Confusion, Misunderstandings, Exes Returning, The Past Resurfaced? What Mercury Retrograde Means For The Twin Flame Connection… Do You Know The Divine Gift In This Challenge?

You’ve probably heard about the infamous Mercury Retrograde, which in spiritual circles is hotly debated every time it comes around…

Which happens 3-5 times every year!

For Twin Flames there are very specific themes, challenges and “hidden gifts” that show up during Mercury Retrograde (some of which you may have noticed already!)…

So I was guided to create a dedicated article to this focusing on the Twin Flame connection…

Including the most common pitfalls to avoid… And what to do to actually BENEFIT from Mercury Retrograde! 

How To Make The Best Of Mercury Retrograde

This time is famous for misunderstandings, old arguments resurfacing, forgetfulness, delays, cancelled arrangements…

For Twin Flames, it often involves old lovers/exes showing up, often out of the blue and causing complications.

So many struggle during these weeks, as the energy momentum shifts and things start to feel chaotic and unclear…

So I’m glad to share some insights, tips and advice into how to make the best of this time – and tap into the hidden benefits and wisdom this cosmic transit is really TRYING to bring!

Warning: Recalibration Happening!

The first rule of Mercury retrograde is: Don’t panic!

Remember there is a deeper spiritual purpose to what’s going on.

This is actually a time of recalibration in communication, thinking, short term travel, and ideas – both for us as individuals and the human collective fields.

There’s a throat chakra purge and “upgrade” happening (read more about chakras here and get a free “reading” into which chakra you may need work on right now).
twin flame chakras

The Gift Of Second (Or Third, Fourth, Fifth) Chances

Mercury retrograde is actually a GOOD time to re-evaluate, re-think, re-learn, re-lax, re-connect, re-conceptualize, re-hash, re-consider, re-calibrate, double check…

We’re being “given the gift” of a “second chance” in some way.

Especially to make sure we’re sure we’re headed in the direction we truly WANT.

Be kind to yourself during this time. You might have to slow down, but if you stay focused and ready to enjoy what Mercury retrograde has to offer, you can minimize problems.

In spiritual truth, you really CAN live your bliss even during times of challenge, such as Mercury Retrograde.

However, we have to approach things differently than usual. Because the “energy current” is different during these times (retrogrades are a purge/recalibration period)…


What Tends to Happen

Mercury rules the Twins, duality and oppositions.

One of the most noticeable thing about the retrograde is that everything is stirred up. Things tend to feel confusing and unclear.

 Our perspective tends to get clouded — and so does everyone else’s. In general, communication, travel and agreements/arrangements don’t run smoothly.

In relationships, we’re pushed to see things differently and to reconsider the past.

Thinking Differently

It’s helpful if you can resolve to shift your approach for the few weeks it lasts each time. Remember it’s as if everything is cloudy or stirred up energetically in the collective.

This is why things tend to go “wrong” and miscommunications/breakups happen.

If you can get your INNER state aligned and harmonious, the outside will flow.

(In the Complete Harmony Healing For Twin Flames, I take you through this work so you can actually use this time to DEEPEN your connection into love.)

Complete harmony Healing Tool

cassady cayne review

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Don’t Assume Anything

Try to remember that whatever happens during Mercury Retrograde tends to relate to inner patterns being shown to you, or the past coming back for resolution…

Deal with them now, and you clear your path up for the long run.

Spirit says, because during this period we’re going “back over our tracks”, tidying up the recent past.

Changing Minds…

Know that, because of this process, not everyone will be thinking straight.

If people make decisions during Mercury Retrograde, they often reverse their decisions once the retrograde period is over.

So be a little extra careful before making major decisions. Check the details twice in any arrangements. Things often turn out to look different or we feel different, after the retrograde is over.

So it’s not a time for new forward motion, for the most part.

But going within and clearing negativity is set to be immensely helpful.

What Does It Mean If Your Ex Shows Up During Mercury Retrograde?

A common occurrence during Mercury retrograde is to run into someone from your past.

Or someone who’s a “stand in” for them — who has some similar qualities or dynamic with you, or that reminds you of a person from your past.

If this happens, what does it mean?

In essence, it’s a message from the universe!

As an example, you might run into someone you’ve really missed, only to find they’re not nearly as appealing as you remembered.

Having an Ex or Someone from Your Past Re-Appear in Your Life Can Be Either:

1) A nudge from the universe to tie up loose ends and cut cords with them/that part of your life

2) To show you that you deserve better

3) Show you how far you’ve come, to build confidence

4) To remind you to make an effort, to really align with and live your highest potential instead of repeating old lower cycles

5) To show you that you shouldn’t have given up on someone or something that was truly guided… And now the Universe is bringing them/it back so you can reconsider and receive.

Stay aware of this, and you’ll “see the messages” where you may have had irritation or frustration during past Mercury retrograde seasons…

 (And to resolve any recurring negative dynamics in love, go here)


Unresolved Issues

Similarly, unresolved arguments that have been buried in the background can resurface  during this time.

This is to help you get resolution.

It might not be fun, but once you’ve dealt with the issue you can move on. And it can improve your relationship and your life.

Similarly, many experience their Twin “returning” in some way during this time, especially if you had given up on them. This is the universe asking you to “reconsider”.

At the very least, Mercury retrograde is a great time to get clear on your situation. To take a time out and make sure you align with your highest path moving forward. Including with your Twin Flame.


Communication, practicalities and short distance travel tends to get tricky.

Classic issues are tech problems, contract mistakes, schedules or bookings gone wrong, misunderstandings, “missed connections”, confusion. Exes returning.

Remember to stay calm and double check the details – don’t only rely on analysis and the mind but use your intuition too.

Because things tend to be so chaotic and “staticky” during the retrograde, use the Free Energy Cleanse here

This helps you avoid getting stuck in the static that the collective is experiencing at this time. It will help you flow through this period with more ease, and be OPEN to attracting a Twin Flame Return!



— DON’T get scared into thinking bad things will necessarily happen during this time.

— DON’T get drawn into stress and collective static.

— DON’T let your thoughts run riot with you — know that you are the boss, not them.

— DON’T get caught in unproven ideas and theories online that drag you into negative prophecies.

— DON’T project negativity onto your Twin/the future — things are not quite as they seem right now.

— DON’T get pulled into old modes of thinking/speaking — something from the past may be returning so that you can release it, not have it be a permanent fixture in your life.

(For help to use this time to shift into a higher state for the long run — and avoid any communication issues/conflict with your Twin Flame, use the Complete Harmony Healing Session here)


— DO use this as a time of reevaluation, review, relaxation, restoration, reflection, return, reconcile, refresh, rejuvenate, replenish and more.

— DO focus on positivity: Is a “Runner” Twin more likely to return at this time? Yes, in essence — especially if you clear any chakra blocks that caused the cycles to begin with.

— DO keep a cool head and know there’s a lot of confusion or “static” around so all is not as it seems at this time, so be mindful when making decisions and communicating

— DO tap into your intuition to avoid getting stuck in confusion and the collective stress

— DO clear your throat chakra and get conscious around how you “create” with your words

— DO stay aware of what communication you’re taking in that’s shaping your worldview and manifestation

— DO pay attention to your dreams, as unconscious material and old blocks are likely being shown up so you can release them and move on in a higher alignment.

— DO know that karmic patterns may be turning up for a final “showdown” so you get to:
1) see that they’re still there
2) release them for good. (To do so, go here)

— DO stay open to releasing old ways of looking at your Twin Flame connection and forgive disagreements, in order to open to a more positive future path.

Claiming Your Highest Path

I really hope you found this article helpful!

Remember again, you truly CAN live our most blissful life even during challenging times like this.

The first step is, accept that it’s possible. Claim it.

Get into the inner state that’s a match to it. And it will begin to show up more and more.

Get my step by step help with this process here.

At this point I’ve helped thousands of Twins harmonize their connection, and I would love to help you shift into an even deeper state of love with YOUR counterpart!

The beauty of this work is, quantum energy healing and karmic work is effective even if your Twin is “running” in the 3D or not physically present for some reason.

When we shift things on the higher planes, they carry powerful effects in the physical. (Just have a look at these Twins’ incredible experiences)

twin flame story

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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