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Have You Experienced This? Ancient Lunar Power, Divine Feminine Shifts: 7 Keys To Harnessing The Full Moon Energies for Twin Flames! Plus, The Top Mistakes To Avoid…

Every 28 days we have a Full Moon affecting the collective energies and our emotions. For those of us who are in spiritual awakening – and particularly Twin Flames – it’s an immensely powerful time, which we often forget to take advantage of!

In fact, for many people, the Full Moon just drags up deeper emotions but they don’t understand what the PURPOSE of this is. Therefore, they miss out on the potential positive impact.

The truth is, the Full Moon’s power can help heal, uplift and accelerate your Twin Flame journey to Union! However, there are common mistakes and pitfalls to keep in mind as well.

So, let’s unravel this and show how you can begin to benefit, every single month!

Ancient Humans Knew This…

Since the dawn of time, humans have noted the power of the Lunar cycles, and they have been celebrated in every single culture and area of the world.

As you may know, the Moon’s magnetic gravitational field affects us noticeably here on earth, pulling the oceans into high and low tide

(How crazy is that, by the way?! It’s pretty amazing when you think about it!)

Now, we human beings, are made up of about 70% water. Therefore, I’m sure you can see just ONE tangible way that the Moon cycles affect us!

Aside from this, there is the fact that females have a cycle that on average is the exact same length as a lunar cycle – which is how the Moon has become associated with the Feminine and vice versa.

These are just a few of the reasons why humanity has journeyed so closely with the Moon and sought its wisdom for millennia.

Watching The Night Sky

I think we can all agree that it’s fascinating and inspiring to watch the Moon in the sky in its various stages of illumination.

But many Twin Flames miss the true transformational POWER of the lunar cycles. So I was guided to create some articles on this!

First, we deal with the Full Moon. The time when the Moon is most lit up by the Sun, when the Earth is not blocking the light.

This is the peak of illumination.

Reaping Results – Illlumination

The Full Moon is, in short, a time of reaping the tangible results of our intentions and creations, and a time of illumination.

It is also a time of culmination, reaping and release.

Think of it as the Moon shining a spotlight on your emotions and results of your creation (conscious and unconscious) during this time. This is why it often feels as if your emotions, excitement and fears are magnified in this state.

It’s to show up what needs to be released, for you to live your highest. Or, if you are in a positive state, it boosts your excitement and amplifies your positivity.

So, as Twin Flames, it’s a key time to pay attention to any heaviness that shows up – for one, blocks are MUCH easier to recognize and clear during these times!

And, it’s a time to use the power of this illumination to move forward with your positivity, if you’re able to hold that vibration.

Benefits of The Full Moon’s Energies For Twin Flames

1. Illumination and Clarity

The full moon illuminates what has been hidden, bringing clarity to unresolved issues and hidden emotions. For Twin Flames, this can mean gaining insights into the dynamics of your connection and understanding the deeper layers of your relationship.

2. Release and Letting Go

Full moons are a time for releasing what no longer serves you. This is an ideal period to let go of old baggage, negative attachments, and limiting beliefs that may be hindering your Twin Flame journey. By consciously releasing these energies, you create space for new, positive experiences to enter.

3. Emotional Healing

The heightened emotions during a full moon can be challenging, but they also offer an opportunity for deep emotional healing. Embracing these emotions and allowing yourself to process them can lead to profound healing and growth in your Twin Flame connection.

4. Deeper Release Through Energy Work

It’s not usually effective to just mentally intend to release heaviness, negativity, or blocks because they are rooted on an unconscious energy level. The deeper parts of you could be holding onto things, even though your conscious mind wants to clear it.

Our unconscious often holds onto fear and other negativity because it thinks it will protect us and keep us safe, even if it blocks our desires. This is why energy work is so effective; it goes in beyond the conscious mind and into that deeper level to shift and dissolve negativity.

Pitfalls and Myths To Avoid

1. Misinterpreting Emotional Intensity

One common pitfall is misinterpreting the emotional intensity of the full moon as a negative sign. It’s essential to understand that these heightened emotions are a natural part of the full moon cycle and are meant to help you release and heal.

Rather than trying to avoid or repress any negativity that shows up, you are meant to look at it, understand it and release/clear what is not serving you. This can also deal with people, a job situation, an emotional pattern or other things that have outworn their purpose in your life.

In short, the things that have to leave in order for you to live into your divine purpose and bliss – including Twin Flame Union.

If you try to run away from the emotions coming up around the Full Moon (often it happens a few days to a week before, building toward the lunar peak) – you will never make the progress the Moon is “trying” to help you with.

2. Expecting Quick/Easy Results

Another myth is expecting immediate results from full moon rituals. While full moon energies are powerful, they often work in subtle and gradual ways. Trust the process and be patient as the energies integrate and manifest over time.

It’s also essential to be fully grounded and present in this work, as we often try to “mentally release” by setting the intention “I’m releasing XYZ” but not fully anchoring into this intention deeply and with the unconscious mind and body on board. 

What happens when we try to rush this process of releasing and letting go, is that we get into “spiritual bypassing” where the issue either doesn’t go away or simply returns later on.

If so, it’s because we didn’t take the time to go deep enough to identify WHY the fear, worry or hurt was in us to begin with, or what the real issue was… And we likely didn’t make the deeper parts of ourselves feel SAFE enough to let go of it. 

How is this relevant? Many times, we are holding onto negativty because deep down we think it will protect us. This is why releasing blocks and fears is not usually as simple as it sounds. (More on that in a bit).

3. Overloading with Rituals

It’s easy to get carried away with too many rituals during the full moon. Focus on a few meaningful practices rather than overloading yourself with numerous rituals.

Quality over quantity will yield better results. As mentioned in the previous point, it’s all about the DEPTH and COMPLETENESS of the release. 

Whatever ritual or method you are working with has to go deep enough and actually work with your unconscious in a way that makes it feel safe to let go. (My best recommendation for this is energy work, using the power of divine light to dissolve old negativity and Twin Flame blocks at the root).

Maximizing The Full Moon’s Healing Power 

To make the most of the Full Moon energies and make sure you fully release any blocks or negativity that is coming up as a Twin Flame, I recommend the Complete Twin Flame Harmony Healing Session.

Complete harmony Healing Tool



I was guided to create this session to help give the Twin Flame pair a deep, restorative cleanse of any old negativity, congestion, old attachments and other things that tend to delay the journey and cause issues.

In the session, we use light to cleanse both your chakra systems of old baggage, fear, congested energy, ancestral programming, and outsider cords/negative attachments.

We also harmonize your systems, paving out a higher timeline to accelerate union.

By cleansing and harmonizing your energy systems, you can fully embrace the transformative power of the full moon, leading to deeper connection and faster progress on your Twin Flame journey.

Will this still have an effect if your Twin is running/has ghosted you or is not involved? YES! Absolutely.

As Twin Flames you share an energy field and any work you do on your end, will positively affect the entire dynamic between the two of you. (Have a look here for tons of examples of Twin Flames’ experiences with this).

Allowing The Full Moon To Support You

I really hope you found this article useful!

Let me know how you get on by using these tips and resources to allow the Full Moon to uplift, heal and progress on your Twin Flame path!

And, for more on the lunar cycles for Twin Flames, take a look also at my article on how to benefit from the New Moon as a Twin Flame!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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