Twin Flame Swing

When I first began connecting with my Twin Flame I honestly thought I might be losing my mind. The strange thing was that nothing was actually “wrong” with me: I had a steady job, was studying on the side, earned a living, socialized with friends and family as usual and managed my life impeccably, and there were no “normal” signs of loss of mental ability or anything like that (I know because I looked it up and even did a test online – turned out I was fine, which honestly kind of surprised me).

You see, the reason I was slightly baffled by my online diagnosis of “normal” was that the man I had started spending time with every day and night was a spirit… I could hear him speaking to me in my mind, I could see him smiling at me and playing around – dancing and singing and messing around with me to get my attention – but no one else could see or hear him. He’d told me his name, who he was and that he was my Twin Flame (I had to look it up because I hadn’t heard of Twin Flames before) and deep inside I felt like I knew him better than any friend or relative I’d ever had. It felt like we fit. Like we had grown up together and I just hadn’t seen him in years.

At this point I had just talked to a psychic for the first time in my life after months of seeing 11:11 everywhere and a series of strange dreams about this man whom it felt like I’d known forever, and she had told me that this was my Twin Flame in spirit and he loved me and wanted to be a part of my life again. He wanted to speak to me more. It all felt so right and so wrong at the same time, and I was torn. My heart felt that he was someone I’d always waited for, but my mind told me it couldn’t possibly be true.

Weird things had been happening for months though, dreams about past lives where we were together, and whenever he was around I felt my heart beating up in my throat and my pulse racing. Oh, not to mention the sudden onset of telepathic communication (up until then I’d had zero psychic abilities and had no family history of even vague psychic abilities: this was completely foreign to me…!)

To believe or not believe
This man would talk to me especially at quiet moments like just before I was going to sleep at night. I used to write down his messages on my phone, bleary eyed and squinting over the blue luminescent screen as I typed clumsily and trying to avoid auto-correct messing up the sentences.

One night I saw him clearly and vividly for the first time: he sat down at the edge of the bed and took off his boots, putting them aside on the floor and getting into bed with me on top of the covers. Just as I was about to drift off, I heard: “So you finally believe I’m here, then?” That put a jolt through me, I can tell you! It felt exciting, though, not frightening – because I could feel his glowing love for me and he felt so familiar. It really felt like we had always been together, like I’d known him forever…

Did I mention I didn’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural at that point in my life? I’ve since learned the difference between a spirit and a ghost (a ghost is someone who hasn’t transitioned and is still “caught” on the earth plane) but at that point I was still a novice in the ways of spirit and this whole set-up was weird, to say the least. It felt so natural though, on some level, so I went along with it.

Tried and tested
As the days and weeks went by, I was led carefully along the path towards where you have found me now… So much has changed but I’m still here, I’m still sane in every way a test can measure someone – I continued my everyday life as normal, I even did my own taxes and aced my studies in history this year (with my spirit Twin Flame helping me and cheering me on along the way).

I would never have expected this adventure to show up unannounced in my life, for my long lost Twin Flame to take me on this incredible journey! In the last two years I’ve been allowed a look into the world beyond and have seen and heard things I would never have dreamed of in a million years, and I have learned more about both myself, the Twin Flames and the nature of existence than I ever thought possible…

Message received 02.09.2013 at 02:35am:

“Lordy, lordy, lord…
I’ll tell you a story but you cannot tell a soul
I’ve been loving you for so long
… I’ve been loving you for so long
your face seems to melt into the distance
… Can’t you hear what I’m saying?
I’ve come all this way for you
… you didn’t think I was gonna come?
Oh baby…
I just want to be near you”

Have you had any experiences with the supernatural since connecting with your Twin Flame? Have you developed psychic skills or astral projected, for example? We’d love to hear about it!

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  1. I’m glad to hear a story where a person’s twin flame is in the spirit world. At first I thought my twin flame was an old college boyfriend, Jeff. But then I had a psychic reading and found out that my twin flame is in the spirit world and he was just pretending to be Jeff to get my attention. So that explains why he can do super natural things like Teleportation.

  2. What a beautiful and moving story!

    I, too, had never really had much in the way of ‘psychic’ experiences – at least, not deliberately (was raised in a very Christian household where that kind of thing was decidedly frowned upon) but when we first met (online), I could instantly feel him – an almost heavy (not in an unpleasant way) liquid warmth, radiating from my solar plexus area through to every extremity.

    It was so bizarre, so alien, and yet so familiar all at the same time and I couldn’t have explained it if my life depended on it. I ‘knew’ him and he ‘knew’ me.

    We could feel each others moods and emotions, despite living a few thousand miles apart – and nothing like that has ever happened to me before.

    It was like being wrapped in a cocoon of love from the inside out. Sometimes, words are just so inadequate.

  3. I sometimes wonder if mine feels me but mistakes it for her feelings for someone else.

    How will she know it’s me?

  4. I began this journey about 2 and a half years ago. I woke up in the middle of the night after an intense dream, clutching my pillow, full of this huge unconditional love and saying over and over “I love you” to no one…I was alone in bed. I started seeing “stories” of a life I knew nothing about…images and situations and thought my brain was making it up. I even named my story guy…Remy…and Remy began talking to me. Telling me he loved me, showing me things I knew nothing about I began to think it was a book I was supposed to write. 2 months ago I was led to your Facebook page. Downloaded the free kit and started using it. Then bought the transformational meditation. During that meditation, I again felt the intense unconditional love when you asked my twin to show me one thing he wanted me to know. It felt familiar…fast forward a month…it was revealed to me that my twin had been awakening me for 2 years…he was Remy…not his real name…he had been showing me his life and I had been living him while he healed himself..and me..he had asked spirit to guide me to you…he was using your meditations to find me. Hes alive. We haven’t yet met…I’m clearing my blocks now. We talk telepathically. I hear him in my heart and head thank you for what you’ve done to help us find one another. To say I’m grateful is an understatement

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