When Wishful Thinking Becomes A Hidden Enemy Within… Toxic Positivity, Spiritual Bypassing And The Problem With “Shock And Awe” In Spiritual Circles…

Fair warning: Today’s article is another tough love one! (But it will help you!)

I do these every once in a while because I’ve been on the journey myself and learned a LOT the hard way along the way.

So if I can spare you just SOME of the anguish, the tears and the mistakes I made myself in the beginning…

I would LOVE to do that.

Because as you may have heard me say before, the Twin Flame journey doesn’t HAVE to be hard, but so often it is because Twins don’t fully know how to deal with it…


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Shock Tactics Or Wishful Thinking?

So, that brings us to today’s topic. If you’re in social media like most Twins these days, you’ll have noticed something very common…

People tend to act as if unity/Twin Flame love/togetherness/their bliss is somehow magically going to show up on a certain day, gateway or solstice…

Because it’s 8/8, 11/11, or a cosmic gateway has opened, or there’s a solstice, or Mars/Venus meet, or other transits in astrology/numerology…

There’s a lot of shock and awe.

As if unity, love or miracles will drop into our laps out of the sky on those days.

The Major Flaw In This Thinking

Now, I don’t like to rain on anyone’s parade – but in 99.9999999999999% of cases, that’s NOT how things work.

(And if you’ve been on the journey a while, you’ll have experienced this first hand…)

Sure, gateways can open to a heightened POTENTIAL, but it requires for us to be an active participant. And it doesn’t completely change our “real life” circumstances overnight.

Frankly, if outer transits in numerology and astrology brought miracles such as love, abundance and blessings with NO effort on our part…

Everyone on the whole PLANET would be living their bliss!

And that’s CLEARLY not the case…

The Real Magic Of Alignment

No, the truth is, it’s all about “as WITHIN, so WITHOUT”.

(More about that here and a quiz to help you assess what you’re aligned with)

Really – When someone is in alignment with love and unity, those things can show up ANY day of the year!

But if someone is NOT in alignment, they could go through every positive cosmic date in the book and it wouldn’t do much for them.

And this is something we can’t just wish our way to.

The unconscious alignment is on an energy level, not just in our minds and intentions.

twin flame union

What The Universe Really “Wants” From You

I see so many Twins set themselves up for disappointment with this “destination thinking”.

 Don’t waste your journey waiting for some outside fix that may never arrive. Because we cannot fake alignment…

We are here to awaken to our power to make change happen, not sit on the sidelines.

(You’ll notice this is why my forecasts deal with inner work and what the cosmic energies are “asking of you” and working to get YOU to heal and open to.

You are always an active part of your journey).

“Real magic” happens when you begin to step into the INNER state that makes the OUTER shift happen…

So I was guided to start a project to help as many Twins as possible with this.

It’s my biggest, most interactive offering with spirit to date, and you can apply here now for the next round of coaching:

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 twin flame coaching

I believe in you!

And I would love to help you tap into more of your divine power to call in love EVERY day, and to live your soul unity in the 3D physical and beyond.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

cassady cayne coaching twin flame testimonial

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