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Twin Flame writing often makes this connection sound like an affliction, even a curse – but that’s not the full story. Find out the secret reasons why being a Twin Flame really might be the best thing that’s ever happened to you…


For this year’s holiday post it was suggested to me by spirit to do something a bit different – to write about all the positives of the Twin Flame connection, and about why and how it’s such a gift to your life.

Lots of writing on the Twin Flame connection makes it sound like an affliction, something there should be a cure for or you should feel sorry you ever encountered – especially if you read the stories of other Twins and their struggles.

What You Expect, You Get More Of

This can be problematic for many reasons – in energy, what we focus on is what we connect deeper with and draw to us more of. So focusing on problems will only align us with more problems.

It’s also how the physical brain works – when you focus on problems, hurt and pain, you create and reinforce neural pathways that attune you to expertly discovering flaws and pitfalls and negativity wherever you look. Recent neurological research shows that you really can train yourself to be happy and optimistic, and it’s easier than we might think.

As spirit says: “Joy is optional”. It’s up to us to make the most of our journey, and no one will come and hit us over the head with love or happiness – it’s something we have to attune to because it’s all about dwelling in the higher energies in order to experience it.

Your Heart’s Message For You

So they suggested an article focusing on all the wonders of the Twin Flame connection – because it truly is a wonder. It can also be a pain – but we are being reminded that if that’s the case, it’s something we are willingly creating with our energy because we have aligned with those patterns.

If you feel like you’ve had more of the pain than the wonder on your journey, really take in these points and keep them in mind over the holidays – feel with your whole being the truth that things could be truly magical between you and your Twin. You have a resonance of this inside your heart.

Shift into your heart and feel it right now, silence your mind. No matter what’s happened before, you can shift into a new situation of joy and harmony and togetherness – it’s why you and your Twin’s souls are here on earth right now.


Shifting Out Of Struggle

And if you feel resistance or have a sense of being blocked from feeling that joy, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program where you’ll learn effective energy and karma clearing tools to show you how to quickly blast through blocks and realign your energy and shifting your Twin Flame dynamic to love and harmony.

These tools are what I used to reach union with my own Twin within 18 months of our first encounter, and I can honestly say after a lot of experimenting and trial and error that these are the most fast-acting and deep-working tools I’ve found for transforming the Twin Flame connection for the better – no matter what your starting point is or what’s come before.

As an example, I’d grown up with parents who had no clue about spirituality, stayed together despite arguing constantly and seeming as out of love as two people could possibly be, worked hard for little money and believed that life was a pain and you had to struggle your way through it…

That was my starting point in life, and I’m so thankful to say my existence has been completely transformed for the better since then. Perhaps most significantly on the inside – after clearing and lifting my energy I feel truly free and light and happy for the first time in my life.

And being together with my Twin without the constant triggering and hard lesson learning, is amazing. That’s what shifting my energy has done.



#1) You Get to Experience True Love

Here on earth we have a strange perception of what love is – we think of romance, sex, or family ties or maybe being there for another person when things get rough. In human society, people often mistake a number of other things for love: attachment, dependency on others, being scared of being alone, loyalty, sympathy, even pity…

In all honesty, the love most human beings experience is just a small part love, mixed in with a lot of other complicating factors and lower vibrational energies.

True Love in its essence is much more than that – this is what the Twin Flames share. Unconditional Love is a powerful energetic force. Unfortunately most human beings are too energetically congested to feel it properly – however, Twin Flames are bonded by Unconditional Love at their core.

It’s who we are to each other deep down. The bond between Twin Flames’ hearts is a portal of unconditional love from one to the other. As souls there is only Love between the Twins, and the reason difficulty arises is that everything that is out of alignment with this love and clouding it up is being pushed to be released.

Imagine how many human beings on earth right now are in relationships with people they don’t really love and who don’t love them. This is considered normal – unhappy marriages, staying together because of finances or children or convenience. Our society doesn’t really believe Love is Real.

As Twin Flames, we get to experience a love that transcends any earthly limitations – and the further into Ascension, the more of this love comes through. With Twin Flames in Union,  Love is all there is.


#2) You Get to Grow as a Person

Spirit often reminds me of how big the changes truly are for those on the Ascension path – emotionally, spiritually and energetically. For us experiencing it from the inside, it’s hard to realize just how profoundly and quickly we’re changing but try looking back a few years and remember how you were then compared to now.

In a human life, most people get caught in habits of living and thinking and feeling after reaching adulthood. Karmic patterns, family loops. They stop questioning and looking for more in life.

Twin Flames, on the other hand, are on a journey of continual discovery and evolution. Our souls have set this to be a pivotal life of our existence, and we are pushed to move out of all limitations.

Psychoanalyst C. G. Jung described early on in the 20th century three psychological phases of life:

The First, childhood, is learning to function as a person in a body
the Body Consciousness;

The Second is teenage years and early adulthood, the development of the self
 the Ego Consciousness;

The Third, at full maturity, is re-learning to live from a deeper more transcendent place
Spiritual Consciousness.

Jung remarked somewhat sadly – 99% of human beings never get to the third and last stage.

Twin Flames are fully launched into this third stage of spiritual development on our journey, and uniquely, we get to live on earth fully Ascended.

I’m not sure if you understand how rare this is – in previous times, only ancient sages and spiritual ascetics lived like this – “enlightened” – now, in the new energy shift on planet Earth where Twins all over the world are Ascending, we will get to live the rest of our lives that way. This is highly, highly unusual.


#3) You Get to Learn About Yourself

With your Twin Flame as your Mirror, you get to figure out anything and everything that ever had you feeling bad or blocked or hemmed in. You get to understand why you’ve “boxed yourself in” from being an infinite being to believing that you’re a “small, normal human being”.

And you get to learn what your true desires are and how to create a life that serves you perfectly. This is priceless. Again, most people never figure out why things are the way they are for them, and they rarely change their lives.

On the Twin Flame Path, we are given the gift of understanding ourselves, and ultimately loving ourselves unconditionally. We are given the gift of potentially reaching “enlightenment” – seeing the light and the purity in both ourselves, others and everything around us. Illumination.


#4) You Get to Experience the Pinnacles of Existence

Have you ever spent time with your Twin Flame in love and felt that the world didn’t exist anymore when you were together? That you two were the only people on earth and that you almost weren’t sure whether you were awake or dreaming, or alive or dead? Somehow it felt like everything and nothing at the same time – a vortex of existence?

Famed mythologer Joseph Campbell described humanity as on an eternal search for “peak experiences” – and that this is one of the human being’s deepest instincts. To seek that which goes beyond the mundane, to feel truly alive and that there is meaning to life.

As Twin Flames, we get to experience things a “normal” human being could only dream of – passion and love and excitement and mystery that sometimes feel like you’re living in a fairy tale. We get to live a romantic drama, to outside eyes.

Don’t take this lightly – to live a life of wonder like this where new levels of existence reveal themselves to you and doors to “new worlds” are opened to you, is nothing short of miraculous.

Twin Flames get to experience living. Most people just exist.


#5) You Get to Truly be Understood

When you meet your Twin Flame, you are meeting the other part of your consciousness, the other part of your energy. It’s why we’re “One Soul In Two Bodies”.

One of the deepest hurts a human being ever experiences, is the feeling of not being understood or valued for who we are deep down. Most of us play games, wear masks around others to get along and have them like us. For example, how we act and talk differently among friends than with family or co-workers.

In our Twin Flame, we have a person who understands us completely. Your Twin Flame is you, and you are them. No matter what outside differences there are, this is the perfect mirror complement to your soul.

Do you realize how insanely lucky we are to experience this? To meet that one person who can finish your thoughts, the one person who knows what you’re feeling without you even saying something, the one person who will always understand you no matter what? This is a true gift.

And if you feel that things could improve for you – remember that any dissonance isn’t due to you and your Twin being in trouble, or because you’re some kind of sub-standard Twins where you don’t really understand each other… Promise. It’s because you’re congested with negative energy still.

Any problems between Twins are due to energy – if there’s dissonance or a seeming lack of understanding or closeness between you, it’s because you’ve taken on other people’s energy, negativity and congestion and it’s being pushed up to be cleared.

The more you clear and the further into Ascension you get, the more you’ll feel it – the wonder of understanding and sharing without even having to say a single word. 


#6) You Get to Remember Why We’re All Here – The True Beauty of Existence

When you meet your Twin Flame and Awaken, you snap out of the metaphysical sleep you’ve been in and start realigning with your Soul. Along the way, you become more attuned to your intuitive gifts, memories come untangled, past life visions start turning up through dreams and meditations – you are no longer “mere human”. You shift into being a soul in a body.

Deep down, you know now why you are here on earth, you know who your Twin is to you, you somehow know the meaning of it all – even if you can’t fully describe it with words.

You understand the paradoxical wonder of it all: the soft fragility of life yet how impossibly beautiful it is. This planet with all of its intricacies of nature and people, and the wonders of existing like this on a small revolving planet that’s one of a kind, spinning slowly around an ancient, burning star we call the sun.

Life is a miracle – we’ve just got used to it. The veil was drawn over our eyes. But the Twin Flames get to lift the veil once more and live life like the miracle it truly is.


#7) You Get to Live Life the Way it’s Meant to be Lived – Joy and Happiness

Look back at history and see how people have lived for millennia on this planet. A small fraction of human beings have had position and wealth and relative comfort (but really it’s been pretty dismal compared to our modern lives).  The majority of human beings merely survived as best they could and struggled from day to day. This is the old “3D” system of survival, opposition and polarity. The energetic grid of that old heaviness still exists on earth.

Twin Flames are through Ascension lifted up out of this “old reality” and into the higher vibrations – opening up to a whole new way of living. Love, unity, happiness, limitlessness. This is the new “5D” reality. We are among such a tiny group of human beings to ever have the chance to experience life like this.

All we have to do is go along with the ride, actively clear the negativity that comes up in order to let go of the anchors that have kept us locked to that old heavy reality.

I’m not sure all Twin Flames understand this – the reason we all came here to earth, was to give love, live love, feel love, love love. And we get to do this – we are being lead to it each and every step of the way.

You being here on this site – if you’ve asked for help and prayed for it, this is it. Your guidance has lead you to this place to give you the help you requested. And my help comes in the form of the program I’ve created for Twins.

The struggle is a part of the old reality, it doesn’t have to be that way. Embrace your infinite nature. You create your reality. Our plan was to live “heaven on earth”. And it will happen more and more over coming years.

The question to you is – will you let it happen? Will you help yourself live in harmony and reach that unity you came here for?


Wishing you the most wonderful holiday season <3

Love and light,

Cassady x



If you’d like more information on energy and karma clearings, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I created for Twin Flames – these are the tools and methods I myself used to get to Union with my Twin within 18 months of our first encounter.

Alternatively you can try my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames, which includes a powerful energy cleanse tool!

Do you want FREE ebooks and Energy Tools to help you on your journey and more articles about Twin Flames in your inbox?

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  1. Thank you for this blog. It is a true gift, I feel your love and positive energy through the words and it connects in my heart that recognises the truth of your words and energy. Thank you thank you thank you, I am grateful for your guidance, I am grateful for my twin, our journey, and thanks to him, and with your help, I feel grateful for being me.
    Love, light, beauty, peace and as always truth for the new year, dearest Cassady.
    <3 E.

  2. One more question popped up after letting your words dancing within:
    Can I help my twin on the physical plane with overcoming his ego/fear, or is that up to him, and should I refrain to only the soul level? I feel sometimes like I would like to shake him up: look at your inner truth, as you did when we were together, dare my love! But I feel that would not be right, he has to figure that out himself? Action towards or with my twin on the physical plane remains a bit clouded… 🙂 Could you elaborate upon that aspect, please?

    Oh, and one more. If I reach a more constant level of high vibrations, does that mean that he is there (or will be soon) too? I guess it works like that, but you also said that reality sometimes takes some time to adjust. Still curious about this two halfs-aspect and how to notice the other. We are so connected on soul level, quite constant and intense, it makes me wonder how that is for him, while I also know he is in a struggle with his ego, fear and feeling of responsibility towards others. I feel trust and faith, but I do wonder how that goes, while at the moment understanding more bout energy and how it works also helps me to keep that higher frequencies, if you understand what I mean.
    Thank you, dear Cassady, love and light, <3 E.

  3. I have been looking at this the wrong way. ..wondering how others view our illusion of separation although we are both conscious that we are not separate. ..just not living together at this time. I have been asking God why he would put us together and then make me suffer by having us be apart. …although we have not really been apart at all. Not once have I thought that I am indeed lucky to have found my one true love and that through this time of living apart we have the unique opportunity to grow and learn more about ourselves and our true passions. I thank God now instead of thinking about how terrible this is. Wow. …our separation is just an illusion and I don’t care anymore what other people think. We are both growing and loving each other. I feel like I love him more than I ever have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xoxo

  4. You’re like a breath of fresh air, Cassady. Since meeting and learning about twin souls last year, I have become friends with many female twins and several twin internet “experts” and almost all of them have become negative and bitter about the twin flame experience. I certainly understand their disappointment that they did not get the romantic dream that they had hoped for, but I believe that your perspective, Cassady, is like a beacon of light. It is a Divine phenomenon, I believe, and we must rise above our old 3D thinking to understand the twin flame journey. Thank you so much for your encouraging articles and your service to the twin flame community. I am in my second separation from my twin soul and I have been working the exercises of your wonderful Vibrational Alignment course. Most of the time, I keep my vibration high by energetically communicating with him. But some mornings, I wake up feeling discouraged. Reading your article this morning, gave me the much needed lift to carry me high on the wave of love all day. You are very much appreciated.

  5. Thank you so much for this article, it was much needed to lift my spirits as separation has not been easy. I am trying my beat to stay positive, I just miss him so and am struggling to find peace in separation. I have felt really confused as of lately if I am even a twin knowing he left me a few months ago to be with another, and I see how deeply they reflect each other. Your articles always give me hope, that I can too reach harmony and bliss because we awoken each other and I can feel our higher callings together even if he doesn’t. Love and light, Alexandra.

  6. Awww I’m so glad this resonates with you! I’m always guided to what the Twins as a collective need to hear from week to week and this was a theme that came through very clearly <3 Sending you light and love x Cassady

  7. I’m so glad to hear you say that, Me, thank you! And you know, gratitude is such a huge help on this journey – that energy is very high vibrational <3 Sending you love and light x Cassady

  8. I’m so happy to hear that this struck a cord with you, JJ! I appreciate you too!

    Like I mentioned to Kirsty, it was guided to write about this right now to assist the Twins as a collective, it’s something that needed to be said for the highest good, to shift us all out of any outdated perspectives – there’s a big anchoring gateway to 5D coming up before the holidays and many Twins’ souls are working very hard to prepare them for this “levelling up” <3

    Sending you love and light x Cassady

  9. Cassady, it is truly amazing how your posts are always on time! All I can say to this post is a big, THANK YOU!

  10. Hi cassady i love your posts and i think you are doing a amazing job really, i see a lot of truth in your words, and you are really trying to help twins to reunite so we can have a better earth =) .

    I have a question for you . It’s possible that one twin is spiritual awakened and the other not ? Like the one discover about the connection and the other still sleeping.

    It is possible that one twin is in completely denial of who she/he really is ? (Due to past trauma . etc)

    I keep receiving thoughts and things about my twin , you know, thoughts that come and you are like, hey this just come from nowhere ! WTF .

    Sometimes i have a fear inside me that i doubt the connection, but then always some sign appear to confirm that im the right track…

    It’s like a big puzzle… a big adventure…. really…….. when i met this person my life just completely changed and i started looking things inside me that i was ignoring before…..

  11. Oh my goodness,this article gave me goosebumps!! Everything about this hit dead on. Mostly about how it always felt like we were together, nothing else exists. My twin has ever been the only person who has ever come close to understanding all of me. I’ve never felt like I belonged here, always out of place. But with my twin, that’s the only time I felt I belonged somewhere. Before him, I never knew this kind of love existed. I always thought love was everything you mentioned above. But this is so fiery, passionate, pure, unconditional. Lately I’ve been feeling disconnected and honestly I’ve been trying to forget all about twin flames. But this article is a beautiful reminder of what I have the privilege of experience. The reason the separation hurt so badly is because it felt like a piece of me was torn out of me. Sometimes it feels that I don’t deserve happiness because “I finally met the one person who is basically me, and of course, I can’t be with him”. I try not to think that way but it reminds me that I wouldn’t have even known this unconditional love if we didn’t separate. That’s why I found it so peculiar. It’s been almost 3 years, and the feelings remain the same. Thank you so much, Cassidy! This article brought tears to my eyes.

  12. Thank you so much, Cassady, for writing all these wonderful posts. Before I found your blog, I felt like I was honestly going stark raving mad. I stumbled upon the topic of Twin Flames over 2 years ago after meeting someone, who I now know was my catalyst or Pre-Twin. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I was shown in a dream who I believe (scratch that, who I know) is my true Twin. After that, my world was turned upside down and I had no clue how to interpret all that I was experiencing. I tried turning to a few spiritual friends, but unfortunately they couldn’t give me a clear answer and I just started feeling so alone. That’s when I found this blog. Everything you have posted resonates with me. I have been reading each post, from the beginning, every day at work (hehe, oops). I have also been using your Vibrational Alignment meditation from the Breakthrough kit daily and I words can’t describe how much lighter I feel. I look forward to coming home from work each day just to meditate and be closer to my Twin. We haven’t met physically yet, but since that dream and since I’ve started connecting to his higher soul, I have been motivated to work on healing myself and finally being happy with me. It is an incredibly exhilarating feeling. 🙂 Thank you so much again.

  13. I’m wondering if clearing the negative out has an impact on body? I’ve been sick a lot with crazy symptoms that are intense and wonder if it’s related? I’m super sensitive and wanted to check. It’s a wonderful article. Thank you dear Cassady.

  14. Cassady…. you mentioned the 5D anchoring gateway coming up for the Winter Solstice in one of the comments below. This has been on my mind as I’m getting lots of messages about it. I’m really excited! Whenever this occurs what should we expect…. is it a gradual process that unfolds over several weeks where our vibration is lifted up a notch? Will our Twins pull closer to us in 3D as we start to feel lighter? As we are lifted up and anchored will our “sleeping” Twins start to awaken more? Scott

  15. I am curious as we clear does it release easily or can it show as sickness and illness at times?? Boy oh boy have I gone down a lot with ridiculous symptoms that are intense. I’m super sensitive and wondered if letting go negative can show up physically? 0r maybe implementing new templates has impact?? If yes pleasssssssse advise!!!

  16. Cassady,
    Thank you for this post. Even though I’ve gone through a lot of pain and opposition on my Twin Flame journey, there have been times where I have stopped and thought about how very lucky I am, for the exact reasons you listed. I have noticed especially how much most people who are together really don’t love each other and it’s sad. This really lifted my spirits today. I’ve grown so much over the last year and I’ve grown exponentially over the last month especially. I’ve gone through a lot of struggle with pretty much everyone I know telling me I should give up on this person, and a Twin Flame psychic telling me this person isn’t my Twin. I know this can’t be true after what I’ve felt on this journey and how I can relate so exactly to all of the things you say and describe in your posts. I’ve been staying in a more positive mindset lately and find it’s getting easier to do this as more time passes. Even though things aren’t “ideal” right now. I started feeling a little down today, but this really helped. I notice when I start to slip back into doubt and fear those always happen to be the days that you put up a new post 🙂 In the spirit of the season and just in general I want to say thank you Cassady. I can honestly say you have helped me more than almost anyone else I know. You’ve really taught me how to trust myself and be positive and believe. And you give the best advice. I also believe you give the most accurate information about Twin Flames and I really only trust what you have to say about the subject. Thank you for everything. I can’t wait to see what’s next. <3

  17. Hi all, I came across this site through synchronistic flow having been on this twin flame journey for roughly 9 months. This was all new to me until then and this article serves to magnify important points that seems to be lost in translation with most experiences. I believe in the power of the word and the energy they carry for sometime now I’ve been reflective on this word separation / runner chaser paradigm, I feel as if we should rename this phase as essential growth because I believe in my heart that this is what it truly is. It teaches us the importance of self love and unconditional love for another whilst they learn the lessons they need to. Cassady, thank you for sharing your gift and guidance to many who need that positivity an inspiration on this beautiful journey.

    Love & Hope

  18. Yes yes yes! If my Twin could just sit here and read this with me! (funny thing is he IS here with me and I feel it). This is where I have been putting myself. In this reverence for this Love! It is so amazingly beautiful and I feel so blessed to be a part of it! The only hitch I have to get over is feeling like the physical not happening right now. I enjoy the journey that is for sure and my sadness for not having the physical yet I am turning into excitement for when it does happen. I think if every Twin could read this and receive it in their heart something deep inside would just click into place….

  19. Thank you for the article. It has given me a bit more hope.
    I met my twin flame about 3 months ago online. We have not met physically yet as he is in the USA and i am in the UK. It has been wonderful and we couldnt believe we found each other etc. We both were in the right place energetically to meet. I have done alot of work on myself this year and when i met him i was on a high, i loved myself, i was so filled with joy and love. When i met him i could see everything from my past and why i went through the things i had done just to get to this point in meeting him. But now all of a sudden a week ago, ive gone into a downward spiral. I am in so much pain and heart ache. I feel as though i have broken up with him and going through heart break. Ive never had this pain before, it is the most awful feeling. I have lost my spark as some would say and i have spoken to him about it and we both agree we have been too consumed with each other and relying on the other to make us happy. I did a journey and my guide told me i had to let him go, only for a short while to find me again, to find happiness within again. I spoke to my twin about this and he said whatever it takes he supports me. So we decided to try not speak as often. I googled to find stuff on twin flames and found your site. I gave him the link too. I have read some of your articles and they seem to be spot on for what we are going through. I have now downloaded your course as well. I want to work through this and still be with him. I am meant to be flying over in feb to meet him, but the thought of him just feels me with more pain at the moment. Every morning i feel sick with pain as i can not eat, but i have got better at pulling myself up. Im guessing it will all take time. I am just struggling to get back up, but with time i know i can do it. Im wondering if this is a running thing and thats why i cant feel like i can go in feb to meet him. Its something we truly really wanted and i think maybe its an alignment thing. Im hoping that is it and i can get through this as quickly as possible. Thank you once again.

  20. Thank you, I just experienced a big break through my Kundalini’s are dancing together and I don’t feel his pain anymore.. yesterday I really felt he was feeling bad and screamed for help, I tried to sent him peace of mind with reiki and now today his side of my body is relaxed.. Will see when he will return in his ‘body vehicle’ in April I told him goodbye and thought you will be back end of December.. We will see 😉 life goes on and I feel much better, today I can sit behind the computer without feeling the electricity coming into my body for weeks! So I guess my aura is also healed in a way… it was to painful .. so I feel great 🙂

  21. I love your blog posts, Cassady! They are the best, most honest, full of information and amazing blogs out there. And I’ve read A LOT! I would absolutely love for you to cover a post on what to do when your twin comes back. In my situation, my twin has been running and coming back for the past 10+ years, every year. And I’ve read so many posts about twin flames but I’ve never found one about what to do or how to act when they return. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried being compassionate and loving, I’ve tried being cold and distant, I’ve tried being angry and frustrated, I’ve tried to have positive talks, I’ve tried yelling and I’ve also tried sweeping everything under the rug and welcoming him back with open arms. Yet I guess he still runs because of his path, but I would love to know how to react when he returns. I’ve welcomed him back with open arms so many of those times that I’m starting to feel like I have no respect for myself and that I’m a pushover. And I feel he must feel the same way about me. Because when he does return, it’s obvious he expects me to welcome him. So again, I really would love to see a blog post on this! And you’re the only one I trust and respect to hear your side! Thank you for your enlightenment! XO

  22. Thank you Cassady for this beautiful post. Your post came at the right time where I was questioning myself if it was a blessing or curse to be in this twin flame journey. These few weeks have been a real challenge and for the first time in my life I’m feeling so lost. Your article brought lights and a calmness to my heart. Couldn’t thank you enough. I’m new here and reading the comments and replies from everyone, sharing their views and encouraging each other is such a relief. It’s tough and almost impossible to open up and share with even close friends. I feel so happy to come across this site and know that I’m not all alone in this crazy yet beautiful journey. Thank you once again for being here.

  23. This made me cry in a good way. 🙂 Thanks! Also it made me realize that deep down, I’m still unconsciously rejecting the idea that my twin can fully understand and love me unconditionally, despite how much I’ve grown in my ability to offer such experiences to him. I don’t want to do that anymore–I want to open to receive the love and consideration that I deserve! <3

  24. Thank you for your blog. Your use of Campbell & Jung are refreshing. I’m a Campbell scholar, have taught his work as a professor for 20 years, as well as Jung. Two years ago I met my twin flame. I felt him for years before that, painted representations of us, wrote him in books, in my journals…even down to details of future conversations we ended up having after we connected. Our connection transcended every barrier imaginable, and when we did meet in person for the first time, I simply said, “It’s really you….” We embraced and ended up living in the same city within 9 months of that moment. We saw our daughter and other future events and still rise to consciousness at the same time, despite the distance we now suffer. We were able to conceive almost instantly, but after six months, my twin disappeared (what I now understand to be a typical response for the “runner”). I lost our daughter two weeks later in a very traumatic way. The whole thing felt surreal to me–as if it were wrong in some way, like events were not unfolding in the way Destiny intended. Including the stalking he pursued for 8 months thereafter until I was forced to leave my job and home.

    My twin comes from a different background and though we felt only joy, peace and love together, he had lied about everything it was possible to lie about. Only because he felt it would jeopardize our chances. One of the lies was his relationship with his ex wife, and, her criminal background. We met in the middle–both of us had been married and we had almost identical experiences in our relationships as well as our lives. Unfortunately, his not-so-ex wife began to challenge my twin, including killing his dog. He disappeared after that, returning to tell me it was temporary. I did my best to be supportive, but his past drew him back. He stopped communicating with me directly days after disappearing, but, even though it has been 12 months since we last looked at each other in the same room, he still communicates with me indirectly all the time. I did not even know what a twin flame was until July, when looking for reasons why I had unconditional feelings for a man who would let others hurt me, who would steal from me, cheat, lie, and threaten me. I still vacillate between anger, sadness, and love yet found forgiveness for my twin months ago. I reached out to him directly with happy memories, joy and love for what we had, wishing him a better life, healing, and, peace. He has not communicated with me directly outside of an email addressing DNA evidence that connected him to an aggravated assault against me, where he and a family member shot arrows into my home last December. Sadly, there are 8 months worth of open police investigations involving my twin and his criminal associates. It saddens me to say that I do not see my twin ever having the courage to physically face me again after all he’s done to push me away. The more desperate he became, the worse his criminal activity. I’m now rebuilding my life 1,000 miles away. But I carry the consequences of his extreme actions in the 3D world as you call it, a place that demands repayment of debts and monies for rent and transportation, etc.. His lies cost me my daughter, health, job, income, home, credit rating, and almost my very life, not to mention my sanity.

    Despite all these negatives, we meet in spirit often and I only feel love and support flow from him. He got the benefit of living a life he never had before, and things I did for him still make his life better everyday, despite my not being physically present. On my end, while meeting my twin flame healed my spirit, I’m not at all okay with what happened. No one would be. I miss him and wish he would at least acknowledge, in the 3D world, the things he did that I now must repair…without him/his physical support. His continued (physical) silence is maddening when I feel him with me otherwise.

    I told him both directly and indirectly that if I ever got to see him in person again, the first thing I would do is hug him. He has shown me he feels less fear/anger, and his thoughts are quite centered on me, but I’m still concerned I’ll never see him again, yet, like a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, will forever wait for his physical return.

    How does one move on with living a full life of love and companionship with the shadow of a twin flame holding your hand, yet too afraid/stuck to change their physical circumstances??? I’ve encouraged him to at least start a conversation. To just be my friend. Even if it’s only through texts. Thus far, my twin and I spent 14 months in paradise together and the last 12 months in hell, separated by more than miles–26 months total since we first connected in the 3D world. I once told him I was not worried about him exploring and growing and learning about himself, because I felt our connection was so strong, it would eventually draw us back together again. Now, despite our twin flame cord–given the extent of all that has occurred between us–I am less confident with each passing day that my eyes will ever rest on his again, outside of dreams, memories and visions.

    I know the Universe has a back up plan when things go horribly awry, as they have for my twin and I, but I’m still deeply saddened by the loss, frustrated by his refusal to overcome social barriers when he can do these incredible things on an astral or psychic level yet somehow still lacks the confidence to make simple physical change/communications…I just wish he’d reassure me through a phone call or text. Something verifiable. Otherwise, it just feels like he’s keeping me a secret again. Using me and therefore abusing me. If he’s able to connect with me as well as he does in spirit, it seems a physical connection would naturally follow. And yet….

    Any advice would be appreciated. I did just subscribe to get updates and feel grateful for a place like this to read about what seems to be a legitimate phenomenon experienced by others. And yes, I constantly see double numbers, including 11:11, but doubles & triples on the clock all day long….

    Sending healing, positive energy and the light everyone who reads this needs to make their happy ending come true. Thank you! And happy 2016….

  25. Cassady – i agree that we experience special things, but i also want what non-twins have … i mean what is the point of living on earth if we dont get to experience what other normal human beings take fr granted – such as a marriage and children ?? Try as i may i m unable to give up these desires… And i feel maybe if i did not meet my twin, i would have been able to get these with someone else and that wud ve made me happy and i wud ve been a positive presence to the planet too then … u said that if we r true twins and if we regularly use ur tools and clear energy our souls ll push us together … i believe in that !! i am using the tools … but i do not want to contact him in physical reality … i have done so much already and he doesnt care … i kno u ll say that this is not unconditional love and tht y i m in lower vibes .. but let him come fr once !! and if he s not my twin and i have misunderstood .. then i hope i evolve as a human by this and fulfill my wishes by marrying someone else and getting to live the life i wish … but that s the problem – it never works with anyone else … nor does it work with him !! i m sorry.. i kno u asked me nt to be negative on comment board s… but i ve tried evrything …. i dunno where else to go for answers !!

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