What Really Happens At The Solstice, 11/11 And Other Gateways? Discover How To Use Timing And Energy To Awaken Soul Gifts And Higher Union Timelines…

You’ve probably seen that there is a lot of talk about gateways, such as the solstices, 11/11, in the spiritual and Twin Flame community online.

So today I’ve been guided to cover this in more detail!

People get excited about 8/8, 11/11, the solstices, equinoxes and other significant dates…

But it can be tricky to get clear info and explanations on exactly what is happening…

– Why are these times so special?

– Why should you pay attention to them?

– What exactly happens during gateways? 

– What is the benefit?

3 Keys To Gateways

There are a few key things that happen, and note that it happens not just on the exact date but 3-5 days around the date itself:

#1) The Invisible Energy Realms Shift –

This universe is made up of energy, and this is a scientifically proven fact.

Everything, including us, is not solid. It is actually tiny sub-atomic particles, micro substances, vibrating in a particular form. Creating the outer impression of being solid…

(More on this here)

Now, during gateways these particles start to shift how they are vibrating. There is a frequency shift. Things are stirred up in a different way.

To illustrate, think of this:

If you watched a sit com, you would FEEL different in your body than if you just watched a documentary on a terrible disease and how it affected people and made them suffer.

Do you FEEL that difference? That’s the kind of shift in vibration that happens.

When we have a gateway, there is a shift into a HIGHER vibration coming in.

More lightness, which you can feel as an elation or excitement “beyond” your body or physical situation.

However, there are challenges to that, as well as benefits…

#2) Purging Happens –

Because of this cosmic shift in vibration, what often happens is that it stirs up the heaviness, sadness and old stuckness and “density” in our beings. It brings it to the surface so we can release it.

This reaction depends on how much heaviness and limitation (negative beliefs, past hurts and more) you have in your system.

So in short, the more heaviness, negativity and stuckness is in YOU…

The more you will tend to experience purging before and during these times.

#3) New Light Codes Come In

If you work to clear the density that has been trying to surface in your system, you are able to receive the NEW higher vibrational “light” coming in during the gateway.

(“Light” is pure high vibrational energy, aligned with love, peace, inspiration, illumination and more…)

Think of it like, if your closet was full of OLD clothes you had outgrown, you wouldn’t have room for any NEW clothes!

So during gateways you are pushed to not only receive the NEW higher potential but to clear out what is NOT needed or benefitting you anymore.

In short, if you’re full up of “baggage”, you don’t have the space to receive the new light codes, benefits and shifts… And therefore it will tend to create purging without much obvious benefit to you. 

(For help, go here)

Accelerating Your Union Timelines

If you use these times consciously and do your inner work, you WILL be able to make major positive shifts happen.

This includes:

– Activating more of your soul gifts such as manifestation, bringing your third eye chakra online, amplifying telepathy between you and your Twin, activating kundalini…
– Lifting into a state of more well-being
-Anchoring in more love into your Twin Flame connection
– Bringing online new higher timelines
– Accelerating Twin Flame union
and more…!

(That means, yes, you’ll be able to bring union to you faster, as you cleanse out anything causing repeated delays and slow “lesson learning” in the 3D physical!)

HOWEVER, the HUGE point so many miss out on, is that it requires your conscious awareness and participation to really “work”. 

Spiritual Stepping Stones

Unfortunately, so many people miss out on the true potential of gateways because they aren’t aware of this process…

So they may feel a TEMPORARY lift or excitement, and then things “go back to normal” as before, a few days later.

This means they’re not using the full POTENTIAL of the gateways.

If nothing changes dramatically for the better during or after gateways for you, it means you’re missing a CRUCIAL step.

When used wisely to their full power, gateways can be massive stepping stones into a higher state, completely shifting your inner state, your life, your timelines and your Twin Flame connection into a higher state of love!

This is why it’s such a powerful time!


How To Make The Most Of Gateways

So how do you do it? How DO you make the most of these times?

#1) Stay In Conscious Awareness-

If old negativity shows up, know that it’s happening SO THAT you can release it and shift higher. It’s a “gift” from the universe to help you move into a “higher destiny”…

But it can only happen with your willingness and cooperation – which is why staying conscious is so important.

#2) Clear the blocks and old density being brought to the surface –

This is absolutely key! If we just hope it will go away, it tends to settle back in again and we will continue to reap the same kinds of results as in the past.

The shift can’t happen unless we consciously clear and release!

(For help with this process, go here and ask yourself what you feel the most drawn to. That’s your intuition, your system guiding you to what will benefit you the most at this time).

#3) Honour your soul’s truth –

Know that you are such a powerful being deep down, and you truly are capable of having soul love with your Twin Flame in the physical, otherwise you wouldn’t have chose to come here! Anchor into this knowing, because otherwise, it’s very hard to call it in.

If you don’t BELIEVE it’s possible, you are unfortunately deflecting it, due to inner blocks, fears and negative beliefs that you absorbed – most likely in childhood.

#4) Go within to RECEIVE the new light and shifts available

If you are busy in the outer world, with “noise” or focusing on the CURRENT negatives or past hurts, you’re unfortunately making yourself unavailable to the new shifts.

You have to be open! (And have “room” in your system)

For help with this process, I was asked to channel this Star Activation Ceremony, so as many Twins as possible can begin to work consciously with the immense power of gateway times. 

Especially as the planetary energies are in a state of breaking open into potential NEW higher chapters in recent and coming years (you’ll see this from the chaotic state society is in, and it has been scientifically shown that the planet’s own frequency is shifting)

“I was very heavy for weeks and felt drawn to the Star Activation. I decide to jump in and now I feel SO different afterwards. I feel 100 times lighter now. I really felt my twin there as we did the clearing on both of us, and I got a text from him as soon as it ended!!!!! The same night, I dreamed that we were together and I feel this huge shift has happened between us. Thank you so much!!! It’s really making a big diffeence ”

– Helle, Copenhagen, Denmark

Click here to read more and download

If 11/11 Worked Miracles, The World Would Be A Happy Place?

You may have read here on the blog before that if 11/11, 8/8, the solstices, eclipses and other gateways worked miracles to help us without us making any CONSCIOUS effort…

The whole WORLD would be happy, successful and in a state of love and light…And that’s CLEARLY not the case, unfortunately!

So in order to gain the true benefits, we have to work consciously with the potential of these powerful times. 

Checking In With Your Soul…

How do you know if you could benefit from working consciously with this energy, and tapping into more of your higher potential?

How do you know if you are fully tapping into your soul’s power on your journey – to anchor in unity and love?

Ask yourself this, to check in about how MUCH of your soul’s power you are using:

– When you set a goal, does it come to tangible fruition easily?

– Are you experiencing the love and harmony you and your Twin share as SOULS, in your physical lives?

– Are you doing what you love in life, and are you being abundantly rewarded for it?

– Do you feel energized, well and full of passion for life? 

– Do you easily receive inspiration, guidance and ideas for the next steps/your ideal?

If the answers are mainly “no”, it’s a CLEAR sign that there are 3D human lower grids, programming and other “baggage” that is keeping your soul’s light from fully expressing in your life and Twin Flame connection…

And gateways are a key time to shift out of that!

For more help with this process, have a look here as I take you through it in a guided, immersive energy journey of unity, star activations and powerful shifts. 

Taking The Right Steps

I really hope you enjoyed this article and that you have more clarity on how to make your forward path better now! Because it truly is possible.

You are NEVER powerless on this journey.

You just have to know the right steps to take, and begin taking action on them!

Cassady x

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