Endings, New Beginnings – Twin Flames And Eclipses. Discover How To Work With These Major Zodiac Forces To Turn Challenges Into Long-Term Benefits…

Every single year, we have three to five Eclipses. They are known as times of rupture, major sudden shifts, and it can be extremely challenging for most people.

But their power to bring positive change to your life and path is also extremely heightened…

So any work you do to align with the cosmos at this time will have even deeper effects than usual.

It’s all about knowing the secret ways to work consciously WITH the immense power of Eclipses, to benefit you.

So that’s what today’s article is all about!

Blind Spots, Unwanted Change…

In essence, eclipses are times when the cosmic energies push for an ending of what’s outworn its use, and to return to divine harmony, the highest good.

This means that lower “ego driven” and karmic paths, timelines and connections can be dramatically brought to an end during these times.

Many people are pulled and pushed by the dramatic shifts going on during eclipses, but with this knowledge in hand you’ll be able to use the power of these times to expand into a higher path.

In short, Eclipses are rare times when, due to an unusual alignment of the planets, the Earth casts a shadow over the Moon or the Moon moves in front of the Sun – to varying degrees.

Super Moon Effects

Astrologically and energetically, the Sun stands for the conscious self, Ego identity and awareness. The Moon stands for the unconscious, emotions and what we are UN-aware of.

So these can be challenging times as we all collectively get triggered in “blind spots” as the universe pushes us out of our comfort zone and into our soul aligned path.

(Why can Eclipses and Retrogrades be so triggering? Read more about that here).

Eclipses tend to bring an intense build-up of old emotions, energy and bring what is outworn to a peak. In many ways we can compare them to a massively intensified Full Moon/New moon effect.

A culmination of one chapter, and a sudden rupture that opens to a new one. A death/rebirth process emotionally, energetically and spiritually.-

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Upleveling Into Higher Timelines…

During eclipse times we may also have major shifts in the collective alignment, where light comes in and we get the chance to “up-level” into higher timelines (read more about what timelines really are here).

Because of the intensity that happens during these times many get dragged down and triggered, and miss out on the major transformational shifts available.

So today I’ve been guided to provide some steps to how to benefit the most from eclipses!

 5 Keys To Benefiting From Eclipses

#1) Let The Past Slip Away

One of the reasons Eclipses can be so forceful is that it’s all about releasing what has outworn its use in our lives and as a society.

In essence, it’s pushing for the release or destruction of what’s been created or invited out of a “false desire”, not the soul’s truth but Ego. This can deal with jobs, habits, beliefs, thoughts, relationships, dynamics with other people and more.

Most often, we as humans don’t realize what’s what and we may cling to outdated, unhealthy elements in our lives. So our Souls and the universe put pressure on during these times, to divinely redirect us to a higher path.

During eclipses, know that the Universe is working to help you – even if it feels tough. Your soul and the universe is working to nudge you into the highest path and experience for you.

And to do that, you’re being confronted with a sometimes violent feeling ending in those elements that are NOT to your highest good. Including your own shadows.

Keep in mind that WE often don’t fully know what we’re capable of or what’s truly possible for us, so we may unconsciously hold back and block ourselves from amazing things.

So to make the most of these times, set the intention you are releasing anything that is not to your highest good. Work to relax into this. Intend you’re not hanging onto what is not truthful to you or aligned with your soul. This helps so much.

If you’re not sure how to release, use this. Meditation is a big help too.

And any energy clearing you do during this time is amplified – and it will help you really shift out of deeper issues for good.

For a powerful yet gentle way to release (as Eclipses can bring up a lot of baggage fast), you can experience a free guided energy healing here when you sign up

“Whenever I do your energy clearing meditation my Twin texts me just as it’s ended. It truly has opened up the connection.” – Taz R

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#2) Anchor Into Your Soul Purpose

As mentioned in the previous point, the purpose of Eclipses is releasing what is not to the highest good. So it helps you flow with this process, when you tap into your soul’s true purpose. It makes the release easier, and it means you align with the highest potential of the Eclipse.

In short, remember that you are a Soul of light. You are always supported and loved, the question is only if you are open and able to perceive and receive it (for help with this, click here).

Know who you are and focus on your truth. Every single person has a “divine script”, a soul’s path and truth but we don’t always follow it and that’s when we lose alignment with our highest good and get stuck.

For Twins this is extra important because when we lose our inner alignment with our authentic truth, we also lose resonance with the Twin Flame soul song.

Realign with your soul, and you become magnetic to Twin Flame unity and your highest path. Therefore, tapping into your divine soul’s blueprint is powerful during Eclipses. Have a look at this free resource to get started:


#3) Set Your Highest Intentions

To fully receive the most beneficial shifts during this time, it’s useful to set intentions.

You don’t have to write them out, when you become used to mastering your energy you simply set the inner intention and it flows powerfully with the cosmic current to your highest good…

But to begin with, it can be helpful to write things out.

For New Moon eclipses, write out what you want to invite into your life. To your highest good. The key is to not focus on the little daily human items but the major things relating to your LIFE PURPOSE.

For Full Moon eclipses, write out what you are releasing from your life. To your highest good. Again the key is to not focus on the temporary human issues so much as the major themes relating to LIFE PURPOSE. Including in your Twin Flame connection.

This “enlists” the universal powers in a major way that inviting in things like a dream vacation doesn’t.

Because although the universe wants us to be happy, there is a highest good for ALL, and when we focus on life purpose issues we activate that flow. Because our life purpose is aligned with the highest good of the whole.

I take you through a powerful manifestation process and activating your heart’s highest power to call in love and your divine blessings in the “Higher Heart Transformation” session.

It’s a smooth and easy guided way for you to make sure you benefit the most, especially during eclipses and New Moon times. I also share some of the major blocks to avoid which keeps most people in dreaming, yet never fully receiving their desires – click here to access this powerful session right now.


#4) Embrace Change

Eclipses open to such immense potential to “uplevel” out of one state, timeline, version of reality and into another higher one. So it’s all about change.

Many people struggle during Eclipses because they’re in RESISTANCE of the highest good, instead of opening to it.

This is usually because they don’t know what’s really going on and the divine purpose of the Eclipses and shifts happening. So do your best to TRUST your Soul and the harmony of the Universe.

Know that instability is normal, change is natural. As the saying goes, “change is the one constant in life”. Lean INTO it, rather than resist, and you’ll do much better.

Pay attention to your guidance and what’s being presented to you in the time leading up to eclipses because you’re always being given nudges about what’s coming up for release versus what is to your highest good.

Learn more here about the process of change and how to flow smoothly with your journey to reach the highest points:


#5) Stay In Your Highest Alignment

“As Within, So Without”. You may have read about this before on the blog. It’s a spiritual truth that sages have known about since the ancient Sumerians.

In essence, it means our INNER world and state is always reflecting back in our OUTSIDE world somehow.

Today we know in Western Science that the universe is all energy vibrating at particular frequencies, and that “like attracts like”. (Learn more about that here). This means that we are in essence only able to receive into our reality what we vibrate at (this was made widespread with law of attraction teachings and the book “The Secret”).

At Eclipse times, it’s key to making the most of the immense transformational potential available.

For the Eclipse shifts and the cosmic energy forces to be able to “deliver you” the highest form of change and good… You have to be able to receive it. ALIGNED with it.

Otherwise, the forces will mainly work to break down what’s in the way. So to smoothly and easily receive the most beneficial change at Eclipses (and other times) work to stay in the highest alignment you can!

Focus on positivity, go within and find your own light, meditate, raise your vibration.

And above all use your power of CHOICE to choose light over “dark”, love over fear – in whatever is happening around and inside you. This will allow the highest change to reach you.

I have a few resources to help you with this here: A powerful Twin Flame affirmations audio session that will help you stay “pumped” and positive, the energy sessions that help you cleanse out old baggage and lift your vibration and the channeled quiz “What’s the real vibration of your Twin Flame connection?”

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I really hope you enjoyed this article!

These keys can benefit you for every single Eclipse and truly change things in big ways when used consciously in the years to come.

I can’t wait to hear from you about your positive experiences with these resources and insights!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“Your tools have continued to be a direct link to my healing. Thank you for the love and continued information. Your tools have helped me more than anything I’ve done to heal my karma and pain. Love to you “

– Karen, Arkansas, USA

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