Why and How Forgiveness is the Quickest way to clear Twin Flame blocks and End Separation, plus How to get over the 1 Core Belief that Prevents you from Truly Letting go of Hurt…


I’ve been asked this week to address one particular issue on the Twin Flame journey – Forgiveness. Spirit has shown me that when done “correctly”, Forgiveness has the power to free you from negativity and help you move on from past cycles of struggle and pain – and to effectively get you to the harmony and the unity you desire.

Forgiveness is not always so easy in practice, however, because the Twin Flame connection often entails wounds and hurts it can be very challenging to let go of.
Forgiveness is something many Twins have a hard time with, and understandably so.

So I’ve been asked to deal with the real reasons behind this, and to give some practical advice on why Forgiveness is necessary, and why so many find it a challenge.

Strength or Weakness?

If you’re finding it hard to forgive or let go of hurt, there’s nothing wrong with you – it’s how we’re taught to be in our society. I was reminded that our Western World both today and for centuries has focused on non-forgiveness, holding onto resentment and conflict. Just look at history.

The core values our society admires and that we are taught to aspire to, are things like strength, fortitude, independence, power. And Forgiveness goes completely against this.

On the Twin Flame Journey, these value perceptions and core beliefs around what it means to be an admirable and “strong” person, are subconsciously sabotaging our efforts to forgive and to let go of the very things that are bringing us pain.

How We’re Taught to Not Forgive

Many if not most people, have a subconscious belief trigger that causes a lot of resistance in the face of Forgiveness. We feel that Forgiveness means to give up our power, that it makes us weak, that it makes us “spineless” and that it somehow entails letting someone treat us as a doormat.

We equate forgiveness with weakness. 

However, the message I was asked to give, is that the situation is not like that at all. Forgiveness is actually something that frees you from negativity. Forgiveness means taking back your true power. Forgiveness enables you to let go of attachments and hurts that have been holding you back. To forgive means that you release the hurt from your space.

You’re Hurting Yourself Most of All


As the Buddha famously said: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else – you are the one who gets burned.”

Here’s how it works: When you’re holding resentment or anger toward your Twin, you’re actually holding the hurt inside your own being. You’re staying attached to the situation that hurt you. Holding on to the feelings of hurt. And the more you think and feel this, the more you’re feeding into the energy of that hurt.

It becomes a part of you, over time – lowering your vibration and creating a block on your journey. It becomes an impasse you can’t get by. So in effect, many Twins are contributing to their own separation by feeding old wounds and hanging onto negativity.

And please don’t think I’m judging or that I don’t understand – this was how I was brought up and how I lived too until I was shown the power of changing my perspective. Here’s an article about 5 huge mistakes that nearly cost me my Twin Flame relationship – so you can avoid these pitfalls.

The “Magical” Solution 

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful things we can do on this journey. It helps to release negativity, heal wounds, release old attachments, increase self acceptance and self love (when we feel hate for another, it’s usually tangled up with guilt and shame, which are two of the lowest, heaviest energies on the spectrum).

In order to fully release old negativity and open up to forming new bonds from a place of Unconditional Love with your Twin Flame, forgiveness is essential. 

Moving Toward “Heaven on Earth”

Buddhism understands and explains very clearly that as long as we hold onto events and people with our energy and emotions – attachments, they call it – we are unfree. We are held in place by these attachments, and it becomes hard to transcend into higher vibrations.

When we let go of those things more and more, however, we are able to transcend into the higher vibrations, into “heaven on earth” or Nirvana. No more karma to resolve. Being energetically free.

On a daily basis, it really helps to keep this in mind when encountering others. The more we judge, the more we engage our energy with others, and their issues can “stick” to us.

We are all energetic beings, and although we can’t see it with our eyes, when we interact with another – even if it’s through a tv screen or a computer – we’re interacting with them. Needless to say, you don’t want to paste your energy onto someone who’s going through some difficult issues, and you don’t want them to paste their energy onto you either.

Essential to Twin Flame Union

The Twin Flame Ascension process is all about a purification of the Twins’ energies to return to the core frequency or “Soul Song” we share. In Ascension, it serves us best to avoid taking on others’ energies because they’ll just have to be purged again anyway in the process toward Union.

So one of the biggest things we can do to move toward Twin Flame Union, is to be willing to forgive. Both our Twin, ourselves and anyone else we’ve encountered in life. Because in energy terms, every time we have an angry or hurtful interaction with another, our energies get tangled up. And unless we untangle them by forgiving and releasing, we’ll have a very complicated web of hurt stuck in us and around us.


* Remember that you are not condoning the negative behavior or pattern – you’re simply releasing it so it’s not in your space hurting you anymore. This also helps your counterpart to move past the energetic pattern and actually behave differently and “better” in the future.

* You are not weak for forgiving. In fact you are strong enough to take care of yourself by releasing the hurt. Keeping the hurt around would just hurt you more

* Consider this: that part of the hurt is rooted in you feeling ashamed or angry with yourself for not having “seen it coming” or for allowing another to treat you badly. So forgive yourself too

* Behind every hurtful action there is fear and hurt – when people hurt someone else, it’s because they are acting out hurt from themselves

* Consider the other person’s perspective – try to put yourself in their shoes, why did they do what they did, why did they say what they said? There is usually a different explanation than what we’ve perceived from our perspective of anger. For example, if someone uses hurtful words, they’re often expressing a deep-seated pattern of feeling that they have to defend themselves from others – meaning that they’re afraid of hurt

* Remember that we are all souls in human bodies – our actions are a result of the patterns and beliefs we’ve taken on in life. Your Twin isn’t a “bad person” if they did something hurtful. They could have been acting on patterns, others’ influence or even based off negativity from spiritual parasites

* Forgiveness isn’t a one-off action, it’s something we do over and over on our journey, and it gets easier and more enjoyable each time. Make it a habit to let things go if they’re not serving you.


You can – right now – release a lot of old negativity and tension from your energy field. Namely negativity toward others who have involved with your Twin, especially those who have been romantic or sexual partners (go here to read more about Twin Flame monogamy).

This is something that’s locked deeply in most Twins, and it’s extremely beneficial for you to release it:



* Take a few moments, close your eyes and take three deep breaths, silence your mind.

* Connect up to the source of light 300 feet above you and let this light fill your entire being.

* Set the intention that before you stands every person who was ever in love with, was close to or had sex with your Twin Flame. You can see them, or just know they’re there. 

* Tell them that you forgive them, and that you forgive them for any negativity they may have caused you. Ask them to please take back any cords they’ve had in your Twin Flame, if they are ready. Most will do this once we ask.

* Now, ask these people to please forgive you for any negativity you may have brought to them.

* Feel the release of tension. You may even feel a tingle or chills from letting go of this negativity.

* Tell them thank you, and send them love on their way to find their own union and happiness.

* Feel the warmth and freedom from letting go of this negativity and tension.

* You’re now freer than before. Your energy field is clearer and so is your Twin Flame’s.

* You’ll also want to forgive your Twin Flame for any past or current hurt. But if you don’t feel ready yet, practice by forgiving others. You’ll soon notice how much lighter and clearer you feel after practicing forgiveness.

Until next time, I’m sending you Love and Light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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  1. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone else is feeling the way I am for past few weeks. It’s really confused me. I still care for twin but feels like my feelings are dropping off and almost like I’m moving on?? I’m not even sure I have a strong feelings anymore, falling more back into best friend territory feeling, not that we are talking. So strange since last year woke us both up! Is this my becoming de attached and neutral. Or maybe it’s done? Still get dreams but even those are tame. Anyone else? Maybe this is part of the ride, it’s just so weird!

  2. I fully grasp what you say and it resonates deeply with me, dear Cassady. I am working on this lately. Thank you so much for explaining more AND giving a tool!
    BUT: what to do with desire? Although more positive energy, it is closely connected with forgiving. Can you help me (us 😉 with that, please?
    Love and light and my deepest gratitude!
    <3 E.

  3. Hi Amber, this is actually a good thing – it’s the old basis of your bonds slipping away so that you can form new bonds from a higher vibrational basis. It’s indicated to me this is a signal that you’re preparing energetically to anchor into 5D at the coming winter solstice gateway, where you and your Twin will move into the next stage of the union process. Congratulations! <3 xxx

  4. Thanks, Me!

    I’m so glad the article resonates! I’ve read so many articles about the importance of forgiveness, but it can be a challenge, especially if it’s not explained to us why we’re meant to be doing it, and what the benefit truly is xx <3

    Not sure exactly what you mean by dealing with desire – please explain?

  5. I feel such a strong soul connection with my twin, but the stronger that grows and the more I clear, I feel the longing, desire to also reunite again in 3D (earth). And that then brings hurt. So how can I release the desire? The soul connection is beautiful, but I feel I am on earth to physically connect, have an earth experience. And because we were physically together twice, I really long for that again: desire. How to release that (in the hope it will bring me what Id esire: see the paradox?)
    Thank you! Love and light! <3

  6. I have to thank you. It’s so strange, but ever since I subscribed to your blog, I swear every time I’m hitting a low point, question the twin flame theory/process or if my twin and I will ever come back together in union, you post something that is completely in line with what I’m feeling or thinking. I really noticed it when you wrote about psychics recently (I had just gone to one days before), but even more so today as I’ve been having a lot of negative thoughts about my twin’s mother (who strongly influenced our separation), as well as his new love interest. I will certainly try to implement the ideas that you present here in forgiveness for all of them.

  7. Actually, many of us experience it like that, as if Cassady tunes in on us, but then again we all seem to go through more or less similar experiences. Like experiencing more heaviness of the opposite. Twins telling spouses suddenly. Twins suddenly getting into ego and separation. Can it be that there are some generalizable patterns for certain groups of twins, Cassady?

  8. Yes, I have noticed this too! My twin and I were together in the physical realm at one point but are currently separated & the more I work on my self-love & raising my frequency the more I feel… less attached to him in the old ego way. Like I love him SO MUCH but I find myself indifferent to whether physical union will happen next year or in ten years, and I find this feeling actually releases a lot of worry & negativity, which then makes me feel like he & I are merging closer than ever, in all the dimensions! It’s truly amazing.

  9. Wow, I meditated last night & my spirit guides talked to me about this very thing! They showed me that my twin has been on earth three times before & this is my first time, that I am here now to help finally clear this karmic debt (he has A LOT) & they talked to me about forgiving myself for absorbing all of his anger & negativity, as well as forgiving him for his (it’s hard — he was very scary at times) & then they showed me what it felt like to transcend my human ego & it was the most peaceful & amazing experience I have ever had. Like being with my twin, like going home. <3

  10. Cassady, hot damn!!!! This is awesome and so needed on this journey! I hope the other twins truly are open to receiving this message, as it is so true! I cannot wait to do the forgiveness exercise because quite a few people that were involved with my twin, are former co workers so I have some hang ups there! My God ,You are awesome, Cassady!

  11. Let us also remember that forgiveness, like jealousy, goes beyond just our own Twin Flame connection. It is a deep wound, one that needs to heal from the inside out. Sometime you have to let the wound drain, to keep it clean as it heals layer by layer. Don’t fret, don’t worry, just focus on letting go as these wounds heal. Give yourself AND the other person the tender care, compassion and unconditional love that is the salve to this healing. My Twin is a musician. His band just released an album with a song on it about a conflict we had as a group. It is called Monkey Prison. Basically, when we are flinging sh*t at one another and seeing our experiences and relationships based in ego, these things feel heavy and like war. When we step back, immerse ourselves in agape (Greek for Universal Love), we start to see things differently. Suddenly, all the crap is just like spilled milk. Know the adage “don’t cry over spilled milk”? Well most of it is just that, small stuff that somehow sticks around and makes a big stink.

    As for the things that are big issues, we must go to the roots still. It is at the roots where we nourish anything we are wishing to grow. Get to the heart of it and give Love and understanding. Learn to truly listen and cultivate the objective observer. In doing these things we change our whole dynamic no matter what the conflict. That can be said for the world as well. Think about it. If we all were to look closely at what we are all saying in every religion, every doctrine, every way a human ever tries to see the highest good in life, it is ALL THE SAME. It is LOVE.

    We are all forgiven when we step outside of Monkey Prison. Stop the monkey mind, the chatter that the ego uses to desperately try to get our attention. It is just a scared, hurt child wailing as loudly as it can in whatever form of emotion it happens to express to get attention. Anger, hatred, violence, greed, lust which can become a one sided way to want another’s body these are all cries for help. So give help! Love. Hold space where you cannot directly change a situation.

    Remember the simple Hawaiian prayer that Cassady gave on the calling if you were there?

    I’m Sorry
    I Forgive You
    Thank You
    I Love You

    Keep it simple. All you need is LOVE.

  12. Wow!! I asked this a couple weeks ago in a different way and others had the same feelings, not thinking of them as much and so on, it’s just so different from where I was a couple months back! And now I’m not so involved with him but am involved with this new way of being, I just want to know what’s happening! I feel the same, I’m even ok if we don’t come together too which is a far cry from where I was not too long ago. Which is why I was second guessing if I’m even interested in him, I am obviously but I’m not lol!

  13. Lol I totally relate. “Involved with this new way of being” — yes! It’s like I am growing deeper into the knowledge that he is literally with me at all times & all these ego-based things just start to slip away. It’s so freeing.

  14. Me you can connect remotely with your Twin. It is not only possible, it is part of the magic we share! Just get closer with yourself. Don’t let shame of self pleasure hold you back. Your Twin will feel you and you can feel him or her. It is also a way to strengthen that bond that goes beyond time and space. It draws you closer and keeps other people’s energy out of your connection. If you find yourself with someone else, just remember your Twin is always with you! Personally I realized I do not want more than one person in bed with me and could not actually physically be with anyone else! I felt my Twin and that was all I wanted. I think this is an indication of getting close to union. A sign that no one else can fill that desire for us. It is embarrassing to talk about in our culture, but this is a natural way that kundalini rising happens. Peace and Light to you!

  15. YES, that is such an odd feeling, it’s like he is sitting right here in my lap, so he can’t be out of mind totally but it’s total freedom, Hallelujah, bc I can’t live in that other world of missing him and feeling like life can’t work without him and so on. That was the shits!! Lol if I can say that on this board!! Also, as Cassady said for the week or maybe last in energy report. I feel my Phoenix rising, I feel strong AND with all the terror in world, I feel no fear, I’m not bowing down to a lower vibration like fear. I stand totally in LOVE. That’s it and that’s what the world needs and I’m assuming part of what the twin flame has to offer. I know others in world can do this and are but I get a feeling the twin emits off something bigger or wider, not sure. Also, I remembered a few times this morning and again it came to me, my guide told me this feeling of where are at with non attachment is exactly where we need to be, it’s in complete alignment. WHATEVER…just so good to be free!!

  16. Yet another happy reader Cassady!! You’ve hit the spot with forgiveness. I am married but not to my TF. I was told yesterday to also forgive my marriage for not being the TF marriage I would love to have. What do you think about this?

  17. Thank you for explaining this! I have had the same process in the last two months. It has evolved in a interesting way I must say! But now I get this part of the process, too. 🙂

  18. Read what I wrote below with another and see Cassidy’s answer. You will just get there and release the longing. I did her live clearings and a couple other clearings and some meditation and it’s just dropped off. It will happen, it’s another divine timing thing again and some clearing. It will dissipate for you and you will be where I am. You will get the freedom, soon!

  19. I have no problem at all with forgiveness. My stumbling block is panic that I will never see or hear from him again. I am certain that we are constantly connecting on a heart and soul level, but during the times when the connection becomes weak or I am not feeling it I panic. It’s been over 2 months now. I know this panic and doubt are what is keeping me from letting go. Any thoughts? I have to be completely okay with never seeing him again, right? And I don’t know if I can reach that state. But what is the alternative?

  20. It’s so odd then, how would we ever come together then if we feel like this?! What would be the drive to go forward?! Especially when marriages are involved. I trust it all unfolds in time but what would drive the next phase?

  21. Thank you so much cassady. Again a blog at the right time. One question…. Can i do this exercise with his wife too? Can i ask her to take back all cords? Wouldn’t that be selfish from my side?

  22. I have also felt this way recently. I know he is going through a separation from his partner, so I thought that the vibrational energy has just been low, hence the feeling of disconnection. I have been sending him lots of unconditional love and hoping that we will reconnect soon in the physical.

  23. This post also really resonates with me. I’m in contact with my TF but we were separated earlier this year (not by choice). He lives in another country and I recently found out he has separated from his partner. We haven’t talked about it much, but this week he told me he was very angry about how he didn’t look after his relationship well enough. It was a strange response since he has told me many times that he wasn’t happy, but I’m sure the ending of a long relationship is hard and frustrating none the less, and I’m also sure that the connection he and I share didn’t help. I told him to be kind to himself and that it can’t be all is fault and that anger, especially directed internally, doesn’t get you anywhere. I think he and I both help each other love ourselves more, it’s really beautiful. I can only hope that we will be reunited soon, but for now I have to focus on myself and my own path while he works on his.

  24. And I agree, no one else than my twin. That is why I divorced my husband after I reconected with my twin, it felt like cheating on my twin and I could not anymore be with my husband. X

  25. This is a very good article! Fortunately, I have completely forgave my twin several months back. I have always been the type of person to forgive easily, but it took much longer for me to forgive him. There was a point where I Had thought I forgave him, but I still felt the pain and heaviness in my heart. But , I had truly forgiven him as of the last couple months, and I have felt light as a feather since! Im no longer weighed down, and my telepathic connection has been much stronger than before. I still miss him and my soul lings for him but I feel free from the pain of it. I forgave myself as well. I just don’t know if he forgives me. I don’t want forgiveness for my own well being, I want forgiveness for his. He has been clearing as well. I hope be can forgive his self because I just want him happy. I’m no longer concerned about our physical reunion. I’ve accepted that with our current situations(which are almost identical), if reunion did occur, it wouldn’t be until later in life, and that is okay. He thinks alot like me which scares me haha. So with recent events, I’m sure he is clearing and moving past the guilt and fear.

  26. This is a great post. Thank you Cassady! I am coming to realize that its been really hard to forgive the pain my twin has caused me since I dont really understand whats going on in his mind. It’s like seeing a kid beat a dog. If you ask the kid he may tell you “i saw a big bug biting the dog and im trying to get it off” (so in this sense the kid is trying to do a good thing), but if you just see a kid beating a dog and you have no idea why, the act looks pretty harmful. This is kind of what we go through when our twins run and we don’t have clarity as to whats driving them to run. We can make assumptions, but we don’t really understand whats going on in their minds (behind the curtain)..and that is actually what makes forgiveness difficult. Its only till now I realize I have to shift my focus and forgive him for running whether or not I know his reasons why. We are both in different countries so for me, I’m quite blinded by the situation. And at the same time I have to forgive myself for stepping on hot coals and not expecting it to hurt a bit. I will take responsibility for the paths I have chosen and for those I have allowed on to it and I will start ta process of forgiveness. Thank you so much Cassady for the beautiful reminder that forgiveness will set us free. <3

  27. Hey brokenhearted, i can totally relate as i am in a similar situation. He is running and i dont know why. And it has become a pattern. He keeps repeating it. I often told him that it is making me sick in the real sense. It costs a lot of strength to recover from all the push and pulls. But i forgive every time. Even this time I’ve forgiven him. They are not hurting us on purpose, in fact by hurting us they hurt themselves.

  28. Hi Sunrise, my twin has ran a few times too and I took him back each time. I ran once and he won’t take me back and this is why I’m having a hard time with forgiveness but I just need to let it all go so that I can breathe. I have forgotten my self worth and how to love myself. All I have done for six years is give give give.. Yes there’s always a more awakened twin but I forgot to care for myself. I essentially lost myself. I can’t label him and I can’t label out connection, but I can remind myself of who I am and I can become her again. He will have my heart forever but I’m taking off the prisoner chains today and freeing myself. The Twin concept is truly beautiful but our twins do not own us. We own ourselves. Cassady said on the live call sometimes when there’s a problem to just ignore it. Take all attention off it. This is what I need to do. Tenement what we think of expands. So the more I fumble over why he’s running, the longer he will run.

  29. I also realize chasing two rabbits at a time you’ll never catch either. I need to get a hold of my own happiness and inner strength before I can focus again on his. I can’t focus of strengthening us both at the same time. I can’t give him energy or love that I don’t have for myself. Somehow my heart chakra got blocked. And somehow i began to think life wasn’t worth living if he was gonna run. I am in a tough spot mentally/emotionally. The pain of the missing love makes me feel life isn’t worth it. And it’s a pain that only I can heal.

  30. I am so happy to read that you have reached that point of starting to take care of you. I know how hard it is and I have been there, not so long ago even (last time was a week ago…) but it is also true that by shifting energy, thoughts, beliefs you can climb out fairly quickly. It is amazing. And then you feel again the love and the faith and the soul connection.
    Do not expect it will not be hard not to fall back, I experienced that also often, but you are on the right path! I am so proud of you. Love, self love and keep on listening to your soul. Btw, maybe change your avatar name? 🙂 Healingheart111 sounds great! <3 E.

  31. Absolutely. Really time to take care of our own self. I remember you writing few days ago when you were totally broken. And see what you’re now….your thoughts have shifted in a positive way :). Congrats to that! Its really lovely to see the progress in each and every one of us. Cassady explains that we should try to put our selves in their shoes and understand why they react the way they are reacting. That what i am trying to do. And yes, its easier to understand. I miss his love too but the pain of missing is healing. Its getting better day by day.

  32. I think when you ask her on soul level, it is ok. You ask, you do not demand. It is up to her to do so or not… Remember Cassady’s blog about married twins a few weeks ago? 🙂

  33. Yes me i do remember. Whatever we ask it should be for the highest good for all who are involved. Thats why i wasn’t sure how to ask. After all he is wife. Thanks for your input 🙂

  34. Whoaaa…. that’s quite an enlightening answer Cassady! I will keep this in mind as I keep moving ahead on my own TF journey 🙂 Scott

  35. I understand you fully. I was struggling a long time with his wife. I also felt love for her, felt his love for her (even though he did not realize his love) but also with what to do. The earth ethics are something else than what we search to be the highest good, because they are forthcoming from dogma’s that are not true to all and ignore true love.
    I wish her to find truth, love, connection to her soul because she is a remarkable person who deserves the best. On the other hand, the highest good is also meant for us. Self love is also applicable here: you can ask for the best for yourself, send love and see what happens. When I decided to divorce my husband, who loved me romantically strongly he was furious. It was a nasty fight. Since I started to meditate and clear, and understand the tf journey, my husband miraculously changed, became quite and accepting. Not overnight but within a months of 2, 3. We are now back to friendlyness (so good for the kids) and what I never expected happened, he wants me to be happy also without him, and he looks forward to his new life. That is evidence for me, as Cassady wrote in that blog that spouses can fall out of romantic love, and make the road free. So, ask and see what happens. As long it is out of love and wishes for the highest good, you cannot be wrong. Love for you <3 E.

  36. Sunrise I have moments of strength and then I can drop to moments of sadness. Im the girl who has always believed in the fairytale. My soul came into this world to experience unconditional love which is why i chose to be born into a family who put me up for adoption. And then raised by a family who did their best to love me but there was much criticizing and judgment. Ive experienced so many different relationships and none have even come close to the type of soul connection between my twin and i. I finally experienced unconditional love and it was a high unlike anything in this world. Its a very hard thing to let go of and to accept that maybe its not meant to happen in this lifetime. I cannot control anything while I’m here holding on, so it can’t cause much damage to just fully let go instead.

  37. Thanks me… Thats very inspiring. I don’t really know his wife, cant say if she is good or bad. All i know is what he told me abt her. But yes, however she is, she deserves to be happy, we all deserve to be happy. Love & hugs

  38. Yeah totally!! She might want to write the next article on that one as it seems there are several us at this spot! I’ve been here for about 6 week or so-i wonder what the next phase is, lol, she said congrats so must be sure close! I just can’t imagine what else is left!!

  39. We all have those moments. Thats so natural. If u feel like crying just cry. Thats what i do. Nothing to feel bad about. I can understand how u feel abt him. It was the same here. I was married, had my relationships, but with no one i felt that connected. But we cant force them, we can just love them. If its meant to happen in this life, nothing can stop it, not even their ego. Hugs to you

  40. Amber, please keep us posted on how things progress as you move in to the next stage…. inquiring Twin Flame minds want to know haha! Scott

  41. Sure! Happy to do that! What’s so odd is, as both of us are married, with such an ego drop off and unattached, I don’t know what would make us go for that big leap. Ya know?? It’s not this frenzy magnet can’t stay away, where now it’s calm and whatevs feeling lol

  42. Thank you so much for your comment. It added more insight on this journey which we are all embarking on. I will remember the Hawaiian prayer now as I have just started subscribing to this. That makes it easier. I am going to be writing everything down in a notebook on the exercises which help a tremendous amount! Thank you so much!

  43. Interesting. Did you used to have a difficult time with him being married? It sounds like you’ve shed a lot of those negative energies and moved to a higher vibration which is great. My TF has a boyfriend and they moved in together recently. It’s been a struggle for me but I was told by her higher self during a meditation that it is all meant to happen this way so that gave me some peace of mind. Either way, I’m happy that you are making such great progress! Scott

  44. I am in tears of gratitude. Thank you so much for this post Cassady. Thank you all who are sharing here, just feeling like I’m not alone means everything to me right now. I’m so overwhelmed with so many emotions but the greatest of them all is the gratitude I have for this message of forgiveness as a gateway to our reunion and with the overwhelming emotions I am feeling, just knowing there are others experiencing this and there is a way through is giving me the courage to step out of my fear and into faith and reminding me I can do it. With love and gratitude and light.

  45. Thank you Sunrise. Its so nice to have the support here and connections with those who are in similar situations. Friends and family can’t take me or my pain seriously since they havent experienced the TF connection. Hugs to you too <3

  46. It will happen very soon! Please know that you are not alone. This has been a huge challenge for me as well. It is like fighting a magnet and I am made entirely of some metallic substance that resonates at the same frequency as him. What has helped me be patient is knowing that divine timing is what is in control. Each day has a reason and in that we are building up to where we need to be. If you would like to contact me maybe we could discuss this privately? I think we have so much in common.


  47. Dear Cassady, my twin is holding so much unforgiveness towards HIMSELF in the form of guilt and shame. How do I clear that for him???? And also, what happens if I ask his wife to cut cords to him and she refuses? Xxx

  48. Hi GivingTree1111, I’m so glad this resonates with you !

    I was just discussing this with my twin: when we are hurt by our Twin, there is *always* another deeper motivation behind seemingly negative actions and expressions… It’s shown to me time and time again by spirit that we as souls wanted to learn this. We wanted to have our limits pushed, to understand another and love them unconditionally despite the seeming separation of physical bodies, and to ultimately remember that we are one underneath it all. And that we’ve been one all along.

    Energy clearing tools are the deepest and fastest way I’ve found to clear the issues causing separation and running, which is why I created the V. A. course to help other Twins.

    Remember that you can always find each other on the soul planes. No one and nothing can get between you there. <3 Sending you love and light xx

  49. Oh Rose, I’m so happy this was positive for you today. And thank you everyone sharing their experiences and assisting one another here! x <3 Sending you love x

  50. Hi Sunrise 1971, you can ask anyone to do that – if she’s willing it will be done, so it’s not at all selfish for you to ask! 🙂 x <3 Some advice I'm getting for you from spirit is: most married couples have several cords between each other, so you will at least be able to get her to clear/take back any negative ones. Sending you love and light! <3

  51. Jeanne, you have a karmic issue around fear of letting go/fear of abandonment, rooted in an experience a few lifetimes back. You can clear this karma and the energy to be free of this.

    The real truth is that you and your twin are always together, always connected. You can never truly be separated. So it’s not even a question of being ok with never seeing him again, it’s more an issue of clearing the blocks that prevent you from realising that you’re always with him and he’s always with you. Energy clearing will do this for you.

    Spirit is showing me that’s the core block for you, so you’ll experience some big shifts once you clear this.

    Sending you love and light <3 x

  52. Oh thank you so much, Cici! I can’t take all the credit, it was my guides who (when I experienced something related) let me know this is something many Twin Flames have been dealing with <3 I'm so glad it resonated with you! xx

  53. Thank you Cassady <3 your message brought me to tears. I'd like to do the energy clearing tools on the live call but my vibration is pretty low the past few months.

    Can I still do the clearing on a low vibration and benefit? Thank you in advance

  54. Thank you, Cassady. We were so close, long distance, but checking in with each other every morning, noon, and night, talking on the phone for hours nearly every night. He was going through the pain and anguish past memories, crying a lot, but talking to me about it. Then one day he just messaged me with horrible hurtful things and cut me off completely, blocked me. For me I just miss what we had so much. I feel him intensely at random times during the day. I feel his pain, I feel him missing me. I send him unconditional love all the time, kind of like when we were communicating. When I had these feelings before it would usually be followed right away by a message or phone call. So I guess my panic is the feelings are so intense, why has he not come back? Why is he staying away still? Yeah, then I start crying uncontrollably. So the core block is fear of abandonment? I know that has been my core block all my life, and I know why. I’m going to start with the free kit audios, I have very powerful prayers that I say every morning, evening and night. I will consider your energy clearing audio. I am having money issues and I am trying not to spend it, but if I am guided to I will. I was wondering if it is something that can be listened to repeatedly or if it is a one time thing. Thank you for your help. I didn’t know about this Twin Flame thing, and the running stage until a few days ago. It is such a relief to know that it is a thing, and not just something that my love did out of nowhere. Thank you so much!

  55. He is one of my best friends for years and I’m friends or used to be friends with his wife until we were found out. I’ve thought from beginning whatever is for all of our highest good I’m okay with. Didn’t struggle with him being married but struggled with how will this ever happen since we both are married. I just don’t see how it all shakes out. That’s more of my struggle.

  56. Yes can listen to repeatedly, it will clear you faster than anything else you could do. The live clearings are wonderful.

  57. thank you amber. my doctors think i should go on anti depressants but im so strongly frightened of long term affects of drugs. im trying to get through the ending of my 6 years with my twin on a spiritual level but im scared the darkness is pulling at me hard. Im still trying though to find the light.

  58. I did this exercise twice & felt warmth both times. Also I’ve noticed I feel more detached or uninterested in everything. I also know now that I don’t need anyone to help get me through life’s hardships, cause I’ve done it myself all my life. Is it normal to feel detached/distant from your twin? It’s not that I want anyone else I’m just focusing on myself now & also severing ties with all toxic people

  59. I totally relate. I had trouble seeing how my situation could result in Union too. I was able to get those answers from my Twin’s higher self during a meditation. She revealed to me that I’m supposed to be in a soul mate relationship prior to Union with her so we can both continue to grow and this will ironically bring us closer together. In your case you are clearly making progress so keep movi9ng forward. Like Cassady says, TFs incarnate to Earth to overcome challenges and enter Union so keep the faith. Scott

  60. Cassady, I can’t thank you enough for this post. As always, it came at the right time. I truly believe that individual twin flame partners do not only reflect each other, but we as twin flame couples are vibrating together in a wave. That is why majority of us are experiencing similar challenges, hurdles, and joys – around the same time. Cassady is very tuned into the vibe of the “wave” of Twins.
    This post really touched my heart. I just had a gut wrenchingly painful day trying to get to the core of our problems with my Twin. Things have gotten rapidly worse this since summer, with little pauses and ups, things keep falling back to worse, and as much as I try with all my heart and soul to keep my vibe up, meditating, praying for him, releasing, focusing on joy, etc – it’s almost a slap on the face lately, any time he talks to me, the cold and indifferent energy I feel is truly breaking my heart. I came to the point that I decided I had to get to the bottom of it and what truly is going on.
    I asked some very hard questions, questions I was afraid to ask for years, fearing the answers. I feel strong enough that I can handle the answers now, since I have grown so much in self-love and inner power during the past months of our “dry spell”. I also ensured him that I respect his will and I love him no matter what, I just need to see clearly at this point.
    While i am waiting for answers, all my former heartbreaks, severe heart chakra pains have been resurfacing, and it has been hitting me in waves – feeling okay for a few minutes, then the torture floods me all over again and I can’t stop crying. I feel as though months’ worth of repressed and buried pain is being released all of a sudden, and one way or another, I can only get better from here.
    Seeing Cassady’s post today, I felt the urge to follow her advice and practice, and consciously forgive my twin’s lovers, partners, past or potentially present, or future – but then I shut down the urge. It just hurt so much. I fought it to the teeth to come here and do this “ritual”, but by evening my heartache has gotten so bad again, that I decided it can’t be any worse than this is.
    When meditating, I cried and cried, and upon sensing the energy of his lovers after calling – suddenly, much to my surprise- I felt this immense wave of love, it was so powerful that it shocked me even. I not only was able to cry out to them that I forgive, I could not stop saying “I love you sisters”…it hit me with maximum certainty that we are all ONE – the flesh is nothing – we all belong together, no matter what happens in the physical dimension – our oneness is a given. It seemed like the natural flow of events to immediately call upon my twin’s energy and express forgiveness to him, and asking his forgiveness for all pain I have caused. I pray this lightness and ease will last. Still crying but I feel so much closer to “God” within, and all around me. I feel peace despite of pain. Thank you so much Cassady. I know now that I will be able to pass some upcoming exams of mine, I have been so burdened with this that all my attempts to study have failed over the past weeks… 🙂

    Don’t know if I’m supposed to post youtube links here, sorry Cassady, I thought it may help someone else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2XkzZR4R0U
    This is the “Magic mantra, reverse negative to positive” which I often use to raise my vibration. Setting Cassady’s “forgiveness ritual” to this song was extremely powerful, truly beyond words. It translates like this: “God and us are one, says the guru by the grace of the truth, the guru says by the grace of the truth that God and us are One.” We are truly one, yes even with twin flames’ lovers, exes, partners – and even though I knew it in my mind before, my heart could never take in and accept this truth. Right now i feel overjoyed about the exact same thing that has been torturing me for months now. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that alchemy in itself? Transforming pain into joy? It is a bigger miracle to transform low energy into high vibrational energy – than winning the lotto would be!!! 🙂
    Anyway, just rambling here. Thank you again Cassady. <3 You are beyond amazing!!!!

  61. we are here for you <3 you are certainly not alone in your twin journey and im happy you are here where you can be supported throughout you and your twins challenges <3

  62. I am not an MD, so not capable of judging whether your doctors are right or not. You could ask them if they belief you have a structural problem that causes your depression (which might be a good reason to have chemical help to get out of it) or that they belief you are now dealing with a painful and life altering experience that you have to get through and that exactly that is the reason of your depth. If the latter is the case in their medical opinion, you could ask them if it would be wise to get into therapy or counseling with an understanding psycho therapist (maybe even Jungian if these still exist) so you can be helped with getting through. If you find the right guide here, it can support your spiritual journey as well! Nothing wrong with getting help in this, by people who want to help and are professionals in it. But make sure you find someone who helps you to find your soul, listen to your intuition, and make a balance between the good things ego tells you (take care of yourself and love yourself) and the less helpfull things ego might tell you (based on fear etc). It does sound you have a lot of childhood pain coming up, so besides the clearings and searching for positivity, it might help to let someone help you dealing with that? If I step out of line, please forgive me, it is just a thought in reaction to your doubts about anti-depressants, and a suggestion to discusss with your docors so you yourself can make the decision that is right for you.
    We have all been or sometimes still are where you are, and really it will get better. Stay light, see comedies, tip from Cassady and she is right!
    I send you love and light, xxxx <3 E.

  63. You can listen to it over and over and it really helps 🙂 but start with the kit to see if it works for you too! Love <3 E.

  64. I am in that position and have been for 22 years and I often blamed me, my husband, my TF and my marriage

  65. I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now. I understand forgiveness, and this article is right it is huge. But like a lot of others here, I do not want to be with anyone else. I cannot even imagine it. Last night I tried to imagine being with someone other than my twin and it made me overwhelmingly SAD. Has anyone else felt this way?? How are you dealing with it?

  66. I am highly aware that this twin thing can move mountains, I’ve seen it over and over, complete miracles take place. So, I figure it will do the work of figuring that piece out. I know it. I would never even attempt to think I knew what was coming next!

  67. Another great, extremely well-timed article! It’s so remarkable that those of us in this TF “community” are feeling/experiencing the same things: detachment, longing, sadness (at times), freedom/liberation, and so on. There seems to be numerous contradictory emotional experiences that somehow make sense, on a spiritual level. I am just blown away by the similarities! Like others, since doing the clearings and regular meditations I do not feel my TF nearly as much…he’s no longer my last thought at night nor my first thought in the morning. I don’t think, or particularly care, about what he is doing/where he my be. Initially, this created a sense of panic within me but now I feel liberated and more peaceful. I’m guessing this is positive??

  68. I would try her last live clearing, it can take care of years of therapy work, I promise. I’m in the field of healing as well and it is powerful work that you can easily do, give yourself a couple hours to do it then see how you feel within a couple days. I think you will see a big improvement. Then go from there, I think Me’s advice to was good and sound as well.

  69. I felt the same after removing chords like Cassady said to do in article. I needed to forgive myself too and husband too.

  70. Hi Amber. Do you think the live clearings are more effective than the recorded? When are they offered?

  71. They were live but now available on her site, so it’s not live now but just as effective. I never was available to listen to it “live” and that’s totally fine. So purchase the most recent one because she cleans house in that one!!! Lol!

  72. I think I came to that realization this morning. I feel it pretty strongly now. I had a dream last night that we came back together and he told me he loves me and I told him that I have always known that. I usually wake up feeling disconnected from him and I have to call him to me before connecting. That was no different this morning, but I just feel the certainty that we are always together now that was missing before.

  73. Thank you so much Me. Yes since my twin and i separated i have been seeing a psychospiritual therapist for about 20 weeks. But I still feel strong depression and pain and its making it very difficult to function in the real world. I dont want to get out of bed most days. I guess for most of my life ive suffered from depression. Yes many childhood wounds have surfaced and its very overwhelming to go through all of this. Six years with someone who i thought was the one person who would never throw me aside as he has. Ignored several messages plus a kind message i sent last weekend about sending my prayers for the paris attacks since he lives in europe. Im just blown away by his ability to ignore me and treat me as though i mean nothing to him. So that and discussing all my childhood wounds in therapy, its just really overwhelming. I try to meditate daily and do chakra balancing meditations etc. Im seeing a psychiatrist tuesday to discuss prescription options bc life just feels too dark. Im truly so thankful for finding this site and all the support because truly separation from our twins can really send our lives into complete turmoil.

  74. My dear Givingtree (still love your name ;), you are so brave, look at the way you are dealing with it: you have seek help, you are working seriously on yourself, you take an honest and close look at your soul and what you need and wish. THat is the best you can do! I do not know how old you are, but when I was the first time with my twin (in the 1990s) I also awoke, but did not recognise it: I thought I was getting crazy and since my mother is a psychiatric patient I was terrified I would follow her. That and many other pain that came up made that I ran from my twin. It brought me a loving husband, 2 beautiful kids, a new career and so much growth. When I returned after more than 13 years to my twin, I was truly ready to get into the ascension process, no more fears. So now I divorced, finding self love, and support my twin on soul level while he goes now through his process to reunite with me.
    Why am I telling you this? Keep your faith and trust in your self. All that comes up, comes up because you are ready to deal with it, to heal. Try the inner child meditation of Cassady’s last clearing session, I believe it will help you so much! And know that all you feel your twin feels as well. The more you start to heal yourself and clear your energy, the more he will: it simply works like that.
    I am happy to hear you have found earthly guides too, to help you. That is necessary sometimes. My psychotherapist from the 90s was with pension, but when I called her, she wanted to help me and I can go to her from time to time. She helps me enormously in dealing with the good side of my ego: with loving myself.
    Try to keep a journal of the good days. All good signs, all positive feelings: write it up and read it back when you feel you are getting down.
    Amber here taught me something very important: when you feel sad, it is your body’s way of telling you that you are thinking the wrong thoughts; you are lying to yourself (out of fear eg.), find what makes you peaceful and happy: that thought is the truth. Try to catch yourself before you go deep down, that helps.
    And know: we all are or have been going through your pain, but we learn/have learned to see it as growth. I for isntance try not to use negative words anymore. SO when I do not feel good and people ask me how I am doing, I tell them: on average I am good, just getting through some intense times now but I feel that leads me to grow so that is good. It helps.
    Love for you, givingtree! <3 E.

  75. I understand your question more now. Had I known and embodied the twin thing years ago when he got married I would have been devastated. At the time, we talked of being each other’s back ups by a certain age, I was even his roommate for a couple years and nothing!!! Always liked him but gave up on it and we all went out sperate ways. That would have driven me crazy if that was taking place now bc he is highly aware of his feelings and synchronicities. So, that’s a hard position but so is both married with children. There was and is absolutely a reason that the timing was now and not before. We were to go meet all these others to help us in some way or many ways. We had MANY opportunities to make a go of it and didn’t. We were drawn to each other but he wasn’t ready and to some extent neither was I. So it’s all perfectly aligned. And when you know that it helps all the worry fall off. Hope that helps!

  76. I just used the exercise above from Cassady and asked for any chords between me and my husband to be released that have interfered with twin flame. And same with forgiveness to Hubby and myself.

  77. I just read the entire thread…starting with Cassidy’s response to you, of course 🙂 This really is mind-blowing and reassuring. For me, it seems as if the cords have been cut. My TF’s energy continues to lurk in the background but it is not nearly as distracting as it once was. As for telepathic communication and dreams…nothing there either. I wouldn’t be surprised if we started meeting in my dreams again, although that got so intense at one point that I now welcome the break. Looks like we’re all moving forward!! <3

  78. Me I can’t tell you how much your comment means to me. I know I have a lot to work on and heal. My twin would always say that if we were physically together we would be healers for each other. Half of that is correct.. We ARE healers. His running is what it took for me to face myself. I’m letting go of the outcome. I came to experience unconditional love and I’m grateful that I was able to. Can’t have the highs without the lows … And I’m a young 37 year old Aquarius 🙂 thank you for sharing your story Me. Big hugs

  79. Hi Cassidy
    Thank you for your amazing insight
    Just a question regarding the forgiveness exercise what if those attachments are not ready to take back those cords attached to your twin flame yet? Do you just keep asking?
    Regards Trudee

  80. Very true, it’s all about divine timing and in being in vibrational alignment. My TF and I are very drawn to each other as well but the timing was never right and now I understand why. That’s where my focus is now… clearing out all the blocks between us so nothing gets in the way when we’re eventually ready to enter into Union.

  81. Very beautifully said Avendesora as always from you! Thank you for reminding me of the Hawaiian prayer that Cassady taught us in the Clearing call…

    Love and Light to you!

  82. Thank you Angel! Of course I care! We are a soul family and in this together…When I did the forgiveness exercise I visualized my twin and I asked not only his past lovers and wife to cut the cords but I then called in all of my past lovers, boyfriends and fiance and I asked them the same in front of my twin…his wife was not yet receptive and I figured as much…all but one of my exes went away with no problem but one of my exes (who by the way makes my twin very jealous) told me in the meditation that he will never cut cords with me…Ironically, he is also the one that I have been dreaming about lately causing problems between me and my twin…I’m not worried because I know he will once he’s ready…I say go for it! I know your twin is in a difficult situation but from where I’m standing he is the luckiness man in the world because he has someone like you by his side!!! wink…sending you love!! p.s. it has been been difficult dealing with these co-workers, he even had a baby with one of them, who was not his wife so as you can see I have had a very hard time letting go…but then Cassady as always comes and saves the day!!!! 🙂

  83. Hi Amber , it’s funny because when I woke up today I realized we separated on October 11. :-/ and now that I’m working on forgiving him I’m starting to lose that “addiction” because acceptance that he’s gone and forgiveness for him leaving is shifting my feelings.

  84. Thank you for sharing your experience. You describe quite welll this strange process when you clear all these old pains and how you can get from a deep low into bliss again. I recognize the path here and I am so grateful for that because I sometimes still need ‘evidence’ for all this (I mean, how remarkable it is to see how old pain and scars can just get out and not return?!) and the more I recognize the more I can surrender to faith :). So thank you! <3 E.

  85. Reading this was really helpful for me. My whole life, I’ve felt that I will know exactly what I am looking for once I found it. As a result, I’ve only been with two other people besides my twin (“been with” meaning in a committed relationship as well as sexually) and both were soul mates, I’m certain. My twin is currently engaged and I struggled for a long time trying to decide if I needed to push myself to date and maybe attempt a relationship with another person. Then it dawned on me—I’ve been looking for my twin my whole life. And, if I never felt the need to date to begin with, why should I force myself to do so now? I realized that for me, anything other than my twin would be settling. In fact, just the thought of being with someone else fills me with overwhelming sadness and fear. I don’t feel deprived because I know anything else wouldn’t truly make me happy and I’m not unhappy by not dating/being in a relationship. So, although we are not (yet) together physically, I think remaining strong in knowing what it is that I want regardless of social conventions is an expression of self-love. Not to mention the fact that, if I were to be with another person, it simply would not be fair to them because…I wouldn’t be giving all of my self, and I wouldn’t be willing to consider forever with them. If I’m being honest, if I found myself with another and my twin happened to come back, that relationship would be over pretty quickly. And I’m not in the habit of breaking hearts. Thoughts? Is this the sort of thinking process you went through too?

  86. Wow, I’m so glad I read this, along with Cassady’s response. I have been starting to feel this way for quite sometime now, too. A few months. But after reconnecting with my Twin after four months, and then almost immediately going back to not having much contact (all within the last two weeks), I really started to feel this feeling that your explaining. It sounds like exactly what I’m feeling. It’s been worrying me for sometime, I started thinking maybe this meant I didn’t care about her anymore or that she wasn’t my Twin. But at the same time, the pain of her coming back and then having her drop off again so quick really pushed me hard and fast into a new phase of learning and growing. So I felt like this “lack” of feelings for her also was a good thing. I feel like I’ve needed to not put all of my focus on her and work on more of myself and not have the need and the anxiety to feel so attached to her in the 3D way. However, it does majorly calm my worries and I’m glad you shared this experience and that others are feeling this on this journey too. And that Cassady gave such great insight into these feelings as well. Thanks for sharing.

  87. I can also relate to these feelings. i was starting to think I was the only one who felt this way, as funny as it sounds. This sounds exactly like how I feel as well. My biggest fear is that my Twin and I will never talk or see each other again, as well and I have a lot of panic over it. It’s good to know there is someone I can relate to with this, as this seems to be one of my biggest blocks as well, if not the biggest one. Just know that it will be ok, and like Cassady said, you’re never really apart. That has helped me a lot to get into a more calm, positive state of mind to be able to draw my Twin back physically. Stay positive. Everything will work out.

  88. Cassady your VA course is incredible! Thank you so much! I’m working through it slowly xxxx

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