Why Other People Could be Messing up Your Twin Flame Journey more than you Realize – plus the Secret Lesson Your Soul has Been Trying to Teach you all along.


Reading about the experiences of other Twin Flames can be a real relief on this journey, maybe most of all because it helps us realize we’re not alone and that we’re not going crazy after all (we’ve probably all had that thought at some point, because the Twin Flame connection is so beyond any previous experience).

So when faced with these situations that are far outside anything we’ve known in life, most of us understandably end up searching for information online and reading everything we can about the Twin Flame connection.


Your Twin Flame Key is Just Yours

The issue with this, is that although there is most often a genuine desire to help others behind the articles out there, much of what is written about Twin Flames is incorrect or presented as universal rules even though it’s simply one person’s experience.

The real truth is that Twin Flames are highly varied individuals and each pair’s journey is different from the next due to different karmic backgrounds and life lessons set. This means that although there are certain common patterns on this journey, no one can ever give you set phases or stages that you will have to complete or tests you’ll have to go through in order to “get there” to that place of Twin Flame bliss and Union.

You are the person who has the key to your journey. You are the person whose entire being is attuned to getting back with your Twin in harmony no matter what, because it is what you and your Twin Flame planned ahead before coming to life.

Your Pre-Birth Twin Flame Plan

The two of you made sure that you would be born with the capability to do it, or that you would learn and gather tools along the way. Your soul knows that you can do it, and it’s always working to show you how powerful and resourceful you really are.

One of the biggest lessons we set for ourselves in life is to learn to trust ourselves above all. We are finely tuned beings who, once we start listening to our intuition and interpreting energy within and around us, have a fool proof compass to guide us on our path.

That compass never fails. Energy never lies. So our souls’ big aim is to get us to give up the human need to get answers from people outside of ourselves, and to instead learn that we already have the answers within.

This is often why we don’t get answers when we ask our guides and our higher self to tell us who our Twin Flame is, or where our life is headed, or what a particular experience means. They want us to search inside because they know we have the ability to figure it out if we just embrace our own power and feel for the answer.

So with that in mind, I’d like to dispel some common myths about Twin Flames which can lead to more hurt than help…






I was quite shocked when I encountered this statement the other week in a YouTube video watched by hundreds of thousands of people. Every fibre of my being knew it was wrong. Every single experience I’ve had on this journey told me it was incorrect.

Most Twin Flames encounter some issues on their journey. This is a part of the Ascension process and the journey back to Unconditional Love and Twin Flame Union.

If you have heard or read statements that indicate Twin Flames never have problems and if you do it means there’s something wrong, please don’t feel hurt or doubt the realness of your Twin Flame connection. 

The real truth on this journey is that yes, there is always a bond of unconditional love between Twin Flames. No matter what is happening on the surface ego level, the Twin Flames share a soul bond based in unconditional love and acceptance. There is literally a cord between you and your Twin’s energetic heart centers, connecting you in love. 

Twin Flames share an identical core frequency as souls, and one thing that always happens when Twins connect is that their energies are triggered to purge any karma and negativity that’s been layered on top of or polluting that core frequency.

This process is called Twin Flame Ascension and is something that happens to all Twins in order to get back to Union, which is what your souls are both pushing for and it’s a big part of why you came to earth.

While some Twins have less of this negativity and baggage than others, all Twin Flames go through this Ascension process. If you and your Twin are always happy together, then enjoy this and know you are among a lucky few, because it means you have had very little karmic and energetic baggage to clear. Most Twins have quite a bit of negativity to release and clear before they get back to that core harmony in their relationship, though.

If you’re having problems with your Twin – and this is very common – you can address and resolve these things by clearing the negative energy and speeding up the release process your soul has already triggered.

This is why I made the Vibrational Alignment Program, a “roadmap to Union” which shows you simple and easy ways to clear negative energy and speed up this Ascension and release process so you can get to harmony and Union without so much struggle.

Here’s a brief video that takes you through how Twin Flame Ascension works:

twin flame video



Divine Time doesn’t mean what most people think it means – it doesn’t mean that someone else is out there deciding when you will get to come together.

It’s a figure of speech that seems to imply that there’s a God or boss up there who has a plan for everyone and won’t let things happen before he agrees, but that’s not how things work. It’s actually a lot freer and simpler than that.

“Divine Time” is all about energy alignment. It means that you and your Twin coming together will only happen when you are energetically in alignment with it – and this depends on how quickly you can raise your energetic vibration to be in alignment with unconditional love and harmony.

In order to be able to manifest and experience lasting harmony with our Twin Flame, we have to be in the frequency range of harmony and love. Love is one of the highest vibrations on the scale of energy. Fear, shame and guilt are at the lowest end.

If you’re habitually in the energies and emotions of resentment, blame or any other low vibration, you are out of reach to that harmony you desire.

The truth is that you have a lot more control over when you and your Twin will come together than what you might think. You can take action to lift your vibration more and more, starting right now.

A two-fold approach of both clearing out negativity and old karmic patterns and installing new positive blueprints and habits of feeling and thinking, will raise your vibration faster than anything else – because you’ll be approaching the issue from two angles for more potent results. This is how I myself reached Union and how I structured the course I created for other Twins to follow.




This is another dubious idea that’s quite common in the Twin Flame communities. This is problematic because it encourages you to not take action yourself. The energy of waiting is very disempowering, a low vibration that paradoxically keeps you out of alignment with the Union you desire. 

Although yes, the natural progression of the Ascension process will gradually clear you of negativity and allow your vibration to rise eventually and maybe even so high that you’re in alignment with unconditional love – this is a very slow path if you’re not deliberately speeding things up.

There is no guarantee on this journey. No one can promise you that you will get to Twin Flame Union or to be together. But there are tools that can help you get there.

I know most Twin Flames would not want to spend decades painstakingly learning hard lessons to release karma around rejection, love, acceptance or abandonment the “old fashioned, manual way”. There are ways to make the journey much smoother and more pleasant – the most effective methods I’ve experienced are energy clearing and karma clearing tools.

Twin Flames are ultimately here in order to come together. The plan you and your Twin Flame had when deciding to be born on earth and to encounter each other, was that you would come together in unconditional love so that you could then live from that space, helping the earth in its Ascension by forming a gateway of high energies. 

You also wanted to share the joyous experience of living from a place of unconditional love and togetherness. It is what all Twin Flames set out to do, to enjoy togetherness while seemingly separate in human bodies – a rare experience of bliss.

This means that no Twin Flames planned to spend a whole lifetime on the struggle and back and forth of running and chasing and conflict and hurt. You planned to come together in joy and you knew you could do it, but ultimately when you’re here on earth it’s up to you.

Because we all have Free Will. Every moment, we make choices to think, feel and act certain ways. And these things all impact our energy, which impacts the events we align with.

The problem is that if you were going to figure out exactly which of your choices (and your Twin Flame’s choices) would lead to harmony and Union, you could drive yourself crazy. It’s too much for the mind to handle.

The amazing thing though, is that your soul has known all along how to do it, each and every step. It already has the “map”. So does your Twin’s soul. You were born with this blueprint. Every moment, your souls and your guides are working to show you through feelings, hunches, dreams and outside information, how to get to where you want to go.

This is how we end up mysteriously meeting our Twin even if we never planned or wanted it. This is why things happen with strange synchronicity, why you meet in dreams and why you seem to be in touch emotionally and maybe even telepathically, no matter how long you’re apart in the physical.

It’s because both Twins’ souls are always working to get together. You can follow this perfect “map” with ease through listening to your intuition, your feelings and your gut instinct – they will always give you messages as to what serves you.

Learn to listen to your energy. The clearer and less congested you get, the easier it becomes to “hear” your soul and your intuition. This inner compass will never lead you astray.



This is another theory which often causes trouble on the Twin Flame journey. Firstly, this belief distracts you from looking within and resolving your own issues, which means you’re less likely to get over the negatives you’re experiencing on your journey.

Know that any negativity between you and your Twin can be cleared, and any conflict can be resolved once you realize what’s truly been causing it. The most important thing to know is that you are in the driver’s seat at all times.

No outside forces (whether it’s other people or perceived negative spirits) can ever keep Twins apart because physical separation is an illusion in itself – Twin Souls are always together on the energetic planes, no matter how it seems in life. No one can ever keep you apart. Read more about how to deal with negative influence and other people’s sabotage here.

However, it is possible for you to accept the story of you and your Twin being separate, and for you to give energy to this by believing it to be true – and once you do that it is possible for you to experience yourself as being separated from your Twin by others. This is the real damage that can arise from this “darkness” – you believing that the “dark” is more powerful than the love you and your Twin share.

The real truth is that even if others are attempting to get between you, you can bypass it by not paying attention to these outside influences. Go within to where you and your Twin are always connected, and that influence will be powerless. Eventually it will also fade away in your outer circumstances.

Be aware that in spiritual terms, darkness is just a lack of light. You are your own dark and your own light. Outside forces can never ever keep you apart from your Twin. The more you raise your vibration, the more you will be out of reach to anything “dark” and low vibrational too. In all areas of your life. It will literally stop registering with you.

The idea of “dark forces” working to sabotage Twin Flames and lightworkers, is a surprisingly common and damaging belief in the spiritual community.

Note however, that “enlightened” souls in history – the Buddha and Zen teachers, to mention some – never mention this. Because it’s all in us – you are your own darkness and your own light – we are all complex beings.

We are the ones who choose what to align with: happiness or sadness, love or resentment. We are infinite. Any darkness we encounter is there to mirror back to us our own wounds so we can understand and heal them. If you fear something getting between you and your Twin, this is alerting you to deeper wounds around fear of separation. 

It is this fear of separation that needs to be cleared, because you and your Twin will never be separated. And once you’ve deliberately cleared this fear your soul will stop manifesting outer circumstances of seeming separation in an effort to help you release this very fear.




This another damaging myth that creates dissonance and feeds into the illusion of separation between Twins. For one thing, it is not helpful to you and your journey to look for sources of difference between yourself and your Twin.

This is an earth-typical hierarchy – the idea that there is always a power relation between two people. The truth is that the Twin Flames complete each other effortlessly. There is no one more powerful or more spiritual or more evolved than the other.

Spirit always seeks to unify and look past difference. Human ego looks differentiates and creates separation. This idea of Alpha and Omega Twins does not help you on your journey back to unity. If anything, it causes dissonance and distracts from the core truth that will lead you “home” to your other self – Love. You are united by Love and unconditional acceptance.

If you feel with your emotions and your energy you’ll realise that this is true: there is no superior or inferior twin. Just two aspects of the same consciousness. Two whole, pure aspects of the light of creation.

Another related concept is the myth that one of the Twins is more spiritual and enlightened than the other – again this sets up separation, forces difference and makes for opposition. If anything, these beliefs feed into conflict. Where there is opposition and polarity, there is ground for conflict. Where there is equality, there is no tension, no power struggle, no conflict. 

No matter how your earthly selves express themselves in this lifetime, there is no spiritually “inferior” or “superior” Twin. It’s just expressed differently. You are at your core source energy, pure light. There is nothing “unspiritual” about that.

What can make one Twin (the “unawakened Twin“) less open to the metaphysical, is the energy patterns they’ve taken on in life. Anyone can become spiritual and enlightened once they lift off the layers of unknowing that have settled on them like dust over the years on earth.

This is why Ascension brings up so much power struggle between Twins – it is part of releasing those ego illusions that keep us in a false sense of difference from our Twin Flame. 

You are never inferior or superior to your Twin! You are simply two parts of one whole, who may have had different experiences in life and thereby have taken on different traits and patterns of behavior. Underneath this, you are the same in essence.


As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


For an easy, fun way to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit!

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  1. Great post! I had a reiki session the other night and she said my heart chakra was blocked, her hand turned cold before she focused on it. I beleive it. Me and my twin are separated for the time being. I’m working on finding my heart energy again.

  2. Hi Cassady as always thank you for your insights and teachings as always I agree with you! I attended the live energy clearing call ànd OMG it was great! I cried when I contacted my inner child and both my inner child and my twins inner child has been with me since that day!

  3. OMG this is PERFECT! Thank you so much for sharing this truth, and it helps me because I agree with all you have shared. It is what I have learned is truth on my own journey, every single point you have made here I already know and feel inside of me. My twin soul is “Atheist” and so wonderfully awakened to Spirit! I’ve never felt he was “weaker” than me or less enlightened just because he does not label as being a “believer.” He always told me he is spiritual in his own way, in love with the universe. I’ve always felt he is very strong and solid in his energy, and not to down myself but he seems to be in my life to help show me the schtuff I’ve needed to release, heal, lies/fears I should no longer believe about myself or love, etc. Anyone else would label him as the twin who is “not enlightened” or “holding us up” because he is quiet, and because he’s not what some would label as “spiritual.” I’ve always known that’s wrong and he’s perfectly strong and enlightened. So am I… I’m just working on owning truth and raising my vibration. I love this article. It is perfect!

  4. Wonderfully helpful post, Cassady. There is so much conflicting info out there that becomes so confusing and eventually negative. Thank you for addressing these points.

  5. Also, listened to the audio from the clearing call and I never even dreamed it could be so poweful. Thank you so much for your work

  6. Great article! I have a question… you said that one twin is not more awakened than the other… what if one is doing the work and the other is not. Is completely shut down, running and in denial and is not even he is a twin flame? what can the other do, to help their twin? and what if the twin is not even responding to you? What steps can one take in this situation?

  7. Hello Cassady, My husband is not my TF. My TF and I are in separation. I no longer feel any connection with my husband and it brings me down to low vibrations including anger, frustration and resentment against him. How can I avoid these feelings whilst being with someone who I don’t want to be with anymore? These feelings surely jeopardise my reunion with my TF? thank you for your advice.

  8. Hi Ann! How did you access it because I went to the ‘products’ page, but the only one on there was the clearing call she did a few months ago….. X

  9. Thank you so much Cassady for this post! Always right on point…. and you are so right this is truly an individual journey, each one of ours unique in itself. I had never heard of this TF phenomenon until my TF came into my life 4 years ago…. and then only after googling synchronicity did I find my way to your blog…. and damn if hasn’t saved my sanity!! This is a crazy journey but so amazing as well. Thank you for your blessed insights and of those that follow you as well. I have had physical reunion but we are separated now and I am coping quite well because I’ve realized this is so much more than physical … and I always feel connected to him because of what you have shared and I have experienced. Much love and light to you Cassady and to all of us on this TF journey.

  10. Thanks 🙂 i have always been a believer that there are no “Absolute Rules” regarding twinflames.

    I also believe there are Twin flame SOUL GROUPS. So each group will reasonate with a slightly different aspect.

    There’s a few things though that i feel are misrepresentations of twin flames and spirituality in general.

    Like the concept that Duality is only a man made thing. I disagree we didnt come up with the concept. “As Above so Below”.

    Masculine…feminine….light…dark…love…fear etc and all have positive and negative elements.

    All beings have Free Will. You cant really make a Choice if there was only one state of being. Deliberately created that way so youre not a robot and can choose your experiences.

    Which means there are spirits and other beings in other dimensions who choose darkness.
    If they choose darkness do you think they want light to win? We didnt create war and battle.

    So its not just our own karma… healing…transformation or lack of awareness we are trying to over come. But interferance from other people or entities free will. So yes other beings do interfere either because A) you CHOSE IT in your twin flame union or B) because of free will.
    In saying this i dont think we are given or have chosen more than we can handle.

    Heirachy does exist its a Positive Masculine Trait. There would be no Mastery if there was no Hierachy. Not divised by humans but Abused by humans because of their limited awareness. Heirachy however does not mean superiority…all beings are created Equal which means we all have the same potential but its up to us to do the work.

    But an awesome write up <3 <3 <3 Learn Grow Expand.

  11. Cassady… your point about not getting specific answers on our TFs when asking for guidance could not be more true. I got so much amazing help and guidance these past 2 years but I was never once told that the person I was asking about was my TF. Instead, I was given clues and “puzzle pieces” for me to put it all together on my own. Thankfully, I recently figured it out and have a much better understanding of the situation going forward. And my intuition about the TF journey keeps getting stronger which is amazing. Slowly but surely despite the challenges in front of us I am starting to see her coming into my life as a blessing that will eventually end in TF Union. Thanks again for this blog, it helps me so much on this journey….. Scott

    P.S. Yes, my question was the first one you answered in the live clearing session Q&A and you caught me by surprise when you said my name… that’s so amazing that you felt my energy!!! 🙂

  12. No truer words…I went through a period where I kept trying to shut out my intuition because I thought I was deluding myself. And it was not at all a loving experience. So I’m definitely with you 🙂 love and light to you on your journey <3 <3 <3

  13. The same event page you were linked to when you purchased the call. It’s downloadable, so I just added it to my iPod and have been listening on the way to work and such.

  14. Thank you for this. I have been trying to hear from other sources when I feel the energy blocked even though I know I simply need to clear the station. So much is coming up I am grateful for the process and humbled by it. It is showing me exactly where I need to clear more as well as a knowing somehow that it is my own illusion. I know one thing I do need to get more clear on is tripping myself up in the thought of at what point can we actually physically work together. I am sure just the thought that there is some level of being clear and focusing on that is getting in the way of just BEING that! I feel that being at times and then loop back into the clearing with thoughts that it is why things are blocked which creates more blocks. lol. Oy. Well at least I am able to laugh at it now and just return to being gentle with myself and reminding myself it is all OK. I think I get what you mean by divine timing and I feel what is happening now that is part of that. It is a difficult shift to trust that and let go of old thought processes that say I have to be patient and “perfect” somehow. I have seen these images from my twin too about trying to make things perfect before we come together. It is just not necessary! We are perfect in the moment every moment. Easier said than accepted sometimes. I know it is refining, that we are on course. 🙂

  15. Hi Angel, it was intense let me tell you!!!! During the clearing Cassady had us meditate and contact our inner child so we can help heal the wounds that we have been carrying since childhood, she also suggested we do it with our twin’s inner child as well! The moment I saw my inner child i became emotional because i knew the pain and the old wounds and i could finally face it and bring it up to heal it…i was just as i remember myself, around 6 or 7 wearing the same yellow and white striped shirt i had at the age, i actually have a school picture of that shirt lol anyway when Cassady instructed us to ask our inner child what would make them happy in that moment, my IC replied “reading” and anyone that knows me, knows that my number one passion is reading, as I have been doing it since the age of 2, so I know I was in the presence of my inner child…and then Cassady instructed us to meditate on our twin’s inner child and when I did, he came to me playing basketball and anyone that knows my twin, knows that this is his passion, not only is it his passion but he almost made pros until a knee injury, which ironically is what brought him into my life, in the physical. so once i contacted my twin’s inner child, he had a wall up and was initially stand-offish and quiet but has since opened up a little and o answer your second question, I can feel them and see them in my minds eye and sometimes they will speak to me and i will hear them…I know amazing right!!! but all true and all twins im sure can relate to experiencing things like this that cannot be explained or summed up into words. The most beautiful part of this journey is what it forces you to do for yourself and that is to HEAL!!!! I know that now….

  16. Hi Gia, your Twin is a mirror for you. If he is shut down, what does this bring up in you? Feelings of frustration, of not being good enough, of needing to control the situation? Do you see how this works? Deal with the emotions your Twin triggers in you by giving yourself the love you are seeking from him. This will clear the blockages in you that are in turn being reflected back to you by him. Whatever your Twin shows in the external is a direct reflection of what exists in you internally. Heal it with love and watch it magically transform the dynamic!

  17. Wow!!! That’s incredible! I was heavily abused by my parents when I was a child so my inner child definitely needs healing! I hope Cassady makes a replay of this call available so those of us who missed it can do the meditation and clearing too! But seriously, that’s amazing what you can see and hear, gives me the chills!

  18. Thank you so very much for the helpful guidance, I already feel more one from resonating with these myths that I seemed to think. When you say that being patient and waiting isn’t necessarily what we are suppose to do, would working on ourselves be all that we can do. I am wanting to contact my twin, simply just to say hi, since him telling me we no longer wants to be romantic with me because he is now again committing to his ex who lives down the street, I travel the country, he is still in school. I’ve heard nothing but bad about the two of them being back together from really close friends and thought maybe him just knowing I’m always there for him would help the situation. The two of them fuel addictions and are gonna kill eachother, I myself have been working on sobriety and taking care of my body. Would it be better to just continue to me my best I can and wait to see if he will extend the hand? I don’t know, I meditate on it and am sent mixed signals from the universe. Love and light

  19. Thank you Monika for your input! I love what you say – yes, self love and self trust is a core issue on the Twin Flame journey. It seems to simple from the outside, just this “little thing” we have to shift, but in practice it’s often the most challenging lesson of all! So worth it though for all of life when we get there more and more xx

    Cassady <3

  20. Azorbst, yes, this is another thing I had to learn the hard way myself after trying to find answers outside myself early on with my Twin journey – later the more I learned to open up to guidance, the more they showed and explained that their lack of answers were for a very good reason, so I could go within and get in touch with my own intuition and deep soul level knowing! Well worth it.

    Oh and yes, it was fun in the clearing, to sense your energy – your guides had a lot of good positive energy for you, very supportive! <3


  21. I’m so glad this article resonates with you Alexandra! If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my journey it’s that things are both simpler and more complicated than we might think – energy laws really are the number one thing to consider, if you get the energy “right”, i.e. in alignment with what you want, the rest will follow. It will show up in the physical eventually. This is what spirit has shown me and what I’ve experienced first hand.

    And yes, sending love to your twin really can “cause miracles”. Addiction and dysfunctional relationships are both outward symptoms of inner malaise and negative karmic patterns. You could try the new clearing, where we clear out a lot of old mutal karma between the twins and we actually download new positive blueprints.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  22. Hi Avendesora,

    Very interesting, and the thing about trying to understand the blocks – yes, this can actually become a block in itself to a certain extent. We can’t and don’t want to live in the past, yet most human beings find it irresistible to think about it all the time! What a paradox! : )

    I once heard from a very experienced energy healer that the best thing to do is often to stop trying to “understanding” the problems and blocks. Understanding means we put ourselves “standing under” the problems when we could rise above them. Connecting to the light and clearing the issues lets us rise ABOVE them and free ourselves.

    Spirit often reminds me of the paradoxical advice that it’s better to ignore your problems, because when you think of them constantly and focus on them you just attach yourself deeper energetically. If you disregard problems emotionally – i.e. take action if you want but don’t FEEL the problems – you can shift out of the energy pattern.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  23. Hi Kim, you can clear this block yourself. Connect to the light and direct it into your heart and intend that it’s dissolving or exploding the block and filling your heart with love xx <3

  24. Thank you Cassady! Last night I listened to guidance and it ended up a HUGE clearing of some deep seated self worth issues. I found I tried to avoid them and they showed up in a very everyday place anyway. I think I met the challenge well and was instantly rewarded back in the reactions from the people involved.

    I really tried to not focus on things today just focusing on a book I am reading and being in nature. I had an amazing day because of it! I did the breakthrough meditations there in the park and had some powerful totem animals show up physically.

    Later in another spot I did the meditations again (thank goodness for a full day off!). This took me so deep into love and connection with everything it brought me to tears. More was dissolved about my ability to receive love and my attachments to attachment. It was so amazing and I feel that this work you lead us to do is really a lasting result. I do see ways my thoughts are still trying to loop back but the emotions and attachments are gone for good! There is no real charge to it so the thoughts just dissolve. I have also been using the clearing statements you use in the clearing session and they are so wonderfully powerful.

    Thank you for bringing this work to us all!

  25. I did have a question about physical versus spiritual reunion. I’m fairly confident that my twin and I will reunite in the physical. Our current 3d relationship is definitely positive ; she is engaged and we don’t speak regularly but when we do its very loving. Our energetic connection is strong as well. Our souls communicate regularly and I’ve been shown so much about our situation that my inner knowing about our eventual physical reunion just gets stronger. But every now and then I start to worry about what if it will only ever be energetic? Would there be an instance in which two twin flames are in energetic union but one does not want physical union? Could this concern be a block? It really doesn’t feel like my intuition at all, which leads me to believe it’s my ego bringing up insecurities. ..hope this made sense!

  26. Thank you for the reply, for the first time yesterday I tried the free breakthrough kit, the meditation and vibrational alignment course reply put me in a good place and I felt so peaceful, this morning I woke up to social media and my twin with his ex, he is now seeing again, posted pictures and how all my friends sent loving comments, and how happy they seem. Though everyone who lives in their city says they are poison for each other, I’ve seen nothing but an abundance of support for their relationship. I’ve surrendered my pain so many times, I want to forget. Not all twin flames end up together, I feel like that’s what I have to accept. I made choices over the last few years that lead to this, and through your blog I see that now, I understand all of it; however, that doesn’t change the fact that so much has been done that you can’t take back. I still can grasp peace in that, I know I’m young still and have much growing to do, wanting to feel free from the situation. Love and light <3

  27. First, thank you for your posts. They really keep me on track with knowing I’m not completely insane when it comes to all of this twin flame stuff.

    I have a question regarding dreaming about our twin. Following a very abrupt end to our 19 month relationship, and discovering the twin flame theory, I had a few dreams about my twin and I that were very vivid. The last one I had was about a month and a half ago, where it was just my twin and I sitting at a table looking at each other, when I reached out to touch/hold his hand and touched his face. It was so vivid that I woke up thinking it really happened. Since then, no dreams at all. In fact, I’m not really remembering any of dreams, which is odd for me because I’ve always been one to have vivid dreams that I could recall in great detail. The time that the dreams stopped coincides with the time that I think he entered a relationship with a new girl, only 4 months after the breakup (even though my gut/intuition was telling me for weeks something was up, I was devastated upon learning this news, to say the least). So, my question is this – why did I stop dreaming about him?

    Additionally, regarding the new relationship, as I said it was a serious blow to me emotionally, spiritually, physically… at first. Now, although it so makes my stomach turn somewhat often, I’m surprisingly “okay”. Is it because I know it’s out of my control? I can honestly say my intuition isn’t telling me anything right now — whether or not this relationship will last. Do I feel “okay” because somewhere in me I know it won’t last, or because somewhere in me I know this is his future wife? It is so hard to accept not having him in my life after knowing for so long the love we physically shared, the feeling of finally being at home/”Finally, I found you!” I’m scared that I’ve done enough damage in “chasing” over the months that I’ll never have him back in the physical world, and that I may have now lost him in the spiritual world, as well. I’m just very confused about a lot. Anything you can offer to help would really be appreciated.

  28. Hi Nic, I can’t really answer some of your questions about your dreams, but I just wanted to share with you you are so not alone on the frustrations this TF journey can create. Just know Monika’s statement that “your Twin is a mirror for you “is absolutely right on. Try meditating on that and what he brings up in you. Also know that if this person is your TF, which I’m sure he is you are ALWAYS connected to him… energetically, spiritually even though maybe not physically. This really is a blessed adventure… the path to self love and self realization is just one of the amazing pieces that you will experience. Remember yourTF to some degree is you & your mirror. What you feel in your soul he feels for you as well. Send him much love and light, it will help to bring miracles. Know you are not alone on this journey. Love to you.

  29. I am sort of new to this thought but I am really resonating with it. Very good to have soul-mate cleared and distinct from this idea. I have been looking for an explanation for the relationship between my twin and myself over the past year. The whole relationship is confusing and we created painful experiences for each other. And I repeatedly asked why…now I have an answer. That is so comforting to have it explained. We cant let go of each other. I have been trying to understand why him and why now. Our timing over the last 20 years of multiple go-rounds with each other ,is historically poor. This time our relationship has escalated to love beyond love. I have never felt this way or as connected;if he thinks about me at night, I sit straight up in bed and say his name; We have dreams about each other which usually correspond to extremely traumatic important life events. Our relationship does not follow societal rules and expectations and therefore there is much judgement about it, for those that actually know about it. I have consulted numerous intuits trying to figure out what the heck is happening here. I have repeatedly contacted these intuits and I’m certain I have aggravated them because its monthly questions about the same topics and same guidance on what to do with him and this relationship and where its going. I truly think at this point that those intuits have involved their egos in my latest readings due to our non-pc relationship, and my persistent quest for answers. I don’t think that I have represented the magnitude of connection that we have to them well or they simply do not understand. What I know is that this is not a romantic fabrication of my mind. But I think that they are judging us as wrong firstly, but also, that I am crazy and obsessed. I might be crazy, but my not obsessed but very confused. I just feel that they are truly unaware of this dynamic. Through the muddle of advise that I have received over the months, finally much is brought to light and clarity gained through this information. As I too have been directed to work on myself. I have been working on myself for about 14 years and then he shows back up! crazy!! Lots more work to do!!
    This amazing info that could greatly help many. I am grateful for all of this and Im looking forward to working on the course. Thanks so much for your compassionate representation and thanks so much for sharing your own journey to help the rest of us! All in divine time and so grateful that I stumbled onto it!

  30. I love your work and many of these points are great but the information shared about the darkness does concern me, mainly because I have experienced so much of it in my Union and Im meeting many Twins who are too. This not a belief…but a reality for so many right now!! To dismiss the darkess is to dismiss creation. Possession, ET interference and entities have ALL been a part of my Union. I nearly got completely brought down from all of these experiences (contemplated suicide) it was horrific at the time. Although now having healed so much – it took INTENSE energetic and emotional healing. When we are in crisis mode with our Twin… we become highly susceptible to these beings. We cannot pretend this is not happening. Its very dangerous to say darkness does not exist for those who are experiencing it because they may feel there is no one to go to. The reality is that many twins are HIGHLY susceptible to this interference. Many of us are deliberately being guided to meet our Twin in cults and conflicting religious organisations…where these beings are running rampant…in order to integrate the dark and the light. My understanding is that Unions which involve so much darkness at this time are deliberate as we are literally integrating both ends of the spectrum. Some of us have a cosmic history with these beings and certain agendas. Thus, the dark is learning from the Twin Flame Union too. But at the time you do not see this! At the time they are in your head….in your energy…attacking psychics who are connected to you…your friends and family. I write this here because Im so passionate about people not having to go through such a long and intense healing process as I did because they think they have gone mad. I write this here because there are other Twin Flame Unions who are experiencing this and we have a duty of care to all Twins on this planet and a responsibility in what we share. xxxx (ps. awareness and discernment are our greatest assets)

  31. Totally resonate with what you have written here. Has been both what I have experienced and been shown. Certain tf soul groups do attract different aspects dependent on their reason for being here right now and their cosmic origin/agenda. 🙂

  32. Yes 🙂 every twinflame soul group seems to have different objectives. I think the agenda of each twinflame soul group though is ultimately the same. Ive noticed the number 12 seems significant. I guess that all will be revealed to us as time goes on and when its important for us to know. <3

  33. Hello Cassady,
    My twin and I are deeply in live with each other and have been with each other physically for first three months since we met in March. After June both our families came to know of our infinite unconditional love and there has been a lot of resistance we are facing. My husband has already initiated divorce while my twin has been told by our master(we are the believers of a light and sound spiritual organization and my twin is the secretary at the city level) to stop all communication with me so that both our families can live happily otherwise both our reputation will be at stake. We both thought that we will work together(he also runs a business whose funds he uses to help funding those in need) but it didn’t work out as we faced lot of opposition from our families as the feelings were very intense for first few months and we were totally lost into each other forgetting everyone and now we have realized the depth of the situation it seems so tough. Here both of us want to be with each other but my twin faced a lot of humiliation from his family and religious organization people and I also am facing from my family. Divorce is also seen as a taboo and a crime sort of thing on my part. I have two boys 10 and 12 and I am sure after separation from my husband my twin will give them lots of love. I also accept his wife and two boys 17and 14 and understand that he can’t leave them alone now till maybe her wife understands and separates on her own as both of us have ended up in a huge energetic difference with our spouses. Now energetically both of us feel the same emotions every moment and have a beautiful union but don’t know how to let go of family and societal pressures. It’s like nobody will respect us if we choose to be together and our aim is only to be in love spread love and serve mankind. Please advice me what I should do? Thanks Cassady. Loads of love and light gushing to you

  34. Hello Cassady,
    My twin and I are deeply in live with each other and had been with each other physically for first three months since we met in March. After June both our families came to know of our infinite unconditional love and there has been a lot of resistance we are facing. My husband has already initiated divorce while my twin has been told by our master(we are the believers of a light and sound spiritual organization and my twin is the secretary at the city level) to stop all communication with me so that both our families can live happily otherwise both our reputation will be at stake. We both thought that we will work together(he also runs a business whose funds he uses to help funding those in need) but it didn’t work out as we faced lot of opposition from our families as the feelings were very intense for first few months and we were totally lost into each other forgetting everyone and now we have realized the depth of the situation it seems so tough. Here both of us want to be with each other but my twin faced a lot of humiliation from his family and religious organization people and I also am facing from my family. Divorce is also seen as a taboo and a crime sort of thing on my part. I have two boys 10 and 12 and I am sure after separation from my husband my twin will give them lots of love. I also accept his wife and two boys 17and 14 and understand that he can’t leave them alone now till maybe her wife understands and separates on her own as both of us have ended up in a huge energetic difference with our spouses. Now energetically both of us feel the same emotions every moment and have a beautiful union but don’t know how to let go of family and societal pressures. It’s like nobody will respect us if we choose to be together and our aim is only to be in love spread love and serve mankind. Please advice me what I should do? Thanks Cassady. Loads of love and light gushing to you

  35. I am sure Cassady has insight into this for you! Can I just say simply to stay in that Love and keep clearing. It seems to me that this work ripples into the lives of everyone around us. In that, there will be things they bring up to clear, too. It is all part of the process. Just keep at it and know what you do in love and light will help heal them as well.

  36. Please remember that the story is an eternal one. Dark and Light, good and bad, we are spinning in this duality still. A shift in perspective will help you see that IT IS ALL GOOD. It is fear versus love. The things that challenge us are indeed what make us dive deeper. Challenges are only there to make us grow. If you focus on the light, it all dissolves into a place where there is no duality even as we still walk this physical plane. Shadows can play and dance just as the sunlight can! It is truly only things that need to be cleared. Seeing the “evil” as merely emotions, thoughts, actions, that need to be healed and held. Flip it around and “evil” is “live”. It is a cry for help not something to scorn and turn away from. Once you see that, once you take it into a place of listening and observing they feel listened to, the energy can finally release and move. Pain is just stuck chi. Keep going with the clearings! I love love love the tools Cassady has offered us! Let it unravel. Don’t focus on the negative. Just let it flow through and clear. We are the beacons. Just shine. 🙂

  37. I’d love to hear more about your ideas on this, as I feel I’ve probably had some similar experiences/attacks. Do you feel one twin can illuminate the other’s light and the other can illuminate their darkness? Almost like the twins bring eachother into balance by exposing each other to their own ‘other’ sides that they were both previously denying? Thus, the dark puts up a huge fight, lashes out, and attacks when it begins to lose its dominance of the twins? I hope I’ve explained myself clearly enough here…writing about these experiences is new to me…

  38. Thank you so much, Cassady, for your intuitive insights and sharing your knowledge on Twinflames. A lot of things you mentioned I can relate to. I found your link through searching for a specific answer on Twinflames and I can’t say how much your page has changed my perception on a lot of things about Twinflames I read on other sites. The things you said I hold in my intuition. Sometimes people want to hear from other Twinflames and unfortunately you will come in contact with a lot of things that are different from your own view. But with you, I can surely relate. As you said, everybody had their own experience and so their point of view might different from others. I can’t say how much I am grateful and appreciate you helping many Twinflames who are somehow searching for answers like myself. Blessings to you. I hope you don’t mind me sharing your page.

  39. My twin flame committed suicide a year and a half ago. He wrote a letter blaming me for what he did. After he died, I felt the most self love and acceptance than I have ever felt. I was positive about everything, never angry. I knew he was okay. Losing him made my faith stronger than ever. I could sense him when he was near, my heart would flutter or beat irregularly. I caught myself doing and saying things I normally wouldn’t say or do, the things he said all the time. It was strange. We both struggled with addiction, so after about 2 months I fell off and started using. All of that went away, little by little. I want it back, I want to feel that self love and acceptance again, I want to feel when he’s near. Is there any way of getting that back or is it gone for good?

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