Why You Shouldn’t Compare Your Journey To Anyone Else’s – Cherishing Your Uniqueness As The Secret Gateway To Love…

Today’s article deals with a subject close to my heart – the value and divinity in uniqueness.

I hear from so many Twin Flames who are upset because of what other people have told them about Twin Flames, or because of all the fear-filled articles out there detailing the “stages” of the journey as if it’s a “one size fits all”.

So many people feel “wrong” for who they are deep down. And for Twin Flames it causes deep problems.

So today I invite you to see things differently.

Instead of seeking the world’s ideas of perfection… What if you already WERE perfect?

Perfect for YOUR journey, for YOUR Twin Flame, for YOUR path…

Discover more below:

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Why The “New Age” Rulebook Can Hurt You

There are some deep misunderstandings in the Twin Flame community online. Because although all Twin Flames’ journeys are about LOVE…

The different Twin Flame pairs chose a variety of traits, lessons, paths and ways to journey into life and finding their way back to the unity that existed between them as souls.

So your uniqueness is your DIVINE GIFT on this journey! And when you embrace it, you’ll be fuelled into a higher chapter of the path.

In the New Age spirituality scene you’ll often get the impression that Twin Flames are identical and that there’s a rule-book laying out every move that you “must” make to get to the happy place of love and unity you’re longing for.

… that in order to reunite and experience the bliss of Twin Flame Union you’ll have to deny any human personality you’ve had up until that point, and transform yourself into an archetypal “Divine Feminine” or “Divine Masculine” akin to a Messiah or a mother saint…

But the real truth is, unconditional love is NOT found in perfection – part of the challenge and the gift the Twin Flames chose was to unconditionally love as *humans*.

(Read about what the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine really means here)

divine masculine twin soul

Divine Love In The “Real World”

We’re here to experience being human! To find unconditional love for ourselves and our counterpart while still in this physical existence – that’s the Twin Flame Mission.

(Read more here about how you and your Twin Flame’s souls pre-engineered yourselves to be magnetic to each other)

The honest truth is that who *you* are is a KEY part of your happy union. Your uniqueness is not only an interesting facet of your life experience.

Your personality and early life experiences were deliberately chosen by you and your Twin as souls, to engineer the kind of blessings and challenges you desired!


In my latest channeled session, “The Oneness Code Activation”, your Twin Flame’s Higher Self shows you more about your Divine origins and the higher purpose of your journey together. 

Through an etheric ceremony and powerful activations, they invite you to enter into the sacred union of souls – and they step forth to make it possible for them to help you more directly on your path… Click here to learn more and download.

Your Unique Power

Did you know? Your life experiences thus far and who you are as a soul, contain ALL the ingredients you need to reunite in a happy state of unconditional love!

Your journey, your soul’s gifts carry key signs of the particular “path to love” you and your Twin uniquely chose to focus on.

Some Twins decided to harmonize age differences, to ameliorate contrasting religious beliefs, to unite to fight for the environment, to bridge cultural clashes, to open people’s eyes to same sex unity in love (read more about that here), or to meet each other in similarities across gender differences…

Where The New Age Myths Actually Came From

The old new age Twin Flame fairy tale of a woman and a man coming together in a romantic “marriage” in the skies is tainted with medieval myths going back to the era of knights and maidens…

Remember that everything you read on Twin Flames has been “translated” by a human being whose ego could be interfering with the spiritual message…

In today’s modern world, Twin Flames are here to work with *our current* day’s situation, to bring more love into *this* era’s society.

Why You Are The Perfect You

In this universe, boundaries are an illusion. This new era is all about love in the universal sense – we’re working to unify and uplift and above all to experience and live as examples of the truth love has no limits.

Above all, do know this: Your uniqueness is your gift. Your passions, your challenges, your personality… It’s there for a reason!

And so with your Twin Flame. Together the two of you make up the unique code that is required to complete your Union.

Focusing on others and comparing your Twin Flame journey to other people’s may just distract you from the path your soul has been working to lead you to the whole time.

Remember – your uniqueness is the gateway to your Twin Flame soul song, to magnetism, to calling in your souls’ eternal unity in the 3D physical…

So, here are:

***6 Steps To Honoring The Uniqueness
Of Your Twin Flame Journey***

#1)What Does Your Unique Vision Look Like?

Decide on what you want – don’t let the outside world dictate to you. Figure out your ideal and call it in!

If we don’t stay conscious and aware of our intentions, it’s so easy to be pulled into someone else’s version of reality. Most often, the 3D physical “illusion” of separation and conflict.

In essence, you’re here to live in your own “heaven on earth.” So ask yourself now, what would that be? What would *your* ideal situation look like for you and your Twin?

Make a note of this. Collect images that capture the essence of it. You don’t have to do it all in one go, but start to be aware, be on the lookout.

And if you need some help with visioning your Twin Flame dream come true, have a look here where I’ve designed a Creative Visualization Session especially for Twin Flames.

twin flame program

#2) Choose To Disregard The “Rule Book” –
It’s Not A One Size Fits All journey

For best results on this journey, hone in on your own truth. And to find out what that is, go within. Explore your connection with your own soul and your Twin’s higher self (use the meditation kit here for free). Tune into your intuition.

The truth is, just because other Twins have experienced something, it doesn’t mean you will – and this especially goes for the negatives. “Running” and separation are not guaranteed!

Unfortunately if you’re reading about other Twin Flames struggling with separation or Runners, on some level your own mind is “noting down” the perceived fact that separation is natural to the Twin Flame connection… That Twin Flames always have problems. And your whole system will be aligning with it and attracting it.

Spirit shows me very clearly that if Twin Flames could eradicate the standard “Twin Flame info” from their energy systems (such as beliefs that there are set stages, that running is inevitable, that tests must be endured and so on), there would be a lot less struggle.

And, Reunion would be much closer. Not just for *some* Twins but for the *whole collective* .

Because the energy field of “problems” becomes a bigger “cloud of static” that affects us all. It’s a collective field we’re anchored into and that creates a “standard Twin Flame Reality”.

Spirit shows us that the struggles for Twins could be dramatically reduced if we opted out of these “rules” and the existing, agreed upon human 3D version of “Twin Flame reality”.

If Twin Flames could realign with their own inner soul’s wisdom, uplift their frequency into love and disregard much of what “experts” and other well-meaning Twin Flames have written and told them, there would be so much progress!

Anything that presents the Twin Flame journey as being out of your hands – please take it with a pinch of salt to say the least.

To clear out the damaging 3D belief systems that keep so many Twin Flames stuck in struggle, have a look at my first complete energy clearing session for Twin Flames – I take you through this, plus karmic clearings, negative cord cutting, chakra healing and much more…


#3) Be Aware Of The Deeper Messages Trying To Get Your Attention

You don’t just have to listen to the people who’ve been through it before you – you can choose something new!

Spirit shows us many Unawakened and especially Masculine energy Twins are actually reacting against the energy of the “standard” Twin Flame approach that their counterparts are pushing onto them. It triggers resistance…

Heed this wisdom. Don’t look at your counterpart as “a Twin Flame” or “a masculine Twin” or a “runner Twin” or what have you. See who they are *as an individual*.

If there are problems between you, spirit’s message is that there is often wisdom in their resistance. Energetically, they’re trying to tell you to take a different approach.

Ask to be shown what’s really going on, and the connection will open up once more. (To get insights, have a look here at the intuitive article with a message from your Twin Flame’s soul!)


#4) Choose To Step Into A Higher Version Of Reality

We really can choose to shift into a “new energetic reality” where to be a Twin Flame is blissful, where everything happens for us and to help us – where the journey is an adventure of love rather than a struggle to be endured…

These timelines are available to all Twins, but often, we have to eradicate old “3D” reality grid anchors to rise up into it. Read more about Twin Flame Timelines here, and have a look at this session where we specifically go into anchoring you into a higher reality.

Feel into the possibility of a new happy reality. Get involved with the emotion of having it now.

You’re now sending the signal of creation out to the universe – beginning to stir people, places and things into action to meet your request.

If you accept this adventure, this challenge, this joy in creating something grander, love-filled and amazing than the world has ever seen before, say “yes”!

We’re encouraged in doing this and we’re given the message that those to pick up the mantle will be given support. Get “dreaming”.

Move into the infinite potentiality realm and begin actively creating instead of just experiencing the existing creation of those who came before you.

And if you’d like some practical step by step help in making your desires happen, have a look at this session on manifesting from the heart.


#5) Tap Into Your Divine Inner Map To Unity

What many Twin Flame experts won’t tell you is that you and your Twin as souls equipped yourselves with everything you needed to complete your journey back to love.

You didn’t leave things to chance! Inside of you, you already have the divine “blueprint” to your journey. And it’s not identical to anyone else’s.

You and your Twin Flame decided on it before you ever came here – but the important thing is, it’s not something you know with your mind.

It’s something that you feel into, and often you must relax into “allowing” this inner wisdom to show up. That is what it’s like to be divinely guided.

To learn how to tune into your inner wisdom and tap into your Twin Flame Blueprint, have a look here

At any given moment we can choose to either feel into the inner light and radiant power of love and move forward from this point, or to let the outer stories shared by others or of powerlessness dictate our journey. Continuing on in darkness.

I’m here to remind you that you are powerful! And you came here for a reason!

Imagine the power of thousands of Twin Flames choosing to radiate love and light…

#6) Know That The Twin Flame Path Can Be Magical… If You Allow It To Be

Another spiritual illusion many on earth still have is that life happens “to” us… That we have little or no choice in our experiences and that there is a grand destiny set out that controls everything – the problem is that this is disempowering.

And when we look at the nature of the universe and Timelines, it’s untruthful – discover why here.

The old deterministic “follow the crowd” kind of mentality will find us missing opportunities. Either because we assumed things work out by magic or divine intervention, when really we could have taken action to make the most of them….
Or because we assume it won’t work out – when actually it could!

The truth is that we are all energy, and with this energy we all create our lives and our experiences. No two Twin Flame experiences are exactly alike! 

Although the Twin Flame journey is in its essence about love, it is important to remember, we are all unique energetic expressions of Divine Source Consciousness in physical form.

To connect more fully with your divinity, help your Twin Flame awaken, and open up to a higher dimensional experience, have a look here

twin flame awakening
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– Sarah (via Facebook)

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Above all, honor your uniqueness!
There’s a reason *you* are the way you are.

I believe in you!
And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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twin flame program

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  1. Beautiful, thank you Cassidy. Everyone’s twin-flame journeys seem to be unique after all each one of us is. It is SO true, when you merge with your twin-flame and meet on the higher dimensions energetically, (the higher the better), there is only BLISS! Love & Light, Rainbowstar

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