Twin Flames Who Are “More Than Human”… Lightworkers, Unlocking Your Higher Dimensional Gifts, Bridging The Magic Of The Starseed Soul To Call In Unity…


We’re entering a new era for Twin Flames and Lightworkers in 2024 and for the next 20 years!

This is all about uniqueness, collective progress – and Starseed Awakening…

So today’s article is all about just that:

Are you a starseed? Which of the signs from the article have you recognized? 

Starseeds, Twin Flames, Empaths…


I know so many of you loved the article on the Supernatural aspects of the Twin Flame connection so today I want to dive deeper into this subject.

It’s also something that many of you ask me about regularly. So let’s look into it – and remember, that as mentioned in this video, if you are a Starseed or an Empath it means your Twin Flame is also! No matter how unaware they are on the “surface”.

Know that the truth of being a starseed is often buried deep, in order to assimilate and experience human existence “properly”.

This means that in addition to being born in a physical body, starseeds take on human programming, karma and imprinting that often cloud their true identity – so they can understand what it’s like to be human.

In this way, the majority of Twin Flames and other starseeds are “undercover”. Often known as “volunteer souls”.

Because the vast majority of starseeds are here from higher dimensional societies… In order to help and provide positive pathways for humanity to rise into a state of unity and harmony.

Are You A Starseed? 7 Key Signs And Indications

#1) You Have Always Felt Different From Others

This is one of the key signs and indications that your soul may not originate from earth – that you are, in fact, “from elsewhere”.

Feeling different from people around you – the town of your upbringing, school mates, even your siblings and family members.

Although this can be challenging, it’s for a purpose. If you have experienced this, know that you are MEANT to be different. You are meant to be here to seed in a different kind of consciousness, to pave a NEW path – not repeat the old human modes of doing things.

#2) You Feel You Are Here For A Reason

It may be deeply buried, but somewhere inside a starseed always knows they are here for a purpose. That there is a “mission” or some way they are meant to affect society for the better. This can cause frustration when they lose track and feel out of alignment with their soul’s purpose.

Starseeds are immensely gifted individuals who often struggle to unlock their gifts. Clearing the negative or dense energy and programming taken on in their human life, is a powerful way to unleash the soul’s light and begin to thrive.

#3) Dreams, Visions And Insights

This might include dreams about space ships, being on a mission, or you and a mate in a different world that’s not planet earth.

It can also include astral projection or having gifts such as knowing yourself to be conscious and active on the non physical planes when you’re asleep.

Dreaming of ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt is also a key indication – this society had a strong connection with galactic consciousness.

If you see your Twin’s higher self as a non-human being, even occasionally, this is a key sign they are reminding you of your galactic origins.

To unlock more of this and gain deeper insights into your higher dimensional nature – and begin to awaken your path and Twin spiritually if they’re not awakened – you can Signup to experience a free guided energy healing >>Here


#4) Highly Psychically/Emotionally Attuned Or Empathic

It can also include having access to "non-human" intelligence - inspiration, visualisation, spiritual insights have come naturally to you.

Having exceptional gifts in science, math, creativity and "supernatural" fields are often soul abilities that are not from "here".

It could be something like you can see people's aura or energy, being able to "talk" to animals or nature, hearing music, seeing mathematical equations or answers, or you just "know" when someone is lying... As just a few examples!

These types of gifts are often common where your soul's origin is non-human.

If you feel you are here on a "mission", click here


#5) A Longing To Go "Home"

Most Starseeds experience this throughout life. That they sometimes have an intense longing to go home, but are consciously not quite sure where that is.

Often this can feel like you don't want to be on earth or in life anymore.

Many starseeds unfortunately struggle with periods of depression due to this.

Energy healing and reconnecting with the higher dimensions is an immense help in this - because starseeds are here for a reason. You ARE meant to be here and it CAN be a good experience.

Energy work also powerfully kickstarts the Twin Flame connection to reignite and brings the counterparts together more swiftly.


#6) Connection with Crystals, Animals, Nature, Music

Starseeds often feel more connected with crystals, animals, nature, art or even mathematics more than people.

The paradox is that when starseeds embrace their dual nature in the human world... Of being both at home and also a guest in many ways...

They can make immense positive contributions in their lifetime and also feel a deep sense of purpose, exhilaration and positivity.

Because they are "doing what their soul came here for".


#7) Longing For A Better World

You long for a better world, and can see a brighter state for humanity - and often find it hard to understand how people can be so destructive.

This is a key starseed indication, as your soul as a "volunteer" is most likely from a more highly evolved civilization where unity, harmony and mutual respect and peacefulness are common.

In fact this is why so many Starseeds feel like it's "impossible" to deal with human life.

To many "non human civilizations", our conflict driven society seems harsh and degraded, and the desire to assist humanity in rising into a higher state of unity is the reason many starseeds have chosen to incarnate especially at this time.


If You Think You Might Be A Starseed - What Next?

Again, these signs can be buried pretty deep throughout early life but once awakening happens the starseed programming and true soul's identity gets activated.

Energy work is a powerful way to bring out the positives for Starseeds, to activate latent gifts and help you balance your system here on earth. To clear away what has obscured your soul's true wellness and gifts.

Remember, if you are a Starseed so is your Twin!

And you can have a soul background from multiple "galactic societies" - your soul will likely have experienced more than just one non human existence.

If you and your Twin are starseeds, it's in many way an advantage - as they also on some level long for an elusive sense of home... And you naturally feel like home to them, on multiple levels.

To discover more about your soul's origins, you'll find class 8 in the Vibrational Alignment Program exciting and helpful, as I teach you how to access the Akashic Records to learn about your past life experiences, soul gifts and more.


Being So "Incognito" We Don't Know Ourselves...!

Keep in mind if you feel unsure after reading the signs, that being a Starseed can be deeply buried and many never know the truth of their soul's origin.

I went through my whole early adult life without knowing. As an energy reader, I can also tell you many celebrities and key personalities you see, are in fact Starseed souls - without being aware of it!

If you feel drawn to the concept of starseeds, this is a strong indication!

And spirit suggests, if you're unsure, get the Free Guided Meditation To Meet Your Twin Flame On The Soul Planes here, and ask your soul to meet you where it would usually be your Twin.

Ask your soul to show you your galactic background when you get to the meeting place. Whether you are a starseed, and whatever additional info is to your highest good at this time.

This will open up to a wealth of information and exploration for your benefit! And do comment below with what you were shown, if you feel comfortable sharing! I would love to hear from you!


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As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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