Why Online Venting Could be a Major Cause of Your Twin Flame Troubles, and How to Solve it, Plus the Damaging Effects of Analysis Addiction and “Martyrdom Syndrome”…

As you know, I get emails from Twin Flames all over the world on a daily basis – hundreds each week – so I’m fortunate to be able to see common themes among different situations.

It often shocks me how Twin pairs on completely opposite sides of the planet are dealing with the exact same lessons and extremely similar situations. Ultimately, the Twin Flame journey is all about energy.

If your energies are aligned in harmony, your journey will be smooth. If there is Running, Separation and ongoing struggles, it’s due to energetic disruptions. To begin shifting your energy into a harmonious connection and move toward Twin Flame Reunion, download my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames here.


After encountering thousands of Twins, coaching them and learning about their journeys and issues, I can now see from a higher perspective that there are some common pitfalls on the Twin Flame journey – things that trip up a lot of Twins.

You can deal with these things right now in order to move on – and avoid being stuck in separation or running for years the way some Twins unfortunately are…

So today, I’m going to be a bit tough on you for your highest good.

6 MAJOR  PITFALLS TO CUT FROM YOUR TWIN FLAME JOURNEY – To end separation, struggle and heartache


# 1) Dwelling In Limiting Beliefs and Negativity

You only need 5 seconds on Google search or Facebook to find dozens of Twin Flame groups where you can read about others’ gruelling experiences in detail – often the comment sections go for pages and pages, and there are strong emotions involved, mostly on the lower end of the energy spectrum. Anger, resentment, blame, hopelessness and helplessness abound.

Keep in mind that when we accept negativity as truth, we embed this in our energy fields as a pattern that we then create reality from by default.

This means that every time you read about Twin Flame Running and accept it as an inevitable part of the Twin journey, you are accepting this as truth also for you and your Twin.

Many discussion forums are full of “venting”, and this means the energy field in the forum is literally full of toxic energies that people have expelled.

If you keep engaging in negative discussions about the Twin Flame journey, you keep aligning with negativity. Unfortunately, you can’t expect a happy journey if you spend most of your time talking about how awful the Twin Flame connection has been for you.

The reason you feel better after talking to a friend about a problem, is that you’ve unhanded some of the negative energy – unloaded it from yourself… Do you want to be the person taking on some of others’ sadness and pain? If you do, remember to clear your energy regularly, and proceed at your own risk.

Keep an eye on how you communicate with yourself and others on your journey. How you speak, is a strong indicator of what you’re manifesting with your energy. We live in an ever-expanding universe. You really can create a happy journey – shift your energy, and you’ll gradually shift your experience.

#2) Getting Tangled Up With Others’ Energy

Spirit reminds me often that the internet can be toxic, energetically and emotionally. So be careful with how you interact energetically with others.

We might look separate in our human bodies, but our energy fields are free flowing and overlap when we engage with others. Even if they’re on the other side of the planet!

When you spend time on discussion forums sympathizing with other Twins’ plight or discussing with other Twins how awful this journey can be, you are matching your energy to theirs and exchanging energy with them.

When you are getting mentally and emotionally involved with another Twin’s situation and how terrible their experience has been, you are matching your energy to that person, bringing yourself into alignment with that situation and energy and taking on their emotions and lessons.

In Twin Flame Ascension, your soul’s goal is to purify and uplift your energy to be in alignment with Unconditional Love and a soul reunion between you and your Twin. (Watch a video on how it works here)

twin flame video

If you keep engaging with other Twins’ energy and taking on their emotions and lessons, you are only slowing down your journey enormously – you’re congesting your system with more energy you’ll have to release before you can be ready for Union.

I had to learn the hard way that it really is possible to end up in a funk from having taken on someone else’s energy.

When taking clients in the beginning, I often had a meltdown for days afterwards without knowing why – spirit spent a long time working to show me that it was because of others’ energy sticking to my aura and others cording emotionally to me. This is especially the case if someone is “desperate for help”.

If you feel like you’ve already been affected this way, click here and I’ll take you through clearing it – including cutting cords.


#3) Looking to Others For All the Answers

This is another extremely common cause of issues for Twins, and not to be sexist but for females this is often a pattern that is embedded in us from birth. We’re encouraged to rely on others, to look outside of ourselves for help and acceptance, and to constantly seek reassurance for whatever we’re experiencing.

On the Twin Flame Path this can become a big hurdle, because one of the lessons we set for ourselves as souls in life (this is pretty much universal) is to step into our true power. To understand how powerful we really are in terms of creating our reality and manifesting our desires.

As I’ve mentioned before, energy is infinitely malleable – it’s our patterns that keep us locked into moulding it into lack or unhappiness. We could mould it into happiness if that was our dominant pattern.

When we constantly seek information and insight and advice from others on our journey, we are denying our own power and this means our soul will keep presenting us with hardship until we learn the lesson: that we are our own solution.

We can’t fully progress on our journey unless we look within and start to seek our own guidance. Sometimes our souls will even force us away from others as a last attempt to get us to quiet our minds, go within and learn to listen to our intuition. (Yes, this includes Separation from your Twin).

Looking within means you can get in touch with guidance and intuitive insights that can speed up and harmonize your journey to union.

If you keep looking to others for answers, you are missing out on a lot. You are the captain of your own ship, ultimately, and no one knows you better than you! This means you hold your own expert answers, once you learn to listen.

Listening to your intuition is simple when you apply the two steps of meditation or quiet time with clearing out congested energy and others’ attachments.

(If you want to get started on clearing, click here for my introductory session where I explain the methods, take you through it step by step and teach you how to lift your vibration into a higher state on a daily basis).



#4) Getting Dragged Down By “Martyrdom Syndrome”

We human beings have an extremely complicated consciousness, where our conscious awake minds only make up few per cent of the total activity going on in our minds.

The subconscious mind is responsible for over 96% of our thought processes. This means we are never aware of those thoughts. They’re like the underground river we might never notice unless we tune in specifically.

Down there in the undertow there are some pretty strange beliefs and fears, weird connections we have made at some point of life and that we never notice again because they are running on autopilot under the surface. These can become huge blocks on the Twin Flame path.

One example is – a child feels unloved by their parents and doesn’t get enough attention. Except when they get sick. When they’re sick, the parents dote on them and make them feel taken care of and loved. This means the child learns to connect sickness with love. As twisted as it seems from the outside, this is a very common pattern. Women often joke about how men are “extra sick” compared to women – often it’s related to this pattern.

On the Twin Flame path this manifests as an extremely common issue – the Martyrdom Syndrome, the subconscious enjoyment of the attention we get when we experience suffering.

This becomes a pattern of wallowing in pain because we enjoy others’ sympathy and we enjoy feeling taken care of and understood. You’ll notice this often comes up in discussion forums if you read between the lines.

The big problem here is that it keeps these Twin Flame “Martyrs” stuck in negativity. If you desire to reunite with your Twin in happiness, yet have a subconscious counter-intention where you enjoy others’ sympathy, you have an issue on your hands. It means you are sabotaging yourself behind the scenes. 

No judgment, you’ll be surprised how many people operate on this. But for your own good, e mindful of this. Again, it will only keep you stuck in more of that same negativity.

Evaluate your long-term aims – if you truly desire to reach harmony and happiness with your Twin, you need to eradicate subconscious self sabotage like this. Happily, it can be done with energy clearing tools. Once you clear the energy that this pattern is stuck in, it will be released. 


#5) Talking to Everyone Apart From Your Twin

Often when Twins are in separation, they don’t communicate. This seems logical from an outside perspective. However, Twin Flames are always connected as souls. We’re not just
“people” – we’re inextricably connected on the energy planes!

This means that you can always communicate with your Twin’s Soul or Higher Self, no matter what your Twin’s “real life” ego self is up to.

The temptation for Twins in separation is often to discuss and debate our journey with other Twins (such as in debate forums), and attempt to figure out how to solve problems that way. However, you can never truly resolve any issues without dealing with the person you have the issue with. Other people can never fix your relationship for you.

This is one of the reasons my work focuses on empowering Twins, and showing how to get in touch with your OWN guidance and intuition to figure out your issues and clear your blocks. It can be a lot “easier” to do than you might think.

No matter what your outside situation, you can communicate with your Twin Flame on the soul planes. You can get advice and guidance from their Higher Self on what their issues are and how to solve them. You can even have fun with your Twin’s soul from thousands of miles away.

The more you do this through meditation and deliberate soul journeying, the better you’ll get at it. With the new 5D grid being anchored in more and more strongly over coming years, this will become easier for Twins to do.

Meditate and talk to your Twin, send them love – you can even try astral journeying to spend time with the deeper parts of your Twin and strengthening the bond between you that way and improving the dynamic between you.

No matter what’s going on on the outside. In fact, strengthening your positive connection this way will help you boost your “real world” situation too.

Download this Free Guided Meditation for connecting with your Twin Flame on the soul planes to get started right now! 


Or, for a deeper session click here. We go into the etheric realms, experience a beautiful ceremony of souls to bridge your energies into a higher alignment, pave out new timelines, enlist your Twin Flame’s higher self’s support on your journey and much more…

#6) Talking and Thinking But not Taking Action

A very common pattern that gets Twins into trouble and slows down their journey, is getting addicted to the analysis of it.

Discussing and thinking about the endless potential explanations why things are the way they are and what others’ experiences are, and what the themes of the journey are – what stage you’re in, whether your Twin is a “genuine” runner, what “ray” the two of you are or whether you really are Twins. Not to mention what everyone else and their Twin are up to and experiencing.

Beware – this can become a huge trap! You’re trying to figure your journey out with your mind…

The mind can only explain things based in what it already knows, what it’s already experienced. Your mind can never figure out the Twin Flame connection because your connection is one of heart and soul and energy.

Another thing is, while you’re so busy trying to figure it out and analyze what’s going on, your journey is passing you by. Meaning, you’re not there in the present moment to experience it.

Analysis, thinking and talking can’t change anything on your journey. In order for something to change, you have to do something. Without action, you’ll keep getting the same results as before.

This is why some Twins are stuck in separation for 20 years or more. It’s because their energies are in alignment with separation, and no matter how much they deliberate or discuss it with anyone, it can’t change unless their energy changes.

Everything is energy – physics has concluded with this for decades. We are all energetic beings and the truth is that the energy you hold determines the reality you experience.

So if you take action to change your energy – this will get you tangible results. Your journey changes when your energy changes – blocks are removed, karmic patterns eradicated.

This is the reason I’m running this whole website, because I know it works and I want to share this actionable solution to Twin Flame struggles. There are enough venting forums and articles on the terrors of Twin Flames out there. You don’t need more of that. You need solutions, a system that actually works.

On this journey, you get what you’re in alignment with – it’s like tuning into a radio to listen to music. If you’re by default tuned into the frequency of separation, you will find it nigh impossible to experience harmony and union. It’s like being tuned into Death Metal FM and expecting to hear classical concertos.

Reaching Alignment & Unity – A Harmonious Twin Flame Connection

You can find my system, my solution, here – it shifted my energy dramatically and got me to Union with my Twin within 18 months of our first encounter.

twin flame program

“Hi Cassady, I have been following this for around last 2 months and the results are truly amazing. Each time I do this meditation, something special happens in my physical reality.” – Sally, New South Wales, Australia

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and  Harmony Healing program have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart program weekly.  Thank you!!!  My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined. “- Joy, California, USA

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!” – Kristine D, Mass., USA

Click here to learn more and watch a video on how it works

Making Sure This Website Is In Alignment With The Highest Good

Spirit alerted me a while back to have a review of the comments section and interactions on the site to make sure Twins visiting the site weren’t inadvertently slowing down their journeys by discussing negativity or getting tangled up with each others’ issues.

To make sure Twin Flames 11:11 serves Twin Flames in a positive, empowering way, we have therefore created some guidelines for the comment section on the site.

I take my responsibility very seriously, so I work closely with spirit to make sure my articles and services are to everyone’s highest good.

I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned this but I was actually “interviewed” in detail by spirit before starting this site and creating the Vibrational Alignment Program, to determine whether I was a suitable candidate to translate guidance from the higher realms to other Twins!

Do comment below with any questions and future subjects you’d like me to cover on the site! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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Twin Flames 11:11 Comment Guidelines

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  1. I love these articles. They really speak to the exact things I am dealing with at the time. I know my journey is more about me than anything else. I sometime feel used by the individual I believe to be my t.f. I just feel as if I’ve had to contort and twist myself into positions as of late that have been beneficial to. peaceful encounters with him but that my soul has suffered for shoving my needs to the back burner. Interestingly enough ur last article hit it right on the nose and everything came to a boiling point and the lid blew off. It had to be addressed. At this point I really am just keeping my thoughts in order remembering that I matter as well. I’d like to go into more detail but I won’t as of now. Just really really thankful that I stumbled purposely upon ur newsletters. It helps me tremendously. Thank u thank u thank u

  2. If we are Twins, why would I try to get advice and guidance from THEIR Higher Self, why not OUR Higher Self? I learned the name of our HS, so I believe it is one in the same. This confuses me. Also, if we are to quit analyzing so much and just enjoy the process, why are there so many guidelines? Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate these weekly messages and am interested in the complete forecast book, but it seems contradictory to offer it in the same forecast that states over analyzing can be detrimental to the experience itself. (Here I go, questioning and analyzing.) I don’t mean to sound controversial.
    Thank you. ?

  3. Dear Cassady, your advice resonates and you are right. I have experienced that posting was not always the right thing to do and therefore I stopped for some time. But recently I try to be more aware of that. But I have also been helped by remarks of others to make a ‘ click’ and move to a deeper level. So, I wonder, maybe if you remove a comment, if it would be possible to understand why, because I feel that would help, to know why I would hamper myself or another with that remark. I see you removed two of my comments i which I share a recent development in my proces: am I harming myself by sharing or the other by not letting her/him find their path? Or both?
    So: what can we twins share that would be best, or is it better to not share nothing?
    Thank you so much!
    Love and light, <3 E.

  4. Hi there Kari,

    Thanks for your question. There are varying theories as to whether the Twins share a higher self or not. In my personal experience there are “layers” to this. Twins have a unified higher soul aspect but each twin has a higher self – on my journey I deal with my higher self as well as my Twin in spirit. They do work together though.

    Spirit adjusts how they present themselves to us depending on our preferences and our journey. Whatever works best for you, is the message I get.

    I understand your point about the forecast, thanks for raising it. I actually never planned to have a forecast on the Twin Flames 11:11 blog until I posted a few forecast messages from spirit and saw that forecasts were overwhelmingly more read than anything else – thousands more Twins gravitated toward them.

    Spirit showed me that we could use this as an opening to use the format of forecasts to give people both what they *desired* – essentially, to know the future of their Twin Flame journey – and also what they *needed*: imparting empowering guidance and intuitive insights into what Twins needed to know on their journeys at any given point. So that’s what I’ve done.

    The 2016 forecast is meant as a help to get the most out of the coming year energetically: Electromagnetic influxes of energy from the solar system’s planets always impact Earth (each planet has a very particular gravitational field and energy frequency), and because Twin Flames in Ascension are sensitive to energy, spirit suggested this 2016 guide as a way to help Twins deal with the *collective* energy transits and challenges that are set to crop up over the coming year.

    If you are happy to manage your journey on your own, then that’s great, however it was specifically presented to me that spirit desired to get a “responsible” forecast out there which seeks to empower Twins and give advice on how to make the most of the journey (because many Twin Flame experts will be presenting predictions for the coming year).

    Cassady <3

  5. One more question (more or less repeated question of mine from the blog of monday, but I see it here as well): what do you mean by taking action, besides manifesting? Do you mean action in 3D or do you mean clearing energy and working on changing beliefs and positivity? I feel often that I need to do something in 3D, but not sure that is ok, but when you say: take action, baby steps, I feel you might mean 3D?
    Thank you so mcuh I am grateful for your help!
    <3 E.

  6. I’m so glad this resonated with you Shanequa! <3

    I've been learning since the beginning of my journey that sometimes the "magic" words to unlock a difficult situation is to ask ourselves: "What is this meant to teach me?"

    Most often, you'll find that your soul will actually help you find a solution once you've shown the intention of wanting to learn. A big lesson for Twins is to see challenges as opportunities to grow.

    Spirit is indicating that maybe you're the one not accepting yourself fully, and that your Twin is reflecting this back to you…

    Sending you love and light for your journey! <3

    Cassady x

  7. I like this article Cassady, your blog is very helpful and present really the truth about the twin flames. Everything that you wrote there i was feeling inside me last week. I started questioning everything about the twin journey and how the power is really inside of us. I noticed that i was always looking the answer with other people, with like you said, makes the journey very confusing. That’s the big lesson i think to learn, that every TWIN couple is on a different journey, a different path and we can’t really compare to each other. Im raising my energy level, clearing a lot of negative stuff from the past (btw im a walk-in soul) and i feel that we gonna reunite soon. My twin just unblocked me from what’s app on tuesday, (she was scared, run from the connection for 4 months. blocked me). I’m much more spiritually aligned than her, and i feel that i need to help her. She’s still scared i can feel, probably a little bit lost. She uploaded a picture on her profile, and i could see in her eyes that she was not ok and dealing with difficult stuff. I could even feel her energy looking to the picture (sometimes it really amazed me the twin connecting, i had doubts about it a lot of times, butthere’s always something extraordinary that happen, like something sync with my life or thoughts that confirm everything, it’s a beautiful connection.) So it’s beautiful the work that you are doing Cassady, because we all have a very special mission here on earth. I feel there’s a plan about this separation, because without it we could not clear negative stuff from the past, without that we would be stuck in a low energy level. So i see this as a gift, a mirror to us showing everything that we need to work on, so we can raise our energy in a SHORT period of time, ITS AMAZING, and im VERY grateful for that experience. I feel that we all gonna reunite soon. That’s what i feel. I feel that earth really NEED this at this moment, it’s like a important TOOL to acelerate the progress to 4th and 5th dimension. Like the internet, internet is a POWERFULL tool that completely changed the world, and it’s a incredible tool that gonna help us to be on 4th and 5th. Twins as well, being the example of the new relationship paradigm, because the 3d relationships it’s about power and control, people caring about their on desires. I’ve been in a lot of 3d relationships, and i learned a lot, and also suffered with different experiences. But i understand why i had to go through this, everything makes sense when we see the big picture, and where the new relationships are going. You that are reading this, i support Cassady 100% and PLEASE let’s stop spreading negativity about twin flames, there’s so much negative information there, channels in youtube that have a LOT of subscribers saying that twins are not going to reunite blablalbla. WE NEED TO STOP ABSORBING OTHER PEOPLES PERCEPTION ! When we absorb other people’s perception its like a cycle, we gonna start to spread into others, and gonna start to grow and grow, specially on the internet that things manifest so quickly. SO PLEASE ! Lets spread positivity about twins AND YES WE ALL GONNA BE WITH OUR TWIN FLAMES, believe or not, THATS OUR MISSION here on earth GUYS, that’s WHY we are here connected with CASSADY at this moment, THERE’s always a reason behing everything ! Like cassady said lets focus on our ENERGY , raising our energy it’s gonna affect not only our twin flame but EVERYTHING around us. Yes we all gonna be together and create a new and beautiful EARTH ! I LOVE YOU GUYS ! <3

  8. Cassady,
    Thanks and blessings to you again for your insights from Spirit. Your blog has been an enormous help to me in my TF journey toward reunion. I have been on an unbelievable journey of Awakening and Ascension since my TF re-entered my life 21 months ago only to separate immediately afterward. I have learned to listen to my inner voice, access my Guides & Angels, and follow my pre-life plan for coming here as a Light Worker to do a very important work. I am manifesting all the things necessary for my path exactly when they are needed and learning patience along the way to enjoy every step as it unfolds. Reunion with my TF is just around the corner, as is the business that will launch my ultimate Life Purpose. I had a huge breakthrough shortly after the last lunar eclipse where I finally “surrendered” to the full confidence that my TF and I will reunite, and three weeks later I manifested the perfect business partner into my life to move the concept of my business into reality. I learned from Spirit at the same time that one of the reasons my TF is being held back is to hold space open for me to get this business going first. It was also revealed that the right person would come in to help me do this. Through a string of “impossible” miracles that I manifested, she came to me, and we knew immediately upon meeting that we both came into this life-time for this purpose. Interestingly, she also has a TF incarnate at this time and had been with him for 10 years but is currently in separation. She is the first person I’ve met personally who is experiencing this. I’m in awe at the workings of the Universe on our behalf and have come to enjoy every moment, no matter how “suspenseful” it is.

  9. Thank you Cassady! #5 hits home for me. I am ready to be in direct contact physically though the deeper levels are so very beautiful! I do see how they strengthen our bond and have helped us both through so much. I am working on not letting the things coming up to be cleared block my vision. It is becoming more and more easy to let it slide off and clear. This morning was challenging I physically hurt thinking about him and missing him. It is important to let that clear, let it deepen our resolve and our Love. I am trying to find the right action to take. I know Spirit will show us.

    As for others, I have found that talking with other Twins has helped both of us clear blocks and get closer to knowing ourselves and the connection more.

    In that though I know I need to focus. WE need to focus, my Twin and I. The fear is falling away, the doubt is evaporating. He need to know that I will never leave him, that I love him more than anyone and always have. I have realized more deeply what I have always known that I was looking for him in all the other lovers I have had in my life. I knew each time I was not with him and it was not something I could stay with. I hope that he feels the same. I do not want to spend any more time without him in my life as my lover and friend.

  10. I agree with you! I have known my whole life about this connection though I was asleep in many ways until now. We are here to shift the paradigm about relationships. This is a keystone to all of humanity! Think about it. Everything we do somehow revolves out from the center harmony of men and women. When it is in disarray all else suffers. This needs to change and we are the fulcrum of that shift. It is a joy as well as a responsibility and it WILL happen! It is happening. Love anchored into our daily lives is such a blessing. Think of the partnerships you see who have this light around them. They touch everyone around them just by being who they are together. It raises up the energy of everyone around them. Love and light to everyone!

  11. Hi Cassidy
    My twin has run away with no warning he will not pick phone up text or talk to me.
    He is not a spirtual person and dose not believe in twin flame stuff as does not understand it.
    Can you see when he will contact me and when we will reunite? Thank you for this help. I have no idea what is happening.

  12. I find it fascinating that all your articles just keep deeply confirming so many changes and shifts that have taken on the inside of myself since the awakening to twin. You mention that twins that are ascending are impacted by the planets and shifts they make. I have said for months now how amazing/crazy that has been in my life now! I have never felt that before and I certainly do now!! it’s so nice to get another piece to the puzzle to come together. Another article you mentioned twins are typically empaths, YES have been for years and it just keeps increasing. Thank you for these enormous nuggets that you drop in with the bigger message. I will try to turn more and more inward as I do realize how sacred this is. It’s nice to hear of others in same path and stories but yes the ones that drag you down take a toll, I myself will be more careful of my writings. What a ride, what a ride!!!

  13. OMG I prayed to the Universe to guide me to my Twinflame and I get this article! I’ve noticed I do most of these things. I honestly have a hard time trusting my own intuition and most of all, to be really honest with myself, I am afraid of this twinflame relationship. Its like I want it yet I’m scared of it because of all of the things twinflames go through. Its a lot of work. But of course all of the healing, shifting and growing is worth it in the end. Right now me and my twinflame are separated and I find this as a perfect opportunity to grow and heal. So next time our relationship can go smoothly-ish. You don’t know how badly I needed this article. I’m new to this twinflame concept (though I have seen it mentioned before) and this article helped me in so many ways. Thanks a bunch!

  14. Cassady, this might be out of your scope but I’m here at the crossroads in my marriage that no longer works on almost every level. Now having been awakened to twin last year I absolutely now know what true love looks like and continue to see my marriage woes in my face time and time again. I keep looking for a way to uplift this marriage into the most loving separation that I can. I want what’s best for all involved but fear when these terms are approached it’s not out of a place out of love on his end, in fact quite the opposite which makes me fearful of the outcome and going forward since we have a little one in the middle of it. I don’t want this to be a terrible negative situation, I want this to be from a loving, kind space. Is there any advice to give for the ones that are leaving their marriages and how to handle it in the best way possible for all involved?

  15. Yes, i like what you said and i agree 100%. Everything in society is based in relationships.

    Male and female energy are imbalanced right now.

    Male is excessive dominant, power over others, control, etc, etc

    Female is losing touch with femininity and raising their masculine energy to compete with men on jobs, relationships, etc

    There’s a huge imbalance there. If we think about it, when these 2 energies are imbalanced and they become a couple with kids, it’s gonna have a huge impact on their kids because they are bad examples to them, creating a disfunctional family, affecting their beliefs. (It’s a big cycle) . With twin flames yes like you said they are big examples and they can raise other people energy just with their presence. They gonna have also a big impact on their kids creating a new , and more healthy generation, with less control, less power over others and more LOVE.

    Love is so powerful, we need that !

  16. Yes! Exactly. These are the deeper reasons we are looking for each other! I think it is important as Cassady has said to remember the larger picture. It is not just about us! <3

  17. Thanks Cassady, this explains why I have lots of dreams about my twin… they are in fact astral projections of our “dates”. We have gone places (in spirit) ever since we found each other in 3D this January 2015, with more travels this July to October! I look forward to translating these soul “dates” in 3D as though we are connected, we are yet to define what’s next for us soon.

  18. Hi Cassady, I just want to say thank you for this article and #6 resonated the most on “taking action” as this is something I’m learning to do. I will say I have enjoyed talking to other twins on your site it has helped me focus and take this journey more seriously. I enjoy your site, it is detailed, well organized, thought provoking and I feel is truly in line with Spirit and I cannot say enough how much I thank you for being here and doing this. I also purchased your 2016 forecast and I love it! I have a copy on my phone as I know I will need it as the year goes by.

  19. Thank you so much for your service, Cassady. I met my twin a year and a half ago. We are in our second separation right now. I have devoured every article and every video about the twin flame phenomenon since I discovered them on the internet a year ago. I am very serious about wanting to fulfill my mission and unite with my twin, because I am already a senior citizen. And so, following your blog and purchasing your Vibrational Course has been the best thing in my journey. Because now I am focused on eliminating negative energies. I realize, now, how damaging it can be to absorb other people’s negative energy on forums and videos. No more! This is MY journey and this is MY union with the other half of my soul. I need no other opinions other than my own inner guidance. I have never felt more confident and at peace until now. I am determined to get into alignment and therefore help my twin at the same time. I believe that this works, as I have noticed how we influence each other with our actions. I am very happy to have found you and I thank you again for your enormous help to twin flames.

  20. I agree with you guys on the imbalance of masculine/feminine energy. The masculine has been deeply rooted for ages to where like you said women are trying to match their masculine energy and in turn losing their feminine. The feminine energy is so beautiful, aligned with feelings, the unseen and intuition. Children need to see the strength of both their mothers and fathers. Love is so, so powerful…maybe slowly people will hopefully see the love of twin flames, how we love, respect, support and encourage each other, if even in silence or at a distance – that would inspire people.

  21. Thank you for making me realize to stay away from groups who vent negatively about their twins.

  22. That’s just how I feel. We are all here for love…Twinflames will come together to lift the vibrations and heal. Leading the way to love. I’ve always felt that everyone will see the love my twinflame and I share, that it will lift people up to a higher vibration. Love is everything and love is the only thing that matters. I love you my twin???always and forever.

  23. You summarize what I noticed. I felt so hopeless when visiting youtube teaching where people show the twin flame journey like a big struggle with a lot of suffering, pain, hopeless and finally I realized I had to take my distance and not visit their page or video anymore. When meeting your twin flame should be joy and honestly your meditation gives me a lot of hope. As you say we have to take action and not spread negativity. I am not for all the tarot reading because you can be stuck for so long and be addicted instead of taking action: one day your TF is closer the following day not, etc…it is so exhausting…and hopeless…I am convinced that working on energy alignment as you teach is really the issue. Since I started your meditation I feel much better, not anxious at all and I am sure I help my twin flame too….I turned around so many times. and reunion will take place. I feel so light today, have a lot of joy inside of me. Thank you for all Cassidy. Lots of blessings 🙂

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