twin-flame-oracle-messageWhat Is Your Twin Flame Feeling? What Is Wanting To Reach You Right Now? What Guidance Can Most Help You On Your Path?

Today I wanted to reach out with something different. A personal message. Something that is meant just for YOU on YOUR journey, wherever you’re at.

I know this year has been challenging for most, and so I really want to help you tap into the guidance wanting to help you.

Everyone has support working to reach them.

As a Twin Flame, you are ALWAYS guided. 

The question is just… Are you able to listen?

So today I’m sharing a guided message that is specially meant for YOU.

To get your message, pick a card on the image below, or choose a number from 1-5. Then look up your message further down!

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Get Your Personal Oracle Message

Pick your card here from 1-5:

Pick your card from 1-5 and check your message below!

#1) SOON!
– Happy News And Developments Coming

“We are delighted to tell you that something wonderful is about to occur! For best results, stay in positivity and be open to how things show up.

Try not to label things in your mind, but allow the blissful feeling of excitement and positivity to carry you forth.

Know that happy news and developments are incoming, and you cannot in truth block this. We are telling you this because it is guaranteed – it is already underway. No need to worry. Enjoy the positivity as it shows up!

Keeping a gratitude list of this and other things will also help you manifest more happy things in future!”

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twin flame oracle cards action

– Step into your power to create change. 

“Dear one, this situation benefits from you claiming your power and taking action! In fact, this may be the missing ingredient, what turns things around or opens the situation for the better!

When you pray, we often bring you suggestions for actions and choices for YOU to make, because YOU are such a powerful agent of change in your life!

Yes, we work to bring help and answers from the “outside”, but often you are your own most direct, fast and powerful solution!

So what action do you feel drawn to take right now? It could be to take a course, to get some errands done, to call someone, to do some energy work, write a business plan, journal about your ideal life… In some way, you already know what we are guiding you towards. And it is part of the answer to your prayers.

When you receive this card we are also eagerly reminding you of how powerful you truly are! Your actions carry major transformative results!

And if you’ve been unsure whether to go for something, to take an opportunity this is us saying a resounding YES!”

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– You Are In The Process Of Ending Old Cycles

“Dear one, you are in a very important process right now. We are working to end an old chapter in your life, phasing out what does not serve you any longer… So we can open up to the new and better!

When someone has friendships, relationships, jobs and life/work situations that have outworn their use… When the karmic lessons have been learned… These contracts become phased out.

Your soul will always be working to get you to the highest state possible. This means that as you pray for positivity and love, as you pray for assistance, what is not serving you begins to be released.

This may seem a bit scary, as what you’ve gotten used to seems to break apart… But in reality, it is to make ROOM for the higher state you have been asking for.

So look at your situation anew, can you see that what’s happening is really making room for what is new and more positive?

If things seem challenging, if you feel like the same kinds of persons or situations are showing up repeatedly – can you see that you are being given the chance to resolve the issues they are bringing up, and move on?

We want you to know that you do not just have to wait for soul contracts to resolve themselves. You can take action and speed up this process. It will help uplift your journey long-term: You can clear the energy and karma that kept the contract in place, so you no longer need to “live the lesson” and learn the slow way.

Energy healing allows you to step into your creator self, to release the lesson from a higher perspective, end unpleasant dynamics and move on.”

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Plus, get a powerful clearing session here where I take you through cutting old cords, clearing negative karma and outworn soul contracts, and re-opening your Twin Flame connection.

– You Are Supported. Together, We’ll Make It”

Dear one, you are never truly alone. Your Twin Flame’s higher self and we are always with you, no matter how it seems on the earth plane.

You are always supported in big ways and small. The biggest issue for most people is they are offline to receiving the support and help and amazing things working to reach them. Like a pipeline where the water cannot flow due to rubble and rust… This can stem from ancestral programming, societal beliefs, past disappointments or other “blocks”.

Therefore we highly recommend you spend a little time daily cleansing your energy and uplifting. This will bring you up into alignment with receiving more tangible support and help and your journey will be smoother.

Always know that we are with you. You may want to ask us right now, to show you a sign of our support and presence, and know it will come. You may want to ask us to guide you in the best way, to a happier place. You may want to invite us to bring more support.

To do this, say hand on heart: “I now invite my guides and angels of the highest light to support and guide me to my bliss. Please bring guidance until I receive and understand. And so it is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” And it is so.

When you say this, it gives us room to intervene, to bring positive shifts – in alignment with the highest, in a way you yourself may not see. Please trust, dear one. Have faith. Try not to be so hard on yourself.

There is so much in this universe you do not see from your human standpoint. Nothing is ever really lost. Love does not truly end between Twin Flames. Allow us and their higher self to bolster you through this time.

A new day will dawn. Love, your guidance team.”

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– Your Counterpart Is Trying To Reach You

“Pay attention to the recurring words, feelings, images that have been coming to you! Your counterpart is communicating with you, trying to reach you.

To make sure you’re receiving their communication, go within and take some quiet time to calm your analytical mind.

When your mind is busy or you’re congested energetically, your “phone line” with your Twin Flame can be “occupied” and block them from reaching you. Do make a note of what dreams you’ve had when you wake in the morning. Your Twin Flame will often seek to communicate with you through dreams.

Another way to get insights is to ask for a song, or pay attention to what songs you’ve been hearing repeatedly (especially in your mind). So, what is the first song that comes to mind right now?

Another indication for this card is, you have been wondering if your Twin Flame is receiving your messages. The answer is yes! Their higher self is always listening and aware of you.

Their human self is also receiving indications of your messages, either through feelings, images, dreams, songs or repeating words in their mind.”

Want more? Get further oracle messages for free with the Twin Flame Oracle Card app:

(Plus, learn more about Twin Flame Telepathy in this article. And, to open your channels to begin connecting telepathically even if you’ve never been able to before have a look here at class 2, 4 and 6)

Getting Instant Divine Guidance On Your Journey

The above messages are all from the Twin Flames 11:11 Oracle Card app, which is available on Free trial in the apple app and google play store now.

I was guided to create this oracle resource for Twin Flames, to bring divine guidance to as many as possible, in a format that’s compatible with your everyday life!
And that helps YOU connect with your unique guidance and intuition instead of becoming addicted to outsiders.

(Yes, I’ve been there! At the start of my journey I ended up with major credit card debt as a result of psychic readings, expensive yet ineffective healing sessions … and really honestly becoming addicted to asking everyone ELSE for help instead of tapping into my own knowing and asking my higher guidance.)

Join The Twin Flame Tribe Of Love And Light

Stay in touch with guidance wherever you go…

With this deck specifically created for the Twin Flame path, you can get instant, accurate answers to any question or concern you have!

The Twin Flames 11:11 Oracle Card app now comes with 82 cards specific to the Twin Flame connection and Ascension path – 5 new cards added.

And, the price has been dropped 50% to make it available to as many Twins as possible.

Because as you may know, for every Twin pair that unites in harmony, it uplifts and helps everyone – the Twin Flame collective, and other people around them!

As a subscriber you get access to a full set of 10 spreads and unlimited deep readings into your life path, Twin Flame pair energies, yearly readings, pair journey lessons and gifts, and more…

As a “tribe member” you also get weekly channeled messages, high vibrational tips and Twin Flame affirmations to help you stay on a higher track of love and harmony in your connection!

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A Trusted Friend To Elevate Your Journey Into Love

I would have stunned to have this resource available when my journey began, because it’s like having a trusted friend supporting you every step of the way – and it’s specific for Twin Flames.

 I cannot tell you how many times I would have benefited from it over the years!

Even in recent years, as challenges set in, big questions showed up or major choices had to be made…

Allow your guidance to begin showing up for you more strongly.
Your journey will thank you for it.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey xx


“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the full program and wow! I’ve been doing it consistently and I love the energy clearings and exercises. I feel lighter and my Twin and I are so much closer. Thank you!”  – Jessica N.  California, USA

twin flame program

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