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Q&A: “What is the Future of my Twin Flame Relationship?”

This week’s Q&A responds to a majority of the questions I get from Twin Flames on a daily basis.

What I’ve realized in communicating with thousands of Twin Flames until this point, is that many feel that they are powerless to change things around and they inadvertently end up leaving their happiness in the hands of strangers.

Therefore this week’s Q&A is all about the future, choice and creation (and psychics!):




#1) Psychics Can’t Tell You the Future

This is a huge one on this sometimes confusing journey. Many Twin Flames seek advice from intuitives and psychics to hear what the future holds for their Twin Flame relationship. This can sometimes be helpful (see below), but it can also be a mire it gets increasingly difficult to get out of.

How the Future is Created

For one thing, you are disempowering yourself by leaving the decisions that create your life, into the hands of another. By relying on an outsider to tell you what to do or what is going to happen in your Twin Flame relationship, you are in effect telling the Universe that you are not willing to create and manifest what you desire.

The ultimate truth is that the future isn’t set in stone. We are energetic beings who create our future minute by minute, day by day. Our choices and energy and beliefs are all a part of shaping our lives.

Who is Creating Your Life for You?

An intuitive can tell you what you’re in alignment with. They can read energy, let you know about any blockages you have, and transmit guidance from the spirit world and your higher self. But the future is never set in stone – you are free to change it any time you want.

The same is the case with astrology – the energies present may nudge you one way or another, but you always have Free Will.

Learning To “Steer Your Own Ship”

At the beginning of this journey I spent thousands of dollars on psychics, and often I would be down for days about the things they told me (later, as I learned to connect to spirit myself, I realized many of them had no idea what they were talking about and that I’d been upset for nothing).

Eventually I was pushed by my guides into taking a class that helped me tune into my own guidance instead of being dependent on others – I can tell you that connecting with my own intuitive wisdom is the single biggest thing I’ve ever learned. Not just for my Twin Flame connection but for life.

When I was relying on psychics and intuitives to tell me about my future, about my Twin and about my situation I was constantly wavering on my path, looking left and right for answers to what I should do or think or choose. It was agonizing.

Now, I know how to look within and feel what will be best for me. And it has helped me find a new sense of inner peace, anchoring me safely in the knowledge that I create my life in a way that best serves me.

(Something I’ll deal with more in a future post is the role of Karma in manifestation and our creation of the future – often we have patterns of karma that keep us subconsciously attracting the same hardships over and over – a form of automatic creation done by default. Clearing karma is a huge help in freeing us up to create the future to our own desires. Therefore you could say clearing karma = changing the future)


#2) Psychics Can Help You With Some Things, But You Have to Know What And How to Ask:


There are things an intuitive or a “psychic” can help you with, and then there are things you’ll be better off answering yourself. I often think of intuitives as translators between earth and the spirit dimension.

And if this is your starting point and perspective when enlisting their services, you can get a lot of useful information.

Intuitives can access information about which developments you are currently in alignment with – and if you don’t like what they tell you, it is in your power to change it. They can also pass on information from guides/higher self on how we can best resolve certain problems, or how we can get to our goals or attune to our inner soul purpose.

On the other hand there are thing spirit almost refuse to answer for my clients, because it is not to their highest good. Decisions involving Free Will is one of them. Here, spirits often decline to answer because doing so would disempower the person:

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Often in my intuitive coaching sessions a client will ask me for my advice on whether they should reach out to contact their Twin Flame or not, or whether they should stop texting their Twin or not, or whether they should start dating someone else or wait for their Twin Flame to come back, and so on.

Asking an intuitive these “should I do this or not” questions is not useful for you and your guides most often won’t answer it, because ultimately YOU KNOW BEST. You are always finely tuned in to your own highest good at all times. We all are.

If you leave it up to another to make the choices for you, then who is creating your life? You or a stranger? Would you want a stranger to make the decisions that can get you to happiness with your Twin or create more unhappiness?

My guess is you’d want to make those choices yourself. Even if you’re not “psychic” (I know I never was until this journey began) you get subtle messages from your intuition all the time – the feeling in your stomach, your mood (your mood tells you what “future” you’re currently matching your energy to and attracting), ideas and inspiration that pop up “out of nowhere”.

Remember that although someone else can read your energy, situation and give you advice, they can never be as closely attuned to you and your purpose as you yourself are.

Becoming Empowered

My advice to you, as someone who has been through this journey, is EMPOWER YOURSELF, get in tune with your inner guidance.

And if you feel stuck and you can’t hear your guidance – in 99% of cases this is because you are energetically congested, either with your own energies of doubt and insecurity, or simply clogged up with other people’s energy.

The great news is you can almost instantly clear away the congestion that is keeping you blocked and unable to tune into your intuition and feeling your Twin Flame. This is how I opened up to gifts I had no idea I had.

In less than six months after connecting with my Twin for the first time, I went from never having had a single “supernatural” experience to being able to telepathically communicate and get help from my higher self and guides, and being able to tune into my own inner guidance – being able to feel whether a certain choice would result in good feelings or bad feelings. It was because I cleared my energy.

Everything I learned on my journey is included for you in the Vibrational Alignment Program– so you can empower yourself. This is why I made the course, to show you how you can strengthen and reconnect with yourself to move forward on your journey and end separation, running, confusion and all the rest of it – tools for life, to use both within your Twin Flame connection but also in any area of life.


#3) If you keep Acting and Thinking and Feeling in the Same Way, You’ll Keep Getting the Same Results

Often we don’t realize how much things have changed in our lives until we look back at certain periods. When we’re in the middle of change we are often blind to things.

The one thing that’s for sure in life, whether you believe in the laws of energy or not (if you don’t I’d suggest looking up some scientific articles because it’s all there!), is that doing the same thing over and over cannot create different results.

Living In A Loop

Albert Einstein once said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Still, that’s how many people live their lives. And it’s mostly because they haven’t been shown how to do things differently.

They don’t realize how powerful they really are, and how much can change if they just get started. I grew up in a family full of people like that. I would actually say, generations of unhappy people: because they didn’t know they could choose and create differently. They weren’t aware of their energy.

Change Is A Choice

Think ahead to a year or two from now. Your situation can change dramatically if you get started on changing things now. If you keep doing the same things on the other hand, chances are your life will be pretty much the same as now.

It’s your choice, your Free Will. Do you take the first step and move in a different direction, or do you keep doing the same things as before? Do you let others tell you the future, or do you create it?

Whatever you do, I encourage you to find some way to connect directly with your guidance and not rely on outsiders to tell you the future – it will be a lot less expensive, and you’ll feel a lot better for it. If you’re interested, here is one way: my personal ‘recipe’ for how to communicate with your own guidance and get in touch with your intuition.

All my respect and love to you – you are so much more powerful than you think!

I believe in you <3

Cassady x


Want more? For an easy, fun way to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

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  1. Thank you Cassady for another insightly article again! Ultimately I do believe, across all religions and teachings, we are the designer of our own destiny and choices! No matter how many intuitives, tarot card readings or seers that we consult. At the end of the day, our power is within inside of us. 🙂 Thank you very much for enlightening all of us here.

  2. Thank you Cassady for another great blog post, this is a matter that goes back to even my comments from your previous blog post, and a great tie in as well to that previous blog post talking about these matters.

    I know I have felt more empowered as of late concerning matters since I accepted fully and with out question what it is I have been experiencing, including that own matter you mention concerning your own psychic abilities all of sudden. It is what has been the most difficult matters for me to come to grips with in discerning the awakening of certain matters that has taking place since meeting my Twin.

    Thanks again for your work, love and light to you.

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