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Relationship complications between Twin Flames – how to resolve love situations for the highest good of everyone involved; a higher perspective from spirit.

This is another question I get from dozens of Twins every single week: What if I’m married to someone else, or what if my Twin is in a relationship with another? How can we resolve this?

It’s actually very common for one or both Twins to be in preexisting relationships before meeting each other.

Spirit is eager to show us all that even those situations we on earth think are difficult and where we perceive it as impossible to avoid someone getting hurt – if we take a higher perspective and approach things from the higher vibrations, we can ensure outcomes that are in alignment with love. No matter how unlikely it might seem from the start.

Resolving Love Complications

“Dear everyone,

Many Twin Flames meet their divine counterpart at a time in their lives when they are already in a relationship. This is natural, and we encourage you all to not feel bad or guilty for having loved and maybe even still loving another. Love is a positive thing, and there is always something to be learned in a relationship.

You are not wrong for having loved or loving someone who is not your Twin Flame. Please release any guilt or shame around this, as those energies are of a low vibration and will only hurt you.

This also goes for those of you whose Twin is in another relationship for some reason – it is an expression of their shifting energy. They may still be in alignment with that, but it is changing. The journey goes back to each other, not further away.

Reaching Balance

A Twin Flame who is seeking away from their divine counterpart is out of balance, and any negativity such as “running” is a sign of this. The Twin Flame journey is steered firmly towards eventual Union, that is your soul’s plan. This is why so much negativity is pushed up for you on your journey – to bring you back into balance and harmony so you can come together yet again.

Remember that this journey is a process. Once you and your Twin meet and Twin Flame Ascension is triggered, your energy starts to shift and you will very likely shift out of alignment with many of the things and relationships that you were in alignment with in the past. This goes for the both of you.

Shifting Situations

In Ascension it is common to choose to leave behind those things that belong to the past in many ways. Your Soul is steering the ship more, and among Twins there is one very clear aim your Soul has for this lifetime – to reunite with your mirror self somehow.

Often Twins find themselves in limbo periods between the old and the new, and this can be challenging. The advice we want you to always have in mind – especially in situations like this – is to hold the intention of the highest good for everyone involved.

Focus on pure bliss for everyone. Do your very best to steer clear of the “normal human reactions” of worry, concern and stress because these only align you with negative potentialities.

Holding the highest good of everyone involved in mind will help more than you can ever imagine because it aligns you with positivity and opens the situation up to “miracles”. Smooth transitions. People falling out of romantic love with their spouse yet still supporting them and wanting what’s best for them. Mutually calm endings to marriages or relationships which have outgrown their purpose.

We Cannot Help Until you Ask

Asking for guidance and protection from your spiritual guidance team in this situation is another big help. Because of the Law of Free will, spirit cannot step in unless you ask. And remember, once you ask, step aside with your energy.

Take your energy back – this is what’s called “to let go” – so that the situation can be open to the benevolent help of guidance and the supportive energies of the universe.

What Are You Aligning With?

At any given moment of your lifetime on earth you are at a crossroads. Every minute, every day, every choice is a crossroads. As an energetic being in a human body you exist at the nexus of a network of potential futures. Each choice you make aligns you with a particular energetic future. Good or bad. Light or heavy.

What determines which path you take, is the energy and emotion you hold from moment to moment. You can at all times align with the most positive, loving, happy future available – by getting into and staying in the corresponding energy vibration. Your choices align you with either happy or unhappy “futures” and developments.

A New Logic for Problem Solving

In challenging situations such as the one mentioned here, it is crucial for you to hold the best possible outcome in mind and rid yourself of fear, worry, concern, pity, panic, all of those negative and constrictive energies.

Do your utmost to clear these out of your space and to align with the energies of joy and love and happiness and peace. This will get you an infinitely more pleasant outcome to this transition.

This is why we say everything is possible on the Twin Flame journey, but nothing is guaranteed. You make the choices. We in spirit steer you in certain directions, encourage and nudge you to make choices that benefit you. But it is always your choice.

You choose whether to worry or to be happy. You choose whether to focus on a brilliant future or a negative past. This might sound harsh but you have entered soul contracts with each of your guides, tying them to not help you more than necessary in certain crucial situations.

Your Soul’s Plan For the Twin Flame Journey

You see, as a Soul, you were fiercely brave and ambitious when setting out on your adventure on Earth with your Twin: you wanted to learn and grow and develop as much as possible. Both for your sake and your Twin’s. So you have the choice. Making choices is what leads to the evolution of the Soul.

Some of the results of the choices you made in the past before you and your Twin encountered each other and were triggered to start the purification process of Ascension, are still present in your life today.

These can include marriages, love relationships, friendships you start to grow out of as you come into your Soul Purpose fully.

‘Love Is Never Wrong’

We want you to know there is nothing wrong with a relationship ending and another beginning. Love is never wrong. The issue is how to best deal with these situations for the highest good of all involved.

As you and your Twin align more and more with your shared Soul Frequency (this happens gradually during Ascension, even for those who do not willingly seek it out), you will be more and more drawn to each other.

Ego might tell you this is dangerous or wrong, and karmic patterns may trigger fear as often happens with “running”, but this is simply a part of the journey on the way back to each other.

These negatives are symptoms of old energy that needs resolution. The tools you need to deal with this are available any time you choose. Our advice is, get to work so you can get to the happy part of your journey sooner.

Know Yourself

It’s simple. Energy is everything. Once your energies are balanced, you are “whole”. There is no running or chasing or strife or separation or stress. All those things are symptoms of imbalances and wounds in the energy field. Which can be resolved.

Our advice is: Know what you want from your journey. Write it, paint it, sing it, dream it, visualize it. And hold that wonderful feeling in your heart whenever you can.

Stay in the high vibrations. And you will inevitably attract those positive developments which are in alignment with that. It’s simple. It’s energy.

All of our blessings to you in this challenging situation. We know you can do it. Never be afraid to ask for help and support. We are here for you whenever you need us.

The Archangels of Light”



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  1. What if you were already with your twin and during a separation period the other (aka runner) chose to marry someone else…is there still hope???

  2. Hi Cassady,

    Thank you for this. My twin is currently engaged to someone else, and I continually feel that it is part of our souls’ contract with each other (she got engaged immediately after we separated…odd for someone with an immense fear of commitment). She is an Air Force veteran, and at the time we met had not yet worked through a lot of her baggage from both the military and other parts of her life. Her current partner is also an AF vet and has helped her began the therapy process and such, and so I feel confident he’s a soul mate for her and I’m thankful for this (as long as he’s good to her). This post, and many of your others, very much confirmed how I’ve been feeling.

    My question is about twin flame soul missions. My twin and I are a same-sex pair, and incidentally I was the first female partner she’d ever had. Since we’ve been separated and I’ve been guided to feel that (part) of her journey may be becoming more comfortable with who she is. She is heavily involved in serving the veteran community and as such is steeped in the military environment, which as we know is not particularly friendly to non-heterosexual individuals. I am in no way suggesting this is the entirety of her journey,as I know that’s not something I cannot make a definitive call on. Anyway, whenever I read about twin flames reuniting to better serve humanity, it always sounds like this is supposed to be done on a large scale. My question is, might (part) of our mission together be to help work against the stigma of same-sex couples? We both want families, and I’m wondering if our mission may involve having that and showing others that a two women can be just as successful at raising a family as man and woman? Is it selfish for me to feel/ wonder that this is part of our journey?

    I do not mean to make it sound as if she is the only one who needs to/is doing inner work. Obviously, this is a very small portion of some of the details/themes in our dynamic, so I apologize if it sounds like I’m being presumptuous; all in the interest of brevity. I love your blog, it has been immensely helpful for me! Thank you so much for the work you do.

  3. Wow.. this is spot on what I needed to read today. Mine got engaged 7 months ago and it was the trigger for my healing and discovering who he really was! I have finally reached the point where am letting go… but not giving up! I so align myself with this post. I so understand this energy shift I need.. and although sometimes the vibe changes a bit… just normal everyday human emotions…I know we are regaining our balance here! Such a sync post for me personally! Thank you so much Cassady!! Blessings to you xx

  4. Dear cassady, this comes at the right time. In the beginning of the week i asked u if its a good time ro contact my married twin after 10 weeks of no contact. I did contact and it was the best i could do. He was so happy. 10 weeks ago i told him to contact me when he was free. Of course he is not free 10 weeks after. But i dont want to miss him in my life again and neither does he. We both know that we cannot do without each other but he can’t leave family. I decided to change myself… Not to ask and expect anything anymore… Just take what i get and enjoy the moments we have. If its god will we will be together. I just hope that god gives me the strength to stay positive. Thank you for this blog.

  5. Awesome question! I was wondering about that too. I am a publicist and my TF is a mechanical engineer.. so am not sure what work we can do together except pray and meditate as we are both thus inclined.

  6. Thank you! Interestingly, one of the things she “pushed” me to see about myself is that I’ve always settled in my professional life— working jobs to pay the bills but not knowing what my *passion* is. We both have a deep need to help others and I’m currently moving into the field of mental/physical health after years of being miserable in academia. On the other hand, as a masculine presenting female who does not identify with a sexual orientation, I know I pushed her to think about who she is, how she expresses herself and becoming comfortable with this (she puts quite a bit of weight on what others think of her). I feel like these things are some of our last hurdles to work through…though that’s certainly easier said than done!

  7. Yep..they definitely trigger! Mine got me to sell all my earthly possessions and move to his country (though not town) and even if he’s with someone right now… I have no regrets! I know this is where I am meant to be… just waiting for him to be ready and regain his balance .

  8. Dear Cassady, please could you do a Q and A on children. My twin is married and only staying because of his kids which I understand. Are the children part of the divine plan or are they accidental? And does energy clearing help the married twin to leave his children without feeling guilty? Xxx

  9. Wonderful article! I have felt that so strongly this week, getting on the train of higher thoughts and it just takes off and it feels so good to think forward and not look back. I can’t even let my head go there hardly after this recent shift this week, it won’t let me! I have s question, I don’t understand what this statement means…

    ” This might sound harsh but you have entered soul contracts with each of your guides, tying them to not help you more than necessary in certain crucial situations.” I’m not following the thought and it seems important!

  10. I think it falls into the same category of higher thinking, best and highest outcome for all involved which involves the kiddos. Kind of same scenario on my end as well. You may not have exact answers as to how it will all come together but just set the intention that would want best outcome. I know Patricia mcneilly talks about this quite a bit. It’s a higher level of thinking, it’s not 2 sets of parents it’s 4!! More love, the kids see true love and helps them manifest that love when older and so on.

  11. First I want to thank the universe and the Angels of light for this Wonderful and beautiful message as it comes right on time because my twin is married with 3 kids and oh how I have struggled with this in the past! Cassady, you are amazing and a Godsend and it amazes me how every post seems to speak directly to me and my journey with my twin soul! The post comes at a time where I decided to shift my energy from pain and weakness to one of joy and power and that I will no longer let the illusion of separation trigger me, as I see the bigger picture of this connection! I also finally starting using your breakthrough kit and meditation both the vibrational alignment and the twin flame tool and oh my gosh! It has done wonders for me and my relationship with my twin he has been more expressive, calling me multiple times a day and I feel his energy shifting because mine has and this came after weeks of him “running” Thank you for your help and guidance Cassady I know why I was led to your site! Sending you much love!

  12. Thank you for this article. In my case, I’m the one who is married. I fell in love with my TF and battled myself about the guilt at first. Things have been slowly unfolding and even though my TF and I are not physically together our connection is so strong. I can feel it. Like Cassady writes in another article the feeling of love is unmistakable. I see where the highest good needs to be considered with all involved. I lost myself in my marriage. I am being reminded to love myself. It’s been a struggle this week. I ask for the Universe’s support to keep going.

  13. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way, but as a spiritual person, I’ve lived through quite a few intense soul connections with each stronger than the former. When I met KT, my twin, I was afraid to be wrong about it; I was afraid to want him to be it too much. I’d learned of twin flames before, but left the subject alone when it was clear I had not yet encountered mine.

    KT is different and with that also married with children. It’s been a huge struggle for me as I value and respect the sanctity of marriage. I never wanted to do to a woman what I would hate to experience myself. Little by little I remembered that one very special soul mate is one’s twin flame and that many find one another while already committed to others. Suddenly, I’ve been drawn to learn more and found Cassady; not a coincidence .
    Lately, I have been feeling very conflicted, wondering if I’m a horrible person while also knowing that God brought us together. I’ve researched to understand how to deal with a situation such as this one, but not much resonated. Between reading about knowing my worth, not allowing back and forth with him and honoring his marriage, I’ve been more confused than ever. As a single woman who has not yet married, I guard this secret because I do not want my married friends to think I cannot be trusted. It’s hard to go through this alone. I’ve been manifesting to find an answer to clarify everything for me. This afternoon, I had a feeling to search my email for the latest from Cassady and I am more than pleased with this writing! It not only puts me at ease to proceed with the exercises, but I also feel it confirms my intuition about my twin flame.

    I’m very grateful for Cassady’s teachings that are clear, concise and resonate with me.

  14. Thanks so much for this message. This is the question that has been at the forefront of my TF journey which has been going on consciously for 9 years now. My TF is married (30+ years) with grown kids and I’m married (20 years) with two young teenagers. I understand that we both have soul contracts to fulfil with our current spouses but how will I know when he is ready to let that go as we don’t currently have an open 3D communication channel? I know we both want the same goal of Union but we also don’t want anyone to get hurt along the way. Any suggestions & advice would be greatly appreciated. BTW Cassady, I have just discovered your website and wanted to thank you with all my heart for the work you do. Reading your articles make me feel so much more confident & optimistic in my journey and less of that feeling that I’m going through this challenge alone. Thanks for your support as well as your commitment to bringing Twin Flames together. Love & Blessings, A

  15. That is the same question I have! My twin and I met, fell into each other, went deep into the most intense passion and love, felt home in each other’s arms, the going got rough, I gave him space, and he orchestrated a whole big scheme to get a woman who is in the same profession as him who is from another country, who he met at a conference, to move here, join him at work, and – the hope was – start a relationship with him. She did, and now they’re planning to marry. She has told him I can’t be where I’ve been working for him, and he can’t have contact with me (threat to her green card and ability to work in this country?). So I am leaving the job at the end of next month, and we are not to be in contact at all after that (but that, I asked for…after he blocked me then fired me…then unblocked me and unfired me, but still told me I can’t work here, can work remotely…I can’t….and no contact is what she told him has to happen, so it’s what he claims to want…). He says he’s happy, looks pretty miserable, and his memory is slipping. I’m worried. But I have to get away, which, ironically, gives her/them? exactly what she/they? want. Hard to have any hope, I know….

  16. Hi Amber! I think this statement means that upon coming into this specific lifetime, we chose to receive assistance from our guides on some things, but not completely on all things as we chose to go through certain ordeals on our own. Imagine if you were climbing a mountain on a very rocky and challenging side and found it almost impossible to go up. One of your guides could easily throw down a rope to help you. However, you may have chosen not to receive the rope and opt to finish climbing alone, figuring out how to overcome all obstacles. The guides are by your side watching over you, but not necessarily doing the work for you or directly pointing out the best way to go. You have to come to some realizations on your own, which becomes even more valuable. I hope this helps and makes sense :-).

  17. Thank you! That helps! I had a dream between twin and I and we both knew this older gentleman but couldn’t believe we knew the same guy. Ends up being both of our guides!! One guide, two twins! I wonder if that’s true. He also handed me a scroll and I read all about twins life up until now, then it went blank. I got the sense that it’s up to us how this goes next. Felt inevitable just how Cassidy put it, we can choose smooth path or rocky! So poignant. Some of these dreams are more real than life itself, I swear!

  18. I think it goes the same way, best outcome for all involved, think highest thoughts for all. Out with the old way of thinking that divorce has to be awful and terrible, it’s how can we make this a win for ecryone, now they have will have 4 sets of parents not just two, more love. Also, kids get to see true love at its highest and that will be more important to see than a relationship with not a lot of love. Cassidy explains a bit of that in her live twin reading to help clear it. Patricia mcnielly on YouTube discusses it too.

  19. I would like to say, that with all the intense phenomena and divine intervention that has taken place and continues I still could never say with absolute certainty this is a twin flame. I mean I wouldn’t do that with anything ever bc I’ve been humbled in life enough but I’m 98% sure!! Does anyone else feel like that?

  20. I want to add this: Rather than focus on what I think can or can’t be with him, or whether to hope or not…I’m redirecting my energy/thoughts/etc. to myself. I need my love more than he does right now. I’m trying to let go without judgment, without “it will” or “it won’t” be any specific thing. I’ve asked him not to contact me at all after I leave, and am planning to spend a good deal of time getting my own life back together, focusing on my spirituality and health and happiness and dreams and goals and passions, independent of him. And my sense is that not only is this what I need right now, but it’s what he needs, and it’s also somehow what we need. Have plans to travel, to a country I’ve always wanted to visit. I’m trying not to focus on much beyond this….and somehow I feel like this, too, is part of the journey…

  21. Hi Ana from one twin to another I just wanted to say you are awesome and so brave, I read your story and am in awe at the amount of courage that it takes for you and all twins to endure this journey. My twin is not only married but posts pics on his social media sites of him and his spouse with the caption “many years and counting” and has done things such as not answering my texts or calls, flirting with other women in front of me, walking by me and not even speaking! And yet I still have hope which gets stronger each day because I think that’s part of the whole point of this, to teach us and the world how to have hope in what appears to be a “hopeless” situation. I don’t allow my twin to disrespect me as I always show him I will not tolerate it but at the end of the day I have figured it out that every negative thing in both of us comes up to be healed and all the obstacles will all pass away! You have more power than you can imagine. Send you much love!

  22. Wow! This is amazing and a beautiful discovery to know you both have the same guide. I think the feeling that it is up to you two what happens next makes a lot of sense. Meeting KT and realizing the poweful connection between us has brought so much to light for me. One in particular is the importance of living in complete and total truth. I think if more people did there probably would be better marriages. I understand no good person wants to hurt anyone, but I believe that when one lives in complete truth every piece of a puzzle falls into place.

    I hope it will not be far too long for you two. 18 years is quite some time! For a while, I’ve hoped to find a support group and I’m glad to have this platform now. If I can ask you, have you done the vibrational alignment course? I have material I purchased from another person but find Cassady to resonate with me more and she also makes herself available. I don’t why I’ve been afraid to start. Someone told me that since KT has been firm in remaining in his marriage, for now, the course might be pointless. I’m so confused and lost.

  23. I have the vibrational alignment course and it helps me a lot, with the emphasis on me. Since I started it in the beginning of July, I have gone through a personal growth that I guess could have taken a lifetime. It did have an effect on my twin, who finally (after 20+ years of love between us, although I left him for more than a decade in this period) told his spouse about me. That has led to a difficult time now, while he broke our contact after that, but I guess now is the moment I have to continue to take care of me, love myself and the course definitely helps me with that. And that is what it is all about in the end: you start the course (or at least I did) to get your twin closer, but actually you learn that in order to do that, you will have to take care of yourself and direct your love to yourself.
    Having that said: you still have to do the work. Just buying it will not do it. I find the information in the course very helpful. Every time I return to chapters, I read new stuff that I wasn’t ready to grasp earlier. The audios are also very helpful, although I also often do them myself now, other times it is just nice and comforting to hear Cassady. I would also recommend to participate in the clearing, I was present during the last one and it was amazing. She is so radiant and happy, it takes you. The feeling of clearing together with many others is also a relief. And, not to forget, (although I do not know if it will be the case again) we could ask questions through a chat box, which Cassady answered in between.
    I send you love and light, courage and joy.

  24. Dear Cassady,
    I have another question (I posted a question below the previous blog about clearing the energy of your twin and I really, really hope you can get to that in an Q&A soon, while it is very important to me and I guess many others as well 🙂 about the Akashic records. Can it be that, even though you think you have cleared it all, new ‘ old things’ come up, when we get to deeper layers of negative energy? I thought everything was cleared in my records, but when I went back on your advice, there was some more. I then cleared that, but I now realize I am running into even deeper limiting beliefs I have about my twin and his capability to deal with this all, so I am wondering if when reaching deeper layers, I might have to return to the Akashic records again, because something old might be still there that I could’t see earlier?
    Thank you, with love an light,

  25. I have not done hat course but have purchased a couple and did the live clearing which was amazing. Funny thing is I’ve been seeing an energy therapist for 10 years and working at my own alignment and clearing karma. I guess this is why! I would sign up for Nov if I were you, I plan on it. It helps you regardless of outcome.

    I too felt the same about the sanctity of marriage and so on. As we both are so this is a very delicate dance and yes, the truth wants to come out and live out loud and for now it can’t. All involved found out about us so since we stopped. I have to say it’s just grown stronger on my end. These past couple weeks the dreams have become quite intense and he I would imagine is getting them too. He did before. It’s 18 years but we both woke up in fall of 2014, so not sure where we stand in all of this time wise. I have become so much more intuitive as he did as well, so much growth for the both us. I thought we were on the first wave as I feel and resonate with all taking place with blood moon and shifts. I felt my pineal gland shifting last week, crazy!! Which is supposed to happen so that we can be like a sonar for our twin when we both are ready to step forward. I have wanted to reach out but he wants no contact for now so I’m honoring that and of course want what’s best for him

  26. Thank you very much for that; it helps a lot. I also have to admit that I have a lot of work to do within. I signed up for the up coming clearing call yesterday and I’m looking forward to it. I found audios from the free kit to be soothing and resonate, which is the reason I wanted to know about the alignment course. If this can help me above anything else, then I want to take it. I very much appreciate your input.

  27. I suppose it makes sense that you would experience these beautiful things recently, you have been in this dance for quite some time. I truly hope the light at the end of the tunnel is near for you. I just find my twin this year and can’t imagine doing this for decades to come. I already love deeply by nature and always believed and understood to love unconditionally, but this love is nothing like no other and I wish I could share it everyday.

    Last night, I actually signed up for the clearing call in November. I know I definitely have a lot of Karma to clear. My twin has been so guilt ridden that he’s wanted to confess to his spouse, but I talked him out of it. I told him if it’s for me, she’d never know. I’ve told him many times that I don’t want him to leave for me, but for him to truly be happy as everyone deserves that. I feel him telling her about me would be to release his guilt and cause unnecessary hurt, which he agreed would be selfish. We both find it difficult not to communicate with one another, but I told him I cannot just be his friend. We do not speak now, though he made sure to remember my birthday. I think he realized finally what it does to me when he mentions her. He would always do it in a way to reaffirm his decision to stay despite the fact I never asked him to leave her. It’s heart-wrenching to be without him. I cannot force him to see what he’s not ready to.

  28. Does he see the twin flame phenomena too or just you?? I still can never claim I’m 100% sure that’s what this is but it certainly is nowhere near normal with all the remembering of last lives and so on that we got. It was like being hit by a tidal wave, there was no choice to not notice it. Yes, I agree no need for her to know especially if communication has stopped. How it feels to me is that they can’t deny it anymore either and that he has to come to terms with his marriage, not get out because of you but because of the realization that his marriage isn’t his truth anymore. I know for my twin he tried so hard to not to reach out but couldn’t hold back his truth any longer. Again, we never dated, best friends and all so it was a bomb for sure. Then came the cool parts of feeling what the other feels and so on, there was so much more to grow into and expand on, that’s what gets hard. Also, for me hard to be in a marriage knowing all I know now. I can’t unlearn that. You are doing the right thing and you will grow by leaps and bounds especially with nob clearing. Again, I find it helpful for myself bc it needs cleaning anyways. I have no idea how this turns out but I want the best version of me out there regardless if turns out or not.

  29. He does see the twin flame phenomena, but does not understand it as I do. I am the stronger twin, the more in tune spiritually. He is very conflicted between what spirituality really is and what he’s been taught through the Bible. Though he knows on some level that God brought us together, he still questions why would he allow him to marry, have children and meet me and feel as he does. Still, he has great insights as he is the one who openly recognize our connection and its magnitude first. It’s taken him for a loop as he’s never felt it before or stepped outside of his marriage before. This, I know because he’s had to share this with two close friends and one of them asked what I’ve done to him to be this “crazy” as he’s never seen him this way before and heard so much about me. He even can feel my energy from a distance and whenever he feels what he perceives as negative, he’ll call and say “I could feel negative energy from you all day.” That is when I usually tell him that what he perceives as negative is simply my sadness. He’s also awakening to the fact that people can love without expectations, which is something he’s never known before and now finds amazing. He’s also told me that he can feel the love from me sometimes, which I believe as I can feel it leaving my heart and going to him at times too. I am convinced that these times coincide as well. I know there are many times we think of each other at the same time.
    He too always finds it too hard not to be in contact with me for too long, but I think that now has changed, which hurts me in a way, but I don’t want to bring him pain or more trauma. I have told him this so many times, that all I want is for him to be happy because I can feel it. Even if he left and were to be with someone else and not me, sure it would hurt, but knowing that he finally is happy would release my soul in a sense. He insists on “doing the right thing” and I ask myself who is it right for when too often he wants to “die” to kill the pain he feels or cease to feel lost in the world. That just breaks my heart. I know I cannot do the work for him.
    I know you’ve mentioned before that you cannot say for 100% certainty that he is your TF and I can relate to that as well. But, I think there is another article on Cassady’s website in which she points out some signs to indicate that one has encountered his or her TF. In it also, she adds that deep within you know. I feel the doubt comes from what we’ve been taught with logic about relationships and feelings, but we know. I think there is a reason that we’re led to sources such as Cassady’s and it’s not by coincidence. For me, for the past 8 years, all my relationships have been of a soul connection of sorts, with the last one the more intense before meeting KT. It lasted for 6 years, until he passed away. I believe he had to go onto the other side for me to move on in life and if I had not met him before KT, I could have gone crazy on him because all the lessons I learned throughout those 6 years are what are helping me to maintain some level of sanity. It is very hard not to believe I am cursed. It is challenging to live in the present and go on remembering that you share a beautiful gift from God with someone who is not currently in your life and that you will never forget. At the very least, it is showing me that I never want to marry or stay married for the wrong reasons. I grew up in a home like that and I know the damages it has caused my brother and me.

  30. Your story resonates, totally. I think it’s good that he sees and knows the phenomena. I’m the stronger twin too my twin got enough of a dose to know something truly unique was going on. I think if your twin feels he wants to die to release the pain bc it’s so hard, you’re not far off from coming together. Maybe soon or a year but that’s highly aware! What he should think about is, how fair is that to his wife? She deserves better than that and deserves someone in love with her. She might not know but I can promise you that things are off there at home and everyone feels it. I know I’m extra grumpy or in edge and have to really pull myself up out of it, twin said the same. I think things just don’t feel good. Heck, I feel bad to know this and still hang in with husband. I want what’s best for him too and know there is love out there for him as well. Who knows how much love we are holding up by trying to hang in and do the right thing. I’ve always told my Hubby if you want out, go, I don’t want that cloud over me bc it will have an impact on me and here I end up in this position. Finance wise, too hard to make the move at this point. Ultimately, it’s just not fair to the spouse, if he feels that strongly for you he needs to think if he was in that situation what he would want his wife to do. I wrote in Cassidy’s article with twin flame signs if you want to look at it. I have them all plus more. I remember when I saw that list of some things I wrote, I laughed! How could I question it?! I think it’s just so far fetched!! I know it’s true, it’s the biggest truth I know about myself. My twin claimed in summer that he didn’t feel anything anymore and so on which I told him i didn’t believe. It just feels lonely when the twin isn’t available to talk to about these things or confirm. I remember in the first few weeks when this took place i KNEW it was divine intervention, knew it. And I remember the word affair coming into play and I felt strongly to defend what this was, it was a call from the highest order bringing us together, it was so clear to me. So, I do know. I guess. I think your story goes like all the rest of these, you come together. I told my twin that early on before I knew what this was, I said we come together, maybe 20 years from now but we do. He smiled at that but held strong to staying by his wife. I knew not to agree because this force will make it so. It just will, I know that too. Thanks for sharing. I might delete some of these posts for fear of it being seen btw!

  31. Hahaha! Do delete away if it makes you feel safer; I completely understand, which is the reason I am incognito. It’s hard to go through this without feeling judgment from others. Who can understand this really unless they’ve experienced it? I made the mistake to share this with a friend after a disagreement with him and when my spiritual advisor was unavailable. It was a huge mistake! She didn’t judge me, but it was the typical belief that he was using me for what he was not receiving at home, etc.

    As for the pain he feels, he says he comes from a home where he’s seen his mother and father be affectionate with one another and I must say he is extremely affectionate. But for her, on the other hand, it is isn’t the case and that is also what is lacking in their relationship, added to the unhealthy need to control; going through his phone and calling unknown numbers, calling his work looking for him, which has caused him to lose his employment once and the latest is adding a GPS on his phone. All these things make me cringe because that is no proof of love. I told him I could feel him suffocating literally I could feel it physically and it is awful! He finds it easier to go along with it as opposed to fighting it, but I ask myself at one point? No one possess anyone. We’re supposed to have a mate to compliment us, not complete us as we have to be whole alone. It’s too much pressure to place on another the need for that person to fulfill us. But again, I cannot pull the wool over his eyes for him to see. If I told you the numerous excuses or reasons he’s given for not being ready to leave (which is an interesting choice of words) you would shake your head. It’s never the same and I’ve never asked. I recently told him I could not continue to hear things I didn’t want to or have conversations I couldn’t handle. I am not the person to counsel him on this; it’s too hard for me to hear. I think he’s finally understood as he’s not calling.

    But what you say is true and I have said that to him as well, which goes back to living in truth in my opinion, if he’s honest with himself that it is no longer serving him positively, he can find his true happiness, so can she and their children will be happy. Children are happy where they see their parents happy; I’ve always believed that. Also, twin flame or not, I want you to know this because I’ve seen it with my mother’s marriage to my father. Sometimes, remaining in an unfortunate position for too long blocks us of many blessings. While both my parents were professionals, a lot they could not accomplish financially. My mother finally divorced my father after 22 years and I watched her finances grow exponentially rather quickly afterwards. I can tell you with absolute certainty that she would never have retired as beautifully as she did had she remained with him. It is very important to remember this. What we accumulate or not are just material that we can obtain again and sometimes 10 times better if we ever lose it. Happiness is a choice that we must make because God gives us this lifetime only once. No one deserves our power to give them to lose out on it.

    I will take a look at your comment on the article of twin signs. That can be impressive and you’re right it’s a lonely state to want to share it with our twin for validation but in some ways, when they recognize some things, they give it to us. I like when he’s mentioned that I want him to do better in life or that because of me he’s put his ego aside and forgave and reconciled with someone who’s done him wrong years ago. That makes me feel very good :-).

    I made the plunge this evening and purchased the alignment course. I want to rid myself of old negative karma and live “freely” and happy. I told myself even if I may have understood wrongly that KT is my twinflame, at least I can do the work for myself and be led onto the right path, but I don’t think I’m wrong, lol.

    Take good care!

  32. Ha! Yes, nobody gets it unless they go through this. My twin said that straight away, “nobody will ever believe this,” and he is so right. A few people know and some I can’t mention it to and I have a couple friends that let me talk and believe it. My spiritual healers are close but off and have found that I can’t go to them for this either. So yes, very lonely.

    I found your statement about the finances interesting, in fact goose bumpy! My career is a bit on hold which is quite unusual and I swear I’m on hold in many ways till I go forward with this. Hard to make that leap with a toddler though, on my own, no problem. It feels at this time, it’s priority, it seems it should be now but again, I won’t email, I can’t. His kids were his priority, he loves his wife too but the kids were what came up typically. I can’t blame him, I would die not to see my little one every morning and night. That’s when the choices get tough, I mean kids can trump no matter what! But I absolutely understand the significance of them seeing a healthy relationship. My marriage was rocky from the start and not my doing either, now it almost seems like the big picture for how it all is aligned perfectly. I know for my twin there isn’t enough affection too and that’s always been an issue for him. I can’t imagine your twins home situation. I don’t see that going on for long, I just don’t. Especially with love that is there between you two. I think you are going to see results quickly with the course, I really do. Seems you both are tuned in and he will shift. Along with the planets and stars I think it could go over easily. Really!! It’s so nice that you know where he stands emotionally, that won’t go away, it expands. Doing this for 18 years, at least friendship/flirting/roommate even(!!). It won’t go away. My twin and I had so many ups and downs and now we know why. We realized there were past lives and so much love before and why there was a pull, before I knew twin stuff. So we would stop ending friends then come back, we’ve done this like 40 times, it’s just never over. When we got caught seeing each other I remember being devastated but realized quickly, this isn’t over, it’s just beginning. So, youre beginning even if doesn’t feel like it. Are you in the states?

  33. Yes, I am in the states. Are you? I understand what you mean about the feeling of not being over. That’s why I never have courage to admit we’re not together whenever someone asks; it never feels right. Believe me, although I lived it as a child, I completely understand finding it difficult to leave when children are involved, which also conflicts me. Many times I’ve felt like the most horrible person on earth asking myself how could I want a father to leave his home. But I would never want him to be far. The truth is, his work has him travel, going home every other weekend. The way I see it, he’s already away most times. He’s also told me it allows him to be away from conflict at home. I can’t imagine going through the psychological trauma he’s dealing with. He’s told me he was leaving once and she took a knife and cut her wrists. He feels had his brother not been there she would have died. Apparently, she grew up watching her mother do the same. Often he’s mentioned if he left she’d killed herself. The last time I heard this I had enough. I told him it’s manipulation she may have cut her wrists, but not her veins and that she knows his sensitive points and plays on them. When I mentioned that deep down he knows she will never kill herself because if he truly felt she is that unstable, he would never feel comfortable leaving his boys alone with her, he had to admit is true. This is also something I witnessed as a child as my father played that card with my mom a lot until one day she told him to go ahead and do it. He was shocked, but that proved the manipulation. The parallels between our lives are eerie. I would hate to be in that position. You know, I would love morning more than for him to see the light and the reasonI was put on his path, but the way he seems to want to remain firm is discouraging. He admitted to having one foot in and one out all the time, but always wants to do the “right thing”. I told myself that perhaps the more I have an opinion, the more he finds reasons to stay. Now that he’s gone silent, I just let him be even though it it hurts.

    It sounds like there is a lot of purging taking place in your situation, which is good to make space for something positive in the long run. I like that you’re able to see a new beginning as opposed to an ending. That’s a nice lesson for me to shift the way I think.

  34. Thank you Amber. My twin has already made up his mind to stay for the kids’ sake. And his wife is clinging onto him and has threatened me to stay away. She will never let go of him and he has said he will never leave because he is catholic and it’s a sin to abandon his kids, so I really don’t know what to do. I’ve tried to forget him and let go, but it’s hard. I’ve tried to stay positive for 11 years but he still won’t even talk to me.

  35. Hi! I hope you don’t mind me asking but what is your dilemma?
    My twin is catholic and he has 2 young kids. His wife tricked him into having a child last year. He is unhappy but he is staying because he believes it is a sin to get divorced and abandon his children. He posts cryptic messages for me on social media to say that he still cares for me. But I don’t respond because I have asked him so many times to talk to me about the situation so that I can understand, but he refuses. I would love to get your perspective on the situation… Light and love

  36. Hi! Your situation sounds very much like what my married twin is going through, except he is staying because of his kids. My twin is catholic so he feels its a sin to get divorced and leave his children. What holds you back from being with your twin? Do you think you will ever be together? Love and light.

  37. Oh whoa, that’s a terrible situation he is in and yes so interesting that you have lived through that type of drama to lend advice. With that situation on top of his travels he really could have a much better life. I’m sure the boys have seen that and that’s very sad. Again, doesn’t feel like there is much to hang onto, its gotta be by threads. He has to get there first, the right thing to do can’t hold up much longer. On top of a twin flame situation to boot!

  38. My story, the shortest version possible: I found my twin 14 months ago. I didn’t understand my feelings at the time, believing they were actually for another, someone I have past/parallel lives with who crossed over in 2009 and whom I had never met, and that The Universe sent my Twin to help me during the difficult process of remembering. It seems I was right, but wrong too. My Twin IS one in the same, a current incarnate of the one that crossed. I call us “triplets”. It’s a fascinating story, book worthy so I’m writing one.
    My Twin is half my age, 26, and lives in Europe with his parents. I’m 44 and live in America. I’m married with 3 kids. We’re building a new house, “living the dream”. But I love my Twin sooooo much, that hardly matters. He hasn’t “remembered” as I have, but he knows it’s the truth and let’s me love him. We write every day, EVERY DAY, and have since day one.
    I read all this Twinny stuff, about unions and activations, I’ve had readings that confirm that we will meet and when we do, we will heal one another, and that I need to be prepared to follow through with the choices I make.
    I’m going to meet him in December, it’s in the works. I have NO IDEA WHAT WILL HAPPEN. Will he remember me? Will he begin to love me as I love him? And if so, then what? My kids… All I know for sure is that I can’t not go to him, I MUST, and whatever happens will be exactly as it should be.

  39. Also! I am in the states!! I wonder if we could exchange cell number on here then delete? I would love a true connection with someone else going through this!

  40. If it’s a twin flame you clearing your energy impacts him. His belief system was built in years ago with catholic beliefs and so on. We all have them. Sometimes we are not even aware how deep a belief may go and how it can block us if it’s not for our highest good. So by clearing your belief systems it will directly start clearing his. These blocks even manifest in the physical and if strong enough can make people sick. So, it’s important work to clear regardless of outcome. It’s like clearing off the leaves before you get to cut the grass. We have to remove the leaves to start getting to the truth and heart of the matter. It opens us up to the truth. The truth is there and when the truth comes to the surface it’s really hard to deny it and look away from it. And when you go against a deep knowing/truth, well, in short, it doesn’t feel good. Starts to eat you up especially if you stay with one your heart is not with anymore. So he can have strong beliefs but that can shift bc it’s not his truth. It’s already not the truth if that is the reason he gives, that’s not enough and not fair to his wife. So, clearing will just open his mind and drop those belief systems that aren’t serving him. Hope that helps.

  41. I believe in her recording for the records she mentions you may need to come back to clear a few times if needed. We’re like onions, the layers just keep on getting peeled off!

  42. Hi Angelosophy! Every situation is different and unique. Everything is divinely orchestrated. I just feel and listen to what steps I need to take. Everything that has happened is really not up to me and my ego. My connection with my TF is all on the soul level. We met, had the intense eye contact, exchanged loving energy (not physically), communicate telepathically but he decided to move and lives somewhere else. Even though he moved and we don’t call or email, we still communicate all the time. There’s some deep knowing that we both have work to do. If it was clear to me that it was time for us to be together then I would take the steps necessary to make it happen. He has to want it too and meet halfway. I can’t force anything. But I have experienced where there a lot of blocks and beliefs and people that I need to clear away from. It is a process. Meeting my TF is a sacred gift. I just pray for guidance and keep going. It is terrifying because I feel energies. But I know I am deeply supported so I keep trying. I would Love to be together with my TF and I tell his soul all the time. Time will tell. Really it is not just up to me.

  43. My Twin doesn’t share my feelings. He has yet to Wake Up. We are in an unusual circumstance in that he knows he’s my Twin, but doesn’t love me as I love him. He’s very spiritual and understands the Twin Flame concept. Because of this understanding, he has been by my side for over a year, acting as my support system. I experienced an excruciating Dark Night Of The Soul and he was there for me, saved me. He is my Earth Guide. I don’t know if he will ever remember me or love me like I love him. If he one day does, then I will have to reevaluate my situation with my family. As for now, I can’t see me leaving my marriage of 24 years and 3 young kids for a boy that lives on the other side of the planet who doesn’t love me back. But I sure am gonna see what happens when we meet in December. Isn’t that exciting?!! I half suspect I am partly responsible for creating the reality in which he doesn’t remember me so that I am not faced with having to make such huge decisions.
    I’ve been obsessed for so long, trying to figure out my future. It is only very recently that I’ve resigned, that I’m comfortable with letting whatever’s gonna happen happen.
    I am not worried about sinning, but I do know that if I left my family, it would cause much pain for all involved. I understand your Twins reservations.

  44. Thank you again Amber. The whole thing is so humiliating. I feel so stupid and sinful to be thinking about a married man with kids. Since we’ve been with other Soulmates in other lives, is it possible to attract another loving Soulmate instead who is ready and single to be with us????

  45. Aloha Cici! Thank you so much for your support! If I made it sound like it’s easy…it isn’t. But I’m doing what I can in this moment, and perhaps the biggest challenge I face is the negativity that comes up. It doesn’t serve him, doesn’t serve us, and it certainly doesn’t serve me. I’m thankful that I have the tools to overcome and release that negativity, with the tools from the Vibrational Alignment Program. We are trying to do this, this walking away from each other, wjtv as much kindness and grace and mercy as we can manage. We both shed tears in the conversation where I told him I needed to go, couldn’t let him hurt me anymore, and that yes, I KNOW he never once intended to. And yet, even though the physical reality looks rather “hopeless” now, and the world would tell me to give up…I still do have hope, and I will not let go. Somehow I trust that my focusing on self-love, ans taking a time-out (for however long), will actually benefit him, and us. This man is my twin flame. Not something I’m willing to give up on. But again, many thanks for your support! And Cassidy, as ever, mahalo, for the beacon of light you are! Aloha…

  46. Hi Angel, I just wanted to give you words of encouragement as I believe we should be there for one another as twins on this journey! First, your life has not been a waste the fact that your here means you matter and your choices matter and that you must have done something pretty awesome to be giving a gift such as this! This experience is truly a miracle and what we have incarnated to do is also a miracle and a gift! I still have my moments but they are fewer and far between these days and I’m grateful for them because that means those feelings are coming up to be healed! The first thing you need to do is empower yourself and stop letting your twin feed off your energy. Do this by determining is these feelings of fear and shame yours or his? Secondly, please know that Cassady is correct in that we get what we are aligned with which means the universe gives us what we believe not what we desire! Your twins marriage is an illusion, you know it, he knows it and his wife knows it that’s why she is acting this way. She knows who are on a soul level and she’s acting out of ego and fear but trust your presence has already starting triggering things in your twins life that cannot be stopped and it’s only a matter of time. You can help speed this along by shifting your energy from fear, judgement, shame, feelings of unworthiness to be love to one of love and faith and power and trust me your twin will notice and become magnetized to you as well as begin to heal himself, it’s your sacred duty! Teachers such as Cassady are here to help show us the way, use her and she has helped me tremendously! Also don’t forget to ask your guides and angels for help as they cannot help unless you ask! Sending you light and love

  47. You are very kind and thank you for caring. I totally agree with getting what we align with, and that’s why I try to stay positive. But my twin behaves in an appaulling way, he plays the whole happy family facade and he now associates with strippers and lapdancers etc. so I’ve lost all respect for him. I’ve told him to please stop associating with such women and he rebelled against me by posting pictures of him hugging and kissing his wife and saying how amazing she is! That was the last straw for me. I do appreciate that there is a connection, but I don’t believe that anyone should tolerate this kind of nonsense just because someone is their twin. I’m wondering if it’s possible to attract another soulmate who is single and emotionally mature and faithful that I can be happy with. Cassady said it herself that there are no guarantees. And I know that we’ve been married to other soulmates in other lifetimes.

  48. Noooo! Never a waste! I will wait for mine for forever. It’s THAT kind of Love. ??

  49. Your twin is very lucky then…No way can I live in a human body and be single forever. I would rather ask God to please send me a wonderful Soulmate who loves me as much as I love him! x

  50. Hi Amber! It really is a situation and often I have to step back and assess it from his side. I would love to exchange info. Why don’t you email me here: that way we can do it privately. I hope the blog Cassady posted yesterday brings you comfort :-).

  51. In the big scheme of things at the end of the day, love is love and that’s what we are here to do. All of us, just not twin flames. You feeling so sinful is a belief system that I totally understand but might not actually be the truth, there is a bigger picture involved. If this was discussed before you came into this lifetime, who’s to say it’s a sin? Those are your thoughts and judgements that can be cleared if you would choose to do that.

    As far as can you drop the twin and find another? I don’t know?? Ultimately it’s your choice. Do what feels right for you. He might always have a place in your heart though.

  52. Omg no! You are a lovely soul, please don’t take it the wrong way! I’m just not as patient as you!

  53. OMG that’s EXACTLY what he said to me!!! He said he’ll always ‘care’ for me but he can’t give anything more. He’s staying with his wife and kids because that’s what feels right to him. I asked Cassady the question about me being able to find someone else but she hasn’t responded yet… Praying that she will… But thank you Amber.

  54. If he’s your twin he is the be-all end-all!!! I totally get it, ironically I’ve also known my twin for 11 years but I just became awakened to this world about 6 months ago… My twin and I started out as coworkers and became instant friends so I knew some of his deep dark secrets and what he didn’t tell me, other co-workers did and oh boy was he a naughty boy and even though I still continued to be his friend, once I found out that he was my twin I questioned it based on his past and I was immediately told to “love him unconditionally” not that I’m perfect by far either and I know that the things that my twin has done some of them even to me, is not who he really is, it is not his truth! I did communicate to him that I will not tolerate disrespect and he has been making significant effort to get his ego in check! I share this because you too should understand that this is not your twins truth and he knows and this is why he is running and doing these things …out of fear! He wants you to accept him because he knows he’s flawed and he couldn’t you of all people leaving him because he loves you even if he doesn’t show it! Set the intention to start loving him inspite of his flaws a little each day. I also recommend rereading this post along with two of Cassady’s other posts “are twins made to just be with each other” and ” why runners run” and keep reading it until it really reasonates! I also recommend the vibrational alignment and twin flame meditation and don’t forget to ask the universe for help! Sending you love!
    P.s. I’m going to share with you one of the lessons I was told on my journey thus far, “stop feeding your weaknesses” please stop going on your twins social media site or unfriend him all together until you are strong enough. I personally do not go on my twins pages any longer and it helps keep me positive and eliminates my need to withdraw or doubt or get angry with him!

  55. Yes, I would be curious myself. For me, it feels as though I could never find or love another, would feel like a lie because unfortunately this feels like my biggest truth. So, I do my best, want the best for him too. I want to be happy and move on but it just might be that he stays in my heart for the ride. I’ve been angry with his situation too but all that does is make me feel down and sick so that’s my body telling me to think or feel another way about it. What I found is to love, love myself through it, love him, the kids, his wife my husband through all of it. That’s all I have to offer. That’s alignment feels best in mind/body to me. The rest I try to let go but naturally want to read what Cassidy is saying and want to know others experiences. My twin said the same, i will always be one of his best friends, he loves me but he can’t go more than that.

  56. Your response reminded me that I do have a husband that loves me. It’s so mucked up to consider leaving him, but my love for my Twin can’t keep me away. But until (or if ever) he’s ready, I don’t have to think about that.

  57. Thank you for your kind words. Loving yourself is priority. But I read one of your comments about his behavior. I don’t think we are meant to settle for our TFs if they are not ready to give us their best as we would give them our best. There has to be a balance. You can find someone else. Be happy with yourself and it will radiate out attracting someone who will love you. Maybe there are some lessons for both of you to learn first.

  58. So true. I had to deactivate social media for me to preserve my energy. It was time to align with love, so there is no room to fuel doubt, worry or anger. Social media was the first to go.

  59. So true….you know the universe is amazing! before this world was revealed to me, i was given the message through a sales blog no less, to stay away from portals of negativity and Social media was one of the portals listed…so when i was told again to stop feeding my weaknesses, i instantly got it, loud and clear…i cant tell you how many times i have drove myself nuts, stalking my twins page and then seeing something i know i didnt want to see and taking it out on him and wanting to leave the connection only to be sucked back in again lol

  60. Thank you!… Two weeks, that’s incredible!!!! I think I’ll probably need two years! My twin and I are not in contact directly. I left work 10 years ago to forget about him after he married and his wife was pregnant with their first child. But then in 2010 destiny brought us together, we ran into each other and exchanged numbers, and one day when we were texting each other, (we never spoke on the phone because it felt inappropriate) he lost all control and said exactly what was on his mind!.. Goodness me! And then his wife hacked into his phone and saw the message he sent and threatened him to never speak to me again or go any place where I might be otherwise he’ll lose his child and have me hurt in some way. So since last year he’s been posting cryptic pictures on social media now and again to show that he still cares for me although we can’t be together. Like you said, I feel she knows on a soul level who we are to each other, but every time my twin plucks up the courage to contact me, she somehow knows and throws a spanner in the works and then I can feel his frustration. I had several calls from a withheld number last year, I answered and he immediately hung up. I know it was him but he lost his nerve and couldn’t talk to me. I hope that using the energy clearing tools for a few months will result in him actually talking to me!!!!
    With regards to his son (who I also feel strongly connected to), I posted a comment asking why he wouldn’t talk to me and he knows when I post something that’s directed to him, and then he posted a picture of him holding his sweet little boy. So I’m assuming that he doesn’t want to miss out on watching him grow up which I understand completely. I can feel that he is not worried about his daughter because she’s old enough to understand and his wife can’t really stop her from seeing her daddy, and she’s absolutely daddy’s girl. I feel like in his mind, he’s thinking that he’s got to wait till his son grows up a bit and is old enough to understand before he can leave, so we’re talking years, which is why he feels we can’t be together because he thinks I would never wait for that long.
    Do you think energy clearing would help him find a way to leave SOON but still be able to see his son?…. You know like me being positive and holding loving intentions towards everyone involved would open the situation up to miracles?

  61. All I have to say is WOW! Not only are you brave and courageous for facing your story but it’s uncanny how our story is virtually identical! It was recently revealed to me in spirit that my twins spouse is using their kids as a way to emotionally blackmail him into staying. He too has both a son and daughter, his son being both the youngest and favorite and I know is the one he would dread leaving the most! I think the energy clearing would help you, which in return would help your twin you must take the focus off your twin and his situation and place it back onto you! I know this is difficult, I’ve been there but you can do it, just like I did! Your twin must heal his brokenness on his own and find the strength to do what he knows needs to be done, in his own timing! Leave your twin and his spouse to divine timing, it is not okay for her to threaten you on any level but know you and your twin are protected by the highest power and there is nothing she can do to prevent what is about to breakthrough! Yes, keep focusing on the highest good for all involved…my twins spouse has come to me several times in my dreams, sometimes staring at me, other times talking to me, so I know that she knows who I am and I also know that her highest good is in support and will be in support of the union between my twin and I. I’m going to share another lesson with you that I was told on this journey…invest in you to the point where loving your twin unconditionally, no longer feels like a sacrifice. Relax, breath,take a break for you, go and do something that makes you happy, so you can be aligned with that vibration, then come back and ask for a healing for both you and your twin and also ask the universe to remove any obstacles that are currently standing in between you and your twin to be removed and then let go, stand back and watch magic happen! I’m not an expert but I’m just sharing my truth and what I feel guided to share with you! It really did work for me! Good luck and keep us posted, I’m eager to see what happens next! Sending you love!

  62. One more thing before I forget…the reason why your twins spouse is able to use the kids to trigger that fear in him, is because there is something in him that is broken and needs to be healed and it is very important that he get to this place of SELF LOVE, otherwise if he comes to you broken, then all you would get is pieces of him, instead of him as a whole, because a person cannot give you what they do not have to give! Once, he reaches that level of wholeness and love with himself he’ll be able to reflect it back to you and sustain it!

  63. Cici. Oh, I love this explanation! Thank you, It really gives a meaning to what I am going through in my journey, there is so much hope as I see it 😀 ??

  64. OMG I’m freaking out right now! He lost his mum 16 years ago and he met his spouse just after. She got her claws into him because he was so vulnerable and devastated at the time. He worshipped his mum and stills writes poetry about how he can’t figure out who he is meant to be now that she’s gone. He adores his dad, but his dad thinks he’s strange, he just doesn’t get him, so he still misses her because she understood him completely. THAT’S probably what the brokenness is!!! No wonder his wife has such a hold on him. It all makes sense now! Every time he plucks up the courage to call me, or go to some place where he knows I might be, she says something to trigger that fear in him knowing that it will put him off!
    He has done some disrespectful things to me and when I get mad and tell him off via cryptic messaging obviously, he gets really really hurt and doesn’t understand why I get so upset. He then goes running back to his wife to try and get love and approval from her, but she just throws it back in his face.This is exactly why I wanted to give up on him, because he doesn’t treat me with respect, but I now realise that if he doesn’t respect himself, how can he respect me? His wife calls him names, humiliates him publicly, takes all his money and treats him so badly, and it used to infuriate me that he would tolerate all that and tell me he loves her so much. Now I can feel that he doesn’t love her anymore but it’s almost like because she’s the mother of his children, he tolerates so much from her because he doesn’t want to go through the pain of losing his children.
    Gosh I have my work cut out for me! But now I feel like I have to save my twin and pull him out of the darkness! Thank you again! I’ve had multiple epiphanies read your kind words. I really don’t know how to thank you *crying*.

  65. Hi Angel, first all I have to say is WOW, Wow and double Wow to the dreams you had about your twins spouse, see how powerful you are, lesser individuals would not have recovered! Also, my mom who is a dream expert once told me if you run from your enemy in a dream, that means you will stand up and face them in waking world and it’s true! YESSS, I’m so proud of you and the growth you’ve shown in just 3 days! I’m happy you figured out your twins pain stems from his mothers death, as teachers like Cassady teaches us most runners run out fear stemming from rejection or abandonment and a lot of times it starts with a parental figure, your twin it was his mother, my twin it’s his father, his father abandon him and said horrible things to him when he was younger and I know that is a large reason why he has been the way he was all these years but my presence in his life is starting to shift that and I encourage him every chance I can even though we are not together and once your twin starts to feel that openness come from you without any expectations he will come running both emotionally and energetically and finally physically! Remember both of you agreed to this and set it up this way BEFORE you came to earth! Cassady is a Godsend and I love her and her site and you have thanked me more than you know! I’m so happy for you and proud of you…much love and blessing and I’m here anytime you want to vent, scream yell etc lol

  66. Thank you so much! I feel like all the answers to the questions I had been asking my angels, were channelled through you. I read Cassady’s post about running, but I still couldn’t quite understand how exactly it applied to my situation. If my twin, no sorry,WHEN my twin finally contacts me, I will let you know. Please keep us updated with your miracles too! Sending you love and blessings xxx

  67. I believe i met my twin flame a month ago. He was my customer. Everytime i saw him, something felt familar. One day, he came in with coffee and i was joking about him not bringing me one. He asked how i like my coffee and he came back with dunkin donuts coffee for me. After that, i couldnt stop thinking of him. A week later, he came back with coffee for me again and asked me out. From the moment we started talking, it felt familar, i felt like ive known him forever and it felt natural. He told me the same thing. Hes like the masuline verion of me. We are both Sagittarius. ive never experienced this before. Alot of times, i think of him, he shows up or calls me. Same for him. If i call him, he says he was about to call me or he had a fight with his ex who is is still married to and i calm him down. It even happened today. I was at a gas station and i thought of him showing up and two seconds later, he pulled into the gas station. Or the other day, i was thinking of him at work and he showed up two seconds later. This happens alot. He is going through a divorce. They have been separated for a year. The other day, he told me he wanted to try one more time with her before they divorce. He was brought up catholic i must add. I could tell it hurt him to tell me this. He said it wasnt fair to me to keep dating me with all this going on. I respect him for that even though it killed me inside. He has two kids with her and i have one kid. Our kids play together. He told me he wants to keep being my friend and let the kids play. He has held up his end of the deal and he still calls me. As hurt as i am, i still give him support in his journey and talk to him about it. I respect his decision. He said things could go well and he could work things out with her or we can give it another try oneday. i want him to know for sure its over if we do get back together. ive already been through what he is going through now. I kept wondering why i met him if its just going to end a month later. These posts are helping me understand why. Maybe, he has to learn the same lessons i already learned and i just have to wait and see and be there for support. I hope that we can get back together but as much as it kills me to say this, i just want him to be happy even of it means hes not with me. That is true love, right? When you would put aisde your happiness for the other to be happy? ive waited a long time to be this happy and a month later, it gets taken away. Its like the life in me is gone and im on auto robot now. all i can do now is work on myself and support him in his journey and hope that we will come back together. I keep telling myself that if its meant to be, it will be. is it crazy that i fell in love with him right away? I havent told him i love him because i dont want to seem like im rushing or crazy. He stills calls me to vent about work or just because. He still does things for me. it kills me to be his friend knowing i cant kiss him but at the same time, i cant imagine him not being in my life at all.

  68. Hi Cici! Hope you’re well! I said I’d give you an update if something happens. Well… I went to this art event that my twin also goes to. It was a 3-day event so I asked my landlady whether she could tell what day he was going, but she couldn’t tell me anything at all. So I went on the last day with an open mind. I enjoyed myself and left having not seen him, but soon after I left my twin apparently came, so we missed each other!!! I know this because he posted pics from the day!! I was crushed!! I posted my pics of the event on social media and my landlady said he was soo upset when he realised that he didn’t get to see me either. I’m guessing this is progress… Although I’m not sure seeing as we didn’t see each other? What do you think? Is this a sign that the energy is clearing up between us? Has anything like this happened to you?

    After this, I had a dream early this morning that I was paying for something in a clothes store and when I walked away from the till, my twin was standing in the queue! It was so unexpected, it was a brief hello and he was being polite, I felt like he was with his children and that’s why he couldn’t talk to me properly, but I didn’t actually see them in the dream. I could just feel something holding him back from talking to me properly. I was then looking at a dress on my way out of the store, and then saw him in the distance watching me, we made eye contact and then he suddenly ran away! It was an awkward dream, but I felt like my guides were warning me to be prepared for an unexpected encounter. I am going to another art exhibition of alice in wonderland on the 21 November, and I’m pretty sure he’s going aswell. He has no idea I’m going and I’ve been told not to tell him either. So maybe the dream related to that event, like maybe I run into him in the queue, but he’s with his kids so he cant talk to me properly. And then later on while I’m looking around at the exhibition he sees me and turns away and avoids me because of his family being with him. What do think? I’m excited but I’m also confused too so I thought I’d ask you since you know a lot about dreams…. Thank you in advance! I’m sooooo anxious for your reply!!! Xxx

  69. Hi Angel, Thank you for giving me this update…I am so happy to hear from you and excited for your progress and YES this isssss progress and a very, very good sign but it’s up to you to see it that way. Remember the quote, “when we change the way we look at something, what we look at, changes” Since, you love Art Exhibits, I will use this analogy… you know how there is a painting or sculpture that no one really gets so everyone spends hours staring at it and it’s only until the artist or the curator comes along and explains the concept and then everyone goes “ohhh, now I get it!” They changed their PERCEPTION and then what they had just spent hours debating, questioning and staring at, trying to understand, suddenly started to make sense. Well, think of the universe/God, as the artist and the higher realms, the angels, spirit guides, teachers etc as the curator and we and our TF journey the works of art, that everyone is trying to make sense of. The curator is trying to explain the artist’s vision/concept to us but its up to us to see the beautiful picture instead of just seeing blotches of paint on an empty canvas. The fact that you and your twin was drawn to the same exhibit on the same day but just barely missed each it other is a message within its self not only validating this type of connection but your personal connection to one another as well…remember Cassady’s teaching that the more you open up to the intention of moving closer to your twin, loving them etc. you become pulled towards one another, not to mention that both of your guidance teams are working overtime to ensure that you two are thrown together in every possible way as the merging has begun. Yes, this is certainly happening with myself and my twin not only now but I am coming to find out from him that both our lives have been paralleling each other for as far back as our teenage years before we ever met in the physical and probably even before that…one day a few weeks ago when i was having one of my moments of wanting to withdraw and not see my twin, I was having car trouble and had to take a taxi to work, so once the taxi got there his car wouldn’t start, mind you, i timed the taxi’s arrival to my twin’s shift ending so I would not see him., so needless to say that when the taxi drivers car would not start i was even more happy because i figured this would ensure that i would not see my twin. After about 20 mins of trying to get his car to start the driver finally asked me to request another cab, before the new taxi arrived, the first cab driver made it a point to tell me that his car had been fine all day with no issues …well the second driver arrived fairly quickly and the first thing i notice was his vehicle id which was “411” and if you break the 4 down it’s 1111…so we’re driving and i’m happy because i think there is no way im going to run into my twin that day, so we finally pull up to my job and we’re about to turn in and guess whose car is coming up to the right of me, yepppp my twin’s…it was that day that i finally stopped seeing just “blotches of paint” and i started to see the artist’s vision and the bigger picture. Do you see how may variables had to happen precisely at the exact moments for me and my twin to arrive at the same intersection at the exact same time and the bigger picture being, ALL roads lead back to your twin and your Union, what has been done, cannot be undone…EVER! What I come to know about dreams and now more specifically TF dreams, is dreams are what our subconscious needs/desires to work out which are the things that bother us/plague us when we are awake. This is also when the higher realms will communicate with us, as our ego’s are down and it’s easier to get messages through to us. TF dreams are most times not actually dreams but encounters in different realms and dimensions, your twin is actually coming to you and vice versa and saying/doing things that may be hard/difficult to say in the waking life or things that you both desire to say and do, such as tell each other you love each other, spend time together etc. remember that the soul never lies and you and your twin are linked via the soul and you have a psychic link with each other, so basically everything you want to know about your twin journey you have/will see it in your dreams and most times it will validate your intuition and things you already know. You already know that your twin’s fear is to lose his children, this is why he is allowing himself to stay in an unhealthy marriage and why he energetically called in (or signed a soul contract with) a spouse that would reflect that fear back to him! Do you think it is a coincidence, that both of our twin’s have huge fears stemming from the loss or abandonment of a parental figure and they both had children and married women that are using that very fear to manipulate them into staying? Both of our twins have shown us this in our dreams and they both are going to have to get to the point that they realize that their happiness should come before anything and anyone and that no one can take their children away from them. They can have it both, they do not have to choose and their children will not suffer because they choose to follow their soul truth, whatever that might be! I know this is not easy because society instills in us such fear concerning this topic such as that children are impacted by divorce, separation etc…This is why it is important to focus on the healing and highest good for all involved I love talking to other TF and sharing our experiences because we understand what the other is going through 🙂 Sending you love!

  70. Angel, I am soo proud of you! You GOT IT! Yes, you are correct, him losing his kids is an illusory fear and just one of the symptoms of a much larger issue. What’s holding him back is himself due to his fears, just like what made us chase them or feel anger/pain from their behavior, was a symptom of our internal fears. I know the reason why myself and my twin are not yet together has little to nothing to do with his marriage and everything to do with him and I not being ready or more specifically aligned to come together because when 2 people are on the same page in coming together no obstacle can stand in their way, not even the physical obstacles that might make it more challenging such as marriages, geographical distances etc.which is one of the things Twin Flames have come here to show. The reason why your landlady couldn’t tell you if your twin would show up to the exhibit was because she wasn’t meant to tell you remember you set it up that your guides can only help to a certain extent…the universe wants you to start tapping into your OWN power, wisdom and intuition and start focusing inwardly on yourself and less on your twin because focusing on yourself does help your twin…Cassady and all the other TF teachers are correct when they say it only takes 1 twin to pull up the other and shift the entire dynamic of the connection on so many levels because we are connected, I am living this in my own connection and I’m telling you it’s the truth…both of our twins will have to heal their inner children and face that traumatic event that created these fears and if you read any psychology book in existence today, they will all but tell you this…you are right we both will get there and have success and love and happiness and we will be supporting each other on our individual yet collective journeys back to our TF’s …take care and keep up the good work!

  71. Wow!…. Your story is amazing!!! I know I keep saying this but thank you! I just want to get this clear in my head because I didn’t realise all this time that my twin was ‘running’ away from me. Reason being is he would make a move to try to meet with me but then back out. Plus he said that his son was the issue. So it sounded like he COULDN’T do anything because of his children. He called me several times early this year but when I answered he would hang up. I’m now feeling that this meant that his higher self wanted to speak to me so he would pluck up the courage to call, but then the fear got triggered and he lost his nerve and hung up. Does that sound about right?
    Also, I used to send him cryptic messages of love, like post paintings that I did of his mother, because I know how much he loved her, and I wanted him to know that I love him and I’m still here for him. But he never responded and my landlady told me that I needed to stop doing that, because he was taking me for granted, and if he got comfortable with me always showing him affection, he would never leave. He needs to feel the pain of not having me in his life in order to push him to take action. So I listened to her, but somewhere I felt a bit unsure. I thought that if he knew I was still here, he would feel encouraged to leave. Should I refrain from posting messages for him and just keep clearing the energies between us, or should I keep showing him love and support?
    Also, does it make it hard for you to work with your twin??? How do you cope? xxxxxxxxxxx

  72. Here is what I have learned in this journey is to empower yourself, and listen to your inner knower and there you will find the answers you seek. There is nothing wrong with showing your twin love and support, just ask yourself can you do it without putting conditions on it by expecting him to receive it and respond a certain way? I see that advice a lot on this journey to just leave your twin alone and let them miss you so to speak so they can finally get it and awaken and I believe that is great advice but I also think it can work the other way too where a twin can wake up because the other twin was strong and relentless and wouldn’t give up no matter what! Listen to your heart and intuition and you’ll know which course of action works and what stage to use both. I do believe what Cassady said that letting them go means to pull our energy back so we can experience the connection without any preset expectations. Remember he is not running from you he is running from himself…as far as working with my twin it gets challenging especially when he is acting out and I have to pretend like were just friends or just coworkers but I’m working on it! All twin flame stories are unique and amazing, no Hollywood director could script these stories in a million years unless they were a twin lol

  73. Wow, what timing. I read your comment right after I wrote out that I’m not giving up on my TF. I’m taking the strong, relentless, not giving up route. I agree that you may not receive a response in a certain way that you expect. I also agree that each connection is unique. Writing what I feel helps me. Love is powerful, you gotta believe that.

  74. Wow! It’s things like that that let you know that this is bigger than us and that we are also heading in the right direction! This is also the approach that I decided take with my twin as well 🙂 I happy it helped you…

  75. Hi Cici, yeah to me, reading your comment at the perfect time was like a reassurance to me that I’m heading in the right direction. I love that his name pops up everywhere which also helps me stay focused. It’s like the Universe or I like to think it’s my TF’s soul that puts all these signs in my face and in my ear so that I don’t forget and don’t give up. This is love worth fighting for. Thank you….

  76. Yes! My twin’s name pops up everywhere, even in places people’s names shouldn’t be lol…the syncronicities are amazing…yes the love is worth fighting for…we just have to remember the love and the purpose…your welcome!

  77. Angel, it’s been my honor and pleasure to assist you and share my experiences with you! What you are going through is 100% understandable, we’re all going through it and please if you want to complain, then go ahead, if you want to scream, yell, punch a wall…then please go ahead and do so…always honor what you feel but just ensure that you feel it with an agenda and a purpose to heal it! Every time you fall off the horse…you gotta get back on…that’s how you learn to ride! I will stay in touch, i hope you do as well and we will ALL be having miracles very soon, just wait and see! 🙂

  78. all i know is while reading this I looked at the time and it was 4:11pm. Thank you Cici!! <3 And I love your story!!

  79. This is amazing!! My Twin lives in the netherlands and when we first met he referred to his location as Amsterdam. Where I have been living the past 9 years I am a few streets away from Netherland Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue. Currently he lives in The Hague. Last night when I flipped through a book on meditation, the first page I turned to had 3 locations on it, one of which is located in The Hague. Then today while I was googling my horoscope I noticed the address at the bottom was in The Netherlands! I asked my guides for signs of hope yesterday and between yesterday and today I was given 4 signs at 4 different times. I guess I just have to keep believing. Your story is so amazing! Im new to the energy clearings etc and its encouraging to hear that one twin can “do the work” to lift up the other twin. We also in all honesty are not “ready” for union, not financially ready and completely discouraged about how we will get permanent residence together moving from one country to another. Gosh the challenges the universe gives to all twin flames are insane.

  80. I am so HAPPY that you not only were given those signs but that you were in the place to be able to receive them and see/ acknowledge them, that’s important!!! The signs are always there and our guides are always willing to help us, you just have to remember to ask. I get signs all the time, especially when I need encouraging!!!! Thank you, all of stories are amazing!!! You are amazing for being brave enough to tell it!

  81. Hi Cici, I’ve got a question on something Im a little confused by. I have read a lot that one of the reasons why we aren’t with our twin is because we are in a relationship or married. And yet a lot of the time we meet our twins is when we are already in relationships or married. So does this mean that we have to be “single” before going from our relationship/marriage to the arms of our twin? I’ve already met my twin but i’m in a relationship. My twin and I are in separation..trying to get our finances together and facing our mirrors. Once I have my finances together I plan on leaving my relationship and taking a step towards my twin.

  82. Thank you for this article. I wanted to say here that I have been married twice. I knew from a very young age that I have this connection with my Twin though I did not call it Twin Flames until recently. Most of what I read about Twins was negative, running and pain. So I avoided this term. I know in both marriages and every relationship I have had I was looking for my Twin. My second ex husband and I would talk about it often actually. It is what ended our marriage. I simply could not be with him anymore knowing I had this connection. My first husband was more open to these things and always asked me if I thought we were that. I could not answer. Every relationship I have been in which is only one more serious one since my divorce has been me looking for my Twin, diving deeper into trying to figure out the mystery. It was when I let go and asked the Universe if this person exists and if he does then please let me know or I was going to settle again that we finally were brought face to face. I got out of my relationship though it was extremely hard as my ex would not let go. Once I was out I was told my Twin was not available. I started believing I must be wrong and went looking for him again. It only took two soul mate encounters and brief ones for me to fully awaken to the Twin connection and Ascension. I am alone now and I am working daily on clearing myself and getting back into that higher vibration permanently. I know this is why I am here. I trust that the process will bring about a positive union. Unconditional love is my focus right now. It hurts to think of him with someone else and I know that is keeping me low. This is a challenge I will overcome no matter what the outcome though my Soul knows and wants union. Thanks for the clarity here! I shake my head at this whole process at times wondering why we even have to go through this. It seems like a huge waste of energy and time. Yet we are infinite beings. Still, it feels rather silly sometimes and that helps me let go.

  83. Hi Giving, it’s amazing how your post 21 days ago resonates with me now. Reading your post was a light bulb moment that me and my future twin works with volunteers for socioeconomic development. I’ve been asking the universe what’s common between my future twin and I for several months now. Somehow it’s an answer where my relationship with my future twin is headed.
    I use future twin as a clairvoyant said, me and my future twin are soul mates who decided to work on our relationship if we meet again in this lifetime. This twin journey is just awesome. It makes me discover myself more and how best to relate to my soul mate and the rest of society.

  84. It’s a soulful Saturday and I’m on reflective mode after I met my future twin in January 2015. The energy was soo strong and it is really a must to lean towards positivity. Disconnecting from my soul mate was just impossible (even cutting of cords didn’t work!) as our higher selves already decided to work on this twin relationship, if we meet in this lifetime…. luckily we did! Tried to keep distance to my twin in September but found myself reconnecting again in late November. Indeed its a journey unique to every twin pair… Cassady’s latest post on 04December helps guide twins on the journey!

  85. This post has given me a bit of hope, but I’m still slightly confused. I met who I feel is my TF back in September we had a college class together. We barely ever talked back then but I felt drawn to him and I felt like he was always sneaking glances at me. Fast forward to this semester we have another class together and he begins messaging me on Facebook and we hit it off right away. I never wanted to have feelings for him because I felt like it was messy to like a man 13 years older than me with a wife and 3 kids, but I find myself still drawn to him and he to me in a way I’ve never felt before. I know he’s expressed unhappiness in his marriage but I don’t know if he would ever end it because they’ve been together so long and have kids. Long story short I often find myself wondering should I just cut off contact with him to not complicate things for everyone involved… but at the same time I often feel like if we’re meant to be it will work itself out despite the messy situation.

  86. Hi, I’ve known my Twin Flame for over 18 years. He was unaware of the Twin Flame dynamic, and I had never spoken of it with him before. My soul has always known him as my Twin, and finally this year I wrote him a letter to express how I feel for him. Right before he even got to read the letter, he met someone knew and declared to the world he met his Twin Flame. This has been devistating for me, and really hard to understand what is happening and why. How is it possible the Twin I’ve held in my heart for all this time has run off, not just for a normal relationship but to what he believes is his Twin Flame!

  87. I have a question. I can’t find an answer anywhere… I whole heartedly believe in the twin flame thing. I was with my ex and married for 8 years, we moved to Washington from az… I knew WA was where my heart was, and my whole life I knew I was looking for someone. Even my husband knew it, but we thought it was a platonic relationship, like a best friend. After we moved I went to a club and locked eyes with a. Girl. In that moment for some reason something in my head said “uh oh… This is what you’re doing for the rest of your life” and I knew my life was forever changed. I could go more into detail… But trust me, we are bonafide twins. We are even both Geminis….
    My question is this: what about flames that have kids from a previous relationship? I have two kids, and me and my twin ran off into the sunset together, with my kids. Fast forward a year and a lot of fights, reflection on each other, and big lessons about ourselves… But now she’s just not sure she can do this any more. She can’t raise my kids with me, she can’t deal with having them. Do you have any advice or information about flames with kids from a previous marriage? I’m torn and don’t want to be put in the position of choosing between her and my kids. Of course I’d pick my kids but my heart is torn up and broken.

    Thank you!

  88. My twin flame just got engaged to his college sweetheart. I don’t know what to do. I thought that we would reunite but I guess we will not. I can’t imagine loving anyone else. I’m heartbroken and devastated and I cannot move on from this. It’s too much. I believed he was my one and only and I still do. I do want him to be happy, but he is engaged to the wrong woman! How can I cope with this in a healthy way?

  89. Hi, I just want to tell my story and if anyone has advice, I would appreciate it very much. Last year I believe I met my twin flame. It was very intense whenever we were both in the same room. It made me feel “naked” whenever our eyes met, as though he could see right into my soul. This made me feel scared and anxious, I never felt anything like it before and I thought it was just because I’d had bad
    experiences with my ex. I have not been with anyone since my divorce because of the trauma I’ve suffered. I had a preminision about this man I believe is my twin flame which I dismissed, only to see it manifest before my eyes within ten minutes afterwards! You could have knocked me down with a feather! Wow! He was engaged when I met him, but he did not tell me this, then I found out by “chance”, and I was devastated,heartbroken. I wrote him a letter, I was quite brutal I think. I said “goodbye”, but regretted it soon after. I still love him and it hurts every waking moment. He has married his finances who treats him like garbage, which is tearing me apart as I was once married to someone just like that. W
    e are so alike and our lives have parallelled quite a lot. I feel we must have a connection somehow, but I feel that I’ve sabotage things and what very much to reconcile with him. I feel his pain and loneliness. What can I do? Please help me.

  90. Beautiful and positive message just when I needed this the most. I’m extremely confused about a connection. I’ve spent two whole years with this married man (has a daughter) who is closest to my heart. My 11:11 sign journey began way before I met him. I asked the universe was i this miserable that I couldn’t afford to be in love with a man and him in love with me? And this married man showed up a month later. Our journey hasn’t been normal because I feel he is the runner. I feel strongly connected to him but he’s gone back to his wife after promising to be with me. Heartbreaking to say the least. I lost my father in the meantime and my twin hasn’t been giving me any sort of an emotional support. He has come back in my life after four months of running away from me but he’s cold and distant to an extent that I’ve started questioning his existence in my life! I’m really left confused about whether he actually is my twin or not ! I go through so much of emotional and even physical pain if n when we get into some disagreements. I’d like an insight into what he really is. I’ve immense love for him n I feel he does too but is tied to wear the MASK as he wants to move back in with his wife after three years of living separately. I’m left out in the cold but I’ve a strong gut feeling he is the one though his actions make me think otherwise. Any help/input will be appreciated. Is he my twin ? Thank you ??

  91. I have read this article twice today..concerning my twin flame once at 9:11 and again at 1:19 completely unaware of the time.

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