Our Instincts Usually Tell us to Seek More and More Insights, Answers and Explanations to Make Everything OK – But What if the Most Powerful Thing Was to Let Go? Find out more here…


Today we’re going a different route… Sometimes shifting our perspective can release and open up to new shifts. Moving around any resistance we’ve built in. So today, we’re looking at what we can “give up” for a happier and smoother journey…

After Twin Flames 11:11 having been online for just over a year, I have heard from thousands upon thousands of Twins from all over the world, both as personal clients and via the article comments and the emails I receive every day. I’d like to thank everyone who writes to me!

I want you to know I read everything but unfortunately I don’t get the chance to respond personally to every one of you. What I do see in the hundreds of emails I get every week, is that Twins all over the world are struggling with the same issues, even if they’re not aware of it. And these are things I went through myself…

This week, we’re turning things upside down – instead of new answers and explanations, let’s look at what we can let go of to open up to more harmony and love.

Giving Up These 7 Things Can Dramatically
Improve Your Twin Flame Journey



Would you rather be happy or would you rather be right?

Everyone’s journey and awakening and understanding unfolds at their own pace. If your Twin isn’t getting it, don’t be mad at them – help them. Connect with their soul and uplift your energy vibrations to strengthen your inner connection and shake off all their outer falsehoods of ego and early life patterning.

Complaints and blame only serve to reinforce more negativity. Try the free alpha level meditation to connect with your Twin’s Soul here.

If friends or family seem to oppose you, don’t entrench the situation by focusing on it from a negative perspective. Their journey and their perspectives might be different from yours – and that’s OK.

Your journey is yours to take, others don’t need to understand. Most human beings are stuck in rigid patterns and perceptions, whereas Twins and lightworkers are awakening to new inner knowing. Not many will understand.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ?– Dr Wayne Dyer


Above all remember that there are many “truths” on our journey through life – our perspective isn’t the only valid one. Unless we’ve walked someone else’s path, we cannot judge it.

Keep in mind that if you had been born in your Twin Flame’s family, in their body, with their ancestral patterns, their experiences and their situation – you would in essence be them. If they had been born in your stead, they would in essence be you.

There is no “right” or “wrong” on the Twin Flame path.



The Now Moment is the only truth – past and future are constructs

Many Twin Flames unwittingly keep separation cycles around by thinking about the past, holding onto old grudges, old hurt and staying in outdated modes of thinking. Letting go of the past allows you to step into new joy.

Holding onto the past lowers your vibration and holds you back from the joyous union and love you desire. Forgiveness and moving away from focusing on the past can powerfully change things for the better.

I know that it’s not always easy, but have a look at this new infographic on Forgiveness for Twin Flames for some helpful perspectives on how to let go of old hurt in a way that serves you. Remember that you don’t have to let hurt happen again, but release yourself from the past events and feelings so you don’t unwittingly keep that negative energy around.

Clearing cords and attachments can free up your journey so much.

In both of the full energy clearing sessions for Twin Flames and the harmony healing we go through clearing attachments to previous lovers and the past in order to remove any negative pull on your energies and emotions.



You are here to show the world a new path for love, not to relive its old pain

As Twin Flames, we are here to make a new story, to bring forth a new template of higher vibrational love and living. Other people’s previous experiences and opinions mostly get in the way of this – releasing beliefs around love and relationships can create huge shifts for the better for Twin Flames.

Familial experiences around love/betrayal are common in Twins’ genetic background because we are here to heal these specific things. Look around you and see the dysfunctional descriptions and perceptions of Love you’ve encountered in life.

Through family/friends, popular culture and hearsay we’re told things like: “Men are only after one thing”, “Marriages don’t last”, “Men always cheat”, “Women only love you for your money” and so on and so forth. Our culture is full of limiting and hurtful belief structures around love.

Most human beings don’t know how to love and live happily, so don’t let their skewed perceptions get involved with your journey.

You and your Twin are infinite beings who know in your hearts how to release the earthly baggage you’ve taken on, and return to the immaculate love you share as souls.

Looking outside of yourself for answers is sometimes the exact thing that keeps you locked in stagnation and hardship.

Inside, you have a perfect “recipe” for your “perfect” unique journey and relationship. Go within and tune into your soul’s knowing.

Energy management tools are an amazing way to eradicate limiting belief structures, align you with your higher faculties and open up to your soul’s insights.

This is why all my work focuses on Energy – energy tools and management can be adapted to any situation, so you have methods to make your unique situation work for you no matter what.



Don’t believe everything you think/read/see/hear

Human beings have an innate need to find elaborate reasons and intricate explanations for how things are. Ever since the stone age people have been painting, telling stories and explaining with mythology why things are the way they are – from African stories of roaring lions in the sky creating thunder to the vikings with Thor’s hammer…

We seek explanations everywhere, but often all we come up with is an elaborate story that just makes things even more complicated. Look at any ancient myth and it provides a very good “reason” why things are the way they are – without it being accurate or helpful.

In all my work with Twin Flames from all over the planet, I’ve discovered that the Twin Flame journey and life is much, much simpler than we tend to make out.

It’s all about energy.

What determines whether your Twin Soul connection is harmonious or chaotic and fraught with problems, is your energy vibration and your core beliefs. The actual hows and whats of your journey actually make very little difference.

For Twins of all races/ages/genders/backgrounds the fact is this:

If you’re heavy with congestion, limiting belief structures and negative karma, this will keep you out of alignment with the Twin Flame Union and Harmony you desire.?

This is why you can have read all the Twin Flame info in the world, talk to psychics and Twin Flame healers and still be stuck in problems!

In order to experience harmony, your energy must be aligned with it. This means clearing out all the stuff that’s been keeping you weighed down in a low vibration. Energy attracts its like. Like with a radio, it’s like being tuned into Metal FM and expecting classical music. It won’t happen!

You have to change the channel. In energy terms – you have to raise your vibration and clear out the old baggage that has been weighing it down.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what’s come before or what we call it (Running/Chasing/The Dance/Radiance Stage/Separation and so on) – when your energy shifts, your connection and your situation begin to shift as well. 


#5) LIMITING BELIEFS (about love/yourself/twin flames)

Again, most of us grow up with the habit of looking outside of ourselves for advice and guidance and reinforcement. We’re taught to look to teachers, parents, gurus, religious leaders, even god or the universe to help us, to fix things, to show us the way…

In the new energy shift on planet earth things are changing – we and the earth are in Ascension. Our souls are pushing us away from the old. We are being asked to move away from seeking outside of ourselves, and instead embrace our inner power.

We are infinite beings living an earth experience.

“Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion” – Rumi

The old pattern was to look outside for answers, perpetuating the cycle of seeking and searching and needing to be saved, for divine intervention to make things right.

The new pattern is self empowerment, embracing our own divinity – to not look to outsiders to connect us to god or the universe but to know that we are those things. To know that we are the ones creating our experience, and then to adjust accordingly. To know that we are our own “saviors”.

When we begin to shift our approach, our reality shifts along with it. Warning: This may cause “miracles.”



Stepping out of the deadlock of judgment means being free to flow with love

Most human beings have an energy program running which is to hold onto facts, labels and judgments – things we “know” are right versus what’s wrong. Rigid definitions.

For Twin Flames this includes using and relying on terms like Runner/Chaser/Separation/Unawakened/Ego…The problem is that this causes energetic blockages – labels limit our freedom of manifestation. Puts boundaries on our journey.

Labels and preconceptions become unconscious recipes for manifestation. For example, when we know that Twin Flame Running is very common, our unconscious faculties take this in and make it a part of our reality.

Energy and love are by nature free flowing, on the other hand. Holding onto judgments and definitions blocks us from being open to flow with love, new insights and new developments.

Clearing the energy behind our beliefs can powerfully transform our journey for the better.

Most of the damaging beliefs that trip us up are deeply unconscious – but we can trace them through reading our current experiences. As an example: Believing that Life is Hard translates to constant struggle, and feeling like nothing ever changes for the better in life. ..

If you have a habit of using terms such as Runner/Chaser/Stages/The Dance/Divine Timing, try to come up with your own new words for these things. It will help you to avoid blocking your energy and to not tap into the collective energy fields.

Words are incredibly powerful – not only do we create and manifest with our voice (“in the beginning was the word” – the Bible) but when we use certain words, we tune into the energy others have put into it as well.

Redefining your journey with new words helps free you from experiencing negativity.



Look deeper: the surface is a masquerade

One of humanity’s greatest sources of suffering is separation. To always be apart from others, from the universe. As some people love to say: “We’re born alone and we die alone.”

Energetically this is completely untrue. Energy has no limits, which is how Twin Flames can be communicating and connecting no matter how far away they are geographically. On the energy planes, we are all made of the same substance. The perceived separation of the physical body is only a tiny part of reality.

This pattern of separation, and the pain people feel from it, is something Twin Flames are here to help with.

To be two aspects of the same consciousness, expressed in two bodies – we are never separate. We are never apart. It just looks that way from the outside. Twin Flames are uniquely able to feel deeply how we are never apart. When you stop accepting the apparent “truth” of separation, you’ll begin to notice yourself always connected to your Twin.

If you’ve been struggling with physical separation, missing your Twin or feeling abandoned – this is rooted in the human patterns ingrained through genetics and ancestral patterns. For relief, try the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames – over time these blocks will be eradicated for good.

When we shift our perspective to focus on the inner truth that Twin Flames are always connected, we know that there is no danger after all. We will never be abandoned, we will never be rejected, we will never be broken apart. We are energy. Always united.

“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” —Thich Nhat Hanh

Humanity’s focus on the limited body causes so many fears. Really, all of life, all of earth is energy.

Twin Flame love is tied in with the knowing that we are already one. That there is no death, there is no separation, there is no end.

Like physicists have known for decades – energy shifts but it never dies. Twin Flame love shifts but it never dies. The bond of love can never be broken.

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey

– I believe in you! <3

Cassady x


Want more? For an easy, smooth way to put an end to pain and repeated cycles of Separation and Running, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Alternatively you can try our Free Twin Flame Help Kit – and read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with energy clearing here.

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  1. hi there
    bless you for living in truth and love. Im so happy with your free starter kit, the connection tool was super intense for me, i couldnt get out of it immediatly (is that oke?)
    My twin flame connection has been tough, because our karma has been really painfull. the thing i struggle with most is how my equal is using a lot of drugs and alcohol when he feels the pain of his emotions. We were really traumatised. Everytime he talks to me, he needs to drink or use and this has such a huge impact on me. I donno what to do. I fear mostly that we wont be able to live a long life together or raise our kids. Im doing everything I can to clear my energy as fast as I can 🙂 I love the fact that he’s running, so i learn to love him even more. I always picture our story as a romantic drama. Humor is so important i guess. warm hugs Eev

  2. Hi Cassady. I purchased the allignment meditation today and it was great. It was mentioned that it may trigger some emotions but my goodness I have been so tearful all day. Is this normal?

  3. I love that you posted this and starting to realize this now.. Thank you, Thank you… This is soo helpful. I appreciate you..

  4. I’ve noticed that as we grow through our issues, as my twin currently chooses to not live life with me, I find myself choosing to not ‘live’ life without them (meaning sleeping a lot, wanting to escape, not enjoying life). I dont know how to want to live without them per se. Thx for all you are doing Cassady. Blessings

  5. Hi SJ,

    Many people react strongly to energy when it’s a new thing – it’s because you’re coming into contact with your source self again and this can feel vulnerable on a deep level. It gets easier and easier, lighter and lighter! Remember that you’re an infinite being, and anything that’s caused the tearfulness is an illusion leaving!

    Make sure you allow the energies to release fully – when you release completely, it shouldn’t cause any physical symptoms. Know that nothing is “wrong”, just make sure you drink a lot of water to flush out any energy that’s been stuck in your physical body and allow anything that’s been stuck there to leave properly. Try not to judge anything that comes up – but know that if there are tears it’s because they are moving out of your system.

    Connect to the light again and ask it to transmute anything that’s creating the tearfulness xx

    Sending you love and light!

    Cassady <3

    PS: Have a look at the PDF introduction that came with the clearing, I deliberately included some tips and advice for how to handle the clearings and get the best results

  6. Hi Eva,

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the files! If you felt you couldn’t leave the connection, it’s likely your soul and your twin’s telling you with energy they want to spend more time like that – connecting on the 5d planes with your twin. You’re an infinite being so nothing can prevent you from leaving except yourself!

    I think that’s an amazing way of looking at it – a romantic drama! Humor is a supercharger to high vibrations and love, I love it!

    Energy clearing really can transform addictions and so on too – my twin had some baggage we’ve been working through and that kind of thing is always based in emotional patterns, feeling unloved. Go to the core and try to feel why. We’re energetic beings and everything we feel and think and do is based in energy – negativity is like baggage we carry without realizing it. We can put it down and let it go completely with metaphysical tools. When we shift our energy enough, our lives shift too.

    xoxo Cassady <3

  7. Hello,

    But what can we do when the other twin flame, after sharing a beautiful connection, runs away and in less than a year he gets married to a woman he just met? I cannot understand this, and I’m very hurt. I even started to question all this connection, although I still feel him… 😐

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