How To Get Un-Stuck: Dealing With 5 Major Blocks On the Twin Flame Path – Including Survival Instincts, the Energy of Waiting, Plus Inner And Outer Masculine/Feminine Balancing Acts…


I get a lot of questions from Twins about how to get back together, about how to make the shift out of separation and into Twin Flame Reunion…

So I decided to take a deeper look at what might be getting in the way, to show up for you what might have gone unnoticed so far – the secret blocks holding up your journey.

After dealing with hundreds of Twin clients over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to understand not only my own journey but also the biggest blocks that most Twins have in common.


#1) You’re Not in Energetic Alignment

The biggest single reason why you’re not reaching Reunion or Union, or why you’re not able to stay in a place of love and harmony consistently with your Twin, is that your energy is not in alignment with it.

I’ve had Twin clients who have been waiting for their divine counterpart for 20 years or more without anything changing.

Now, it’s really important to me that you know that this isn’t because those people are not deserving of Union, or because they’re unlucky or because the divine has decreed that they must stay alone, or because there’s something wrong with them.

It’s because their energies just aren’t in alignment with it.

What Experience Are you Tuned Into?


Energy works like this – you have to be tuned into something for you to receive it or for it to come to pass for you. It’s like dialling into a particular radio station. If you’re set to Black Metal FM you won’t be hearing classical music.

So if you desire Reunion, Union and Love, you have to make sure you’re actually set to this “channel” of love and togetherness on a consistent basis.

Sounds easy, right? However, our energy fields can be very complex and we have patterns of thinking and feeling that automatically push us away from what we desire.

Most human beings have their energy fields full of congestion and low vibration energies of fear, worry, concern, anger, shame, guilt and a myriad of other “culprits” that keep us stagnated in loops of experiences we don’t desire – such as conflict, lack of love, heartbreak and stress.

On the upper levels of the vibrational scale on the other hand, are the expansive, light, fast frequencies of love, joy, peace, harmony and enlightenment.

Those who vibrate on a high frequency as their set point, tend to attract more love, joy, opportunities, love and “luck” in life – and I have a feeling we all know that one person who’s just a bit “luckier” than everyone else, that one person who seems to always end up on their feet no matter what and who seems to attract smiles wherever they go. It’s because of their energy.

When we clear away congestion and low energy, we give ourselves the opportunity to rise up to a high vibration regularly, because this is who we are as souls – we are pure light.

What holds most of us back is the lower end vibrations we’ve taken on during life on earth – all the tense, heavy energies.

When there are low vibrational energies and patterns in us, they become blockages in our systems and disrupt our ability to align with love and positivity.

So clearing this is the single most effective way to shift your situation and get to a place of love with your Twin. Have a look here for my personal “recipe” to this – how my Twin and I reached Union.

#2) You’re Not Letting it Happen

Sometimes we get so focused on a particular goal in our lives that we put pressure on ourselves to achieve it, and tell ourselves we’ve failed and that life will never be worth living if we don’t reach it.

This is a common human habit, to set huge goals and feel that as soon as this or that happens, my life will be good.

When I pay down my credit cards, then I can relax, or when I move to another city, then I can be fulfilled, or for most Twins – when I’m together in Union with my Twin, then I’ll be happy.

The problem with this is that it means you’re postponing your joy and experience of love.

You’re telling your energy and the universe to create Happiness and Love as always being separate from you and out in the future. Your Twin Union ends up being pushed in front of you always, and not there in the present.

Pushing Love Into The Eternal Future

The second issue here is that when we set ourselves up with a huge goal that we perceive as the one single solution to any and all problems, we put so much energetic pressure on ourselves.

Effectively we’re creating an energetic situation where we’ll be unhappy in any other eventuality except that one.

This creates energetic stagnation and a feeling of hopelessness – a block – because we’re always focusing on that one thing that’s missing, instead of the good things we already have.

So do yourself a huge favor right now and stop viewing Reunion and Union as something lingering out there like some Holy Grail in the future, because if you keep doing this it will always be in the future…

Focus on being happy in the now moment, on gratitude for the joys you have, and finding fulfilment and a sense of harmony with yourself now, because it is in the now moment you’re creating your future Union and Reunion.

You being happy now helps bring you into alignment with the Love you desire!

#3) You’re Still Attached to Others Energetically

All through life we interact with others emotionally, from parents and teachers to friends and lovers and siblings and even idols and icons we grow emotionally fond of because they stir something in us to make us feel close to them no matter how far away they are.

The issue with this is that these connections are actual energetic attachments – if you’ve never cleared your energy before, chances are you have at least over a dozen attachments to other people. (Go here for a session where we clear these)

And what happens for Twins is that these keep us exchanging energy with those people, even if we’ve not seen them in years. It’s like having an open phone line to them.


Survival Instincts – Complications

For parents and children and even between lovers, these attachments have served a function to stay connected and safe – for example a new mother will be psychically so in tune with her baby that she’ll often instantly know if the baby needs her or is unhappy. This is a part of human survival.

However, with Twin Flames, these connections with others become a problem because the Twin journey is all about the divine counterparts coming back together in their original harmony as souls – to purify the Twin Flames’ energies so they return to that original “soul song” frequency.

And when others’ energies are connected, this gets much more complicated.

To help your journey, make sure you clear old attachments – feel yourself and your energy freer.

We go through this in the Twin Flame Union energy clearing, and we even have your Twin’s soul do this for your Twin to free the both of you from any negative attachments.

#4) You’re In The Energy Of Waiting

Existing on Earth means we are co-creating our journey every step of the way with the universe – we’re not just passengers on this journey, we’re creators.

There is no one “up there in the sky” deciding that you’re not supposed to come together with your Twin until such and such a date.

The determining factor for Twin Union is energy – you’ve got to be in alignment, otherwise your soul and your guides won’t initiate the process (because it could damage your system).

No One is Stopping You Apart from *You*

Know that there is no one stopping you from reaching Union, but there’s also not anyone who will do it for you if you don’t take action yourself.

It’s not enough to just wait for it to happen, unfortunately. I see Twins tell each other “we just have to be patient” – this is not true *at all*.

In fact, having this attitude can be a big block in itself.

This is an old energy pattern of disempowerment we often see in traditional religion, that the power is “up there” and we’re small “down here” and don’t make the decisions but have to take the morsels thrown down to us as and when the deities decide on it.

The truth is you have the power to make your life what you desire. This is the age of re-embracing our individual power of destiny!

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Within

Sure, there can be a time for patience and some of us have signed up to learn about this, but this journey can never be made without taking action.

In fact, this strongly mirrors the inner balancing act between the masculine and feminine polarity energies in each Twin and between the pair.

We must reach a balance of the “Feminine” polarity of receiving, intuition and allowing, and the “Masculine” polarity of action, strategy and determination. Both are equally important.

Spirit tells us that the energy and situation of waiting is disempowering. Waiting for someone or something else to decide when you and your Twin come together, or when you’ll be happy, or when your dreams will come true, is to give up your own power of creation and action.

You are the most important part of your journey. Decide that you are important enough to take action for – know what you want and go get it. Life is short.

#5) You’re Working on Other Lessons First


Sometimes Twins’ souls actually hold back from getting the pair together in the physical because it’s to their highest good to learn other things first.

In fact, it’s being shown to me that some Twins have structured their journey so that they have decided to learn certain “lessons” before they’ll come together. Meaning – they’re being presented with negativity and limitations until they break through into their own unlimited capability as a soul.

This has been planned before birth. If this is the case for you, there’s something you can do right now to move through that phase and into your desired Love and Togetherness

The Joy of Learning

Spirit asked me recently to something with the Twin Flames 11:11 community to help shift into more joy and love and ease:

When we here on earth begin to approach life as a constant learning experience, looking out for the gifts and the lessons in everything, we speed up our journey and shift into joy because we begin to race through understanding and our guides and our souls can move us onto new experiences and positivity.

On the contrary, if we go through life stubbornly avoiding responsibility for our experiences (we are creating our reality, so we are in alignment with everything that happens, no matter how unpleasant), our souls will have to eventually beat us over the head with the lessons until we can’t avoid them any longer.

Spirit’s advice is: be open to *joyous* learning, so you’ll always be presented with the most fun and gentle version of any lesson you’ve set for yourself.

Relating to this, here are some of the most common blocks that keep Twins out of alignment with Reunion, Union and Love. If these resonate with you, you can clear them right now with energy tools.


Common Twin Flame Blocks

Feeling like you don’t deserve love or for your dreams to come true (rooted in shame and guilt and unworth), skepticism and doubt, pessimism and having a negative worldview (this is often picked up from parents), having a low vibration approach to Union and Love (desiring love and Union from a place of need and want and even avoiding loneliness rather than the active polarity of approaching it with joy and freedom).

Other blocks can come from childhood issues such as experiences of abandonment, feeling misunderstood, feeling undeserving of love for “being you” (the early pattern of feeling that you have to act and feel and be a certain way to receive love, and therefore learn that you’re not enough as you are) and so on.

Have a look here for a specially designed Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames to help you with these.

Feeling like you’re not attractive enough can also be a big block to the Twin Flame journey because it makes you shut off and has an energy of undeservingness to it – feeling like you’re not good enough somehow translates into a pattern of feeling undeserving of unconditional love, which means you’re energetically unable to receive that love.

These can be really niggling underlying issues and are usually rooted deep deep down in the fact that we’ve aligned ourselves with the limited idea that we’re “just a human being” – we’ve forgotten that we’re infinite.

Buried Childhood Troubles

Realize that your seemingly unimportant childhood troubles with feeling ignored by your father or mother or your siblings, or feeling like you always lost out in getting attention from your parents, is acting itself out in your Twin connection – it is something your energy is creating because you embedded the pattern in yourself through experience.

The purpose of this coming up is so that you can clear it and thereby be open to unconditional love, which is what Union is all about. It’s a gift, really.

The bottom line is that if you’ve had any weird or negative issues with other people in life, they are likely affecting your Twin Flame connection unless you rectify them and clear them out.

The good news is that anything negative you ever experience is due to energy – everything is energy. What we need to do to uproot negativity, is to address the energy behind it. Once we clear your blocks and shift your energy into the higher vibrations, you’re in alignment with more and more positivity.

Have a look here at the Vibrational Alignment Program I created with energy clearings, based on how my Twin and I got to Union within 18 months of our first encounter.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit!

Finally, the more you can focus on your infinite soul self, the more you’ll align with the positive polarity in life and expand into deservingness, joy, receiving and experiencing the Love and togetherness you desire.

I asked spirit about this once and I was told: “Focus on the light within, and that light will start to radiate through to the physical body and the surface appearance and into your life circumstances”.

So give yourself a chance to really experience this:

Affirm this day by day, put a reminder on your phone with “I am an infinite being of light experiencing life on earth”

…then let this sink in more and more. You’ll notice yourself and your reality shifting into more and more positivity.


Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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  1. I reached out a couple days ago for first time in months, it felt right after a dream and a few signs that showed up exactly before I sent message. To my surprise, no response. I do get worried after I send it of how it will be received and go back and forth. Is that the shortcoming possibly? Since reaching a state of letting go and no attachment, I was a little disappointed by no response but more confused by my intuition, as I seem so tuned in with so much else since this awakening, it seems I can’t be that far off with it!

  2. As I reached out to twin recently after feeling I was tuned in to so, I got no response. And truly there wasn’t a lot of disappointment in that, I waivered back and forth after sending it hoping the time was right. The confusion lies in how tuned in I feel with all kinds of things in life but somehow I’m misreading this. And who is to say it wasn’t revieced well but I can’t help but feel let down in my own skills and wish I had held back now. I feel the joy part is where the work is at for me at this point. I do need some fun and do need to let go of the idea of what’s supposed to be, which is kinda tricky with how strongly I feel the universe’s plan. It’s time for fun and joy, thank you!

  3. Thank you, dear Cassady, that resonates. I have one question:
    Could you advise me on how to balance between ‘pulling back my energy from the future’ (as you recommended also already in a blog earlier) so things can happen on the one hand and consciously clearing energy of my twin (and my own of course) and working on his energy (through his inner child and all other clearing techniques you taught us)? I guess it is the balance as well between taking action and allowing. You would help me enormously with explaining this part of the energy work to me.
    Love and light, I am so thankful for you being here and empowering us. <3 E.

  4. Hehehe, ALL of these are relevant to me! I will take this article especially to heart. And probably read it over and over again because I forgot all this good wisdom when I get triggered!

    Is it possible that sometimes negative entities create interference with respect to dialing into the channel of Union vs. just old subconscious programs that continue to run beneath the surface from within our own beings? I have felt like this is so, but it’s handy to consider that it may be coming from me before assuming that it’s not-me…

    Also, is it okay to clear attachment cords from our twin to others, or better to just hold the space of faith and trust that our twin will be able to do that eventually on their own? If we clear our own cords of attachment, does it also clear our twin’s field/does it have a mirror effect in that way?

    Thank you for the spiritual nourishment, and TGIF!

  5. I have a question; you say being in a waiting period is blocking you; I’ve been clearing more blocks, more energy, than I can explain. I’ve been growing rapidly, even changing bad habits ie, quitting smoking. My vibration is very high, its noticeable, more people have been drawn to me. But that’s all can do, If I tell my twin my feelings, he pushes away more. The only way I can see reunion happening, is that I have to wait for him to initiate his true feelings, intentions, ect to me. I’ve let go of all the negativity. And I’m just wondering how it makes sense that waiting is a block, when reaching out is also a block? It seems like despite my actions or lack thereof, that it’s a block.

  6. Hi Lotus Flower,

    Sometimes it takes a little time before the “real world” results of our new higher vibration shows up in the physical, because physical reality is the densest medium – when we change our energy we change the basis of our physical experience but it can take a little while to “filter through”.

    It will happen though, this is guaranteed – when you change your energy vibration you change your reality. For me it showed up extremely quickly in some areas of life, and took a little bit longer in other areas. It has always happened though.

    Well done for working on clearing your energy! However, keep in mind that if things haven’t opened up yet there are still energetic patterns and blocks keeping you in this situation with your Twin. Remember the congestion and patterns are things we’ve held onto all our lives so it’s not always a rush job, so to speak.

    Have you done class 8 in the course, to clear past life karma between you and your twin? I’ve seen many Twins who have subconscious fears of actually coming together, because of pain from the past. Clearing karma opened my journey up dramatically.

    Sending you love and light! <3

  7. Hi Starry Night,

    Interesting question, and thank you! I’m glad the article resonates : )

    We go through clearing negative contracts and attachments in both the clearing audios, and we also get your Twin’s soul to clear any of their attachments to previous lovers and so on. This is fully in alignment with free will and there’s a full explanation of these types of situations in the clearing, with some Q&As as well.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  8. Amber, I’m so happy to see your attitude!

    Yes, you’re feeling what your soul and your guides are showing to you – feeling your soul’s pull to focus on joy is so great <3

    Enjoy, and know that having fun and laughing is actually extremely healing! They're indicating that you'll "come back" with greater clarity as well – sometimes we need a mental break from focusing on something intently.

    Sending you love and light <3 x


  9. Lovin’ it! My Twin and I are energetically connected, telepathically, and learning to enjoy this experience – I get to create fun things for him to find online, with joy, and we meet using the Vibrational Attunement (what a great gift that was), and we float in and out with each other thru out the day, knowing that our souls have the Divine Design all written out. It’s actually become enjoyable to (not WAIT) see what is in store while continuing to connect with each other in a unique way.
    Love can’t be compared to any other love, we learned that this week when I started feeling bad about seeing and hearing other couples. Then we realized him & I ARE, and NO ONE can take that away.
    Thanks again, you’ve been such a big help.

  10. Hi Cassady – thanks again for your post. My comment on your previous article yesterday definitely resonates with this one! In regards to waiting and having patience, given that my TF just separated from his wife and he needs to focus on healing himself, do you think any of the work I do will help him? It’s hard when I feel like I’m operating from a high vibration, but I think he is hurting and shutting people out, thus operating on a low frequency. In this case do you think patience is appropriate? I reached out to him a couple times in December but got no response which indicates to me he still needs time and space. What do you think?

  11. Yay, thank you! I’ll check it out 🙂 I remember reading another article on this blog recently where the depth of free will was addressed, either in the text or comments, and found that truth to be very reassuring. Thanks again! (I’m embracing this spirit of joyous learning, and so far it’s feeling way better and more fun than focusing on e.g. how much I may not know, or how I’ve made mistakes…! :D)

  12. May I also add that this article has a much broader application than the twin flame journey? It’s solid life wisdom. Like the energy of waiting being disempowering (thank you!), or if we get so focused on “I’ll have peace once _____,” “After ______, then I’ll be happy,” “When I acheive ______, things will get better…”, that we end up keeping those things in the future, and miss out entirely on the now moment. Really, every point made here, is a morsel of wisdom for an empowered, joy-filled, fulfilling life. Thank you!!! Mahalo! And also, though I’ve read and hears similar sentiments from you before, today, this part hit me, in a real way. It sunk in, registered. I grasped it with my deepest self, and felt the weight of it, and even saw visually the immense truth of this: “…having low vibration approach to Union and Love (desiring love and Union from a place of need and want and even avoiding loneliness rather than the active polarity of approaching it with joy and freedom).” I saw the beauty of having a full, fulfilling life, living Love, thrilled and abundant, and with gusto for life, loving yourself and your life right as it stands, and from THAT place, choosing union and love freely, eyes wide open…because you don’t need it, you truly desire it. It then isn’t to “make up for” anything, or being forced (by subconcious beliefs, fears, etc.)…but to complement your already beautiful life, believing it will only add more beauty. From glory to glory. Thank you soooooo much for this!!!! Aloha!

  13. Thank you Cassady for this interesting post. It sets me thinking on the areas that I should be working on myself instead of “waiting” for him to be awaken and take action.

    All these while I was able to feel this deep love for him and feeling his emotions on a daily basis. Recently there’s a change and all of a sudden I’m no longer feeling anything inside of me. Just a calm, “going-about life” feeling. He has stopped all communication and only quietly checking on my social media once a day instead of every few hours. I’m no longer having that deep longing and he’s not on my mind/heart 24/7. Even when I tried to meditate I couldn’t feel him. When I realised it, I actually went into this panic mode, wondering if he’s blocking it.

    I’m unsure if this is the next step of finally able to “let go of any attachment” and moving on closer to our union or is it he’s/I am blocking it. I got so confused and went into this crying mode. Yet within hours of crying, I’m back to this quiet mode, no drastic longing or yearning, just a calm feeling.

    I’m still trying to figure out what is happening to me. I really missed that closeness of feeling him at all times. The part where I’m thinking of him or missing him and he logs online at the same time is not happening right now. It’s the only comfort I’ve from him since the beginning of my awakening and all of a sudden it’s not happening anymore. I love this calmness yet it’s kind of scary and feeling so lost like he’s moving further away from me. Cassady could you please advise me if this stage is common?

    I’ve been going back to all your other posts and re-read each and every one of them. Your articles have helped me tremendously since the day one I’ve came across it. I couldn’t thank you enough for being here for all of us twin flames to give us the guidance and help us through this confusing yet beautiful amazing journey.

    Sending love and well wishes to you and every other twin flames here.

  14. Hi Cassidy
    I love this post the best to date as it captures so many of the obstacles we create ourselves! I’ve noticed that when I’m energetically positive so much opens up but I can be pulled down by my own doubts that this is real. My question is about how we can influence our twin to move beyond the relationship experience in Earth form (it was toxic towards the end and impacted their mental health) to be open to reconnection. My twin associates me with danger as much as love so how can I help them to heal and consider reunion? No one else in my life believes it will happen but i do so that is all that matters! Thank you.

  15. I had the same question awhile back and she answered it. Yes it’s the next phase, maybe you can find her response to me in past forums?

  16. Wow! Of all the sites I’ve poured over in an effort to understand what’s been going on with me during this TF separation (runner here), yours is the first and only one to have put everything so succinctly, so astutely and so perfectly into perspective.

    It’s like someone lit a candle in the darkness so I could see that I’ve actually been wading through a black morass of my own making – and getting absolutely nowhere.

    Thank you so much, Cassady, for your incredibly helpful insights.

  17. Forgot to add that I’ve been asking questions to things that you’ve addressed in this post.

    And then, today, the thought occurred out of the blue (as they do) that I’ve quite suddenly and literally found myself surrounded by births and new beginnings (cats having kittens, people announcing pregnancies); it was like a little clue to focus on what’s right in front of me and be thankful for all the things I’m learning, because they’ll all lead to ‘new beginnings’ and joy if I let them – TF or no TF.

  18. This is powerful stuff written from a higher perspective with good timing, so I think we can ride this wave of releasing attachment and negative energies and in it’s place (fill the void) with the highest possible vibrations of peace, harmony, joy,….

    I read this article and immediately began a releasing, cleansing effort of ALL my attachments to people and things. I contacted my TF telepathically and told him I was NOT rejecting him or running away, but that I was clearing the way for the highest possible vibration to enter.

    I also realized how dense my connection to him had become. I also cleared people chords/attachments to living and dead because I saw how much dependence and expectation had dragged down the relationship.

    Good Stuff. Thanks again for being right on the spirit of truth.

  19. Thank you for asking, and articulating what you did about the stage you’re in, that almost disconerting peace. I’ve been realizing that’s how I feel. In the physical world, it would like like there’s “no hope.” (There’s NEVER “no hope”, but you know what I mean…). But I am filled with a solid peace…a quiet faith, or trust…like, I just KNOW. I just know. I’m living life, he’s living life, we’re both taking the steps we’re being shown to take, and everything is working out. Really curious about this too….

  20. Cassidy!!! Wow!!! I Have a very big question!! I was ready to separate form my twin flame this week out of self love and respect and just feeling that it was time to go! That I have had enough becAuse he is married and we’ve been together almost a year with lots of pain on both parts and I was feeling that it’s not going anywhere and that I’ve wasted tons of time and money and energy on him. But We talked and we remain in contact and after clearing and balancing the relationship slightly better, we are still talking at least.
    However, i have repeatedly been told that our relationship is one of karma and that we have had several past lives together hence the attraction.
    In a meditation today utilizing the akashic record tool, I had a very interesting experience. In the meditation, I was shown one of our lives together. There is an abandonment issue for sure.
    Anyway, this lead me to search for understanding how karma works and how it balances and clears. I don’t understand it fully. I have tried the karmic clearing tools as well. What I read about karma also could potentially describe the relationship that he and I have.
    So I have asked this question in the past but I am confused at how I determine if the relationship that he and I have is one of karma and clearing and balancing the past lives between us, or if he is truly my twin flame.
    Can you help me please I’m determine how I will know and the difference??

  21. Omg! Recently have had a similar event! I could feel him soooo often. Now it is very intermittent and he doesn’t feel me at all. I have had several dreams about him tho. But in general, I was feeling disconnected from him and yes feeling like I was failing at this. Or he’s not my twin! I’m not sure what the heck is happening. I was wound up for the last week trying to just quit and let go and go about my life. Very difficult! But I contacted him and told him if he wanted me to remain available for him that he would have to give me more. And he has indeed. I feel more relaxed I think just because I drew a boundary. I told him what I needed in order to continue and that if he could not, then I was moving forward.
    Blessings to you and your twin.

  22. Oh!!! Here’s another question! I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster! I have had some hard core anxiety which I thought belonged to my twin as often times I can correlate this to his emotions rather than my own.
    It seems tho when I get angry or uneasy, I sort of take it out on him and our relationship. He is married and so it feels less than ideal frequently because I want more and he is not ready to leave his marriage yet. And every time I explode on him, he seems to move farther away.
    Any recommendations to help me determine if my negative emotions are displaced or if they really indeed deal with him? I mean I feel better after I get it out to him and express but he definitely feels like I beat him up.
    Help please

  23. Wow!!! I’m sort of going through the same things . I’m going through an incredibly difficult time in my relationship with my husband,l and have felt so far from my twin, I don’t feel him, yet I’m calm about it but not really because I’m freaking out about not feeling him?… All this happen right after an incredible week a round Christmas with my TF. Incredible to see so many others experiencing the same.
    Thanks for posting!

  24. Hey cassady i have a question.. well i dont know if it happens with others or not but i feel extremely fearful and unsafe during meditation.. its like something might bring harm in the process.. i think this is due to i have read too much about psycic attacks on the internet.. i had few bad experiences too in lucid dream state in the past when i was focusing on raising my i gave up.. but m so congested now.. n i cant get rid of these lingering fears.. can u please suggest how to feel protected and safe..

  25. So, I haven’t read any of the weekly articles in a while. I kind of started to let go. I thought I’d read this one out of pushing myself to do so. I am struggling, not sure why but these last two months have been so hard all around, I am so tired and it’s so hard to get out of bed. I am not depressed, just tired, I push myself to do as much as I can for my soul but as for my twin I let go.
    I am unsure of it now, the feeling of not being in the right body has weighed on me and this article mentions that. Is it possible to be in the wrong one, or maybe the wrong time? Maybe it’s the universal new year, I am unclear, but I have been practicing hot yoga for cleansing. Yoga is not my thing physically but spiritually it loves yoga. As for my twin I can’t say I gave up but I feel some what betrayed and a part of me does not want this connection, I tried dating someone to forget about my twin and it was a lesson for sure. Now I am back at just doing my thing but I had a dream again couple days ago, of my twin, It was just pure desire, love, comfort and respect. I am trying to be the person my soul desires but I still fear I am not exactly what my twin desires and I would have no clue. I thought I knew who my twin was but now the feelings and tiredness I think I have no idea. This is becoming ridiculously hard, something isn’t right in the field and I don’t know if I am the only one feeling something off. Not so much block but crossed.
    Sorry for my word vomit, much love

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