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Have You Really Met Your Twin Flame? 16 Key Indications & Signs of The True Twin Flame Connection. Plus, The Secret Reason Why You Already Know The Answer …


Twin Flames 11:11 is getting busier every day and we are so grateful to get to assist so many other Twins on their journey since we came together in Union. Thank you so much for being a part of this community! We can’t wait to see how things develop in the coming months and years…

We have gotten questions from many of you asking how to be sure whether you have really met your true Twin Flame, so we decided to post an overview of useful signs and indicators as a first step for those who are looking for answers:

Signs and indications that you have met your true Twin Flame

#Meeting under strange, serendipitous circumstances
#Feeling like you have known the person forever
#Feeling like you are “on the same wavelength” completely, more than anyone you’ve ever met
#Feeling like you know this person intimately even if you have only just met
#A sense of total acceptance of who they are as a person, regardless of their life circumstances or behavior (unconditional love)
#You feel safe with them, safe to be your innermost self
#Intense eye contact
#Similarities or complementary traits
#A sense of having a secret world together
#A sense of your lives having developed in parallel – experiences mirroring each other
#Experiencing physical symptoms such as heart palpitations when you are together
#An increase or onset of intuitive/psychic abilities you may never have had before, such as telepathy
#Meeting in dreams and astral experiences
#Feeling each other’s emotions and even mirroring physical symptoms of pain or excitement
#Being able to feel their energy with you even when apart
#Seeing signs such as 11:11 frequently, especially just before and after meeting – this is a sign that you are “awakening” to your eternal soul self, triggered to remember. Spirit guides also use 11:11 as a trigger for you to remember your Twin Flame, indicating that a certain person you have wondered about is indeed your Twin


You already know

We post this information with a caveat, because no outside fact can give you the definitive answer – the Twin Flame connection is something you will feel with your whole being. The ultimate truth is that you know your Twin Flame when you connect with them – their energy will resonate with yours to a point where there is no doubt as to the truth of the connection. No other connection is as deep and life-changing as the rekindled bond between the Twin Flames.

However, most of us live in a society that encourages logical thinking and analysis, and most of us have been taught to live life from a mental standpoint where our minds are in charge, so it can become a challenge to truly feel with our heart and soul what is true and resonates, and what doesn’t. Letting your mind evaluate whether you have met your true Twin Flame or not can be frustrating and very challenging – instead, try to quiet your mind and get into a feeling place. Your intuition knows.

You are never apart

Remember that your Twin Flame is never really separate from you – you are of a perfectly identical energetic signature and are connected as souls at all times. This is why you may feel your Twin’s feelings or hear their thoughts telepathically – you are automatically “tuned in” to their channel and theirs to you, because you are in essence the same. The universe consists of energy vibrating and oscillating at different frequencies and wavelengths – even you and the building you’re in and the objects around you right now are energy in motion, not really “solid” the way our senses perceive them. This has been proved scientifically time and time again over the past few decades.

On our path to Union we used energy clearing tools and deep metaphysics to open up and align our vibrations in order to balance inner energies and prepare for the process of Union, where our energies become blended and merged once again (if the Twins are out of alignment, Union is not possible).

The lesson of separation

One of the biggest lessons Twin Flames all over the planet are learning right now is that separation is an illusion – on the energetic planes there is no separation, time and space do not exist the way we perceive them in the material world. You and your Twin Flame are one. Much pain between the Twins stems from this pervasive human illusion of separateness. Once you learn the lesson of inner unity, and clear the energetic and emotional blocks to feeling and really living this truth in your life and with your Twin, you will be ready to leave behind so many of the hardest lessons on the Twin Flame path.

Assistance on your path

If you are seeking guidance on your path and would like help in getting deeper insight into your Twin Flame connection and any issues that have arisen between you, we highly recommend looking into the Complete Vibrational Alignment we created after joining together in Union, to reach out to as many Twin Flames as possible and help them eradicate all energetic and karmic blocks and negative attachments, put an end to running and separation and prepare for coming together – a Step-By-Step Roadmap to Twin Flame Union, created as 11 PDF Classes with Immersive Deep Audio Tracks to shift your energy and your Twin Flame Dynamic for good.

Wishing you love and light on your continued journey! <3

Cassady  x


How did you know you had met your True Twin Flame? We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below!

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For an easy, fun way to manage your mindset find out if you’ve met your Twin and elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit here

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x

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  1. Thank you for your articles, they are so on point with what my intuition tells me. Which I second guess because this twin thing can make one feel crazy!! I felt like I was hit by a tidal wave! I knew it years ago when we met but went on to separate lives and both married and he got the major download first and told me about it which somehow triggered my mega download! Which consisted of literal signs, 11s out the whazoo, dreams being the same, seeing past and future lives together, staring into each other’s eyes could just go on for years,kundalini strong and intense, an accelerated growth for him as I had already been on this path but expansion for myself as well, feeling each other from afar, telepathic communication at times and just a deep knowing that it was a perfect fit that was ancient. I even know when he travels out of town without knowing his schedule and is later confirmed, it’sike your heart just knows stuff. My intuition in general went to another level as well. There is so much more and could have been so much more if we weren’t married but we can’t explore it. The pull was so intense and has lessened since we stopped seeing each other months ago which feels like years at this point. Feels like it takes everything out of me some days not to email or see him. Sometimes it’s hour by hour. Very hard but the class held a couple weeks ago changed something up, I know I have let things go in fact feel like I let go of some major contracts which feels sad and like grief but noticed my relief in the chest, it opened it up and expanded quite nicely! So thank you for that! This is an intense ride and almost feels like the universe is playing a joke because it’s so obvious and curious how it makes things move into place. it’s Divine Intervention, the highest call, (I knew that before I knew what a twin flame was), so it’s hard to go against that call but it will be what it will be. It’s too exhausting to try and figure it out and make it happen, I know The universe will move mountains if we need to come together, it did already once!! Thanks for your articles!! They are so helpful!!

  2. Amber, I’m so glad you’ve been finding validation for your intuition here! Yes it can be quite a challenge to reconcile this soul journey and what we feel and experience deeply, with the perceptions and analytical logic we’re taught in the world growing up – it’s a balancing act, for sure! <3 x Cassady

  3. Idk if i did meet him… I was sure at the time but now after over three yrs with no contact at all i really doubt it. There was extremaly intense eye contact. When we were hugging i heart little voice within saying hes the one. I had a feeling like coming home… But now i feel nothing. There is no teleoathy at least on my part. I sometimes feel like a crazy person cuz i just cant forget about him. I had like a few “visions” with two of us being together but i just cant See it now. And there has Been one more thing these annoying number 11 or Its multiplication appeaeing every day since around beginning of October… Idk what to think i do really want to forget about him. Like really forget him

  4. I’ve been praying and asking for guidance and here I am constantly coming across your blog… I’m so thankful. I was truly beginning to think I’m crazy and just attached… But now I know everything is real.. I’m not crazy. Lol we first encountered each other sophomore year of high school, I don’t recall but he does. I remember having a crush on his friend and always going to his MySpace and seeing him in his top friends and always being drawn to him… He wasn’t attractive to me at all but every time I saw his name or photo something felt weird inside me. We became super close junior year. I ended up getting my classes switched and ended up having a couple classes and lunch with him. That’s when the feelings began to grow. Before I met him I didn’t believe in love. I didn’t think it was real.. I didn’t think sex was special. He changed all of that for me.. He showed me love, real love.. And I pushed him away by running from that love.. It was too much for me to believe it was real. He got tired and broke my heart and got with someone immediately after, that’s when I became the chaser and he the runner. I ended up having my awakening moment one miserable dark night of the soul.. And he came to me.. His higher self did I believe… He told me we aren’t broken up and sorta laughed at it.. He’s still with me, he’s always with me. I felt so much love and peace immediately after feeling this horrible agonizing pain.. Its like he knew I was hurting so bad and came to make me feel better. I thought it was just the LSD playing tricks on me.. But now I know it was real. He hasn’t spoken to me for months at the time, after my realization we slowly begun crossing paths coincidentally.. And the dreams began. I never used to remember my dreams.. Now I can. A psychic told me the ending of this year and the beginning of next year will bring a dramatic shift in my love life and that he will be the one having to realize this.. And lately its all coming together. We just spoke today and he told me he knows his heart is with me and he still loves me, he know that this girl he’s with isn’t special to him.. He knows he doesn’t love her. Right now he’s battling lust.. The crave of wanting other women just cause they look good… Idk how to help him. I just got through that as well.. I look forward to seeing the progress him and I will make. Thank you so much for your words this guidance. You have no idea how much this means to me.

  5. Hi Jasmine! I met my Twin really young too and am currently dealing with his lust for other women too. I understand that it can be rough and frustrating. So here’s to hoping for the best with your Twin Flame journey! May you both be able to overcome the challenges and the highs of your connection gets higher! 🙂

  6. I do believe I’ve met my Twin Flame when I was really young. I haven’t seen 11:11s yet, but I have started to see 1:11s and 111. My Twin told me that when he was 13, he prayed for a girlfriend who’d love him forever. And next thing you know, I got switched over into his gym class. 🙂

    It’s been 11 years since then and we’re still in each other’s lives.

  7. Thank you love! <3 positive thoughts shall bring positive outcomes 😉 love and light to you and your twin on your journey as well!<3 🙂

  8. I often get frustrated with myself because this journey is so painful. He’s with someone else. Someone who I truly think is not right for him. Someone “safe”. It’s been 2 years since we’ve last seen each other and by now, I’m beginning to think that I’m delusional. For the past 2 years, I would see his name and bday numbers no matter where I went, continuing on to this day. I feel like I’m imagining things now and that this is all just in my head and that this “reunion” is never gonna happen. Or if he’s even my TF. He’s with someone else right now, in another province. They’ve been together for a year now, according to facebook. And that’s another thing, all I do is creep him on fb. I’m obsessed. It’s not healthy!! I’ve been torn for the last couple of years if I should delete him for the sake of my sanity or just keep him on. I don’t know. Should I just “let go and let God”? FB is the only way I can see what’s going on with him. I’m not even sure if he sees the same signs of me as I do of him – every single day. Why should I give him this much thought when he may not even think of me! I feel hurt by him and I constantly think of him….just hoping that we can meet one day and deal with “unfinished business”. Please, if anyone has any input, it would be appreciated. I want to believe he’s my TF. All the signs and sycnhronicities were and definitely there. How do I stop obsessing and should I delete him off fb?!
    (During our time together, we would always catch 11:11 on the clock together. We met when we were both 38 aka 11:11. One time, while we were texting, I asked him a question and he replied “Us” right on 11:11 pm.)
    Right after our “separation”, I almost immediately had a spiritual awakening, followed by “dark night of the soul” experience, so all the symptoms are there…

  9. Maybe it’s wishful thinking that I feel like I’ve met my twin flame. I didn’t know what a twin flames was until after he and I stopped seeing each other a few months ago and I came across an article about it and immediately felt the connection. We worked for the same company for over 4 years, but never really interacted together until after he put in his resignation. But during those 4 years, I was always attracted to him. Not in a way where I thought he was hot, but more of a magnetic attraction, one I couldn’t ever explain. I later found out he felt the same. The day he left the company, he added me on social media and we began talking. We have the same birthday 4 years apart. Our fathers have the same birthday 4 years apart. We have lived parallel and similar lives and the more we talked the more everything was the same between us- it started becoming a game to see what more there could be. When I was with him, I felt so safe. My heart was happy. I was the most comfortable with him; anything we’d talk about we’d understand what the other was going through because it’s like we lived it already. I’m not sure if it counts, but it’s not 11:11 that he and I both always saw/see… It’s 112 – our birthday. He was going through some things in his life that he had to figure out and he couldn’t make a decision so I finally had to give him the space he needed (yes, there’s a lot missing from this part of the story for privacy reasons). We ended it. He told me to move on and I couldn’t. I still can’t. I want to so badly though, it hurts! In our last communication, he told me he’s let me go. Those were the most painful words anyone has ever told me. And honestly, as much as I hate it, those words have helped me a bit. But I still can’t find myself to move on. If he’s truly my twin flame, what do I do now?? Meet other people and pretend? Give it more time to move on? My heart feels empty now.

  10. I asked the universe to give a sign, to know for sure if this person is really my tein.i asked to see 3 turtles in the next day,as turtles are my favorite animals.i see them rarely, when i go to a notanical garden, which i didn’do because it would have been to , after two days i saw one while scrolling instagram and the other day i saw like ten little turtles in apet shop, while showing my kid some puppies.i didn’ t see 3, i saw many this still the sign i asked for?

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