The 10th house of career, achievement, karma
Earth sign
Ruled by Saturn
Masculine Energy polarity

Master builder of the zodiac. Remembering and attuning to the laws of the universe to create your dream come true

The divine enlisted you for your perseverance and wisdom of time and focus on the long run. You are here to build heaven on earth, however that looks for you. You are a highly advanced soul and have been entrusted with the role of master creator of physical reality. You have in your system light codes the other Zodiac signs do not have.

Your sense of responsibility and innate understanding of cause and effect means you have been allowed to retain more of your higher dimensional power in this world. You are here to teach humanity responsible creation – and to know that the karmic laws of the universe means there is always a cause and effect to everything we do and experience. You are an incredibly wise soul, Capricorn. Spirit shows us that you are a karmic teacher in the flesh, someone who is here to help humanity “grow up” and wield its power responsibly.

Your Twin Flame path benefits from your mastery of manifestation and creation. When you have a desire, you know that it’s worth it to take each step to get there. This is why you’re so often so successful in life Capricorn, because you don’t feel like it’s a hassle to work at something you’re passionate about.

To you, it’s a pleasure or a necessity, even if others would see it as hard work. You will get big results where others give up long before the harvest. You truly have what it takes to manifest a happy Twin Flame relationship on all levels – as long as you keep the world’s beliefs out of your mind. 

Pessimism can be a tendency for Capricorn, being ruled by the planet Saturn, “lord of karma”, the god of time. Expecting the worst, feeling worried based in past traumas, is a challenge for you. Remember that you can heal those old wounds so you can move on in freedom and with a lighter heart. Remember also that you’re allowed to enjoy the now moment – don’t let responsibility weigh so heavy on your shoulders.

An insight from spirit for you is, you and your counterpart may have made your path deliberately challenging, in order to learn more, evolve and uplift your understanding as souls. Remember that most great achievers in our world, had challenging beginnings.

Showing by example that you truly can have it all. That it really is possible to reunite happily with your Twin Flame and enjoy a journey free from the struggle that so many talk about. You are here to set a new and higher real life example. To establish a new positive paradigm.

If you look around you’ll see Capricorns are trailblazers – use it to raise your confidence and get started. A very good soul mate friend of mine is a triple Capricorn, and it’s impressive to see the immense successes he creates where others would shy away from even trying (who knows, you may have seen him out there – he’s gone big).

Above all, know that you truly have what it takes to make your dream come true, Capricorn! You are the master creator of the zodiac. It’s just a matter of figuring out the best approach and getting started. I know you won’t have a problem sticking with it, as long as you listen more to your own intuition than the world around you!

And remember this saying by Thomas Edison, inventor of the electric lightbulb (and countless other things): 

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t. Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”


You were given dominion over the physical reality more than any of the other signs. Because you create responsibly. You wield matter like a master of reality. If you want something, you can and will make it happen. Listen to your inner wisdom. Don’t let the outside world ever tell you you cannot have something. 

Your ability to plan for the long run and realistically see what is possible (or how to make it possible) and to stay faithful to that plan, is immensely helpful for your counterpart. You can steer the ship and know that taking things step by step you truly can manifest the union and bliss you desire.


twin flame program

The Vibrational Alignment Program – You know, Capricorn, that when you have the right method, results come faster! In this step-by-step 10 module program I’ve shared all the methods I used to get to Union with my own Twin Flame – including scientifically proven mindfulness techniques and more. I teach you powerful yet simple tools to manage and utilize energy and the laws of the universe to your benefit, and manifest a blissful union with your Twin Flame. 

Or, try my Free Twin Flame Help Kit for an introduction to Energy Healing, Ascension, 11:11 and the Twin Flame Journey to Union.



Higher Heart Transformation Journey: In this session I teach you step by step powerful yet simple methods for manifesting your ideal Twin Flame connection, abundance, career success and more. Including showing up the blocks and myths about manifestation that trips up so many people.


Complete Energy Clearing Session: Capricorn is related with past life karma, which can create challenges for your love relationships – especially your Twin Flame connection. In this session I explain and take you through healing karma to uplift your connection into harmony, opening you up to reuniting.


“What if you knew that nothing could go wrong? What would you do in that situation…? What would you reach for? What would you create?”

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