What Does Your Twin Flame’s Soul Want You To Know Right Now? Discover Your Channeled Message Here…

Today I wanted to reach out with something different. A personal message. Something that is meant just for YOU on YOUR journey, wherever you’re at.

I know this year has been challenging for most, and so I really want to help you tap into the guidance wanting to help you.

Everyone has support working to reach them.

As a Twin Flame, you are ALWAYS guided. 

The question is just… Are you able to listen?

So today I’m sharing a guided message that is specially meant for YOU.

To get your message, pick a card on the image below, or choose a number from 1-5. Then look up your message further down!

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Get Your Personal Oracle Message

Pick your card here from 1-5:

Pick your card from 1-5 and check your message below!

“Your counterpart trying to reach you”

“Your counterpart wants to reach out and tell you how they feel! They may be too shy to tell you in person, due to fear of rejection.

Go within and “listen” in silence so they can be heard. Pay attention to signs and symbols you’re seeing, including the number code 222/2222, which is often used as “I love you” from one Twin Flame to the other.

Be open to the messages your counterpart is trying to show you. Pay attention to your dreams when you wake in the morning, listen out for songs you may repeatedly hear, and keep an eye on number sequences that show up.

Know that a Twin Flame never truly stops loving their counterpart, no matter how it may seem on the surface.”

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“Start anew to open to love”

“There have been holdbacks and complications for you because there are still attachments/cords to old connections in your system or your counterpart’s.

Whenever someone interacts in intimacy, whether it is sexual or emotionally intense… Attachments form between the two people. These attachments are like having a telephone line into the other person’s space and them to you. It keeps your energies connected.

For the Twin Flame journey to love and reunion, this is problematic because your souls are working to cleanse you in the light of unconditional love – which is the state at which full union occurs. Right now, your soul is working to show up that attachments to exes or other outsiders need to be cut and cleared in order to make way for what you have been asking for. It can also relate to soul contracts.

Many people have entered soul contracts through marriage, engagements, promises to one another. These function very much the same as attachments. The problem with these things is they are not something you can simply “intend” or think your way out of. It requires for you to end the contracts and cut the attachments energetically. This will open you up to the new positive chapter you have been asking for.

Another indication for this card is your Twin Flame may be the one who’s dealing with negative cords and attachments. There may also be fear-based attachments between you and your Twin Soul that are being pushed for resolution. If they were made from less than unconditional love, they must be cleared to lift your vibration too – to open to a higher state of togetherness.”

Use this session to clear residue from outsiders, negative attachments and open to harmony and unity

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“Shifting out of difficulty”

“Right now the energetic momentum is unfortunately working against what you have asked for. Most likely fears are keeping your system in a state of pushing away your desires.

Twin Flame Running and Chasing are an energetic process of static between the counterparts, due to unconscious fears creating a repulsion. Right now you need to change the momentum. To get into a state where you *attract* your desire to you. The first step is to let go of the feeling and intention of trying to control circumstances.

Because when you go after someone or something from a place of longing or need, there is an underlying fear involved. This fear unfortunately means you are sending out to the universe and your counterpart a signal that *pushes love away* from you rather than attracting it. The natural state between you is one of attraction and love, so relax your mind’s fearful “what if” scenarios.

Feel yourself certain in yourself. Stand in your power now. Put your hands on your hips if that feels right. Know, that you have a super power, and it is manifesting your desires. Feel yourself easily attracting your desires right now, call them in with your intentions – it is your power as an infinite soul of light. Feel yourself confident that you are drawing in love, abundance, whatever you may desire.

And know that the universe and others respond energetically to your calling. Now, *allow* it to show up. And to do this, relax and stay in that confident positive expectation over time. To step out of Running/Chasing or other frustrating situations over time, make sure you work to eradicate any fears that has you worrying about *not* receiving your desire.

Resolve the past hurts that keep you in a fearful state worrying about negative *what if* scenarios. Forgive your counterpart too. Change the energetic momentum to attracting love from an inner knowing that they will come to you when you call from this place. When you stand secure in your knowing that you can never lose your “other self”, your love shared is eternal, you attract them on all levels.”

(To change the momentum between you and shift into Twin Flame magnetism, go here)

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“You are never truly apart”

“In spiritual truth you are never apart from your Twin Flame.

A lesson all Twin Flames are being asked to understand in this lifetime, is that separation is an illusion. You are never really apart from your Twin Flame, and they are never truly lost to you.

Although you may seem to be physically “separated” – you are always together in energy, heart and soul.

The belief that Separation is a necessary “Stage” of the Twin Flame journey is based in human Ego consciousness and can do more harm than good. The more someone feeds into the perception that they’re apart from their Twin Flame and longing for them or feeling abandoned, the more they reinforce this state.

Shift your attention to your soul and your emotions. Quiet the mind so you can feel the eternal truth. This will also bring out more and more togetherness in your physical experience. Please take a few minutes right now to close your eyes and reconnect.

Separation is only a physical perception – your souls are always together.”

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– Ancestral karma/energies in focus

“When you receive this card, it means your current situation deals with family lineage, ancestral karma and inherited programming.

Because although you are an infinite soul of light, pure and divine, your physical body was born into a lineage – the end result of thousands of experiences, energies and tendencies. Because of biological heredity, your system carries in it tendencies and energy patterning that’s “compounded” from your ancestors.

This means you may have been born with an energetic/emotional/cellular “memory” or residue of things that are blocking your happiness and joyous Twin Flame
path in the now moment. For example, if there was betrayal in several places of your ancestral “family tree” the emotional impact of this may be stored as a “phantom program” in your own being. Other common issues are the residue from trauma such as spouses losing each other due to war, famine, illness or females dying in childbirth.

You can read more about the science of epigenetics to discover how research can actually trace the impact of prior generations’ trauma in now generations’ DNA. The positive news is, once you realize you may be carrying patterns that work against your desires, you can work to release them and open up to something that serves you better.

Another indication for this card is that your current situation deals with family belief systems and how they are impacting your love life. Remember that your beliefs become “rules of creation” for your lives, people tend to attract what they believe possible. Or, in other words, you attract what you expect. Begin to become aware of the stories, the spoken and unspoken messages that may have been passed onto you by your family, and how they impact you.

Many Twin Flame pairs chose to be born into lineages with challenging karma of unforgiveness, loss and abandonment, in order to assist with healing. Keep in
mind, that often, Twin Flames function as “actors” playing out ancient human karmic divisions and hurts, with a plan of uniting in unconditional love to heal these
and help humanity uplift into a higher state.

So look again at your current situation – how could your family lineage and belief systems be affecting you and your
Twin Flame connection?”

(Clear out negative karmic and ancestral patterning in the Twin Flame Oneness  session. The session also helps you call in Unity on all levels)

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Your journey will thank you for it.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey xx


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