Pre-Life Twin Flame Choices…What Directs Your Soul’s Path? 6 Keys To Discovering What You Came Here For… 

Before you were born, you and your Twin Flame’s soul very deliberately planned your coming journey together. You laid down particular elements, such as where you’d be born and what kinds of early life “lessons” you’d be exposed to.

And importantly, you decided on an important arc, an overriding theme to your life. What the Buddhist tradition calls “dharma” – your life’s path.

When you start living your life’s purpose you align with your soul, your greatest self potential. And you step into the Twin Flame soul song, the essence of who the two of you are as a consciousness.

When you are living your truth, your purpose, you feel in flow, you feel driven by light. Attuned to a greater oneness. And it makes you magnetic to Union with your Twin Soul on all levels.

Today’s article is about how to step into that truth, to discover your “purpose”. And if you want to take the journey step by step with me as your guide along the way, click here.

Key#1: Your Intuition’s Messages

What you resonate with on a deeper level is powerfully speaking to you about your soul’s purpose!

The kinds of films that move you most, the subjects you’re passionate about, the type of music that makes you feel more alive, the places that seem to spark a special light in you, the kinds of situations and people that make your “heart sing”…

However, we often “talk ourselves out of” making those passions and soul driven interests our path in life.

One of the reasons behind this is early life and societal beliefs around deservingness, and dominant ideas about what is an appropriate way to live our lives…

Spirit shows us clearly that any feelings of not being “good enough” are based in illusions. The reason we don’t feel good enough or push ourselves to live a life that’s anything less than gloriously blissful and aligned with our soul’s purpose, is only because we are comparing ourselves to another, or are being compared to another.

It’s in our culture, and the pattern can be very destructive.

Because the truth is you are not meant to be like others. You’re made to be yourself – “you-nique”!

Become aware of what is authentically *you* and what may have been pushed onto you in childhood and by society. Many people express a “learned masculinity or femininity” that is against their inner nature, as an example.

(Take a test here to see which energy polarity you embody)


The truth is we can never be “good enough” at being someone else! As ourselves, we are always perfect. You are the perfect you.

You are a unique individual who has come here because only you can be you, and there is a perfect spot for you and your gifts and talents and traits.

To begin allowing your soul’s voice to be heard once more, start meditating a little every day and keeping a dream journal.

Note down what you remember from your dreams when you first wake up in the morning. These contain important symbolic information.

And when you start paying attention, it opens the flow of communication from your soul’s truth on a whole new level.

For more on how to interpret dreams on the Twin Flame path, have a look at this article.

twin flame dreams
Artist: Irina Vitalievna Karkabi

Key #2: Expand Your Perceptions

It may seem daunting and out of reach to live a life following your soul’s passions. However, you truly can get there. The first step is to step out of any illusions of smallness (identification with the “ego self”).

When you open your mind to more, to what you truly desire (not just what seems possible or reasonable), your subconscious mind will start allowing you to move past your comfort zone. This will begin to open up your path.

When we believe we are limited and flawed and that the world is full of dangers, our unconscious minds are “programmed” to look for more and more evidence of that – narrowing down our experience of life, including the Twin Flame connection.

It limits how we see ourselves and how much of our infinite spiritual self we’re able to tap into and express.

You’re now being called upon to remember who you are, to step up, to speak out to recognize true value.

You are infinitely capable, and smallness is a lie! In spiritual truth, there is no such things as impossible.

To help things move in the direction of your soul purpose: take action from where you’re at on your journey, meditate, journal, clear your energy. This ensures that your manifestations show up more surely, and it allows you to receive guidance quickly and much clearer.

To discover more about your heart’s true path and unlock the light, unleash more “magic” and “miracles” in your life, have a look here.


Key#3: Become A Master Student Of Self

Learn what works for you — empower yourself. Someone else’s story isn’t your story. Not all Twin Flames’ experiences are the same and therefore, neither will be your purpose together or unified individually.

Remember, everything has multiple polarities — when perspectives change, what is being regarded changes as well.

For one person, the Twin Flame journey can be a pain. For another, it can be a joy. It depends on your energy, karma, mental patterns and belief systems.

(To clear out negativity and uplift your journey, click here to download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit)


Regular tending is crucial. Keep your thoughts, actions and feelings in line with your highest vibrational intent for guidance, clarity and confirmation of your purpose.

You and your Twin Flame are here in the NOW for a Divine reason. You are who you are for a reason. Tap into your deepest passions and desires – what would you be doing if you didn’t have to work for money for the rest of your life?

What drives you? What’s important to you? What makes you different from others?

What divine gifts can you see you have had since childhood? What approach, passion or perception do you and your Twin Flame share?

These are important clues to your “purpose”.

Key#4: Cleanse, Cleanse, and Cleanse

Spirit shows us that cleansing spiritual blocks, which most often includes clearing ancestral negativity and even to detox the body, can be hugely transformative in opening the door to aligning you with your life purpose.

The image I keep being shown is people’s dreams waiting right outside a door – for the final block to be removed and the door to open to all the goals and manifestations arriving.

Because many Twin Flames are great at the higher attunement to spirit and intentions, but are unable to uplift their physical real world reality to that level…

So they end up feeling they’re living a fantasy where things never show up tangibly.

Really, you are meant to be able to manifest what you desire – the universal energies answer you when you “ask” or intend. But your system could likely be blocked from the last stage of manifestation – receiving.

Many spiritually awakened people have ancestral root chakra programming (related to the physical body vehicle) which severely limit what they’re able to align with and receive in their “real world” physical experience.

This means they’re not able to receive what they’re trying to manifest, because they’re out of alignment. Click here for a session where we go through removing these kinds of limitations.

Plus, get a “Free Chakra Reading” for Twin Flames and learn more about the chakra system here. 

Remember, you always have support from the high vibrational energies to get you consistently up into that high vibration and keeping you aligned with your purpose for being here.

Take some time to make sure your genetic lineage, beliefs and past experiences aren’t blocking your efforts. For a step by step method, have a look at my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

twin flame program

(And you can read about other Twins’ experiences with the program here)

Key#5: Set Your Intentions

Writing goals out has been shown effective in scientific research. It’s to do with how our unconscious minds operate. When we give it instructions, it follows them.

A famous study showed that those who wrote out their goals were much more likely to have reached that goals 10 years later, than those who didn’t write them down.

So write a positive intention out on a piece of paper. Something like:

“I am open to the universe and the beings of light showing me all positivity, all joy, all harmony, all love. My Twin Flame connection is love, I am love, all good things come to me.

I invite the beings of light and my higher self to assist me in experiencing this in all ways at all times in aligning me with my soul purpose. So it is. Thank you.”

Know lastly that no religious adherence is needed in order to benefit from Divine help. Spirit assists all human beings, everywhere.

Feel free to speak with Spirit/The Universe/ Divine Source Consciousness/Your Guides as and when you need it, and never feel that you are asking too much. They are here to help.

(BUT: Be careful when communicating with the unseen – ego interference and negative influence is common. To learn about my safe methods for spiritual communication, click here.)


Remember that spending some time in silence every day, quieting your thoughts, can really work wonders – it opens you up to your intuition and to receiving insights, lifting your vibration and calming your mind and emotions.

Key#6: Emotions Are Your Guide

All Twin Flames are learning the lesson of discernment – tuning into eternal truth via emotion rather than mental analysis.

If you’re unable to get “an answer”, a clear mental image through visualization, or to get clarity around your purpose, use your feelings. Tune into your heart and feel your way there.

You can at any given moment get into the feeling energy of a decision, a situation, the path of your soul purpose you are trying to align with. You can always tune into your Twin Flame purpose with your feelings.

Your heart is a loyal guide, an infallible compass – listen to it and allow it to show you the way to your bliss. To shift into your heart, simply set the intention.

Are you moving in the direction of your desires, or are you moving away from them? Think like if you were driving a car – you follow the roads that lead to your desired destination, avoiding turnoffs that would move you further away.

This is can intuit the direction life wants to take us, which is always to align with our soul purpose. When something feels good, light, bright, positive – it is. “Follow your bliss” – that is above all your purpose.

And know that your earlier thoughts/feelings/patterns/energies/actions have all been a part of creating this now moment – and they will continue to do so as you become a Master at awakening to your life’s purpose.

The more conscious you become of this power, the more you can use it to your advantage.

The key is to begin to listen to the heart, which is the center of the electromagnetic output of the human body. The heart is always monitoring what energy you come into contact with, and sending you signals.

One of the biggest shifts on the spiritual journey comes when we stop trying to figure things out with our minds, and begin to listen to our emotions – the language of the soul.

Meeting Your Soul For Answers

To begin tapping into your soul’s deeper purpose, above all go within. Detach from the world for a while and focus on the unspoken flow of meaning inside.

Who would you be if you were the only person alive? What have you loved since you were a child? What passion or talent do you and your Twin Flame share?

These questions hold important answers for you. Clues to your Divine Soul Song.

Use the Free Guided Meditation here and intend you’ll be meeting your soul – and ask them, what is my purpose in this lifetime?

Be open to the answers arriving in the form of images, feelings, words, a “deep knowing” beyond words, symbols, even a song you recognize…

Click here to get the meditation and get your answers


I would love to hear back from you about what you discover and learn!

Comment below with your experiences to inspire and be inspired x

Until next time I’m sending you love and light – I believe in you! <3

Cassady x

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