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I’ve been very specifically guided to write this article today.

It’s very different from usual. Please stay open, as it can be a powerful agent of love.

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So onto today’s article. It might seem a bit far out to start with but please go along with me, because it can really unlock your journey.

The crux of it is, blowing open your whole experience.

By changing your perspective inside out – opening up to a brand new reality of light.

And it goes like this:

What If This Moment Was Perfect Just The Way It Is?
What If You Were “Good Enough” Already?
What If There Was Nothing “Wrong”?

The Big Twin Flame Shift

I know, you might be feeling puzzled, or even a bit triggered right now, but let me unravel it for you… It’s all about our inner state and how to step into harmony within and without.

Here’s the issue: We live in a world full of self help books, websites, blogs, articles, webinars on self improvement.

We’re surrounded by things that tell us how we can improve and “fix” ourselves:

Gym membership advertisements, TV commercials for hair or skin products, magazine features on dating and sex, medications to fix our emotions, spiritual methods, crystals, sessions, healers, coaches to get us to that elusive state of our perfection, our potential…

All of these operate, in essence, on this one key thing: That we are not *enough* in some way. That we are or have problem that needs fixing.

That we could be *better* than we are. That life could be *more* than what it is.

Look around you, and you’ll notice it pretty much everywhere.

It’s a *comparison model of reality*!

Where there’s always some bigger, better, more improved, more satisfying life, self, or even more “spiritual” state or situation to reach.

And it can be enormously damaging to us – especially on the spiritual Twin Flame journey.

What Are We *Really* Aligning With?

And I was shown by spirit that it all hinges on this one crucial thing: The deeper message that we are not enough. Alignment with “problems”.

Even self help resources often inadvertently set us up to live in a mentality and state of being where we are focusing on what’s missing, what’s not enough. Inviting in more and more “problems to fix”.

More and more situations to heal. More and more issues to resolve. More and more stuff to improve on. Where we are kept in a state of *not enough*.

Unfortunately, there are so many people out there right now experiencing the immense pressure and exhaustion that comes from engaging with this version of reality.

Confidence Crusher = Dream Breaker

And in this experience of reality, if we’re not at that state of perceived perfection where we have the “perfect weight/height/face/social life/income/love relationship/spiritual state”…

What does that DO to us?
How we FEEL about ourselves and how we relate to others?

The unfortunate underlying message, is that it’s about US. That if things haven’t worked out ideally, WE are somehow the problem.

And that heavy feeling of hitting a dead end can be a real crusher.

So many people live lives full of pain because of this comparison model where we’re given the message that anything except PERFECTION (society’s idea of it) is failure.

Living with that burden can be crushing. And yes, this idea of “perfection” exists in spiritual and “alternative” circles too. It’s just a variation of ideals. The result is just as limiting.

Thank you for reading this far. I appreciate you being open to this, as it’s something that really took a weight off my own shoulders to realize and be shown…

Because now we move onto the positives. What is the “solution”? What is the “fix”?

The Big “Miracle” Creator – Total Illumination

In essence, it is to realize that in spiritual truth everything is perfect exactly the way it is.To realize that in this moment, you ARE already whole. That you are PERFECT as you are. To dwell in the *nowness* of this moment.

To stop fighting. To stop aligning with that reality of “problems”. To cease resistance, and in that space to be your infinite self.

(This is what is known in Buddhism as enlightenment)

It’s a very elusive thing, so don’t try to go there with your mind – but kind of feel your way there.

Take your mind off any problems you’ve been focusing on, in fact take it back to the here and now.

Right now, take a few deep breaths and relax your shoulders and your jaw. Let go of the thoughts and tension. Let go of the “shoulds” and the “needs”.

Unwind and relax. I found the following symbol very helpful in tapping into the freedom of this essence of the now moment:

Visualize a person seated in meditation, completely centered, emanating a light so strong it’s like they’re the sun shining. And know this is you.

Centered in your own essence in this moment. Completely at peace. Completely whole. Completely present.

Becoming Your Infinite Light

Tap into that feeling. Visualize yourself like that now.

In that state, you align with your infinite self. You align with your *power* of light. And when you are aligned with your infinite self it’s as if you become the nexus of the universe.

You become the wellspring of your own light. Resources, inspirations, guided actions and divine states become available to you.

You tap into this flow of possibility, of bliss, that kind of runs through existence.

You become aligned with “effortless” guided action and the “flow of infinite supply”. Available to the shift you were trying to chase the whole time.

Instead of chasing after solutions and improvements, where we become aligned with *powerlessness* of leaving our own center.

We can actually end up manifesting blocks when we meant to manifest positivity.

The key, the way to turn things around out of feeling like we’re running out of breath, and into feeling golden and uplifted in every moment – supported by everything that exists – is to step out of the “mindset race”.

Stepping Out Of The Human Chase Mentality

To leave that whole paradigm that things need to be fixed. That there’s something we’re doing wrong. That we’re *not enough*. And to step into that feeling state of “all is well”.

To dwell in your own divinity in this now moment. The knowing that in spiritual truth everything is perfect. That this moment is your gateway to whatever you desire.

When you can begin to dwell in that state, you’ll notice that golden sense of effortlessness expand into your life – things begin to open, uplift.

Spirit is guiding me to not write too much about the improvements that can be made, because the importance of this article is to show you that state of “the void”, the state of nothing-exists-but-the-here-and-now.

Not to focus on conditionals.

I encourage you to take a while away from your computer or phone and just sit somewhere comfortable.

Gaze out of your window or at a candle flame or on a pleasant painting…
Let yourself “zone out” and then gently guide yourself to this image again: The person in lotus position, radiating light like a sun shining.

Surrounded by a gentle, golden white light. Being at one with self.

Being at one with divinity, with the spark of creation in all things. Being at peace.

Breathe into this, and know this is you.

And this state is you in your power. It is available to you at all times, and it is eternal truth.

Does This Mean Inner Work Is Pointless? Should I Stop Working On Myself, Clearing Energy, Lifting Into A Higher Alignment?

I know some of you might ask me:

“But Cassady, doesn’t this say that I shouldn’t be doing inner work, clearings or trying to improve my situation? Does this mean you’re telling me your sessions don’t work or are bad for me?”

No, not at all. That work can be transformative. (Look at all these Twins’ amazing experiences with my energy work).

It’s all about the perspective you’re taking action from. It’s about grounding into a state of centeredness and following your guidance from that point.

To take actions from a place of choice.

To do clearings, inner work, meditating from a place of inspiration, being guided. To do those things because it feels good to take action. Because you feel inside that it would benefit you.

Often, we miss the subtle difference between the intentions we take action from and what huge effect they have.

On the Twin Flame journey it’s an important distinction – between love based action versus fear based actions.

One feeds into more fear, whereas the other nurtures and feeds the energy of love both between you and inside you.

Following The Subtle Flow Of Guidance

When you feel like it’s right for you – aligned guided action – allow your intuition to guide you to clearings, inner work and other things that may be useful for you.

Tap into what you feel guided to. What feels light and tingly. That’s your intuition talking to you.

But allow yourself to step into your infinite nature and take those actions from a state of willingness, not from the fear based paradigm of “not enough” that’s pushed onto us every day from modern society.

You are *always* good enough!

Today I want to say, I don’t just believe in you. I *know* from my soul to yours who you are – infinite and divine. I celebrate you!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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