Do You Know Your Cosmic Info? Discover The Star Map To Your Journey, And Your Twin Flame Path In This Lifetime! What Holds The Key To Your Union? Find Out Now…


Today we’re dealing with something I’m often asked by Twin Flames on the blog, on email and in social media:

  • How do I know what lies ahead for my Twin Flame and I?
  • How do I know what’s blocking our connection?
  • How do I know whether my Twin Flame and I will end up (back) together or not?
  • How can I make more sense of my journey?

Well, as an intuitive astrologer working with Twin Flames for almost 10 years…

I can tell you that the answer to ALL of this can be found in your astrological birth chart!

Yes, really!

Because in short, your astrology birth chart is a ‘star map’ to you and your Twin Flame’s journey to earth – including how you can reunite in this lifetime!

The “Secret Code” Of Your Personal Chart

Today I’m excited to be able to share an opportunity to get deep insights on this!

Each week, I share with you the forecasts dealing with collective astrology…

But there is a deep level of PERSONAL astrology, which holds a wealth of unique insights just for YOU!

For years I have been searching for a way to share something with the Twin Flames 11:11 community that is like having *me* give you an intuitive report on YOUR personal chart.

(Because unfortunately, I’m not able to do this for everyone in the community one-on-one.)

10 Years?!

So I’ve been looking for a good fit for a long time, a person whose experience, quality and value of insights represent what I would want to bring you.

And a while back I found the perfect, in-depth report, developed by an expert astrologer over a period of over 10 years.

(Go here to read more and order your personal individual 30 page report to discover the hidden info in your unique birth chart, and what it means for your Twin Flame journey)

Your Divine “Blueprint”

In the “Soul & Destiny report”, Denmark based, expert astrologer Adrian Duncan gives you a deep dive look into your birth chart – with advanced interpretations and aspects.

This goes way beyond what you can look up online through simple Sun/Moon signs and other common aspects.

So far, after years of exploration, this is the only personal astrology report I can wholeheartedly endorse.

I know it will powerfully help you gain hidden insights on your soul journey, and your divine Twin Flame path!

(And I can happily say you won’t be spammed by 1000 different offers after signing up – as I’m sure you’ve experienced elsewhere).

Challenges? There’s A Reason

In the 30+ page report, you get to learn about the challenges and lessons you wanted to learn as a soul in this lifetime…

All of the aspects, all of the planets, all of your core energies and how they interplay…

Your birth chart will help you understand the lessons and major themes you and your Twin Flame wished to experience in this lifetime.

And this sheds so much light on your situation, making it much smoother and easier to move through blocks and shift into a higher state.

Because you won’t stay stuck in karmic loops of repeating cycles – you’ll learn the lessons in understanding, and move forward.

Seeing Life Differently

Understanding your birth chart, is like having a secret key to your journey. It is profoundly eye-opening.

And, it has been truly invaluable for me on my own path. You may be surprised at what you learn, but with this info in hand, you will begin to see your life so differently!

Is your natal Sun in a hard aspect to Mars, causing difficulties with men/your own inner Masculine? Is Venus in a challenged position or flowing in support?

Do you have a stellium in Scorpio, which brings an intensity that’s hard to handle? Or planets in Virgo that bring challenges around self love? 

Do you have an opposition to Saturn that keeps bringing karmic lessons in love, which you’re meant to learn from?

And what IS your core lesson?

There is SO MUCH you can learn from an in-depth report like this.

I can’t wait to hear from you about what you learn, what insights you gain, and what may surprise you in your reading.

Finding Greater Harmony with Your Twin Flame

Your birth chart is like a blueprint for your life, revealing your unique cosmic energy and how it relates to your twin flame journey.

I know that this can and will change your life and your Twin Flame journey for the better – it truly did for me.

So I’m really excited about sharing this “secret Twin Flame astrology” magic with you today!

Go here to order your 30 page in-depth Soul & Destiny report now and dive into the secrets of your personal “star map”

Make sure you come back here and let me know what insights you gained!

I can’t wait to hear what you find out – and how it sheds light on your Twin Flame connection!

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3 

Cassady x


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