Wisdom Unfolding – Where Is Your Journey Headed? Discover What Insights Await You, What Lessons You’re Asked To Learn And What Blessings Are Offered To You…

Today’s article is another one close to my heart!

The natural kingdom has been a constant guide and support on my journey, and it’s sometimes mystifying how much wisdom there is in animals, their presence and their energy signatures…

So today, I’ve been guided to share this intuitive article to help you connect with the wisdom and messages trying to reach you.

Always pay attention to any animals you see in your mind’s eye or repeatedly in the media, as these are attempting to alert you to insights, wisdom and assistance – answers to “prayers” you’ve sent out…

Today I’ve chosen to bring forth messages from some of the less known spirit animals. Have a look below!

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#1) Pick Your Image:

For best results, relax yourself, take a few deep breaths. Then see which of the images here you’re the most drawn to right now.

Pick one. It’s usually the first one you’re drawn to.

The reason you shouldn’t overthink it, is that our intuition is often very subtle and it usually “jumps out” in the split second before we have a chance to decide on something analytically…


#2) Find the number below and read Your Message!


Intuition, physical body. Tapping into your own wisdom beyond words. Root and Brow chakras. The connection between beliefs and experience. Earth and silver etheric energy.



If you selected image number 1 this is the message you most need right now:

“Dear friend, I am here to help you tap into your internal wisdom of intuition. Beyond logic, your body is always speaking to you through sensation and emotion.

I want you to know that you always know best for yourself. You do not need to ask others their opinions, this is an illusion. Infinite wisdom is housed in you.

You are always receiving messages about what serves you and what does not – these messages come via your body. Like me, you can feel it when something is not right, sometimes you just know in your bones that something is not for you.

My help comes as tapping into the greatest insights your intuition can give you. To help your body refine its communication with you. To be tuned into not fear, which is based in past hurt and others’ stories, but your true emotional compass.

I care so much about you. Do know that your body is your friend but you must be firm and gentle with it, as it has been taught to fear so many things in your life. Remove the programming of danger that society has put into you, and your body will tell you when true danger arises, instead of fueling you with fear without reason.

I work with the Twin Flames to help remove physical body fears, survival programming and/or working around these blocks to help the counterparts feel safe to come together. I ask you: Can you tap into your eternal love for each other from a distance?

Because the energy of love you share even while physically apart, will help your body to allow for coming together. Work to tap into that energy of the soul’s love for each other and dwell in it.

Because focusing on the outside and dwelling in the human collectives will only keep you resonating with fear and other energies that block your coming together.

Unless the foundations are balanced, your journey won’t be as smooth. Working on the basic physical level programming affects everything else. So remember to ground yourself. And where there are fears, clear them. Your physical body is your temple, yours only. Cherish it and claim it as your own.

Remember that your body “hears” everything, so give it positive messages. You may have been “programmed” with negativity in life but you can choose to give yourself new positivity!

My wisdom for you is in tapping into the magic of spirit while dwelling in physical body. This requires openness from a place of feeling safe to allow your power to move through you.

Love is your natural state as a soul, but it may take work to help your body recognize this.”

– Donkey

Recommended crystals for working with donkey’s energy and wisdom:
Snowflake obsidian, smokey quartz, silver hematite, silver pyrite

(Although the silver gemstones will be described online as working with the higher chakras, they are powerful in “upgrading” the lower spinal chakras and opening to kundalini energy on the etheric plane – healing the etheric body)

However, before using crystals and gemstones – make sure you read this.


Recommended Resource:

To continue working with the message from donkey have a look at the first full Twin Flame clearing session, where we go through removing common, deep-rooted blocks and negative programming that keeps Twin Flames stuck in fear and struggle.

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Magic, manifestation, infinity. Unlimited resources. Spirit energy, astral travel, the etheric realms. Higher dimensional wisdom. Spirit chakras down to the crown.


If you selected image number 2 this is the message you most need right now:

“Friend, I am here to help you realize there are no limitations! We will have such fun together, journeying into the infinite!

I will leave no stone unturned in helping you reach your dream. There are infinite resources available to you at any given time, you just need to know how to find them – and I will help you reach into those realms of secret hidden potential and resources.

I am the bridge back to your soul realms, and I will journey with you not only in the waking state but in your sleep. You can recognize my energy from a sparkling sense of possibility!

When you work with me there is magician energy moving through and around you. Great breakthroughs are possible. Pay close attention to the night time experiences you are having and have been noticing. These are not just “dreams”. I am guiding you through the realms of the soul.

Above all, my message to you is: Believe in yourself. Know that you are more than meets the human eye, more than what you have been told you are. Step into the realms of power. I am here to reconnect you with your infinite creator self and unlocking in you your natural ability to perform “magic”.

Instant manifestation. The awakening code 11:11 is closely connected with my energy, which deals with instant manifestation and the bridging of worlds.

I am here to meet you on the non-physical spheres. As a high vibrational being, I assist you in lifting into the higher dimensions focusing on the 12th dimension.

When you work with me, you may notice dreaming of elevators, escalators and higher dimensions. You may feel invigorated and energized, or fatigued after our journeys depending on your own system’s state, as we are taking your body’s programming to new limits. You will get more accustomed and this process will get more pleasant as we go along.

I am here to bring the Twin Flames back online with their higher dimensional aspects of self, which has powerful repercussions for awakening in human life. Helping you to master the process of allowing your higher dimensional consciousness to flow through you and to be “fully online” with the wholeness of your presence and your Twin Flame’s.

Collecting the power of your shared high vibrational chakras between yourself and your Twin – where there is always harmony – and activating these on the human plane.

Let us enjoy the journey and I will help you to have fun with mastery! Remember that you are an expert at all of this already. Revel in your power, your mastery of energy, creation and light!

– Dragon

Recommended crystals for working with Dragon’s energy and wisdom:
Gold is powerful for this energy – wear it, gaze at something gold colored or visualize gold all around you. Aventurine is also effective, and pale green jade provides a gentler connection to this spirit animal’s tremendous power.

However, before using crystals and gemstones – make sure you read this.

twin flame awakening

Recommended Resource:

To continue working with Dragon’s energy and wisdom, The Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session is suggested to help you open up to your higher presence and *unlock your shared higher dimensional chakras with your Twin Flame*.

Read more and download here.


Gentle wisdom, intuition. Pride in self, inner wholeness. Heart chakra, throat chakra. The “Magic” in Stillness. Speak your truth and know you are worthy.


“Dear friend, do you know how special you are? Do you know how incredible your uniqueness is?

My message to you is, you are a part of nature’s perfection. You are here to be exactly who you are. In nature’s vast web of creatures and creations, you are an amazing being – there is a space only you can fill.

When you remove your judgments, which the human world taught you, you can begin to tap into the power of your own perfection. Can you feel the freedom in absence of judgments?

This is what peace really is. Honor the stillness, is my wisdom to you. Be within your own center. In nature, I am at one with my surroundings. When you can be in that kind of wholeness, you allow yourself to float on the support of the universal energies.

So many people hold themselves as flawed, and it keeps them in a state of being unable to receive and dwell in love. Can you see that if you compare yourself to others you are degrading your own greatness? 

I am here guiding the Twin Flames to step into deservingness. To teach self love and self acceptance. Above all detaching from the human belief systems and judgments – because that is what causes you to step out of wholeness.

Take pride in yourself – know how special you are! Do this gently, from a place of joy – it’s not wrong to appreciate yourself. You are honoring yourself when you set healthy boundaries, take time to yourself and cherish who you are.

You don’t have to long for love, you already deserve it. You don’t have to try to be good enough, you already are.

Don’t be shy because you are here uniquely to be you!”

– Deer

Recommended crystals for working with Deer’s energy and wisdom:
Deer’s heart centered energy is amplified and assisted by the classic power stones relating to love: Ruby, emerald (a gentler path to access this energy), malachite and green beryl.

However, before using crystals and gemstones – make sure you read this.


Recommended Resource:

To continue working with Deer’s gentle wisdom, the Higher Heart Transformation journey is highly potent..

I was guided by spirit to create this transformational session to unlock the higher codes of unconditional love at a heart level, and help Twin Flames bring in the new codes of self love and self acceptance.

Click here to learn more and download



Wisdom, achievement, power. Brow and crown chakras. Endurance. Know thyself. Do you know what you truly want?


“Dear friend, please be patient with yourself. Any big project takes some time.

What is above all needed is a perspective change. You have been going out from a perspective of not being capable or powerful enough to get the results you desire.

I am here to show you how to step into infinite mastery again. My wisdom deals with achievement, but not just any achievement. It’s about knowing yourself.

You must know yourself before you can successfully journey through life. What do you truly want? This requires you knowing your own self, your deeper values. Many achieve what would make someone else happy, journeying through life to another’s ideal destination… Missing out on their own dream.

I want you to know there is nothing that’s impossible. I can help you get to where you want to go. It’s simple – first, you must free your mind of the ideas of limitation and others’ collective confusion.

Begin to step into your infinite self, and you will have the power. I will deliver you the method, step by step. Part of my wisdom is the long term, endurance and foresight for the journey – not just for a period, but for life.

I am heavily involved with guiding Twin Flames to reach back to each other in the physical. Helping you tap into your infinite reserves.

I help you go within to find your truth to set your intentions – you will feel your true desires in your heart, this is pre-programmed into your system – then we will together work strategically to get to your goal.

I will “show up a map” for you, and you’ll notice moments of intense clarity and know-how for how to get to your goals.

However, are you listening to me? Take another look at your situation – seek the repeated messages, the dreams, the insights, the advice, the information you’ve been receiving over and over. This is part of the way to your desires. Nothing is impossible, and I’m here to show it to you.”

– Eagle

Recommended crystals for working with Eagle’s energy and wisdom:
Eagle’s energy is powerful, to the point and can feel intense. Working with clear quartz, lapis or aquamarine (a softer way to access this energy) are good for amplifying and working with eagle.

However, before using crystals and gemstones – make sure you read this.


Recommended Resource:

To continue working with Eagle’s wisdom and be sure to receive the next guided steps for your path forward – download the Free Energy Cleanse Tool.

It will clear out any congestion, enabling you to center into the truth and be aware of the guidance that is seeking you.

You’ll get to connect back to pure light and begin to experience what it feels like to dwell in high vibrational energies! Click here to get it now for free


Strength. Tapping into your deeper resources. Astral travel. Dream journeying. Inner wholeness. Root chakra, solar plexus. 


“Dear friend,

It is my pleasure to communicate with you today. Thank you for listening. Take a deep breath. Feel how it is to center into breathing. You are OK. I promise right now, right here you are OK. This moment is safe.

I am here to show you the wisdom of going within. The strength you get when you nourish inner wholeness, tapping into your deeper resources. You need some alone time to connect with your soul, and your Twin Flame’s soul presence.

Every once in a while, it will benefit you to go within and nurture this inner connection. Inner journeys. When I am in hibernation I “dream” and experience other worlds in the dream state.

This is ancient lore which is based in universal truth:
Within, you shall find all the world has to offer. Tap into it there first, then receiving it on the outside becomes much easier.

I work with assisting the Twin Souls in journeying inward, like a shaman presence, to guide you to the point within where you are always connected.

With me as your guide, we will be travelling in other realms to find and expose blocks and work to heal these – to open you and your mirror soul up to infinite love.

Whenever you need strength, call on me. I will be there. You will feel me as a protective presence near or in your stomach – your solar plexus. All the power in the universe is available to you should you call on it.

Never believe that you are weak, friend. I know who you really are, and I am honored to support you.”

– Bear

Recommended crystals for working with Bear’s energy and wisdom:
Bear works with strong colors – think the nuances of the autumn leaves. Crystals and gemstones in yellow, mostly opaque. Red, yellow, orange and brown stones and crystals – including tiger’s eye and carnelian. Howlite is also a recommendation, for calm to go within.

However, before using crystals and gemstones – make sure you read this.

twin flame program

Recommended Resource:

Bear energy encourages you to step into self mastery! Because this will assist you on your whole journey, through shifting both your state and what you are aligning with and attracting.

In my step by step Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames, I take you through this – including activating telepathy and remote interactions with your Twin Flame, astral travel, alchemizing the Twin Flame mirror, dealing with common blocks to reunion, tapping into your intuition and much more…

Click here to read more and download
. And, have a look here for feedback from other Twins who’ve taken the program. 



Abundance, “luck”. Wisdom of the etheric realms – portal of the sacral chakra. Allowing your divine connection to support you.


“Dear friend,

Can you feel the bubbling of excitement stirring in your heart? I am here to bring you the message of celebration! Good things are on their way! “Luck”, abundance and reward are at hand!

I work to help you get into a celebratory state so you’re an easy match to inviting in your desires in your physical life. Celebrate every day!

Sing, move, dance, express yourself with your physical body. You can “trick” your system into happiness, which attracts more happiness. Smile more! Laugh more! You will find that happiness and harmony seeks you out.

I represent a very high vibrational energy, full of vivaciousness and joy. Taking pleasure in physical existence.

The mind contains much confusion. But there is a level – a gateway – of physical awareness and embodiment where you tap into a flow of well-being and ease… Where your intuition and the stream of well-being guides you effortlessly forwards.

This happens through ALLOWING the energy of *all is well* on all levels in your being. To be without resistance, to dwell in the whole body. Celebration is a fast key to this gateway. To the flow of light which has the power to bring miracles.

I am working with the Twin Flames to assist you to uniting. Teaching you the wisdom of using intuition and feeling to reach your true divine destination. Like I travel to mate every season, with an innate knowing or where to go and when… Your system will guide you to your divine counterpart to the highest good.

You must “listen” with your feelings, to fully realize this guidance. Get out of your head and into your body to access your intuition from a positive state.

I work with the higher chakras and heart, but also the sacral chakra which is the gateway to etheric energy and the portal to the physical body and energy. 

When you see me, know that I am a symbol of abundance and prosperity on the way – you will get your reward. Your “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” really exists!

– Salmon

Recommended crystals for working with Salmon’s energy and wisdom:
This energy is not interested in focusing on traditional gemstones and crystals. The recommendation is tactile sea objects – such as a stone you’ve found on the beach.

Something that has the energy of nature in it, especially connected with water and sunshine. A stone from the beach or a brook which has had the sun shining on it over a long time will help you center into a state of “all is well”  state.

Recommended Resource:

If you’re finding it hard to feel happiness, to get into a state of celebration, it can indicate that you’ve been wounded in childhood. Were you told to be quiet, to calm down, to not let your belief get away with you?

Were you shown that it was pointless to get your hopes up – that you’d just get let down anyway?

Unfortunately, this becomes an energetic self-fulfilling prophecy if left un-checked.

Checking in with your inner child can help you address these kinds of issues. Have a look at this session where I take you through it step by step.

We go into a deep state of meditation to take a journey of consciousness – first to your inner child, then to connect with your Twin Flame’s inner child aspect, before finally bringing the two together to illuminate and heal the inner, unconscious dynamic between you and eradicating any blocks between you.

Dealing with issues on this level helps us bypass the ego’s resistance mechanisms and profoundly shifts the Twin dynamic dramatically for the better.

Click here to learn more and download.

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  1. I love it! I was drawn to the golden dragon (wasn’t sure it wasn’t just because of the bright color, so went through all animals but still felt drawn to the dragon) and I smiled when I saw “astral travel” with the things it brings. As I had just been exploring that this morning to try, as in looking for (the best) ways to actually be able to do it! Also it says: “the awakening code 11:11 is closely connected to my energy which deals with instant manifestation and the bridging of worlds.” and I’ve been seeing a lot of 11:11 again lately :D. Beautiful confirmation as well as a great reminder of what to focus on most for now. Thank you Cassady, for this animal wisdom! Much love, Monique

  2. This time my spirit animal was the Bear who spoke of being like a Shaman presence. Tomorrow I’m on a Shamanic healing course so this guidance, as always, resonates perfectly with me. Lately I have been learning to go within more & the strength of my twins soul being present is getting stronger. Thank you Cassady xx

  3. I am so amazed by the accuracy of the Spirit animal messages. A psychic friend saw a bear holding me inside a closed room in a vision and I have been receiving a lot of messages of abundance and guidance in my dreams. I can feel my intuition opening up and I am mind-blown by what I just read here! Thank you! Lots of love and light to you too Cassady!

  4. I’ve been drawn to shamanism for a while now and bear was one of my animal guides today. Recently I learned my ancestors held Bear Spirit so sacred that they wouldn’t even say its name, back in the days when they were a shamanic culture. I’ve always been drawn to that particular aspect of my ancestry and now I guess I know why!

  5. I love that you included the eagle. A few days ago I was walking on the beach and a sea eagle swooped down from the sky and hovered above my head. It was surreal and a little frightening.

    After staring down at me for a few moments, he took off back to the sky. I’d never seen one up close before!

    I’d actually forgotten about it until now. I think he had a message for me.

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