may face on your Twin Flame journey, is that you can forget yourself in the middle of seeing others and assisting them so well. Focusing on yourself and honoring your truth, may be a challenge for you.

You feel like others need you so much or you feel so good in a social context, that you hesitate to go within. Remember that for your own inner balance, and the balance within your Twin Flame connection, going within and restoring your own perfect harmony with self and your “other self” is key.

Remember that if you don’t feel good about going within, it’s because there’s something up inside of you. Facing your own shadows and fears, and applying the mediator diplomat role you are such an expert on, to your own self, will unlock your divine power and joy of life more and more. Remember you are not here just to serve others or the whole, you are meant to live the happiest life YOU can live.

You carry the divine innate wisdom that harmony IS our natural state – and that this can exist for the Twin pair, for society, for the planet… You are an expert at finding the point of balance in any situation, relationship or dynamic – and this is a gift that helps you activate and tap into harmony with your Twin Soul. Deep within, you already feel and know that the natural state of being… the natural state of the Twin Flame connection… the natural state of the universe… is “all is well”.

You are expertly able to step into your infinite light – when you disregard the beliefs and rules of the human collective “3D” world, you slip into this state of perfection once more. When you can let go of what you were taught, and allow your system to simply BE who you are as an infinite soul of light, your path and your Twin Flame connection opens wide. Love flows effortlessly.

You are an expert and a luminous example of this – that the Twin Flames already ARE in a perfect state of harmony as souls. That it’s about stripping back the human imbalances to reveal what was inside us all along. That unconditional love isn’t something we seek, it’s who we are all along.

Your willingness to forgive and see the best in others, to see how things COULD be in their highest state. You know that just because things have been a certain way, that doesn’t mean it has to stay there. You intuitively sense the highest state of a situation or connection – you just KNOW that something more is possible. You’re right.

Feel into that, because that is the key that opens the door there. When you allow your senses to seek for the highest solution and state – you invite in the way there. Harmony truly is possible at all times, Libra, just as you feel it to be. It’s just a question of finding the smoothest path to get there.

You are someone who will benefit greatly from de-programming your mind from the “regular world” limiting ideas and belief systems, Libra. Because you are so powerful as a being, but you’ve likely been dragged down into expectations of what is “possible”, logical, reasonable, from a human perspective. Skepticism, rationalism and doubt are energetic programs that can cause problems when they’re “running on automatic” in the background of your being. I was guided to create a brand new type of Twin Flame resource to help with this.


“Positive affirmations really work! I use your twin flame affirmations recordings every morning and within a week of starting these, I felt my energy shift dramatically and I’ve started attracting positive events and positive reactions from others in the physical” – Eonesca (via instagram)

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You will love the Oneness Activation Session, where we go into the etheric realms and connect with your counterpart’s higher self in a beautiful ceremony of souls. They activate your heart with unconditional love, offer their support and guidance for your journey… and we cleanse out any negative 3D programming from your timelines and your connection, plus much more.

Complete harmony Healing Tool
Libra, another great tool for you is the Complete Twin Flame Harmony Healing. You are likely the more high vibrational one of you and your counterpart, so it’s crucial to make sure you’re not being dragged down by any negativity in your Twin’s system (especially if they’re unawakened). In this session we cleanse out congested energy and common triggers of running and separation between you, to restore harmony and love to the connection.

A little known subject in Twin Flame circles is that as one original consciousness in two bodies, there are channels between the Twins’ chakras, and energy travels between you. This session makes sure only positivity travels between you, and clears up so many common Twin issues. Click here to learn more

“What if YOU are the person you most need to please? What if your OWN inner harmony is what will truly satisfy you and help you tap into the love that already exists in everything around you – including the Twin connection?”

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