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Today’s article is completely different than anything we’ve done on the site before.

Strange as it might sound – I’m inviting you to take a vacation away from Twin Flames!

Some time to relax your mind and emotions, and allow yourself to rest, recuperate, recharge your “batteries” for a while.

To allow yourself to center into your own self, fill up with love and light, and to allow your energy to realign.

Did you know that when we pursue the Twin Flame connection from a point of needing to control, trying to figure out problems, frustration that things might not be working out – we block love from flowing?

Today’s article is spirit’s very specific suggestion. To be good to yourself above all, to regroup, center into your own life and to find an inner space of peace.



Not only because it’s incredibly powerful for uplifting and opening up your Twin Flame connection, but because you deserve some rest, some TLC.

And unless you allow yourself this time and space and love, you’re forcing it away from yourself energetically. To get love, give yourself love now. That’s how energy works.

Here’s our suggestion:

Please set the intention that you’ll be taking a complete break from thinking about your Twin Flame connection this coming few days.

And do something for yourself this weekend – just for fun! Do something – just because it feels good! Do something that shows love for yourself.



Create a list of 10 things you might enjoy doing right now, just for enjoyment and because you’d feel good doing it.

Whether it’s to go for a walk with your dog by the water, or go for a swim at the beach, or to draw or paint something for fun… write it down now.

Or maybe you feel like a hot bubble bath with essential oils, or to sit in the sun and read a fun book, or to sleep in this weekend… or maybe you’d like to go and sing karaoke with some friends, take a drive out of town, or go biking…

The only “rule” here is that it has to be something you’re doing for *yourself*. This is your self love fun assignment.

To give yourself the gift of some “time off” from the “problem mindset” of the Twin Flame connection.

If you’ve had the “grown-up” mindset for so long, working and being reliable, that you can’t think of what you might enjoy…

Check in with your Inner Child. Likelihood is, they’ve been trying to tell you about the secret power of fun and lightheartedness for a while now.


Your Inner Child knows exactly what you need to feel light and happy. Go here for a session where we check in with them, heal old childhood wounds and gather inspiration for a positive onward journey.



Even if you’re happy with your Twin Flame, it’s healthy to center into your own self once in a while and show love for yourself above all. This helps maintain an inner wholeness and love that reflects positively back into your relationship.

This weekend, it’s all about *you*. You deserve it!

Be mindful of this – put your foot down if Ego begins showing up reasons not to do this! Because it’s to your highest good. It’s to everyone’s highest good.

When you do something just for yourself, you align your energy with deservingness, with inviting in love and appreciation from others too.

But right now, do it for *you*, out of enjoyment. Not because of anything. Show yourself the unconditional love you desire from your Twin.



Did you know, when you take some time for this self TLC and release thoughts of your Twin Flame connection, you also allow it to reset itself.

You’re by default releasing your grip on any frustration, anger, fear, helplessness energies that might have gotten tangled up with your connection. And when you do that, love has room to shine again. The dynamic between you changes.

But it’s really important that you’re not doing this *because* you want to fix your connection. Do what’s fun, because it’s fun.

Do what feels good, because it feels good. Be your own king or queen for a while. Show yourself love!

And if this whole exercise makes you feel icky, or you feel like you don’t have time or resources to do this – have a look at this session spirit asked me to create.


It’s all about opening up to embodying self love, clearing abundance blocks and love blocks out of the way and sowing seeds of positive manifestation for your future – including addressing money issues, feelings of undeservingness and ancestral fear programming.

It’s the most fun and colorful session I’ve ever created – a 50 minute long technicolor journey into the soul, accompanied by high vibration music.

Have a look here for more.


I do hope so much that you’ll accept our invitation today to give to yourself! Enjoy yourself! You deserve it so much!

Sending you love and light for a fun-filled weekend and beyond <3

Cassady x


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