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You’ll be Amazed at the Power of these Seemingly Small Things – And They Might Have Been Right under Your Nose the Whole Time. Are You Ready to Take a Second Look?

Today’s article is another suggestion from spirit – often spiritual writing feels heavy and pressured, which works against what will help us the most.

Therefore we always focus on making Twin Flames 11:11 as high vibrational as possible.

To show you what you CAN do, rather than what might be “wrong”. To show you how you’re enough and powerful already, instead of focusing on Twin Flames’ happiness being at the mercy some outside force.

This can often feel like a challenging journey but there are actually so many small ways to “bliss-ify” your experiences along the way. And that’s what today’s article is all about!

A Simple Recipe For Positive Manifestation

No matter what’s happened before, I know that you can enjoy harmony and love with your Twin Soul. It’s just a question of finding the right “key to the lock” of your individual situation.

The great thing is metaphysical energy clearing can undo all the blockages, old wounds and roots of running and separation.


If you haven’t already – try the free cleanse tool in my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames to begin shifting your energy right now. And for a video on why the Twin Flame journey can be such a pain  and how to deal with it effectively – have a look here.

At this stage of my journey I’ve experienced so many ups and downs that I’ve discovered a lot about what truly helps and works and what doesn’t.

When the Twin Flames’ energies are aligned in the high vibrations, we are open to harmony and joy and love. So this article is another different way to help you focus on what will get you to that place.

Secret Sources Of Help

The most powerful sources of help on the Twin Flame journey are those that help us lift our spirits, to move into the higher frequencies. And these can be pretty surprising – you might find you have all of these available right under your “nose” the whole time without knowing how powerful they could be!

Remember always that clearing old low vibrational energies and emotions is essential on the Twin Flame journey because all the heaviness is pushed to the surface as a part of the Ascension process.

It’s not enough to just think positively or intend to “let go”, the baggage actually has to be eradicated on the energetic plane.

The reason so many Twins have problems is because they don’t know how to properly clear the baggage…

If you haven’t yet tried energy clearing I would implore you to do so right now – because I know what a huge difference it makes. It transformed my life for the better and it’s helped so many other Twin Flames too (you can read about some of their experiences here). You can get the free energy cleanse download here right now.



Animals are amazing teachers because they know how to BE. They are experts at be-ing. They don’t resist who they are or try to change themselves. They flow with the naturalness of who they are.

We human beings, on the other hand, live inside our minds – full of worries, projections, concerns, stress… If our minds could just relax a bit, so many of our self created problems would begin to dissipate. We forget to live in the moment.

Animals can teach us so much about living fully. About loving ourselves. Their energy is usually so much more uncomplicated than human beings.

Humans have many different stories and thoughts competing with each other – desires, fears, unconscious patterns… A dog or a cat is usually very straight forward – if they’re scared, they’re scared. If they’re happy, they’re all happy.

Teachers of Unconditional Love

Dogs can be a wonderful source of company and closeness with their unconditional love. They are an amazing teacher of love without boundaries. Once they love you, they love you without condition!

Opening up emotionally to a pet when you’ve felt hurt before, can be very healing and helps open up to love with other human beings again too.

Teachers of Inner Peace

Cats are great teachers of inner peace and self-empowerment. If you observe cats you’ll see that they are completely at peace with themselves. I often joke that cats must remember that they were treated like Gods in Ancient Egypt – they know how powerful and beautiful they are, and they’re not shy about it!

They are experts at living the good life – and they don’t feel bad about it. They do what feels good to them, and they don’t really mind what anyone else thinks. It’s a good lesson to human beings about being true to who we are. To be at peace with who we are.

For Twin Flames both dogs and cats can teach us valuable lessons – unconditional love, inner peace and detachment from others’ acceptance. Spiritual lessons many humans spend decades trying to master.

Seeing our beloved pets in action can help us recognize that maybe it’s about not trying so hard but instead resting into our own wholeness and relaxing more into life and love.

PS: If you’re thinking of getting a pet, please consider first whether your life can accommodate another individual – someone you will have to take care of and have responsibility for for years to come. Make sure you have enough time, emotional energy, money and focus for a pet before making the decision. They live for at least a decade and will be dependent on you for that long. Please also visit your local rescue center instead of going to a pet shop – there are always many abandoned pets in need of a new home!


They don’t have to be your own (!) but children are another great source of teaching on the journey of life. Just being around children can be an eye opener to the true wonder of life. And it can light up all the ways we’ve shut ourselves off with mental limitations…

You’ll see how children haven’t yet been indoctrinated with all the worries and fears of the human world. They’re not attached to beliefs and identity yet. And it makes them so much more free than most adults.

They’re experts at joy, not taking feelings and facts and beliefs so seriously – they can be down one minute, up the next. Crying in the middle of the supermarket over a dropped ice cream, then laughing two seconds later. And that’s OK.

The Lesson of Make-Believe

Importantly, children know how to make-believe. We are all creative beings – our imagination is an “image machine”, creating emotions and energies in the body and attracting and manifesting the reality we live in.

Most adults are shut off from using their imagination positively. They have been given the belief that “life is life – I just have to deal with it”.

Children intuitively know that imagination is there to have fun with! They don’t think castles or unicorns or dragons or love ever after sounds “unrealistic” – they do what we’d do as spirits – follow their bliss! If they want a red car, they imagine their red car and love it! We can learn so much from children – they haven’t shut their doors of creation and perception yet.

The Lesson of Limitlessness

Most adults are so full of judgment and rules that they stop themselves from living/loving. Let children inspire you to remember the innocence and excitement of living. Doubt stops more people than limits ever will.

So how have you blocked your powers of imagination? If you’re feeling stuck in negative loops of worries and “worst case scenarios” – you would benefit from clearing the energetic patterns that have embedded this in your field.

Try the energy clearing sessions for Twin Flames, which deal with a lot of these common blocks. The Free Energy Cleanse Tool is a great place to start too!


Music can change your mood in mere seconds. Music literally opens doors that you could never have imagined were there. It takes your spirit to new places. It can transport you into a new emotional space in mere seconds.

Music is the energy of heaven manifest on earth, in many ways – spirit becoming physical.

The fascinating thing about music is that it can heal, it can uplift both those who play and create it and those who listen. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians treated music as a sacred healing art, and it really is energy at work – frequency, vibration affecting the whole body. 

Check out my Twin Flame music playlist here to get started!

Did you know that music is actually not “heard” by your ears but sent as vibration into the tiny hair receptors and the ear drum in your head – translating vibrations into sound?

An Indication Of Your Soul’s Essence

Music can truly work wonders. If you feel nervous or spacy, try some earthy rock music or calm angelic classical music. If you need a boost, put on music that makes you want to dance!

Make a playlist of what makes you feel amazing – and begin collecting your own “power music” – songs that resonate with who you are as a soul. You’ll feel it. Whenever something really resonates with you, it’s an indication of your soul’s essence.

If you feel like it or know how, making your own music and playing is an amazing way to lift your mood and heal your energy. Music is an amazing way to return to your true state as a spirit, and when you’re in that place you are magnetic to your Twin Flame.

You’re in the state of your shared “soul song”, the core essence you share beneath it all.


Comedy and laughter has the power to completely shift your “state” physiologically and energetically. Sitcoms have often helped me shift into a lighter frame of mind and helped me get over heaviness.

Energetically, we always have a choice to shift into a higher vibration – we might not go from despair to joy in two seconds, but if we can shift up a little to the next available vibration we can make a big difference, moving up the staircase into love gradually. Tuning into a new “channel”. Sitcoms and other sources of amusement are a great way to do this.

High Vibrational Entertainment

Amusement and laughter are very high vibrations and can actually help us disintegrate heaviness and blocks in our space. Make sure you find something that makes you feel better when you watch it, and as always moderation is key.

If you don’t like sitcoms, try funny videos of cute animals online, or cute babies saying and doing silly things. There’s a lot to laugh about once you start looking!

What Are You Accepting Into Your Space?

Keep an eye on moderation – make sure you’re not inadvertently feeding yourself negativity, things like low vibration energy and drama by watching violence, crime, horror, reality tv about illnesses/problems.

Watching things like that will have you matching your energy to things I’m sure you wouldn’t want in your life.

A general rule of thumb from spirit is: if you wouldn’t want something in your own life, think twice about engaging with it through TV/films/books/magazines.

What you focus on is what you get more of, because your energy is matched to it when you engage with it!

For Twin Flames heavy drama about troubled love and gossip can be very damaging – when we watch other people, whether they’re actors or in real life, we match our energy to theirs in sympathy. It’s a deeply embedded part of the human brain – why we cry when we see someone else crying. So be mindful of what you match to.


Whether you get your “kicks” from running, playing the guitar, painting, doing yoga, riding horses, writing, knitting or any other creative outlet, hobbies are an amazing way to relax your mind and shift your state into positivity!

Spending time on hobbies you enjoy helps you realign with a place of fulfilment and purpose inside, and it shifts you into a state of positivity that can be a huge help on your Twin Flame journey.

Hobbies where you “lose yourself” in the activity also open you up to the pure flow of source energy, which helps you move blocks and open to love.

Aligning with your infinite self means aligning with your Twin Soul too. The more you honour and value yourself and align with what makes “your heart sing”, the more magnetic you are to your Twin Soul.

It doesn’t matter so much exactly what the activity is, as long as it’s enjoyable and takes your mind off the “problems” of daily life. And if you don’t have a hobby, try some on for size and experience what uplifts you (and for those of you who might already have a very specific “hobby” spirit is commenting – Twin Flame reading/researching/thinking or intense spiritual work doesn’t count! It has to have an element of detaching from the “problems” of the journey).

Go with what feels good! Enjoy and experience the positive shifts for your Twin situation too!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Want more? To take the next step on your journey moving into harmony and putting struggle to rest for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

Alternatively you can try my Free Starter Kit, which contains a selection from the full program!

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  1. How do you deal with the pain of feeling like your Twin left you for another person. Although, they still try to communicate with you and keep you in their life. I’ve been doing well with focusing on myself and my life path and staying positive but these last few days have been hard for some reason.

  2. I’ve been doing my cleansing and connection exercises daily, and most days I do feel closer to my twin. Yesterday and today I started crying though. I miss him SO much, and leaving him in the garden feels like heartbreak. Any suggestions?
    Your community and tools are inspiring and welcoming. I feel like I’m finally in a place of acceptance and understanding! Thank you!

    Elizabeth xo

  3. Hi Elizabeth –

    Energy works in layers and after doing great work we sometimes get onto a new “layer”, which can trigger strong feelings until it starts shifting too. It’s a process but it get’s lighter and better as you go along and clear the baggage. Keep going, connect to the light and ask for extra support to deal with this.

    The insight I’m getting for you is that those feelings are actually from your Twin, not you – I’d recommend trying the harmony healing which clears the channels between you so you don’t trigger each other – and uplifts both your timelines/fields.

    Sending you love and light <3 x

  4. Thanks a lot for this blog, tools and articles, Cassady. I’ts been a year of revelations and overwhealming uncoverings.. and I know this is just the beggining, I’m trying to clean my energy and do my excersises everyday (I’m working on my self-discipline to improve).
    And yes, of course I miss my Twin, but I THANK the Universe for learning to actually let go of old grudges, memories and patterns. You’re right: it ain’t easy… But totally worth it.
    Thanks a lot. If it isn’t much trouble and if you got the time, I would love to read any suggestion or a short response from you 😉
    Best wishes for you, Cassady. 🙂

  5. Thank you soo much for this blog post.. This is very helpful and oddly I had a dream of myself laughing while watching a comedy… I need to laugh more.. I was abused as a child so I need to work on that and my inner child, been closed for too long.

  6. Angelus, thank you I’m so glad it resonated with you! I don’t want to overstep any boundaries but spirit seems to be indicating that your early life hardship could become the beginning of a beautiful path for you to help others who have gone through the same… Have you ever considered something like this?

    They indicate that on some level you as a soul of light wanted to help those who have experienced this kind of deep challenge – because there is a lot of pain on earth… They indicate it could be very healing for you and your inner child aspect, to help others who have gone through the same… They suggest: What have you found to be helpful for you in healing, and what would you advise to others? That’s where they indicate you could start. In your own time when you feel it’s right for you.

    They want you to know they’re always there for you and that you as a soul are safe and protected.

    Sending you love and light <3 x

  7. Hi Beatriz, I’m so glad you’ve found it helpful! Yes, it’s a constant journey of mystery and revelations for sure! It can be challenging but it’s also an adventure, for sure!

    If you’ve sent a question for the Q&A on the blog, I’ll have a look and see if I can find it – if you’d like to resend and mark the email Q&A question I’d love to answer you in a future post

    Sending you love and light x <3


  8. Hi Grace,

    Thank you for this question, it’s something I would love to answer in a Q&A post in the near future – I’ll make a note of it right now.

    Aside from your specific situation spirit is indicating that the energies have been intense lately with the Lion’s Gate star portal and with Saturn stationing to turn direct. Pressured, is what they describe it as. Personally I’ve noticed it too – Saturn is all about shedding what’s not serving us so a lot of old stuff has been coming up for many. Ancestral patterns have been at the forefront of this. Connect to the light and allow the light to wash any congestion away, this should help you shift out of some of the heaviness.

    Sending you love and light <3 x

  9. This article was like pain relief, particularly just these past few days – which felt like a difficult situation to handle physically in regards to energies I felt..being the more awakened twin,and being in the same house as my TF it was the first time we’ve experienced what felt like a disconnect! One I was un aware of until my twin told me how un available I had been for two nights,looking back I can see that,physically in the room – but I was completely somewhere else! I’ve never experienced such a strong shift that I was so un aware of it! My TF raised the issue after I had felt he was disconnected to my presence? Argument soon followed which also took me by surprise..specifically old behaviour pattern showing its self from me that I never identified as a behaviour before , more just part of my personality..The article helped me identify how I can work out these old energies:) and my cat is on hand ,music I listen to, to connect with and really has helped me my entire life , but now understand what works for me when I need it..never needed these little helps as much as I have recently! The article also reminded me I’m not going mad 🙂 Namaste Cass

  10. I love to be among children, I’ve noticed their “purity” and refreshing spontaneity,, they definitely don’t have the programs adult have, it’s so uplifting. Weirdly I found the same kind of qualities in my Twin Flame, despite he has wounds and programs, he has beneath this freshness and playfulness of children, a lovely manchild, so to speak :-}. I got recently hired in an elementary school and preschool and am so excited to start soon!

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