This week’s question comes from Katherine, and is an interesting one. She asks: “Is it possible to meet your Twin Flame too soon?” 

Thank you so much for this question Katherine – it’s something I’ve been asked by many of the hundreds of Twin Flames who contact me every week.

What If…

I completely understand the logic behind your question – that maybe if you had more time to do your inner work before you met your Twin, your journey together could have been more harmonious and smooth…. 

This is a tempting thought, and I completely get your question. However… To be completely truthful – it doesn’t matter. What happened happened – and as energy beings everything we experience is in alignment with something inside of us. Things happen as they’re a match energetically.

The real truth is that the situation in the now moment is as it is. We can never change it by analyzing the past or questioning it. So the best thing I can advise you to do is to learn from the experience, and concentrate on manifesting your present and future in the highest and best way you can.

How to Manifest a Happier “Now Moment”

I’d advise to always focus on staying grounded in the present moment because looking back to analyze complicates our energy and involves us in ego more and more.

The analytical ego self always wants to control and structure, whereas our spirit self encourages us to flow with the energies and stay grounded in the present moment, because this is where manifestation happens. 

If we are looking back, we are not present in the now moment to manifest that happy Twin Flame Journey we desire – in fact, we’ll only be manifesting future things that are in alignment with that past problem we’re so busy trying to understand.

Proven Methods

It really does work wonders to focus on positive manifestation – methods like Creative Visualization has been proven to get results and actually create new neural pathways over time.

It’s an ancient method that originated in Hindu religious rites and today it’s actually the method so many of our world’s leading lights (from sports people to “celebrities” like Oprah Winfrey) used to get to where they are today.

If you’re interested in learning more about the science behind Creative Visualization, have a look at this article in Psychology Today. And if you’d like to give it a try yourself, there is a specially designed guided audio meditation for Twin Flames in the Vibrational Alignment Program – a guided meditation visualization which takes you through creating your ideal with ease. All you have to do is listen along.




#1) “Everything Happens for a Reason”:


This might sound like a cliché but let me explain it a bit more and you’ll see why this is such a widespread saying: On the energetic plane, we can only create what we are in alignment with – what you get is what you’re energetically “wired” to get.

Nothing in life happens unless you are inviting it in energetically on some level: you can only ever meet your Twin if your energy is in alignment with this and open to it.

Look at your reality, your life the way it is right now – it is an outside mirror of the energy you are holding inside. This means that if you met your Twin before you felt ready, you were in alignment with that.

And if there are other things you are unhappy about in life, you are in alignment with that too – for example if you are experiencing a lack of love or money, it’s because your energy field is wired to create your reality that way.

This might be a harsh truth to hear, but everything in your life is due to the energy you hold. The great thing is that once you realize this, you can adjust your energy to serve you better.


#2) You Were Already Scheduled to Come Together

You and your Twin Flame’s souls are eager to get you together in life, as you both planned pre-birth, and they will push you toward each other as soon as your energies are adequately in alignment.

This means your conscious self might be completely unaware of it, but somewhere on a soul level you and your Twin have been triggered to emit a “homing signal” to each other that pulls you closer until you meet.

Your soul might have been ready before your conscious self was, but your energy field was nonetheless aligned with receiving your Twin.

#3) You Are Part of a Greater Whole


All Twin Flames on Planet Earth are an important part of the planet’s own Ascension process and have agreed to come together and energetically clear themselves of negativity in order to function as a gateway of new influxes of positive energy.

You volunteered to this as a soul before coming into life, and it means that your Reunion with your Twin on the earth plane will have been planned to progress a long time ago and a lot of energy will have been put into ensuring it – your soul and your guidance team will have been working to get you together around a certain timeline when you were energetically in alignment with it.

This means that often, at least one of the Twin Flames will have experienced a “dark night of the soul” in the period before encountering their divine mirror self – to retrigger the Twins’ shared core inner frequency and shedding enough extraneous energy to ready the pair to come together on the physical plane to continue the Ascension and Awakening process on the way to Twin Flame Union.

The push for reunion can feel tough as all the negative baggage comes up, but it’s a necessary part of the process to get it cleared so you’re in alignment with the Union. Clearing your energy is the only effective method I’ve found to clear the causes of Twin struggles and reach a state of harmony and Union.

This is why I created the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames, so you can begin clearing your energy too and experience the huge positive shifts that come with that.

#4) Nothing is Ever “Wrong” or “Too Soon”


If something happens, that in itself means you are “ready” for it and in alignment with it – because your energy field will not allow in anything that is a mismatch with how you are wired. We’re wired to experience what we’re in alignment with

If you feel that you weren’t ready to come together with your Twin, that’s due to subconscious fears being triggered (so that you could clear and release them).

Your guides and your soul will never push you into anything you won’t be able to handle (but they might push you into something you feel frightened of so that you can confront your limitations and realize your true inner strength).

Our energy field or “reality field” functions like a filter to our experiences.

For example, if you have never felt truly loved, your energy field will be wired to not allow in feelings of being truly loved – if you subconsciously believe that life works in a way where you never  feel prepared, this is something you’ll be attracting too.

I know it sounds almost sadistic (I’ve had long discussions with my guides about this), but the laws of energy always work in the same ways – we get what is in alignment with what we’re sending out – like gravity, these laws are always “on”. They do not waver.

For us, it can be either a gift or a curse depending on how we use our energy. If we’re sending out negative signals unconsciously, this whole system can feel like a punishment – but the gift of energetic laws is that once we learn how to focus and shape our energy consciously, we can create and experience whatever we want.

If you can shape your energy to allow something in, it will eventually show up. That’s guaranteed.

#5) You and Your Twin Flame are a Perfect Match in Every Way


When you come together with your Twin, you are both “home” – you belong together. You share the exact same core frequency as souls. There is not another being in the entire universe who is as “perfect” for you and as in alignment with you as your Twin.

However, many experience struggles on their journey. This is never because you and your Twin are incompatible, though. Any problem or challenge that crops up between the Twin Flames is due to congested and negative energy and karma – underneath all this, you are blissfully compatible in all ways at all times. You can watch a brief video about how this works here.

In order for you and your Twin to come back together in love in this lifetime, you had to begin the process of purification and Ascension at some point to get back to that pure core frequency or “soul song” – and your soul’s logic is that the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll reach that point of unity once again.

Let me just say this once more for emphasis: the Twin Flames are always perfectly compatible. Any problem or dissonance whatsoever is due to outside energies, trauma and karma that you’ve taken on and experienced throughout existence. And the good news is, that stuff can be cleared.

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


For an easy, fun way to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit

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  1. Thank you so much Cassady. Your posts are always amazingly in alignment with what I am experiencing on this journey. This post could not have come at a better time to remind me that I can clear these energies and I want to help my twin clear his energy too but I know even if he’s not consciously doing that work, I can do it for both of us because we share the same energy. My ego mind often gets caught in times like this with what I am currently experiencing with my twin, on the “why” of the challenges coming up, sometimes I can get worried thinking maybe these heavy energies and blocks are showing up to make me give up or lose faith in my heart. But I am reminded once again from your post and from my inner guidance guiding me, that the perceived “negativity” is coming up because it is supposed to be cleared so that we can be together fully. I know now that we are on the path of ascension so it makes total sense that it has to come up in order for us to come together fully in the physical realm. My fear and sadness gets triggered when my twin and I feel stuck in the same pattern of me “waiting” for us to be able to come together, but your post has helped remind me today that I need to keep doing the creative visualization daily because I know and see and feel it is working and I believe in all my heart that we are closer now than we have ever been before and so much of it is transforming to new levels of closeness and love and I know it is because I am doing the work, using your tools to shift my energy towards our love and happiness and I am following the guidance, and I am working to remember my power and I am using it to fully manifest our reunion on earth right now. With so much love and gratitude for all that you do to help us, I am forever grateful to have found you and your site. Love and light!

  2. While I love reading all of your information, and have gained such knowledge, there is one topic I haven’t found discussed. What if the person you suspect to be your twin flame has such an age difference that union in this life will never be possible? This brings a whole level of pain that cannot be rectified. I rather never know about twin flames than have this occur.

  3. “Your guides and your soul will never push you into anything you won’t be able to handle (but they might push you into something you feel frightened of so that you can confront your limitations and realize your true inner strength).” wow!!!!! I was just telling my friend the other day that there is this enormous inner strength coming through for past couple weeks. its a surge that is letting itself be known for sure. Feels like a string truth surge in a way too, a rising up. I will need it should I choose to walk from marriage and all the comforts that are here, mostly finance wise. That’s where I get confused and murked up, looking ahead and trying to figure it out. It feels better to focus on present and I continue to feel that is becoming more of the normal too. Thank you!

  4. Hi Enlightenedearth, this is a very interesting subject – I cover it in the Vibrational Alignment Course but I’d like to do a Q&A on this for sure. For now, don’t lose hope – remember our bodies are only a small part of who we are.

    Sending you love and light <3 x

    PS: Regardless of your Twin's age you can interact as your ageless soul selves on the energetic planes… You might want to try this, use the guided meditation in the free breakthrough kit

  5. Hi Amber, I’m so glad you’ve felt this! Yes, we are much stronger than we often realize! On the outside we learn to think of ourselves as small and limited, but there is so much power inside us – I’m glad to hear you’re connecting with this!

    Sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

    Cassady x

  6. Wow Cassady, amazing timing on this post! I’m 42 and my TF is 24 so there have been times when I’ve wondered why we met 2 years ago seeing as how she has a lot of maturing to do and baggage to clear before we can reach Union. However, I now understand the big picture. I’m happy to say I was part of a guided meditation a few days ago where my TF’s higher self was being channeled through one of the people there and she explained to me that we will indeed be together in the physical realm at some point. However, she was very clear that some things need to take place before that can happen… for one, I am supposed to be in a relationship with someone else prior to her. This is because it will trigger something inside her to pull closer to me…. and later on down the road when she’s ready we will come together. Very complicated situation but are TF Unions ever simple and easy? 🙂 So, I just wanted to share that…. it’s such a good feeling knowing we are on a path to Union even if it’s the “scenic route”. The energy clearings have been great so far as well… thank you!!! Scott

  7. Great work Cassidy, one question: what if it was compatibility issues on 3D that pulled the twins apart original? How do these resolve themselves? Or how can the other twin know our unconditional love has changed the demands and conditions set out before?

  8. Thanks, Kelly!

    Not sure I understand your question – the twin flames are never apart. “3D” is an illusion and the biggest lesson Twin Flames are asked to learn in this lifetime is to transcend any conditions and experiences from life, and transcend into infinite love once again. Love and unity is truth for the Twin Flames – no matter how complicated things seem, that’s what lies at the heart of the situation.

    Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

  9. I am in a similar situation. I’m 18 years older than my TF and she has a lot of maturing that needs to happen before we can reach Union. However, I’ve been given assurance from her higher self that we will eventually come together in this realm so don’t give up hope! As Cassady suggests, try to communicate with your TF’s higher self and you will find the answers you need.

  10. This article is right on time! Thank you! I was just thinking about how I am analyzing way too much lately and that something in me thinks that something might be wrong. So for your post here to touch on the analytical ego and that “nothing is wrong” helps me to remember to keep working on creative visualization. My TF and I communicate somehow (through intuition? it’s hard to explain) but he asked “what’s wrong?” and my heart answers truthfully nothing is wrong – it’s just my mind going crazy.
    I feel the immense love from my TF’s soul all the time and get the synchronicities a lot to a point that i’m wondering if my husband will notice that this other man’s name sure does come up a lot around us.
    It is a conscious practice to balance our energies and thoughts. This journey is challenging, the love my TF and I hold is my inspiration. Sending love to everyone in this community.

  11. This is great information. I do think that I have just met my twin flame in February and I did not know until I started reading up on it. I have come to realize that I am the chaser and he is the runner but I don’t know why he is running. We are definitely going through it right now.

  12. Cassady , love your articles. Also was part of mass energy clearing broadcast.
    I have a question . Do twin flames meet in their last reincarnation on Earth?
    Can twin clear his own negative energy and Karma?
    Thank you

  13. I LOVE this blog post! I have always wondered about this. I met my twin when I was 14, started dating at 19 until 24… and a roller coaster ever since. We are now both 35! He is currently running as usual and we haven’t spoken in months. I’ve always said to myself, “we met too young, I wish I met him later in life”. So I love what this blog post entails!

  14. Dear cassady, thank you so much for your blogs and this site. I started reading a few days ago and also go through your breakthrough meditation daily. I do have one question though….i am not sure if i am the runner or chaser. My twin is married. In July he started running. I let him run and he came back a few weeks later. Now 8 weeks ago i ran as the situation was too painful. He kept saying he can’t leave his family and cannot live without me either. I told him to contact me again only when he is sure that he wants to be with me. Since then no contact. Am i running or he? And who is blocking a reunion…. Me or him?

  15. I have a question. Everything I have read, which isn’t too much, says that your twin flame brings up things that you need to work on (forces you to look deep inside and work through issues). My last relationship (almost 12 years) caused me to do this, I very recently left him. I’m very sure he is not my twin, definitely a karmic relationship but not my twin. I have worked through SO many issues and have awakened and I am finally becoming whole as I wait for my twin to arrive. My question is, is it possible to have worked through all the issues with soul mate relationships before meeting your twin? I loved my ex deeply, our lives have been similar but not the same (I hear twins live the same types of lives) but there is definitely no longer a connection…. we talk daily because we have children together and while I have forgiven him and have an appreciative love for him the connection is gone. When I think of my twin I don’t think of him and have a strong feeling it’s someone I haven’t met yet. Are there any instances where twins don’t go through running/chasing?

  16. I’ve been dealing with a runner for nearly fourteen months now. That’s how long he has been ignoring me in the physical realm. Conversely, he is actively communicating with me in dreams, giving me info that I am later able to substantiate, various numbers and even equations (we’re definitely numbers people in real life), even following me into the waiting and exam rooms at the fertility clinic telling me what my name will be when I marry him. He keeps extending his physical return date in the dreams, and even boasted to me that he is a “twin” and mesmerized by what a miracle it is.

    I’ve tried to move on, and even have had a serious relationship. The guy was getting ready to propose to me, and my twin appeared to me in a dream telling me the guy was only out for my money, and that I should leave him. Later that day, I saw the physical location of the dream (by the courthouse where the guy’s trial will be because he hit me a few days afterwards when I dumped him), and I intercepted an email from the guy’s ex wife that detailed how he took her to the cleaners and left her with their baby once she was broke.

    But I can’t deny the fact that my twin is ignoring me in the physical life, now fourteen months. We were only together for one month, and he had two major life traumas in a three day period, and I dreamed of the one before it actually happened. He leaned on me for the first one, but shut me out after the second, the death of his mother, the date of which coincided with the death of my own mother several years earlier.

    I am in the prime of my life, but cannot seem to move on. Many men ask me out, and they’d be perfect for me, had I never met my twin. I always end up dumping them because my twin’s voice gets louder the longer I date the guy.

    Has anyone been able to successfully move on and find equal or better love after your twin flame? Right now, even if I married an awesome and perfect guy, I’d still leave him for my twin whenever my twin returns to me. And that compromises my personal value system, which upsets me. Please advise. Thanks.

  17. For myself, personally, I went through something very similar. I was with a man for nearly 12 years, someone that I still call a soul mate. Our relationship was rocky at times, never abusive, but I learned and grew so much through that relationship. Toward the end, I entered a dark night of the soul, I went through a lot of changes on a personal level, and we divorced in early 2014. I had had an awakening, I was a completely different person, in love with life and everything and everyone in it. For the first time in my life, I was truly happy.

    It was less than a month after my divorce was final that I met my twin flame. I was not looking for him, nor did I have ANY idea what was in store for me. Prior to meeting him, I thought I had cleared and released everything. Boy, was I wrong. It was October 2014 that I began the twin flame ascension process. I was not aware that’s what was happening, and tried to end things with my twin. It was excruciatingly painful, and we have been doing the “dance” ever since.

    From my own experience, I fully believe that some twins experience situations similar to yours and mine as a sort of “preparation” for meeting our twin. To clear and release a lot of things. So it is possible that your twin will enter your life, just please be prepared. I was not, I felt as though as I was clear and free. Then, twin brought up SO much that I was completely unaware of. (Not to mention feeling a lot of his turmoil and doing much clearing for him as well, without realising I’d been doing that…)

    Unlike you, I was not fortunate enough to have found Cassady’s site until just a month or two ago. So for over a year, I felt completely lost and alone.

    Many blessings on your journey, friend. <3

  18. All Twin situation is making person feel sick sometimes . Running and chasing . Especially when there is family involved , children and connection is owervelming to your twin. When age gap is not making sense. Too many obstacles. When one is running it means another is running too.
    When one is not ready it means another is not ready . When they say:,, Leave it to God,, they are right . Because on human level we can do is except and just move on one day at the time. If he is true twin he will comeback . If not, he wasn’t ours to keep it.
    I met mine on CNN talking politics. No pictures ,
    I am married and 17 years older.
    Love we have for each other is hard to describe . But al was thinking he is the runner . When I realized that I am too.
    I never kept a secret and my spouse knew right away . That is how extremely connected you feel. I was flying to see him twice ( different costs ) but we both end up repulsed by each other and scared even though talk for over a year.
    also going through Accencion . Which is pure hell . Signs are coming up all the time. All roads are bringing you to self love . You love your twin but you have to love yourself more. Letting go of most pure and greatest love of your life is painful experience . Trust issues in the process are is defeneteley coming up.
    We always thinking that we are ready to be with them. But it takes two balanced people. Universe will test you and point you :,, Look you fail and not ready . Keep doing inner work and heal yourself ,,
    Wish peace to every soul . We need that stillness in our heart and mind.

  19. Yes there is Cirrias the reunited Twin She also does readings for twins. On you tube and harsher web page. It took them 4 month to meet and come to one. Move from one country to another .
    She can’t tell you when and who. But she can tell you if he is a true twin and if reunion is close .
    Running and chasing is not mandatory. Every twin pair is unique and have their own stages

  20. Wow! Your story sounds VERY similar to mine! A good part of the reason I left is because I grew spiritually while he stayed the same and that relationship pushed me to my limits and made me into the person I am now. It’s like I’m reading my story but written by someone else! Besides the twin flame at the moment. I just filed for divorce a couple of weeks ago, still waiting on a date, and moved out at the beginning of August this year…. so it’s only been two months, I should have done it years ago but I know the timing wasn’t quite right I still had more to learn and let go first. Thank you so much for sharing your story and helping me to prepare for the next chapter of mine. I hope you both are in union now and if not I hope you will be soon. <3 Much love and light to you both on your continued journey.

  21. I don’t have any answers, I understand your frustrations. Wanted to acknowledge your story. It’s an intense one. I have just recently started getting information in my dreams with numbers and our guide showing me scrolls with our life history and leading up to this point. I don’t think I have ever had a dream in my life where I’m actually reading words! I know it’s important info, just can’t always remember it. Good question too!

  22. In need of some help and guidance. Who I believe to be my twin ran away only about six months after we first met and were dating. Love at first sight we took leaps into the spiritual world as my eyes were awoken upon our meeting. We were both so young, I am 21 and he was 19 and living on opposite sides of the country the relationship had to many obstacles to last and he voiced many times to me he wasn’t ready for such a serious relationship. We both found ourselves in what I know to be karmic relationships and I ended mine at the very beginning of this year. He also broke up with his ex shortly after and she was sentenced to 90 days for a DUI. During that time, I was traveling and we both found ourselves at a festival and were brought together on the very last day. We were able to visit with each other a few times this summer/fall and I could feel the personal growth we both experienced in our time apart and thought it was our time to be together as my work will be taking me to where he lives quite often over the next two months. Over our time since we reconnected there was never a commitment made and when his ex got out of jail they began to see each other often “as friends”. I believe they are toxic for each other but she lives down the street and it wasn’t too long before they were intimate again. About two weeks ago he cut me out saying he loves his ex and doesn’t feel right romantically talking to me while being physical with her, how he is devoted to her, and how falling back in love has made him think of me as just a friend. My heart was shattered, I thought our love was so pure and so strong that nothing would come in the way to make him second guess our connection as this whole time he had told me, her, and everyone else how I was the one he wanted to be with. The universe consistently made it difficult and I started to notice his ex doing everything in her power to not allow us to spend time together when I visited last. They are together now and I am left confused about love. I have dreams about them or him every night, when he dumped me I couldn’t see into his soul like I always had been able too and felt like he was under some spell. I feel her taking his personal light and am scared for what the future holds as they have had addictions together and she has never been faithful to him. I’m not sure to think whether this is a runner stage or if he isn’t the one. I really can’t believe he isn’t my twin and I feel our souls were meant for each other and we bring out the best in each other. But if he is my twin how could he leave me for another girl? Because she is physically there? She is convenient? It doesn’t make sense to me because none of that would’ve ever mattered to me, I’m lost, hurt, and confused. Trying to work on myself but can’t help but wanting to cry every morning I wake up and worried the reconnection won’t ever be made, or that this isn’t the paths of twins and I have to find it in me to move on and never look back. But how could I look back? I feel I’ll always be in love, how I was so sure, but he left me for another girl and it would be foolish to take him back if the time ever came. Advice of guidance is what I am asking for, nothing seems to ease this pain. Love and light.

  23. Hi, I’ve just joined this site but since my twin and I have found each other there is much reading..research that we have done togther. We have a vast age difference quite at the upper limit of what we’ve seen and read of. We have from the first time we met over 2 years ago come together seamlessly and in harmony on everything. Some upsets on my part occasionally but never towards him but rather the age difference at times troubles me. More for the fact of almost surely leaving him to go on in the physical alone. We are in constant contact except when sleeping we talk and share everything. We have no secrets from each other and if anything bothers either one of us we talk and talk till its sorted. Never do we go to sleep with anything between us. In all this time there have been perhaps 4 times that issues have needed to be talked over and talked through. Tho he is very much younger than I biologically we believe he is the more mature soul. The closer we become the stronger the telepathic bond becomes. He has seen me shopping and tells me where i can verify this with the time on my store receipt and he tells me first with no coaching from myself, we grew up in almost identical circumstances, we type things the same things at the same time,if one of us is in pain the other shares it. Sleepy same thing,often we wake at the same time. We are both dark haired with green eyes. We have the same scar same leg. The first time i heard his voice I cried. Why? Because I knew that voice, recognised it. Knew him. I can keep going. Approximately 6 months before we met I had a vision while sleeping. I will go into detail if asked but there were ppl standing about in this dream /vision very very close just to my right was a man I knew, dark hair green eyes and knew he was my husband. We met ol thru a game we both play. The second we met the pull to each other was so incredibly strong for us both and knowing. We felt so familiar. He told me later he’d been drawn to me knew me an when he told me he loved me the first time he said we have loved and lived many lifetimes together I loved you then I love you now I will love you always and find you again and again. I could keep going but neither of us had heard of twin flames before this. I am in the United States he is in Scotland .He will be coming home to me in the spring and we plan to marry. What prompted me to write..we read of so very many twins having big hurtful problems running even arguing. Ive never read any that its been pure harmony like with us. Is it truly so unusal? Thank you so much for your writings all of you and wishing all blessings and harmony with your twins. My biggest fear is what he will go through the suffering beyond words when my time comes to pass on and he is left. He knows suicide is not an option its probably the worst sin against the god life force that can be committed and would only seperate us again for longer again in future and also he has promised he wouldn’t. Yet I’m so worried what will happen to him losing the total heart soul bond we have. Thanks again everyone.I am happy to talk with or answer questions if Im able to from any of you.

  24. This seemed to be the case with my twin and I. I was not sure about it before but I am now. We met while I was in a relationship. What is telling is I asked the universe to let me know if this connection existed for me this lifetime in reality or just in my wanting it. If it did, I asked then please show it to me otherwise I was going to go ahead and marry the man I was with. It was within a short time that my twin and I met. I remember walking into the room and he said “oh, yes, she will be mine.” It threw me and I had no idea how to react. The situation put us all in the same room with others and the more we were there the more the energy took over the whole room. It was hard to be there and not feel the intense pull! He kept saying to others not directly to me that it was just bad timing. All the while I could not respond directly! Looking back now I realize this lead to the intense clearing death/rebirth I experienced in the last few weeks. I remember now him asking in telepathic communications I thought was all in my head what I knew of death and rebirth. It all makes sense now. So, for anyone wondering, if you met allow the clearing to happen! When things seem heavy or uncomfortable now I know that is an indication of things coming up to be cleared not that there is something wrong! I agree that this journey is meant to be beautiful and that we are channels for something bigger than our individual stories. What a joy to be a part of it all!

  25. I just came back to this post thank you to Nuria for the up vote! I am glad I did as I reread this comment as well as my own. It is so uplifting to know there are Twins in sync and high vibrations! We all deserve and are capable of that. My Twin is younger than I am as well. I have thought about the end of life and leaving him behind again. I died a pretty horrific death one life time where he had to watch me bleed to death. I think that is why I am older than he is this lifetime. My ex fiancee was 13 years older than I am and it gave me a perspective from the other side. I accepted the fact that I would probably (who knows though?) outlive my ex. However, that was a superficial awareness of this issue. I was only thinking on terms of the Earth plane. What I know now as I get closer again to my Twin is that he was with me while I was incarnated first! I remember him being with me as I grew up. I remember a shift in myself when he passed on and reincarnated. I became very lonely. I even asked, prayed, that I would have a friend in life who would understand how I felt and could talk to me like my Twin and I always had up to that point even though he was so much older in the body I used to know. Or maybe it was a gap in history, he may have been on the etheral that whole time but not ready to come back. Anyway, I missed that connection. With him being reborn he “forgot” as we do coming into physicality so we have a more clean slate to learn from and with our new family. I think he stayed more aware than I did coming in so there was still a connection there. My point is I feel I know more and more how very powerful and real our astral connections are. Death truly does not severe this connection! It cannot. I think as has been stated before that this is part of why we end up in separation in physical bodies. We have to remember how to bridge that gap on a deeper level. It is through that process that we not only strengthen the bond we have but lose all fear of death and rebirth being an obstacle to this Love we share! I hope to hear more from you it sounds like we all have so much to learn from your positive connection as Twins!!!

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