It’s Time For An Antidote. There Is More Darkness And Illusion In The Twin Flame Scene Than You May Have Realized. Or Maybe You Have?

Today I’ve been guided to go straight to the core again. Today’s article is about illusions, your path and the most common 3D “lies” about the Twin Flame connection.

You may be new on the blog or have followed my writing since the beginning in 2014… The last few years there’s been an EXPLOSION of content on Twin Flames on the internet!

When I started this blog I wanted to provide a resource for other Awakening Twins like myself, to give actionable methods I’d experienced to be positive and helpful on my own journey and with clients…

In the years that have passed, there has been an explosion of new blogs, YouTube channels, instagram pages, psychic sources and other pages with information on the Twin Flame subject.

You’ll even notice major businesses who usually cover astrology and numerology writing glossy articles to draw Twins into buy their products… And major women’s magazines working to get clicks.

Are You Being Fed The “3D Twin Flame Ego Story” Or Eternal Truth?

Although it can seem good that there’s more info out there than ever, the problem is that most of the info is about the “standard Twin Flame rulebook”.

In other words, it will usually tell you:

That it’s *such* a challenging connection
That there are stages and that “twin flames always run”,
That there are always periods of separation,
That it’s a spiritual test,
That hardly any Twins ever end up happily together,
and so forth…

And that stuff is simply not true! 

Many Twin Flames are happy together. Many of them have gotten in touch with me – and they’re real people, I promise! It wasn’t always easy for them but they made it work.

And … some of the happiest Twins out there don’t even know they’re Twins! (And that’s the key to today’s article).

The Boxes People Put Each Other In

So why is it, that the less you know about Twin Flames, the better? What are these 3D illusions so many are trapped by?

Well, unfortunately the most unhappy Twin Flames I encounter are the ones who have been boxed in by the “Twin Flame Rulebook” and effectively are trapped spiritually.

They’ve been told by (well-meaning) “gurus”, “Twin Flame experts”, YouTubers, psychics and other Twins what the connection is “supposed” to be like…

Most often this goes something like “you have to go through such-and-such a stage and lesson learning”, “all Twin Flames run and it’s a really hard connection”…

And they’ve been chained into that experience.

As time goes on, they can’t see anything else, and they’ve been locked into a negative manifestation. Where they can’t open to anything different.

And yes, it’s true that some Twins may experience that stuff… But it’s not a set thing. What in the universe would be the point of something like that?

We are here to assist the collective in *uplifting* into a higher state of love-based consciousness (read more about the “Twin Flame Mission” here). So if there was a set thing that Twins would have to endure suffering, it would work against the very thing we’re here for.

No, people who proclaim those rules have misunderstood the higher truth. They are mis-reading what is really going on.

(To watch a video on what’s really happening with Twin Flames and WHY they end up in conflict and struggle, have a look here)

twin flame video

#1) The Spiritual Truth Of Twin Flames Vs Human Interpretations

There are no rules or standard stages for the Twin Flame connection! They are not spiritually truthful!

Those are ego-based HUMAN perceptions someone out there has been sharing.And yes, maybe they’ve been sharing it for a long time.

But it’s like that game we play as children “telephone” – things get distorted along the way. And just because we keep repeating something it doesn’t make it any more true!

The reason so many Twin Flames are stuck and down, isn’t because things can’t or won’t work for them. It’s because their souls and their Twin Flame are keeping things on a lock-down until they open up to the higher truth.

And that truth is that the “rules” and projections they’ve gotten into are an illusion!

The “3D version of the Twin journey” versus the true spiritual experience they are meant to be having.

It’s like being harnessed to the ground versus flying free.

#2) The Answer Is Simpler Than People Will Tell You…

The truth is, the only fact about the Twin Flame connection you need to know is that it’s about LOVE!

About the energy, feeling and EXPERIENCE of love. Not the theories and projections and deliberations…

The great thing is you can free yourself any time you choose. You can stop listening to the Ego stories! You can step out of the darkness of illusion!

And you can open to the truth that things are far more miraculous and amazing than people will lead you to believe! IF you can open to it.

IF you can let go of the stories, the so-called stages, the rules, the labels.

#3) How To Recognize Ego Distorting Spiritual Info…

I have been a clear channel of spirit for years and I can tell you this:

In EVERYTHING I’ve received of info and insights from the higher dimensions the Twin Flame journey is NOT about what you’ll read out there on most sites, or see in most video predictions.

The complications, rules and stories are expressions of EGO. It’s the human mind’s limited ideas about Twin Flames. Not the truth. What we are here for is unconditional love! “Bringing heaven to earth”. It’s *who we are as souls already*.

Ego will only keep people stuck in Ego. It cannot per definition connect with the true potential of what is possible! Because it’s stuck in limitation. There are so many misunderstandings, so much Ego projection out there in the community.

But know this: the Twin Flame connection is not meant to be complicated or about suffering. It’s about love.

#4) What The Negativity Is Trying To “Tell” Twins

If something is experienced as negative, it’s trying to tell you something.

It’s a “messenger” meant to help you. Try to see your situation again. Ask your soul to show you the truth.

Feel into how much lighter it feels to know there ARE NO RULES. That there’s no “impossible”. That it’s all for you! That feeling, as subtle as it may be… That’s the energy of Truth.

In my hardest moments, my Twin Flame has said to me:

“This is the only thing that’s real – me and you, and the love we share. Everything else is an illusion. What if this was all created for you? What if everything was there to show you how much I loved you? Even if it pushed you to learn to love yourself?

I love you more than you can ever fathom. One day you’ll know. After this life is over.”

#5) You’re Allowed To Start Over…

I’m here today to help you wake up from the waking up inside a man-made illusion of spirituality!

You’re allowed to start over. Your journey and your Twin Flame connection is not meant to be a treasure hunt. It’s not meant to be an obstacle course or a degree you need to study for!

It’s love, and you can dwell in, live in, breathe this love every day if you can allow yourself to.

This may seem confusing to read, but on a soul level you recognize the truth in it. The problem is, all our lives we’re presented with the belief that life is complicated and good things don’t come easy.

It’s what most of us are told over and over from parents, educators and workplaces. But that’s just a story. Especially when it comes to spirituality and the journey of souls. The truth is, you’re here infinitely capable.

And your Twin Flame and your own soul are waiting for you to realize it. This is what’s been holding things back.

#6) Are You Hooked Into The “3D Twin Flame Story”?

When you can open to the truth, you’ll feel light expanding from WITHIN you.

You’ll begin to open to love from the INSIDE OUT. And your connection with your Twin will be forever changed in the physical too. Because you’ll be open and aligned with the TRUTH of love. Not hooked into the “3D Twin Flame story”.

All you need to really know is love, and to know yourself and your shadows so you can heal them.

That’s why I say, the less you know about Twin Flames (i.e. the “rulebook”) the better.

#7) Why Many People Wish They Never Met Their Twin Flame…

You have most likely seen or read from the angry Twins online saying they wish they never knew about their Twin Flame. That they never met them.

The unfortunate truth is it’s not because the journey is hard, it’s because so many become victims of the low vibrational EGO version of what it supposedly entails.

The “3D Twin Flame Story”.

Because when people get hooked into that, they anchor into that collective grid and it begins to express in their reality and their connection too.  In life, when we accept a version of reality as true, we “buy a ticket to that experience”.

Make sure you’re not signed up to the 3D ego box of what it means to be a Twin Flame. Because there’s so much more waiting for you!

#8) Staying Out Of The “Twin Flame” Mainstream

The best advice I have for you if you have found your Twin Flame – or they found you – is to enjoy it for everything it’s worth. Stay away from the “mainstream” of rules, opinions and so-called stages info.

Be in the now moment of your journey. If challenges show up, use your power to shift energy (I teach you how here) to work through it.

Face the shadows, heal the wounds. But most of all, stay in a place of being true to YOUR experience. Focus into love.

The other stuff will drag you into a mirage you may well find it hard to get out of down the line. Stay in your light. Don’t let others dictate what your journey will be about.

Protect your love with all you’ve got. It’s yours and no one else’s!

The Healing Power Of Silence, Finding Your Own Truth

I have done everything I can to help you unlock your situation, shift out of the “3D lockdown” and step into the light-filled, positive, harmonious version of the eternal Twin Flame connection with my resources here.

Have a look and see what you feel most drawn to. That’s your soul speaking to you about what’s to your highest good right now.

And maybe the best thing for you is to simply sit in silence and reconnect with your own divine guidance, your own light.

When you’re ready to take guided action, I’ll be right here.

And you can trust that what you get here actually delivers results (click here to see why).

With all my love,

Cassady x


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