Crystalline Light Incoming, A New Chapter Starts. Unawakened Stirring Into Awareness – Higher Self Coming Online. “Heaven On Earth Calls”. Are You Ready?

We’re headed into turbulent and transformative times energetically, and with the Summer Solstice coming up – I’ve been asked to bring forth a message for the Twin Flame collective.

As the gateways open – approximately 5-7 days before and after the actual solstice 21st June – we have an influx of crystalline light.

This is high vibrational power, but can be triggering as it rattles loose old density in our systems and in society.

(Density refers to low vibrational “heavy” energies and emotions, such as anger, jealousy, fear, hatred, resentment, insecurity, shame, conflict…)

To make the most of the incredible potency of the incoming crystalline light, and benefit from the considerable uplifting it offers, do make sure you cleanse away any negativity that surfaces.

Like a glass with tea leaves that have settled over time, the light functions like pouring fresh water in, it stirs up debris that had “settled” at the bottom.

So do make sure you Download my Free Energy Cleanse Tool and Guided Meditations For Twin Flames make sure you uplift into the highest potential of these crystalline energies.  


Or, click here to see a full selection of sessions and resources – ask yourself what you feel most drawn to, this is your intuition speaking to you about what is to your highest good right now.

Higher Self Coming Online – Including In “Unawakened Twins”

Important themes to this solstice are, a new chapter is beginning and more of our higher self presence is set to be “coming online” in our experience.

This can be noticed through changes in the dream state, episodes of “epiphanies”, euphoria and connections…

Spirit lets us know that this is a process that requires us to be consciously willing and aware for best effects, as ego can be triggered to resist this advanced part of Ascension.

This process of the higher self stepping more into the human vehicle will have noticeable effects over the coming 6 months, including in people who were so far “unawakened”.

Where Integration Of Light Happens

As old illusions continue to tumble, do stay present with your Intentions, be in the Now Moment – because that’s where integration happens. That’s where you’re manifesting from – the nexus of your consciousness in human reality.

Another thing you’re being asked to consider right now is: Are you questioning your heart’s true desires?

And if you are, this points to a deeper issue – Do you really feel deserving of your dream come true?

These are all issues we’re set to deal with at this time as increased light comes in aligned with a powerful new cosmic transit, pushing for us to return to our heart’s truth and uplift into a new era…

Solstice Gateway Opens – Channeled Message For Twin Flames

Now for the message itself:

“Dear everyone,

Thank you for being here and for receiving this message.

This is an important time for all, a time which your souls have been looking forward to. As more light streams forth, it means you are returning more to your power, to your original state as a being.

This Is A Time To Be Grateful

This is a time to be grateful. Looking back with gratitude helps you release the lessons from the past that were painful, and uplift into a higher alignment for the future. You get to see the lessons in retrospect and release them for good.

As long as you stay attached to them they cannot fully leave.

Now we are in a time of great transformation for the collective you may have felt this in recent months. Things are shifting. The very ground you walk on.

Many have stepped into a new chapter of forgiveness for self and others which is lifting their experience of living into a new structure. A higher dimensional alignment. Those who have achieved this are living more happily.

Embracing The Shift

We urge you to take a look at your current situation and ask yourself what is happening. What is going on? Is something wrong, per se? Or can it be that it is in the process of shifting?

Our message to you is that nothing is wrong – when you pray, things must sometimes shift before your answer can show up.

Sometimes things come to a head just before a break is made or a transformation. Please be patient. With yourself above all.

This is a project with many elements, many players involved. The Twin Flame collective were strategically placed out in the world to uplift and manage the grids in different places.

Some are being shifted into where they “belong” – geographically – as agreed before birth. There were soul contracts for this.

You may be moved out of an old chapter, completion of old soul contracts, and now getting ready as a soul to move into a new cycle. This is the case for many of you.

Are You Heeding Your Heart’s Call?

There are many shifts happening. We urge you go go within and figure out your inner alignment above all. This is your heart’s desire calling to be heard. This is a theme for the common year’s destiny.

You will be asked by the energies, by us, by your soul: “Why are you doing this? Why are you on the path you’re on? What can you do to align more fully with your true bliss?”

There is always a way. We tell you this, many seem daunted by the prospect of going out there, of putting themselves on the line, but when you align with your heart’s desire and you go out there from an intent of purity you will always receive support.

Sometimes you will experience your soul working seemingly against you, in an effort to rattle you to leave a place, a job, a friendship or a mindset that has stopped working – that has in many cases, even been blocking your wishes and desires for love and greater fulfillment…

A New Chapter Starting

Look around you now, what is it in your life that has outlived its purpose? Now, be open. Be open to that leaving. It need not happen tomorrow. Or the day after. You need not know exactly how it will happen.

Allow that door to close. Allow the energies to shift you into higher alignment. Be welcoming of the new elements that show up, that are clearly of a higher state.

Allow the shift to happen. Don’t fight it.

If you are dealing with a relationship, it can be useful to go through this exercise: See yourself ten years down the line in this connection and ask, would I be happy with that?

If not, it’s time to adjust the situation. Again, you do not need to know exactly how or when things will change, but simply set the intention now with your emotions and energy that you invite it in from the universe.

This sets events, people, circumstances and support in motion.

Aligning With The Spiritual Power Of Joy

You will in the coming period notice the ripples of change in your life. Our aim for you is that you will get into a greater alignment with your soul’s purpose – which is, in truth, your soul’s joy.

When you are happy, you are aligned with your purpose. when you feel ecstatically loving, you are in your truth. You are open to your Twin Soul in the state of immaculate love. Remember this.

That the true spiritual path is not of burden or duty. You are always immaculately free to pursue what serves you and makes you happy or what you choose for the sake of choosing.

Our hope and intention for you is that you with your human life get to experience what makes you thrive, what brings you into your element, whether it’s people, or circumstances or actions or feelings.

Know this: What you long for, is a part of your destiny.

But are you fighting it, with not believing it can happen? Ask your guidance for assistance in releasing those belief blocks.

Embedded Light Codes – Awakening

We tell you this, the human earth reality is in so many ways an illusion. A grid of consciousness. Limitation is not true.

You can have, be and do anything you choose. Embedded in these words are codes of illumination. Codes of ascension. Bringing more online of your full spiritual self.

Many out there are placed strategically for their imminent light, you may notice celebrities speaking of spiritual truth, or returning to a state of natural living, questioning the system they have arisen in…

This is happening more and more. We are in the advanced stages of an ancient project taking place.

We suggest viewing it as a game, a fun project. And you play a part. An important person in the project of elevating consciousness on this planet.

Whether you are someone who holds the grids of crystalline consciousness in place, the so-called 5D reality, or someone who is a communicator of light, or whether you are a healer of others, teaching many to heal and sending them out to teach even more… we are spreading light one person at a time.

The Ancient Project

In essence, this is what you are all here for. In varied ways, but with this purpose.

And you signed up joyously. No one was coerced, not one person. This is a joy!

It is from the human collective you derive your skepticism, your fear, your anticipation of trouble, your conflict. It is not yours, but lingering baggage from the earth plane.

Conflict is not true to you, negativity and hurt are foreign to you as souls. Step out of the roles you have been playing and begin to embrace joy.

How can you more fully embrace joy in your life? This activates the power of your heart.

You can play with your pet, you can take your children to the park, you can sing, you can dance, you can help someone in need, you can write that book you’ve been dreaming of (Google “30 days to write a book”), you can make a film and share it on the internet, you can begin to follow in small ways and big, the dream you have been nurturing in your soul since the day you got here….

We are here to tell you, it is possible. “Impossible” is an illusion.

In logical reality, the chances of you being here as you are, are almost zero. You are, in logical terms, highly unlikely! Let that tell you, miracles can happen.

Now go out there and make the best of this unique life you are living.

Illumination Through Celebration

Celebrate. Yourself and others. Go out with the intent of finding joy, magic, appreciation, happiness and love. And you will nourish and make those things blossom even more!

Again we return to the beginning and to gratitude. Gratitude is a wonderful way to get started with this.

We ask you right now to please list 10 things you are grateful for, then 10 more.

And don’t stop until you’re finished. You may continue as long as you want, to list all the things you are grateful for.

This can be transformative – it illuminates the essence of who you are as a spiritual presence, re-aligns your consciousness with love.

Let this be your ‘secret weapon’ in the time to come. To always be on the look-out for love, joy, happiness, bliss.

And so it is. We are always with you. Remember how powerful you are.


Archangel Michael and the legions of light”




twin flame higher self







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Danielle, New York, USA

“Dear Cassady, I can’t put into words how grateful I am to you. Each week your writing clarifies, uplifts and inspires me to continue, and the meditations and vibrational alignment program have made all the difference. I can feel the changes in me and see the changes between my twin and I. I am learning about unconditional love and becoming more in touch with my soul everyday. Thank you for all your energy and effort in helping me. I would be so lost without it. ?Sending you love and light, “

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  1. I am so happy I don’t even know what to do with myself!!! It has been a long journey here while using the tools offered by you, Cassady. Today, I have stepped into my power to create the life that I desire. And I am watching the miracles happen before my eyes. It’s like I have to pinch myself! I must be dreaming!!!! But I am not. I am floating in a state of JOY. ‘He’ has yet to come forward or speak to me, but it doesn’t matter right now. I cannot wait until that day happens. It has been very hard sit in faith and know that he will come, but I am taking care of myself now and I can only hope, he is feeling this too! I feel like I have leveled up, without even realizing it. There are no words to express my gratitude for your energy clearing tools and meditations. They have saved my life, changed my world, and set me free. Everyone’s path is so different and amazing. I keep forgetting that I am ‘allowed’ to live the life that I want, the one that serves me best. I took some very big, risky steps to get here and everyone thinks I’m crazy lol but I am doing it anyhow! My life was so very small before. And you gave me my wings. What a road!!!! WOW! Sending everyone much love. <3

  2. Beautiful. Thank you so much, Archangel Michael, and dear Cassady.

    I do hope everyone reading this is able to notice the big difference in receiving a channeled message from a high vibrational, clear channel like Cassady– there is no confusion, fear, anger, resentment, conspiracy, but only LOVE. <3

  3. Hi,Cassady!I appreciate so much your articles and I want to say thank you for your activity.I really need help,there is this person that I love so much,there are so many synchronicities and strong feelings etc.I have done 2 readings with 2 psychics and one of them told me that we are indeed Twin Flames and the other said that we are Soulmates.Both said that we can reach the Union in this lifetime.But I am so confused,I need to know if we are really Twin Flames or not, I m not sure what our mission could be.I must mention that we are both women.Could you,please, recomend me someone that could a reading for me that is not expenssive ,and that would be sent through e-mail ,I m not a native English speaker so I can t really do a reading via phone or skype.Thank you in advance!

  4. thank you so much for this cassady! I went out yesterday with that exact intention and found new friends- full of love, playing music and dancing next to the ocean!

  5. i am grateful for my clothes, my crystals, my food, the flowers in our yard, the trees, the green grass, my bed, the fan in my room for the really humid days, the wind blowing around me outside, the sun and its warming rays, the moon and its beauty among the stars, my body, my mind, my intuition, my tuning forks, being patient, being forgiving, open minded, my twin flame always and forever being with me even when i’m unaware, my friends, my family, my creativity, being a lightworker, my sacred space, my essential oils, my eyes, my lips, my nose, my fingers.. my inner being my angels my ascended masters my inner child the universe the Creator and YOU<3<3<3
    I am the GratefulGoddess. Blesssed Be.

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