The Alchemy Of Ascension – Insights And Solutions To Mend Secret Collective Feminine/Masculine Conflict Patterns, Disconnections & Open Your Love Potential

Art: A. Andrew Gonzalez

This week I wanted to reach out with some inspiration and spiritual insights for your journey. I know this can be an existentially challenging path, to say the least. We’re effectively becoming more than who we used to be. Waking up to a bigger reality. To our souls.

This is unprecedented, and there’s very little concrete help out there for how to deal with something like Spiritual Awakening and the Twin Flame journey.

So today, I wanted to reach out with what I know to cut through the confusion, uplift our perspectives and help us see in a different way.

Ascension was tough for me to begin with – some of my pillows still have mascara marks on them from all the crying, and sometimes I didn’t even know exactly what I was crying about as the emotions were so strongly from the past.

But as I went along, cleared and uplifted my energy and healed old karmic wounds, things improved more and more and my Twin Flame and I reached Union.

Soon after, I was asked to begin guiding others through Ascension, giving readings and helping others with clearing.

Now nearly 3 years later, I’ve learned so much about Spiritual Love Relationships, the Twin Flame Connection and what helps someone to enjoy this journey rather than experience hardship.

So today, here are 9 insights for you to uplift and harmonize your connection.



This sounds over-simplified but let me explain: Grudges keep energy stuck, it creates blockages. And as I’ve mentioned before – “blame equates to separation”.

Old grudges could be blocking your connection. And often, we project onto our Twin Flame, unconsciously blaming them for hurts we’ve had with others. If you’ve been feeling like things have been stuck or congested in terms of the connection – dreams, telepathy, feelings – this is where to look.

Where are you still holding a grudge against your Twin Flame?

Where is your archetypal female self angry with your Twin Flame’s archetypal
male self? Or if you’re the “Masculine Twin”, how might you have angered your Twin’s
archetypal female self in the past?

Past moments of anger can become blocks to Reunion so think twice – we’re always learning that all intentions have ramifications. Twin Flames are always impacting each other with their energy, intentions and focus. 

I discovered on my path that thinking “I never want to talk to you again” to my Twin in fits of despair, actually became energy blocks between us. Twins impact each other more intensely than most other people, because we’re one and the same.

This is a common problem for Twins whose counterpart has been or is involved with others – feeling the energy of your mirror soul with others can be intensely triggering.

I was asked to create a session dealing with this:  In the Complete Harmony Healing we cleanse out the cords between you and your twin, removing negative blocks and residual anger, sexual energies from encounters with others and other common triggers of Running from your Twin Flame connection.

Go here to discover more

Complete harmony Healing Tool


Make sure you meditate regularly to “check in” with your soul and quiet the mind so you can be open to receiving insight and inspiration from “up above” – whether they come as words, images or direct “downloads” of insights.

Spirit reminds us to work rise up and stay connected in the 5D/soul realms while any difficulty goes on, to stay elevated above the fray that goes on “down on earth”.

Regularly meditate on your Twin’s soul, speak to them, connect. Use the free alpha level meditation here, where I talk you through the whole process. It strengthens your positive bonds, helping you rise above any negativity.

Remember that Unconditional Love is the key to Twin Flame reunion – love no matter what. A strong message we receive from spirit is – blocks come from the human illusion. Love is always true. 

In the hearth of the Twin Flame relationship, you are always free. As souls, when you and your Twin Soul connect as the purity of who you both are, you are both free.

Keep this in mind that we resonate with what we’re in alignment with. “Lesson learning” is tough when we approach it from the 3D world perspective. Living through the pain.

There is another way though – metaphysical energy work can release old karmic cycles of separation, struggle and running faster and more permanently than anything else I’ve seen. Go here to discover more.


Something few people are aware of, is the familial attachments and ancestral patterns involved in sexuality.

Sounds weird, right? Let me explain: Parents and grandparents nearly always cord energetically to their offspring in relation to control of procreation and management of the family’s collective energy field.

This stems from back in time when virginity/marriage dowers quite literally were currency – sex and procreation as value and sex as a source of domination. Based around control of the younger generations.

Control based cords to the Sacral Chakra are highly common in families, and spirit shows us it can even happen between friends where one party is dominant – the desire to control.

Look inside your intuitive space – have you given away your sexual sovereignty? Maybe even before you realized what sex really was?

These low vibrational old energy entanglements literally hold Twins down like an anchor.

Clearing control based attachments and negative cords is a key way to open the Twin Flame connection up to love.

Because in human interactions, romance, sex and love are intrinsically connected – and Twin Flames getting together can create negative reactions in family group energy. Many Twins ask me how to deal with friends and family members trying to get in the way of their relationship – this is an important part of the situation.

We go through clearing karma, negative attachments and other common blocks in this Full Energy Session For Twin Flames.



Anchoring into the crystalline grid of 5D is hugely helpful for Lightworkers and Twin Flames because it removes us from the collective 3D realm of negative static, heaviness, survival patterns and conflict.

For Twin Flames this is a huge help to “uplevel” the journey to Reunion, to move out of conflict and “problem patterns”. It helps make you unavailable to the collective fear energies that can trigger Running and Separation in Twin Flames.

Shifting out of the human 3D polarity reality where separation and conflict are prevalent. To do this, clear your energy – the higher dimensional grids are like radio stations we tune into.

If your dial is set to fear/sadness/heaviness you won’t be able to “click into” the higher dimensional fields.

(Read more about this, and what 5D and 3D really means, here).



When you clear away fear from your space, negative feelings and thoughts slip away.
Your vibration lifts. When you clear the energy around an old painful memory, eventually the memory itself seems to disappear.

Spirit’s wisdom is this – everything on earth is ultimately based in either FEAR or LOVE. Every person, every action, every thought we have is either aligned at its root with FEAR or LOVE.

We always have the choice – but when our systems are full of fear energies, love can be an uphill struggle. And this is why so many Twin Flames experience a rollercoaster of emotions as their systems try to purge the negativity.

Twin Flame Reunion happens up in the energy frequencies of love, so clearing fear is essential to reunion.

In essence, all negativity is based in fear – the low vibrational polarity, which is contractive and stagnant. All positivity is in essence based in love – the high vibrational polarity, which is expansive and unifying. Have a look here at an infographic which explains it.

The Ego always plays a strong game – keeping a lid on all our innermost fears, hurts and insecurities. To protect us, it “thinks” – but over time it just creates deeper problems.

This is why deeper work is needed on the Twin Flame journey – circumventing the ego’s defense mechanisms. Inner child work can be transformative in this.


Another reason to clear out fear from your system is that we resonate with and attract what we’re in alignment with. For empaths this is even more so.

If you walk around with a negative focus – being full of fear – this will only amplify. If you go into a crowd in a great mood, expect to feel even better as you vibe with everyone else’s happy energy.

Taking charge of your energy and focus, will bring powerful results.


For Twin Flames, things are not how they seem on the surface. But once we learn to discern emotion and energy – we can learn the real truth.

For example: Tune into someone who’s “in ego” and boastful, and you’ll find a very insecure person underneath, desperately trying to compensate for this with outer bravado.

Tune into someone with addiction issues, and you’ll see a gaping hole of where they are trying to numb the pain of missing something, feeling unloved. (If this is your Twin, you can help them using the inner child healing)

Tune into compulsive lust and you’ll find an inner sense of emptiness desperately trying to be filled. Tune into the energy of someone’s skepticism, and you’ll find past disappointment. All negativity is rooted in fear.

Begin to look for the light beyond people’s fears and “masks”, and you will find your path opens up, your relationships become more harmonious.

Love is complete, full, expansive, light. Love is free. Energetically pure. Try experimenting with this yourself. You can literally tune into the energy of love with visualization techniques – try my Free Energy Tools here.


Remember there is always an ulterior motivation behind negativity – a deep seated fear. Illusion, hiding from the self.

Twin Flame Love in its essence is truth. Always. Any arguments or humanity’s stories about justifying conflict, on the other hand, are based in low vibration energies.

These are always rooted in “lies” – meaning, they’re not what they claim to be.

Never forget: We are here to love no matter what. For Twin Flames who are in Ascension, it’s highly important to shield ourselves from negativity and the energy of “lies”.

There is no “faking” love on the Twin Flame journey. The mind will try to analyze things to pieces but remember that your compass of truth, the compass back to love – is energy and emotion.



An interesting side note is, fear energies cloud our intuition. Often people tell us to follow our gut feeling.

But know this: the truth is that our “gut feeling” is often not our intuition, because it’s fear based. The deeply ingrained “fight or flight reaction” of the body.

Fear is based in past experience and embedded beliefs – whereas intuition deals with literally tapping into the energy of something and knowing what awaits “down that road”.

True intuition is about reading the energy of situations and people, not about reacting to fear. Do not exclusively listen to your body and your instincts, because they are reacting to the energy of past fear memories.

Learn to tune into your soul’s wisdom – it resides above any past experiences, tapping into your infinite insights.

(We go through clearing fear programming from the solar plexus to open up to love and true intuition in the Higher Heart Transformation session here – we also help your Twin’s system release fear blocks)



By accepting yourself, as you are, you open sacred space and provide yourself a “magical” solution. It shifts and uplifts your energy on all levels. And it works wonders for your Twin connection (read more here about the Twin Flame Mirror)

As your true self, you are perfect for your “mission”, your desires, your Twin Flame. But as long as you keep aiming away from that truth, you’re sending mixed signals and attracting frustrations both on your path and in love.

Self love is essential on the Twin Flame path. And remember: You’re allowed to be perfect and a work in progress at the same time.

A way to make self acceptance and self love easier is: focus on the now moment. The past and the future are mental constructs. Let go of perceptions of “not good enough” and experience your life changing.


Learn to follow your heart, as it always knows your highest good. Clear out others’ influence from your space and get in touch with your intuition.

Let “realism” go, is the cosmic message for Twins in Ascension – you already know that the Twin Flame connection far defies anything most humans experience, and much goes beyond what science is able to explain.

It’s time to let go of beliefs and old experiences that say “it’s impossible”.
Allow your intuition to show you that there is no limit.

Once you rid yourself of limiting beliefs and karmic patterns you’ll be increasingly able to embody love, receive love, attract love, dwell in love and draw out love in your Twin connection – yes, even if your Twin has been in “Ego”/Running… Click here to learn why.

Know that every time we clear out old low vibrational patterns and negative energies, love feels stronger and more resonant.

Every time old conflict is resolved, the flames of Twin love flare up even more beautifully.

Ascension is not a life sentence – the purpose is to release us from limitation so we can live from love, to embody love in the physical.

To live our bliss.

I’m so honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you.

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“Dear Cassady, I can’t put into words how grateful I am to you. Each week your writing clarifies, uplifts and inspires me to continue, and the sessions and Vibrational Alignment Program have made all the difference. I can feel the changes in me and see the changes between my Twin and I. I am learning about unconditional love and becoming more in touch with my soul everyday. Thank you. I would be so lost without you. ?Sending you love and light, “

Rachel, Sydney, Australia

twin flame program
Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union on my own journey – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And you can read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program!

Or download the Free Twin Flame Pack to get info on the Awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

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