Feeling Mysteriously Stuck No Matter What You Do? Discover The Solutions (And Who’s Really Secretly “Steering The Ship” On Your Twin Flame Journey…)

I know it sounds CRAZY that a part of you might BLOCK your Twin Flame journey. But for many Twin Flames this is exactly what is going on.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, trapped, like no matter what you try things aren’t getting better… It’s nearly always your SOUL calling for your attention!

Because there are some core Twin Flame Soul Lessons we are all asked to learn on our journey.

Do You Know What Your SOUL’s Priorities Are?

Today I’m sharing 7 key Twin Flame SOUL LESSONS, so you can address these and open your path.

The miracle is that when you understand and deal with these Twin Flame soul lessons, your journey will open up dramatically.

If you want to move your journey further, don’t keep stressing and working at things from a mental/human standpoint. Work with your soul.

Because the soul “says” – how do you think you met your Twin in the first place? It wasn’t by accident. It was your souls “arranging” it!

So working with your soul can create miracles. Truly!

And conversely, if it’s blocking you, things can feel ‘impossible’ to shift.

Who Is Your Soul, Really?

So before we get onto the lessons you may wonder, who IS your soul really?

In short, your soul is your eternal consciousness – beyond your physical body and human identity.

It is all-powerful, a masterful creator, and it can shift circumstances beyond what we believe possible as humans.

Importantly, it has certain plans and desires for learning in this lifetime.

And it could be waiting for you to learn certain things, which it (eternal you) set as goals for this lifetime.

Who’s Really Driving The Car You’re In?!?

So why is this such an important issue for Twin Flames?
The soul’s own image to illustrate this is:

Imagine you’re out driving in a learner’s car.

You’re the student, the soul is the teacher. So you’re there driving, hitting the gas. But your soul, the TEACHER, has pedals too!

They can OVERRIDE the car and take control of the wheel! And sometimes they do – to teach you something important.

So if things feel stuck for you – it’s almost GUARANTEED your soul is hitting the brakes while waiting for you to deal with certain things.


Here are the 7 key reasons your soul is hitting those brakes!

Check in and be honest with yourself, begin to work on this so you can move forward once and for all.

Twin Flame Soul Lesson#1)
Not Going Within

The human world is full of confusion, ego stories and what is known in spiritual circles as “illusions”.

Opinions, stories and unproven views of what men and women and love is like, about who we are and what’s possible for us.

As long as we focus on the human world, we unfortunately hit on limitations, disappointments, snags…

Because the energies are collectively set up for only a certain limited version – the agreed upon PERCEPTION of what reality is like.

(Watch a video on that here).

twin flame video

So on the spiritual journey, going WITHIN is crucial! Because we are meant to start manifesting and focusing on our desires, instead of automatically accepting the regular version of life.

In energy terms, things are created in the UNSEEN before becoming manifest in the physical.”As within, so without” is a spiritual truth that’s been around since the ancients’ Emerald Tablet.

As long as you’re only looking at the outer situation, you’re not making the inner shifts necessary to CHANGE and SHIFT and ALTER the outer results.

This is why your soul is always waiting for you to claim our power as a creator – to go within and begin to shift reality from the inside out.

For help with this, go here.

Twin Flame Soul Lesson #2)
Listening To The Truth Of Love

This is a similar point. It’s understandable that many Twins get caught up in it. During our life, we’re exposed to so many beliefs and stories about what love and relationships are “supposed” to be like.

So many carry around underlying unconscious perceptions that “men cheat”, “twin flames always run”, “relationships never last” and so on.

Well, those things are simply not true! They’re “stories”!

And unfortunately when we accept them as real, they begin to play out in our reality.

I can’t tell you how stunned I was when the other day I googled something and the search engine suggested a question “How long does Twin Flame separation last?” I clicked out of curiosity and my jaw dropped as I saw website’s “reputable answer” that said “1-2 years”. That’s completely FALSE!

The TRUTH is separation is caused by energy blocks and triggering, and that means it doesn’t have to happen for you at ALL! And if it’s happening, you can clear it.

Any “Twin Flame Stages” set times or “Twin Flame Rules” are false, made up by Ego.

In truth, the Twin Flame connection is all about love. That is the ONLY thing you ever truly need to know about it.

All the outer things are “stories” or the physical reflection of stories “playing out” as real. Go within, allow your Twin’s higher self to show you the truth. That love is all there has ever been and will ever be.

Twin Flame Soul Lesson #3)
You’re Looking For Others To Fix Things/You

This is another super common pattern for Twin Flames.

We grow up first with parents, then teachers and employers, and we’re taught that we have to go to an authority. That someone else is always better or more knowledgeable or powerful than us.

In the spiritual domain, it’s not true! You as a soul are infinite! You are an ancient expert at this whole journey. All the answers are within you!

That’s why you’ll notice I don’t give on- on-one sessions, psychic readings, spells, incantations, candles etc or try to make you dependent on me.

Instead, I show you TOOLS to open you to your OWN power and connection.

I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve developed methods that will help you make progress faster and journey to unity (click here to read testimonials) … but if you TRULY listen to your soul and use your divine gifts of energy, it’s essentially all you need.

(Know that your soul may point you back here to my sessions as it knows they’ll help you shift into a higher state more quickly than doing it alone!)

The key is to not give away your power but to learn, grow and take action to harmonize your connection.

Twin Flame Soul Lesson #4)
You’re Not Willing To Forgive

Holding onto resentment is one of the biggest blocks on the Twin Flame journey.

Forgiveness allows the situation to shift and it allows you to heal and harmonize. When you forgive, you open the door to something new and better to show up.

Forgiveness is actually a show of strength! You are allowing yourself to release toxins, hurt and negativity to be good to yourself. 

And for Twin Flames: The truth is, you ARE your Twin, on a higher level of consciousness – your essence and theirs. In spiritual truth, if you had been born in their stead, to their family, as their gender, you would be THEM!

This is why it’s so futile for Twins to hold onto resentments – if possible it keeps us even more stuck than regular people.

If there have been problems between you, I can help shift this for the long run – including issues like running/outside relationships/infidelity/ghosting. Because it’s all about energy. Click here to read more.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Twin Flame Soul Lesson #5)
You’re Still Thinking You’re “Small”

Another block that keeps Twin Flames stuck, is avoiding responsibility.

The truth is, we are here as co-creators of our reality. We do this with our focus, our thoughts, our emotions, our unconscious energy and our beliefs…

Whether or not we know it, our current situation is ALWAYS a result of what we hold within.

Even if that stuff is inherited from ancestors or absorbed from society/the media or other people (to clear this out, click here, where I take you through that and more – painlessly).

Remember we get MORE of what we focus on. When we focus on needing our Twin to rescue us, or to fix a problem, we just get more needing to be rescued, more problems to fix.

So many Twins stay stuck because they refuse to accept “responsibility” (this is an inner child issue).

They are hiding in wanting something or someone other than themselves to fix the situation. Blaming the counterpart, or other people.

The spiritual truth is, if we’re not aligned with negativity it can’t show up in our life. Because everything is energy and energy attracts its like (learn more here).

When we can align with our SOUL’s mastery, the knowing that we are creators of our reality, that we affect our outer world and above all our Twin Flame… We begin to shift things into a higher state.

Twin Flame Soul Lesson #6)
You’re Looking To Everyone Else’s Experiences

You are here to be uniquely YOU! No one else’s background/baggage/frequency is exactly like you and your Twin’s.

So when you constantly look to other people’s experiences with THEIR Twin connection, or get involved in debating it, you’re dragging your own connection down.

To fully unleash the most magical soul lit love glowing version of your Twin Flame connection, focus on YOUR LOVE.

Go to YOUR TWIN, not to other people! Yes, you can still “talk” to them even if you’re apart – read how here.

The truth is, human culture is to “blame” for so many Twins’ problems – really you and your Twin have all the answers and can journey to reunion with ease when you work together.

Problems come when you get tangled up with false stories, other people’s opinions, restrictive false ideas like “the male twin always runs” or the “separation lasts 1-2 years” completely false message I saw online…

That stuff will only drag you down. The truth is, you are infinite and you have choice! So your soul is waiting for you to take back the reins, focus more on what YOU WANT rather than what other people say is possible.

Go within, align with your own power and know you can have, be and do whatever you choose! That’s the spiritual truth.

Twin Flame Soul Lesson #7)
You’re Trying To Make It Like A Human Fairy Tale

Remember the Twin Flame journey is not JUST a romantic relationship. It’s an alchemical spiritual process. An eternal bond of the soul.

When we get caught up in the mainstream human ideas of what a relationship is “supposed” to look like, we can get completely STUCK! Because that’s not at ALL what the soul is interested in!

Above all, the soul wants us to focus beyond. To let go of all the “3D stories”. (Read more here).

The more stories you have around what love, relationships, women, men, sex, Twin Flames and all the rest of it are “supposed” to be like, the more stuck you’re making yourself.

Take your perspective higher.

Know that in every moment, it’s about EXPERIENCING your connection above all. It’s not a human relationship, it’s a soul connection. You have to FEEL it and EXPERIENCE it. It’s a JOURNEY, not a destination.

Go within, allow your soul to show it up.

The One Common Denominator…

The shared factor with all the above blocks, is they’re based in human “3D” energy, patterning and perceptions.

So to begin shifting into a higher state with more ease, make sure you work to release those patterns and “defaults”.

Your soul will support you, but you have to “speak its language”. Anchor into the deeper spiritual truths and it will powerfully shift you.

But if you insist on doing things the “regular way” of drama and trauma, it will put on the brakes until you’re forced to listen.

Soul Learning Experiences

The soul’s language is spirit, energy and emotion.

It doesn’t care what other people think. It already KNOWS you have your Twin’s love so it’s not focused on unity the way you are. That’s why it’s so important to work WITH it.

To the soul, it’s all about learning experiences.

Your soul would rather you learn spiritual lessons from the experience of pushing your Twin away, or learn the negativity that comes from accepting the 3D illusion as “real”, than to get you together physically.

Its focus is different because it IS ONE already with your Twin. There is never any other experience on the soul level.

How To Get Your Soul To Support Your Desires

If you show you are working on learning and growing… If you embrace your power of manifestation and alignment and take responsibility – your soul will support you 100%!

To find out more about what your soul may be wanting to help you with – click here and ask what you feel most drawn to – that’s your intuition, your soul speaking to you about what will serve you best right now.

I believe in you.

But to make the most of this relatively short journey through life, working with your soul is an essential key.

Your soul can be your greatest ally once you learn to align!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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twin flame program

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