Has Your Soul Been Using Trouble To Wake You Up To Your Light? The Divine Purpose Of The Twin Flame Journey – Reminder For The 11th Hour…

Today’s article is meant to guide you back to the truth. What lies beyond the mental world of human preconceptions.

Away from the “stories” and human beliefs about men, women, love, relationships…

And into the eternal spiritual leylines of the Twin Flame connection. The eternal path…

5 Keys: What The Twin Flame Journey Is Really About

#1) A Journey of Love

In spiritual truth Twin Flame pairs are here not only to experience love, but to assist the planet. Because Unconditional Love is what has been missing on earth.

Love and unity is what will bring balance back and rectify the negativity in our societies.

Spirit’s message is: Love is the power that helps us evolve and grow.

Apply the perspective of Love when looking at yourself, your Twin and the world. It heals and uplifts. This is why you’re here — for Love. You volunteered for this. Both of you.

As an energy, Love is an unequaled power — expansive, healing, inclusive. Love literally heals energy — it unifies and seals over wounds and hurt (which are edgy, broken up energies).

(Take the quiz here to find out what vibration you’re in – whether you’re aligned with and open to the love and reunion you desire)

Omega Vibrational Scale

So if it’s about love, why can the journey be so hard?

It’s because your soul is rattling loose what is NOT love – the human programming, the collective energies and patterns of opposition, jealousy, fear, anger, blame and all the rest of it.

Ascension is designed to rattle loose those blocks so that you may once again access your innate wisdom and come together in union the way you are meant to. Back to love.

You will know in your whole being when you’re aligned with your truth, with the truth of the journey. It’s when you’re in a state of love. And bit by bit, your outside experiences will begin to align with love too.

I was guided to create the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames to assist the collective in a smooth return to love, to Unity.

Use the Free Energy Cleanse Guided meditation for two weeks and notice the difference – the heaviness and frustration will be cleared away and you’ll be infused with a new light more and more.

(To read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with the free tools, have a look here)


#2) A Journey of Learning

For your soul and your Twin’s, this a journey of learning both individually and together. Learning about cause and effect, about karmic responsibility, about creation and your role as a co-creator of your reality, about the power of love over fear, about the truth of unity over separation…

Your soul is always working to show you this: That everything you experience is mirroring to you what is going on inside you.

So you might be asking: If you’ve been doing your inner work, healing your system, cleansing out old negativity and are wondering whether it’s making any difference – absolutely! Yes!

It might not have shown up tangibly yet but things are changing.

First behind the scenes, then it begins to express itself more and more in your outer circumstances. Don’t lose hope.

Spirit wants us to know your effort is so greatly appreciated! And as you progress on your journey of expanding, exploring, and learning both within yourself and with your divine complement, you are also assisting all of humanity’s search for higher evolution.

You are also assisting higher vibration energies in reaching the earth planes and helping to uplift society around you. Your bliss is what the universe wants most of all! You being well and healthy and joyous has enormous repercussions on those around you.

To begin aligning with positivity on all levels, lifting your system into a higher dimensional alignment… paving out a new and higher timeline to reunite you sooner – click here.

The Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening is the most loved session I’ve created, with so much amazing feedback on “real world” changes happening literally overnight in people’s connection.

twin flame awakening

“After I did it, he messaged me! BAM! Just like that – got the meditation, did it, and there he was.” – Indi, New York

“Thank you Cassady! It was AMAZING and HUGE. Back home, on track in 9! And we spoke finally again!” – Daisy (via instagram)

“I did the energy clearing and afterwards I felt telepathy after a long time. And after this session I had a dream of us together hand in hand calmly talking.” – Natasha, Serbia

“The absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away.  I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

Click here to learn more and download

#3) A Journey of Self Mastery

I had a brutal wakeup call not so long ago. A clear message from spirit that the exact things I’d been asking for help to get over – some problems that felt big to me – were my own creation.

They showed me that I’d been running old negativity on autopilot in the background. While I was busy doing affirmations and thinking positively in daily life, my subconscious mind was full of childhood programming of being afraid of negative reactions, afraid of things going wrong…

And I know this is the case for so many. See, what trips so many Twin Flames up is the difference between what we desire and what we’re actually creating and attracting.

The simple truth is, it’s not about what you SAY you want, it’s about what your SYSTEM is SIGNALLING!

And I had to learn this the hard way. But once I got the grip of it, things began to change – not just on the inside as to how I felt but in what I tangibly attracted into my life.

Everyone has an energy field, which has a dominant frequency. Spirit refers to it as a “soup”, for amusement’s sake (amusement lifts our vibration).

You might have two parts hope for the future… but four parts fear of bad things happening. Then three parts love… but two parts skepticism and believing that men/women always betray you. Five parts shame about yourself and your body… and two parts loving yourself but only when you’ve been to the gym or have done your makeup… Plus about a gazillion other energies/patterns/beliefs/emotions.

Together all of this stuff make a kind of energetic “soup”, which has a dominant frequency. That’s your vibration. And it’s constantly being sent into the universe like an unspoken message.

So remember it’s not about what you SAY we want, but about those secret messages your energy is constantly sending out.

You are an energetic being who can create anything you desire. This also goes for your love situation, for your connection with your Twin. So many Twins have not embraced this fact yet – and their souls are waiting for it to happen.

Sometimes it happens through negativity showing up, in an effort to push the person to take charge. To begin consciously working on being a co-creator.

So could your soul be showing up trouble in an effort to get you to take charge?

Begin responding and you’ll notice the momentum shifting in your favor. If you don’t feel open just yet, give it a try first of all – experiment with being open to it, and see it unfold.

Try something simple like manifesting finding a coin on the street this week, hearing your Twin Flame’s name somewhere or seeing a pink feather. To prove to yourself that you can do it. Because you really can!

(And make sure you report back in the comments)

So look at your current situation. What have you manifested? Perhaps without intending to? Our lives are always a reflection of the energy you’ve been holding and what you’ve been focusing on inside.

(And spirit is flagging up here, that if you’re a sensitive person – a so-called empath – your system could have had OTHER people’s gunk in it messing up your alignment. So make sure you stay conscious, shield yourself and keep your energy clear).

If you want happiness with your Twin Flame, you’ve got to be a match to it. In every moment you have the chance to change things around. To uplift.

To begin inviting in what you truly desire. Your happiness. Your bliss.

To get started on uplifting and shielding not only your own energy system but your Twin’s (in alignment with their Free Will), have a look at the Complete Harmony Healing here.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

#4) A Journey of Letting Go

The Twin Flame journey is in many ways a journey of letting go… of who we were told we were. Away from what we were told the world and relationships and love were all about.

In Ascension, we are asked to release all the “stories”. Limiting ideas of identity, ability and what the world and others would offer us (or withhold).

We’re being pushed to release old attachments, perceptions and expectations – including within the Twin Flame relationship so that we can see clearly how “perfect” the relationship is and can be, and move on from a new place of joy and positive expectation.

Your soul is waiting for you to start seeing beyond the illusions. The human “stories” about men/women/relationships/love/what is “possible” vs “impossible”.

This is why the first complete session I was guided to create for the Twin Flame journey is all about clearing the BELIEF blocks that hold so many Twins in separation and struggle.

The “love hurts”, the “DM always runs”, the “true love never lasts” and about a gazillion other human perceptions… That are blocks to allowing the true divine love to shine forth.

Human ego and the so-called 3D matrix is full of STORIES and judgments about what things are supposedly like! But the truth is, we are infinite.

To cleanse these blocks, limiting belief systems and programming out of your system once and for all, click here. In the session I also go through a Q&A troubleshooting for some of the most common questions on the Twin Flame journey.


#5) A Journey of Shifting Into Worthiness – Unity

The spiritual truth is that you are the universe expressing itself in human form. You ARE divine. But most likely in life you’ve got entrenched – like nearly all of us – in unworthiness on some level.

The Twin Flame journey pushes us to realign with worthiness. To recognize and dwell in our own divinity – not from an ego place of forcing it, but from a quiet, calm inner knowing.

The Twin Flame journey can be tough when it comes to facing old self perceptions of negativity, “not enough” … if you feel like you’re suddenly seeing all flaws and no good, remember that this is the past coming up for resolution.

Spirit shows us clearly that these feelings are based in illusions. The reason we don’t feel good enough is only because we’ve been taught to compare ourselves to another, or are being compared to another. It’s in our culture, and the pattern can be very destructive.

Spirit taught me a method for moving out of “not enough” syndrome and opening up to more flow and love: Any time you look in the mirror or think of yourself, focus on your inner radiance as a soul.

Look past your physical being to the soul of light that you are.

You as the true you, are the perfect match to your Twin Flame.

When you align with your deeper self and begin to accept and love yourself, you become a magnet to your Twin Flame, from a place of harmony.

You reunite with yourself above all – opening the doors to unity and love with your “other self”. This is the key. Love for yourself, love for the other. Wholeness within, wholeness without.

In The Twin Flame Oneness Activation your Twin’s higher self and I take you through clearing out separation programming, healing collective human conflict karma to open up your path to unity and more. 

This will dramatically shift both your inner world and your Twin Flame connection – it’s my own favorite session as it powerfully uplifts both Twins out of the old collective human “man vs woman” karmic patterns that so many Twins are living the results of…

You will love connecting with your Twin’s eternal higher self presence and receiving personal insights, positive support and help from them in a beautiful union ceremony on the etheric realms.


Click here to learn more and download.

I hope you found this article informative and inspiring! Thank you for being here on the blog.

I so much appreciate your questions, your comments, your insights, your feedback. I keep doing my best to bring you what is to your highest good.

I believe in you – and I know, you are here for a reason. Thank you for choosing this “mission” of love.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass, USA

twin flame program

DID YOU KNOW… that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in karma and negative energy blocks? Click here for my step-by-step energy healing and awareness program, a guided roadmap to Twin Flame Union. (And have a look at what other Twins’ have experienced with the resources)

Or, get the Free Help Kit which offers excerpts from the full program!

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  1. Is it okay to use other tools like the higher heart and inner child meditations while in the middle of the love blueprint course?

  2. Hi Cassady,
    I wanted to say thank you for this amazing erfectly timed post! I recently have been hitting a few bumps, and wondered what I’d done to attract this energy, I now realize it is my souls way of trying to help me to clear old baggage and create new blue prints and patterns based in positivity. I love all of your posts, appreciate your work so much, and am currently on module 3 of your love blue print. It’s so uplifting, inspiring, and helpful. Thank you so very much. Sending you love, light, and happiness. ? Alanna

  3. You know Cassidy you’ve really opened my eyes to a lot of my flaws, ones that I really didn’t see that I had. For instance you say “Be your authentic self” and I think of course I am… but it just dawned on me this week that I’m not. I tend to play it cool when I see him after being apart for awhile, as though my ego doesn’t want him to see how much I missed him. But on the other hand I’m excited when he shows that he missed me. So why wouldn’t I want to make him feel good too?
    I’m getting better at slowing down and rereading your blogs because everything you say is so important to our learning and creating a better life. Thank you.

  4. Hello everyone and a special hello to Cassady. I really want to share the shifts that I have experienced using Cassadys tools. My twin and I were in a very painful separation after being together for 4 years and it was very scary, losing the relationship all of a sudden. Don’t want to stress too much upon the negatives but the past year was very, very, very tough. My guides led me to this site and after using the tools, I started experienceing shifts and our communication improved. From being blocked by him when he had moved to another town, bearing his negativity towards me to the point where we started talking again and reconnected and he has finally moved back too and some normalcy has returned to our lives! It’s not been easy and we still have a long way to go but I just want to share the shifts which of course are a result of the the intense energy work I have been doing. Just want to extend hope to all those who are in separation and if you listen to spirit, your twin and you will definitely be able to work through everything. Wish for prayers from you lovely people and sending out my best wishes and prayers to all twin flames. May our journey always have light and love <3

  5. Hi Michael,

    Always listen to your intuition, but my recommendation would be to focus on the program only while it lasts as it’s designed to give you a full clearing transformation.

    As well as the sessions and workbooks, there are some music only meditation audios, affirmations and a creative visualization session included with the program. Have a look at those – you can use them as much as you want as a part of the process!

    Sending you love and light <3 x

  6. I just noticed your reply today, it shows you wrote it 21 days ago ? anyway glad things are better for you. I wanted to say though, it’s funny that it was from you… a while back you had written about going to the gym with your Twin Flame and that tugged at my heart, (that’s where I met my Twin) so I silently sent you love and blessings and now here it’s you replying to my comment. Small world ?
    Still sending you love and blessings ?

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