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Discover the Tiny Yet Crucial Shift that will Change Everything on Your Journey – and How to Overcome Common Difficulties on the Twin Flame Path No Matter what You’ve Been Through Before.


Today’s Q&A deals with a broad deep-seated issue which I get emails on every single day. Meeting your Twin Flame and going through the resulting Ascension can be a life-changing and challenging process to handle, and in this situation many Twins end up dealing with issues of depression, confusion, helplessness…

Many are unsure how to deal with their Twin Flame Journey and how to ever get back to joy again.

You Already Have The Answers

One of the biggest issues I see on the Twin Flame Journey (and this is something I had to learn the hard way myself) is looking outside of yourself for answers. Spirit tells me time and time again, we hold our own answers.

We have all the insight into our own personal journey and energy configurations if we just listen to our intuition.

The problem is that we’ve been raised in a mentally focused society where the information structure encourages us to look for teachers, leaders, experts outside of ourselves, who tell us what do to and how to fix our problems. So we don’t even try to look within.

The real truth is that through your Higher Self you can access any information and insight you desire. One of the biggest lessons your soul wants you to learn in this lifetime is that you are infinitely powerful, and that you can have, be or do anything you decide on.

You are the master of your own path.

As the famous Jaladin Rumi quote says:
“Stop acting so small. You are the entire Universe in ecstatic motion.”


Stepping Into Your Power

What I can help you with, is insight on how to manage and clear your energy and to realize what might be blocking you from stepping into your power. I can help you create the Twin Flame journey and the life you truly desire.

This is why I made the Vibrational Alignment Program – for you to have effective tools for your Twin Flame journey and in everyday life to raise your vibration and start aligning with your real inner power. The power to get your own answers and to be sovereign in your own life and create what you desire instead of feeling that your happiness is dependent on others. Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit

I know from experience that stepping into our power can feel near impossible, especially if we’ve been experiencing hardship and challenges.

There’s something amazing I want you to know, though – helplessness and hopelessness and disempowerment are all energy patterns. They’re not “real”. They’re not who you are!

They’re energies you can clear out once you know how. Same with sadness, heaviness, jealousy, resentment… Any low vibration energy can be cleared out of your experience with ease once you know how.


Overcoming Powerlessness

Overcoming that first hurdle where you might feel like action is useless, is crucial. My guides often tell me: when you feel low, taking action is what helps the most.

Because when we take action and actually do something, we shift out of the energy of hopelessness and into an energy of action.

It can be something so small as going out for a walk, or writing a diary entry, or baking cupcakes or calling a friend or even doing your taxes! Any action shifts your energy out of powerlessness fast, instead of ruminating over it.

Getting started now and making the intention that the past is over, that this is the now moment that I start creating my future exactly the way I desire it, is so powerful.

Just taking one baby step towards your ideal can profoundly shift your entire journey – because you are an energetic being (a soul) in a human body, and everything you do and think and feel has repercussions on your entire energy field and your Twin’s (because you are the same original consciousness expressing itself in two bodies).


You Don’t Really Need Your Twin Flame

A huge Twin Flame lesson your soul will keep push you into until you learn, is that you are already whole on your own!

This was tough for me to learn, especially after experiencing the elation and bliss of the initial coming together with my Twin. I honestly felt like I needed him and he needed me. More than anyone I’d ever met.

Then my soul began triggering my deepest insecurities by pushing up the most painful issues between us – things that would force me to make a choice. Do you love yourself enough to value your own happiness over your desire to be “complete” through another? 

This completely unsettled me and lead to many sleepless nights and emotional turmoil, but once I made the choice to value and love myself above all, the true jewel of the lesson was revealed: Until we learn that we are strong and whole on our own, this lesson will keep being presented to us.

The truth is that Twin Flames don’t need each other.

We’re not incomplete on our own. If we keep approaching the connection as if we’re lacking when we’re not together, we will keep attracting dysfunction because we’re coming from a low vibration point.


Exiting and Reentering The Twin Flame Journey

In order for Twin Flame Union in the higher realms to take place, we must release any  earthly claims to our Twin Flame and reenter into the connection from a perspective of unconditional love. Meaning that it’s completely voluntary for both. (Read more about Twin Flame Union here)

We love each other and desire to come together, but not from a place of pain or fear of loss. It is the active polarity of love. A gift we give each other, rather than a heavy commitment.

Being and feeling whole on your own is one of the biggest lessons on this journey. If you can reach that point on your own, your soul will stop pushing you into separation.

Get to know yourself, value yourself and devote love to yourself.

Your relationship with yourself is the starting point for any other relationship, and this is why it’s such a deep lesson on the Twin Flame path. Find out what you like and appreciate about yourself no matter what anyone else thinks. Spend time doing those things that make your soul sing. Enjoy your own company.

Often this is a process that takes some time to get into, but once you learn to love yourself and honor yourself above all else, your whole life and your Twin Flame connection will be transformed beyond recognition. Because you will be radiating love and attracting positivity from the very core of your being.

Two Essential Steps To Union

The way I’ve experienced this often challenging but also incredibly beautiful and joyous journey, is that there are two essential steps to making it smooth and harmonious and getting to Twin Flame Union:

#1) Self-empowerment:

Accept that you are the creator of your experience and start exploring what that means to you and what you truly desire to create – what makes your heart “sing”? Get to know yourself through journalling and introspection. Recognize the true inner power that you are beneath all and any negativity, emotional baggage and “history”.

#2) Managing your energy consciously:

You are an energetic being creating your experiences moment by moment, day by day, and in order to make the most of life and experience that true joy and connection with your Twin (which you can already feel in the pit of your being is possible) – it’s important that you clear your energy of others’ influence and past negativity and patterns.

Negative karma and energy patterns are what create repeated struggles, hardship, lack of love and drama between Twin Flames.

Once you learn to clear these negatives, you are opened up to create more of what you truly desire. You won’t be stuck on a subconscious autopilot of trauma and drama anymore.

Watch this brief video below to learn more about where the Twin Flame Struggles stem from and how to not only deal with it but solve it for good.

twin flame video

You Already Knew All Of This

Above all, remember that you’re not small! You’re not weak! You’re not powerless! You are an infinite soul who bravely decided to come to earth and to re-encounter your Twin Flame so that the two of you could come together in harmony the way you were at the dawn of existence, and to be a source of light and unconditional love on this planet.

You and your Twin wouldn’t have come here unless you knew deep inside that you could succeed. 

And before you came here, you made agreements with dozens of other souls both on earth and on the higher realms, who would help you get to that point by sending you signals and providing you with the information and guidance you would need to get back to each other. Remember.


Being Open To The Help You’ve Asked For

Now, on this journey it’s important to make sure that your energy field is open to receiving that guidance and that help. Most people’s energy field is so blocked that love and abundance are deflected automatically even though the universe is working to bring them everything they want and need.

My Energy Clearing Sessions For Twin Flames takes you through blasting through any blocks to receiving, any deep-seated issues around self worth and blocks to self love, plus we upgrade and rewire your entire reality blueprint so you can finally start receiving.

We also focus on downloading new blueprints and programming for you to get moving to Twin Flame Union with ease, no matter what’s happened previously on your journey.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light! I believe in you! <3

Cassady x


Want more? For an easy, fun way to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit!

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  1. This is where I have been missing the point … This helps tremendously. Thanks for reminding my humanness of my souls calling to reunite with my twin. I have wanted this sacredness keeping myself hidden wondering when he will find me, without authentically loving me…. Wow!!! I thought I loved myself. I am starting right this minute to introspect my deepest desires, my own dreams and love myself profoundly.
    Your words made me cry and my soul say “YES” !!! You are a blessing and I humbly thank you, Holly

  2. Hi Cassady,
    I love this post and it comes at a time that is perfect for me. All about trusting yourself and your own feelings/intuition.
    I have a sort of unrelated question, but I was hoping you would consider making a post about it as I know many other people struggle with this, too.
    My question is, what if you meet the person who you believe is your Twin Flame, and then a psychic tells you they aren’t? This has caused a lot of confusion and upset for me and instead of feeling more clear about the situation, I just feel more confused and jumbled in my mind. I remember reading on a few different occasions in your posts that you’re drawn to certain information from the universe, and that if you were drawn to researching Twin Flames, then that is significant to you. I feel confused mostly because all of the ways I feel about this person seem to coincide with a Twin Flame pairing, and my intuition has always told me this is the person I’m meant to be with. Along with getting signs in the affirmative when I ask the universe if this truly is the person I’m meant to be with. I can also feel this person’s energy at times and “merging” at other times. I have frequent, lucid dreams about them, etc. etc. My point is that it’s very hard for me to believe that this is the person I’m not meant to end up with as I’ve never felt like this or this strongly about anyone else before and my heart tells me I never will. Is it possible that a psychic could be wrong about this?
    Thank you so much for any help you can give me with this.

  3. Thank you for reflecting my thoughts today! My soul has been asking me “what will you do if you do not connect with your twin this lifetime?” The question is a deep one as I am already connected and know that at an energetic level. But what of the physical plane? I am confident that we can connect. Seeing clearly though that what is divine will simply IS and what we choose to accept as free will is the determinant. If one side chooses to love another perhaps we should celebrate that choice because it is their happiness and their free will that sets us free as well. Their learning is our learning. Fear of rejection is fear of our own inner worth of course. If your twin is your reflection, would you reject them? Give yourself the same compassion! Just pondering this question has taken me deeply into my own self worth. I have held that love inside my heart, held his hands over mine and mine over his on his own heart just feeling that love. Through it, my own self love is purified and my need to grasp lifts. Each moment I spend clearing MYSELF though I know is powerfully giving to him as well as filling me without a need of other. That is enough in the moment! Living from a place of spiritual awareness of the beauty of life, the beauty of connecting with source directly, these moments alone I treasure just as much as being connected with my twin. When we do make that choice, the resonance will be so much more powerful coming from a place of inner completion. If it is only on the energetic this lifetime I am realizing that I will be fine with that because I know we will both have reached an agreement one way or the other. It has set me free just knowing we exist! Thank you for helping me clear this!

  4. Hi there, thank you for your kind words – I’m so happy this was helpful for you! And your question is a great one – I’ll definitely do a post about it soon. it’s a situation most of us on the Twin Flame journey have encountered <3 xx

  5. I’m so grateful this resonated with you, Angel! x Yes, we’re complex beings with a deep consciousness that harbours many layers, and self love is a big issue <3 Sending you love and light x Cassady

  6. Avendesora, thank you for commenting! Yes, this is a complex issue – it sounds like you’re bravely approaching these things and being honest and open with yourself. You should be proud! This is big progress x <3


  7. Thank you for your reply! I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say on this subject in the future.

  8. Cassady, I am screaming with joy right now at just how amazing you are and how these posts are always spot on to what I am going through! These questions have been coming up for me recently and I was coming to this conclusion that all I need is me and I’ll be fine no matter what happens on this journey…the universe has given me a gift and my twin a gift of each other!! Thank you Cassady for embracing your mission and help show us the way! I look forward to your posts every week! Sending you love!

  9. Hi Cassady,

    Thanks for another insightful post! To be clear, there is a difference between having a longing for a physical reunion with our Twin that overwhelms/controls us and intuitively knowing that a physical reunion is possible (even likely) and being happy with ourselves and our lives until then? I went through the whole depression, loss of motivation, wondering if I would ever feel happy without her again. But I’ve gotten to a place now where my heart tells me that she is the one and if I’m wrong or she chooses of her own free will to not want to be with me…I will still be ok and the God/the Universe will bring me someone just as amazing because the Universe wants us to share our love. Does this sound about right? As it stands, I have wonderful people in my life and have always been very blessed in that regard. I’m happy and I love very deeply…I just want to share that love and happiness with her now. Is it ok to feel that way?

  10. Also, wanted to thank you for your last energy update….definitely feel so much closer to my Twin this week. I came from a horribly abusive relationship with a person who made me feel like a burden to her. She would be upset if I reached out to her to even ask how her day was going. I used to approach my Twin with this same mold, and it would make me scared to reach out to her because I was convinced she wanted to forget about me and would get angry and call me selfish (which, of course, she has never done). Well, her birthday is coming up and I plan on shooting her message to wish her happy birthday and guess what? I’m not scared! I know how much she loves me and I know she would never want to forget about me. Anyway, I’ve felt that loving energy come through so strongly and my ego is finally starting to calm down and shut up. I love it! Thanks again for so much inspiration!

  11. Dear Cassady,
    I am wondering whether you could explain a bit more (here or in a future blog) about how clearing your Twin’s energy works. I have heard different opions on this: yes you can clear and help your twin partly, but in the end; s/he will have to do it themselves, it is their process and their free will.
    My experience this week was that after feeling that I have cleared almost everything ‘ old’ my energy field is quite clean. I feel that myself and it was also confirmed by two others who read energy. My twin is still in a psychological process, and still has negative energy, I feel that I am pulling the level up, but not yet enough. So the matter was: do I believe in ‘each his/her own process’ or in ‘one twin can clear it all for the other’? I got an answer when I was with a marvelous person who helps me now and then to get out negative energy. We both felt that I was very light, and all that had to leave was easily transmuted. Which, btw, is thanks to your tools (for which I am sooo gratefull!!!) which I use now daily to take care of myself in a spiritual sense. So the healing just started when suddenly my twin showed up and laid down with me. The person who was helping me did not know that but suddenly got confused whereas she was suddenly feeling different energy, negative blocks and emotions. So I told her he joined me, and she asked my twin if he was ok that she would work on him and he was, so through me she worked on him. I felt like I was an in between medium or so. I sounds really weird, and I can hardly believe it even, but on the other hand, my twin and me feel almost constantly together on soul level since a week now, so it does make sense.
    After that, up til now, I feel different i energy, all little pains I got rid off are back, my back hurts, my head, and I feel much more heavy and down. So I guess, I do now with this energy as what I did with my own last months. It would be great to hear from you whether you recognize this, if it makes sense and maybe if you can advise me how to proceed. Because, also, if this really helps him, I will be very happy to help him get through this.
    Rests me one more question in regard to this: what about ‘ the own process of the twin’. Is that indeed necessary, or is it an dialectical thing or can one twin do all the work and the other suddenly feels liht without cognitively understanding what happened? I am very curious to hear from you. Also: I remember you once did coaching and readings, I do not know if you still do, but maybe an (online) coaching sessions might be welcome, if you cannot answer this here.
    Thank you for evggerything, love and light

  12. Hi E., thanks for your question – I’d love to write a post about this! Just briefly, it would serve you to remember that your Twin isn’t just their earthly self. Their soul and their higher self is working for the same thing you are – union. So when you clear your energy and set out the strong energetic intention of getting to Twin Union, your twin’s soul and higher self is with you the whole time.

    Your guidance team and your twin’s team are working closely at all times for the two of you to come together in divine time (i.e. when the energies are in alignment for it).

    In addition, as two parts of the same original consciousness, you and your twin share an energy field. This means any clearing you do, impacts the collective field you have, and shifts the whole dynamic between you.

    The simplest way to clear for your twin is to imagine them connected to the light as well, and intending that the clearings are done for them also. You don’t have to go through the work twice.

    Sending you love and light x <3


  13. I completely agree with Cici! I always wait in anticipation for these posts every week!!! They are the joy of my life right now!!! Love you so much Cassady, you’re a Godsend! *sniffles* xxx

  14. Hi Cassady, I am glad i have found this platform. All of this is very new to me. I only found out about twin flames a few days ago, fortunately or unfortunately i am in surrendering stage i feel. I had been a follower of the law of attraction. Initially i used to think that i can use Loa fo ranything and it will be sorted. And believe me it did happen wth me. I was always hesitant in seeking universal help for a partner. I always had self esteem issues and health issues which took over my head and i tjought i will be just married to off to any one..least did i know we dont ‘use’ universe and it uses us for divine purposes. I was in a comfortable place work wise and socially, but i always felt neglected when it ca,e to love, kept falling for random people to seek validation. Deep down i know i dnt want them. Hence the world thought i was the queen of unrequited love. But deep down i was laways looking for ‘ the one’, and i had some belief that i would be with the exac kind of person i want to be with. Somehow i always knew that to be with love, u need to heal first and be love frst. Hence started m journey of healingme.Lost more weight, did everything i wanted and became so attractive as a soul that things started changing. Universe kept sending prospective people to me, only now i know that they were attracted to me because i becme attractive as a souls, i was beaming with confidence. And then life as i knew changed, I met this person on a superficial dating site, I had never thought i would be able to date anyone earlier, but somehow i was pulled to do this as my last attempt before my parents started pressurizing me to look for conventional methods for a partner. And i still remeber when i was about to click on tis persons profile, i thought to myself well may be i should say yes just maybe. And that was when life as i knew it changed.. We connected and for the first time i felt secure with a person, he was to move to the US for his medicine specialization. He wasnt in for a long term thing, still i was like we can still see. So the first night we spoke and we bth ened up saying that ‘ we have a crush on each other’. I was so brutally honest with him about so many things i never told anyone, but somehow i felt i had to tell him. So did he. He told me that he was in love with someone and it was his first relationship and she cheated on him and lots of trauma happened as they were in different continents. When we met it was electric…. We just wanted to touch kiss each other and believe me a kiss never felt like this ever before…. He was everthing i had ever sought in a person, he always said the things that made me sort feel enhanced as aperson… it was the beautiful time of my life… I cant imagine the coincidences and the understaning.. We were laways hi fiving about something…Since he was studying and was at cross roads in life, he told e he doesnnt want anything serious because he was still vulnerable, i could feel the guards and the walls he had build. Despite him saying that he doesnt want to be too deeply involved, he was more than involved. It was the best realtioship ever. We would come with theories on love and life. I was aware that this might not be a longetrm thing, but we both were mentally and sexually simulated. And he would in so many ways enrich me, always did and say the things I always wanted to here… SO many moments when i felt thhat he is so speaking my mind. And after a few months when i felt a litle fearful that he might go away, I just felt the urge to lock it down. SO i expresed my love for him and he said he doesn want me or him to be vulnerable. Since he still has his medicine study left he told me he doesnt want anything else till then. It broke me but i still knew i all was not lost because we have that deep connection and undertsanding. I told him to just forget it and we were a lill awakward for a few days, He felt love could destroy everything for him… Withing days he was more and more involved, Morning mesaages turned into calls.. And then pooof !!! he started pulling away… I was taken a back… Best part was that my guidance somehow told me let hom go instead of doning anything else.. So we both met and I said ‘ i dont want to meet you’ And he said, ” there are no good byes’, It was the momet when i realized this is why it was never working out with anyone else… It was the most amazing parting meeting I ever heard off, we spoke from heart. He said he wanted o detach because he knows a love which can turn life. everything we spoke was magical. Strangely I discussed my theory on yin and yang, Like how they are so beautiful when apart and hen they are togther the make someting even more beautiful. Least did i know that I was stating the twin flame theory. He said he just has to this ( I kept thinking about ow he used to say that he wants to cherish our bond forever). He said i deserve an amazing person, but my heart kept saying that it was him. We cut contact in January his year, I did once in a blue moon message him but te last time i messaged he never replied it broke my heart. I have been doing so much healing and learning with Abraham Hicks. But i used to feel tired all the time, thinking may be I am stupid pushing something which ‘ is not meant to be’. Then i read about twin flames, it was like an another form of awakening. Now i know hwy have i become spiritual and aloof. I feel amazing, for the first time in life i feel complete and not alone. He awoke these feelings in me, he enhanced my love for me. I feel i have become gold after so much polishing….I see aligned number everywhere, i see his name everywhere. My tarot reader has also made predictions of his come back. It feels as though he is in me, in my soul in my being…. I hav my fears and doubts which i know will go away… Twin flame theory was the last missing piece in my life. When i told my frnds he seems to be in some denial about his feelings for me they thought i was being ‘obsessed and unrealistic’. It still feels too good to be true..I do feel I am very close to a breakthrough but I am always looking for some signs.. I Have had dreams of him running away from me, I have also seen a nightmare recently of him getting married, I still have faith that we both are meant to be and he is just around the corner. I hope I am on the right track… Just need some reassurance.. 🙂 sorry for te really long story…

  15. Sorry for typos and so much more.. I was so excited to share that i kept typing.. 🙂 Sending Blessings and love.. 🙂

  16. I translate lot of your posts to French on my FB page. Like this you can help also lot of French Twin Flames who can’t understand English. Thank you so much dear Cassady xx

  17. I just cried my eyes out because here’s the main answer to my struggle. I am Sooooooo Grateful…. Thank You Cassidy…. 🙂 <3

  18. Omg Cassady. This is the first time I read anything you’ve written. What a huge relief to be released from the struggles I’ve “seemed” to have in my life. Words have hurt me tremendously but I’m finding out how powerfully words can and do heal. I cannot but be Grateful…. Thank You So Very Much! <3 🙂

  19. Thank you for this past renegade. Reading this healed so many thoughts just now in my head. Thank You! <3 🙂

  20. Cassidy, I just did the free clearing kit exercises. I have a question regarding the numbers 11:11. Is that how you know someone is your twin flame, if you continue to see those numbers? I do not see those numbers. But I do continually see our numbers, his is 318 and mine is 13. Ive been seeing 113 and 0318 together. For example, when we met he was my 318th friend on fb and we had 13 mutual friends. The first message he sent me was 11/3 1:08. I do not see 11:11 please advise, thank you!

  21. Not sure about not seeing 11:11, but I will say that I see numbers specific to me and my twin. I see the date of the first time we hung out constantly, as well as her birthdate.

  22. Ok, that’s the same with me… I see our numbers and I even see his name, which is weird… But its not him… If he is running and not responding, what should I do? Do I send him info on twin flames? do I tell him anything??? Thank you

  23. It really depends on your situation, I think, and what feels right to you. Ditto for whether or not he is your twin. I think 11:11 is a super common occurrence with the TF experience, but I doubt it’s a requirement. Really, in the end, only you will know if he is your twin. I have refrained from telling my twin about twin flames because I know her well enough to know that it would only complicate her feelings and thought processes about us. Besides that, I personally believe that it doesn’t matter whether or not she knows about TFs— either way, the feelings are there and she still has to do her own internal work.

  24. “Do you love yourself enough to value your own happiness over your desire to be ‘complete’ through another?”

    Annnnddd I’m tearing up. This is where I am right now.

    I have spent a long time doing the “chasing” because I felt so safe and excited–whole–with my love when we initially came together, and I had not had many chances to experience such a beautiful feeling and connection throughout my life. I lost my father when I was very young, and I was not really taught to love myself, so I have spent a lot of time clearing out old beliefs and habitual ways of thinking related to not valuing myself very much. Lately I have also been working on the very deeply buried core wound that said that the rug can be ripped out from under me at anytime and the universe is not a safe place, which were impressed upon me following the sudden loss of my father; we are better equipped to “ride the wave” and maturely appreciate and accept and cope with loss and separation (though now I understand that these things are not real) when we are adults, but such experiences are devastating and traumatizing when they happen to us as young children.

    Yesterday I spent some time playing in front of the mirror, basically playing dress up and admiring myself in a fun and cheeky way. (I’ve rarely done this in the past, burdened as I was by beliefs that I would never be beautiful enough, even though I’ve had plenty of experiences that suggested otherwise.) I have been affirming to myself that I am the type of girl who is unforgettable, worth fighting for, beautiful inside and out (or “stunning” as my love once noted), irreplaceable, and have invaluable gifts and energy to offer to the world. I am THAT girl. I think I was holding these knowings away from myself before, waiting to integrate them, thinking that I would accept them as true once my love finally came back and proved by his actions that it was so. But that’s not how it works, is it? I don’t need him to show me anything or do anything in particular to know that those statements are true. That is the difference between hearing/knowing from within vs. looking/seeking outside.

    I have also had a recent epiphany that I am a shaman! It really makes me happy in my soul to do shamanic work and heal myself and others in this way. In this lifetime, I’m in a healing profession, but someday I hope to incorporate more traditional and ancient healing techniques into the evolving paradigm of modern approaches. I celebrate this insight! 🙂

    Thanks to anyone who read (“listened”) to this. I wish everyone connected to this blog a lot of happiness, joy and freedom. <3

  25. Thank you Starry Night for sharing your experiences! Beautifully told and I know that this lesson resonates deeply in all of us on both sides.

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