twin-flame-couple-illuminedMars Retrograde, Sexual Frustrations, Karmics Returned, Astral Blocks, And More. The Unexpected Blessings Of A Challenging Time For Twin Flames…

We’re currently in the middle of one of the year’s most potent and transformative periods as Mars Retrograde continues into the new year!

You may have noticed that a lot of people seem “extra crazy” lately! Maybe you’ve been feeling triggered more personally too…

Conflict, irritation and stress is on the rise as our solar plexus and the collective fields are stirred up.

There is a lot going on right now, and it can feel incredibly challenging for many…

So today I wanted to share a new article on the HIDDEN BENEFITS of Mars Retrograde for Twin Flames.

Plus, I’ll be answering questions like:

– How can you turn this challenging time into a gift for your journey?

– What power does Mars Retrograde have to bring you closer to Twin Flame unity?

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Mars Retrograde 2020 – Key Info

– Mars Retrograde lasts until January 11th 2023 (but the planet doesn’t fully leave his “shadow path” of the retrograde until late March)

– This Mars Retrograde happens in Gemini, sign of the Twins

– Mars is the “ruler” of the Masculine polarity, Males and the star sign Aries

– Mars Retrograde involves a purge/upgrade of the solar plexus chakra (read more here) and the astral body templates, including karma

– Mars Retrograde brings a purge, release and upgrade of old density and shadows in the Masculine collective

– Old ego patterns, identities, outworn behaviors, programming are being purged, particularly in the Masculine Twin. Ego (“the small/human self”) is being challenged

How Are YOU Experiencing Mars Retrograde?

This is a time when density and toxic content is being pushed to the surface so we can face it, release and shift into a higher state.

As a society, as Twin Flames and as individuals.

People who are in a state of inner harmony won’t find this time particularly troublesome but for those who have low vibrational programming in their system still, it’s set to bring hiccups and challenges.

Separation programming is processed and stored in the solar plexus, so will likely be triggered between Twins in this period.

It doesn’t mean you’ll go your separate ways but if you FEEL separate or judgment, blame and resentment comes up… THAT is what’s going on. Don’t let it fester.

Clear the energy behind it, and your connection will shift into a higher state of openness, love and harmony.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

A Cosmic Spring Clean, Unveiling A New And Higher State

This whole process of Mars Retrograde is like a spring cleaning on a massive level and it’s happening for a purpose.

Spirit tells us, this is a major part of “wrapping up the old karmic reality to prepare for the new world of unity”.

Above all, the Masculine Twin and the sexual side of the Twin connection are undergoing a transformation process – from the inside out.

This period can truly help you transform and uplift your whole connection. It’s like the universe is on your side, pushing for a reformation.

If you work with the energies and cleanse out the separation triggers and other blocks that arise, you can improve your long term path in a dramatic and positive way.

For some help with this, click here. And to read more about Mars Retrograde and how it impacts the Twin connection, click here.

During this Mars Retrograde, remember above all that you’re not one person VERSUS the other. You are two souls who were once a single whole soul.

Keys To Gaining The Highest Benefits From This Time

As there is so much that feels in turmoil or stuck right now, remember that we’re in a PROCESS, and as always the universe is seeking to bring us our highest good.

So no matter how challenging things get, you can benefit by using the power of your perspective, intention and focus to gain major progress over the coming period:

So here are 11 secret Twin Flame benefits to Mars Retrograde:


You can “uplevel” your connection from the inside out in this period.
How? Above all hold the vision of the Masculine Twin’s highest self. Remember who they REALLY are as a SOUL. Work to see the Ego defenses, reactions and negativity for what it is, a “mask”.

– You can do so much to help your Masculine Twin at this time, to clear old baggage and collective negativity which is working to be released.
Especially if they themselves aren’t doing their inner work – their SOUL will help you with it. So do what you can to work with your Twin on a higher level in this period. You’ll see MAJOR results as the cosmic energies are working WITH you, says spirit.

– When you work with their higher self, you can assist them from behind the scenes in a smooth way that brings them closer to you, instead of Ego pushing you apart. Have a look here for more info. (This session will also swiftly clear out the deeper basis for any separation based issues like conflict, anger, ghosting, blame, resentment, sexual infidelity and more…)



Learning to be our own best friend. This is a chance to rethink how we function with our OWN self. Self sabotage, inner negativity and criticism is being highlighted.

If you’re the person Mars Retrograde is affecting most, work to be forgiving and non-judgmental with yourself. Who do you really WANT to be?

Focus on your goals, not the negatives or the past. Be your own friend, not enemy. Remember “as within, so without”. Be nice to yourself to attract it back from others – especially your Twin.

Take the journey day by day and cleanse out any negativity that arises. This can be the beginning of a new daily positive way of being for you – with long term repercussions.


Raising our vibration and Twin Flame dynamic: By pushing negativity to the surface, the universe and the cosmic energies are in this period putting the pressure on to get us to resolve certain blocks and hold-backs for GOOD.

So we can move into a higher state. So it’s pushing – often uncomfortably – for us to:

Clear long standing karma, soul contracts, negative attachments – to open up to unity

– Make us confront and heal/resolve past life karmic connections, such as marriage contracts etc. Again, this won’t happen by itself. The energies stir them up but to permanently resolve them, have a look here.

– Pushing us to clear away Ego blocks that have kept the soul self from being fully present.

– Pushing us to clear deeply anything that’s been causing separation or running/chasing – so it’s gone for the long run. (Read more about how to do that here).


It’s helping us to invite in a higher timeline for the long run.
The universe is in many ways nudging you to stop focusing on what doesn’t truly matter. To invite in your highest vision, helping you (with tough love) to strengthen your resolve.

– Know that any darkness rising is being shown to you so that you can release it and choose a higher path moving forward. (For more on timelines, click here)

Be aware of your intention, your choice and what you interact with. If an old conflict pattern or negativity shows up, notice it and resolve that you are done with it. Stay conscious. Choose and invite in a higher state.


We’re being pushed to step into our own mastery.
Pushing us to gain self-discipline to improve our long term path. We’re being shown we may need to adjust our habits and the way we deal with life.

To become more CONSCIOUS, instead of operating on “autopilot” and what we’ve taken on from others and in childhood.

– This means the energies are confronting us with our own shadows and toxic relationship patterns, to get us to cleanse away lower self issues and old dynamics that are hurting us.


We are set to be learning more about ourselves and our interactions with other people.

It may be that WE are carrying victimhood complexes, issues with blame and conflict without realizing it.

It might have been unconscious in us, but the universe is now lighting it up so we can recognize it and release it. Because it’s been a block to love.

We may be pushed to take responsibility. This may feel tough right now, but will strengthen us for the long term path. It opens to receiving love on a deeper level.


We’re being “forced” to go within, to find our own power. This may be a time when you’re forced to slow down.

In many ways outer action and achievement of goals seem blocked. The divine purpose? To get you to go within.

If we’re always chasing on the outside, we’re not in our power and we can’t truly attract our desires. Use this time to focus on balancing and restoring yourself. It will have major positive OUTER effects with time.

For more help on this, have a look at the following article.


When used well, Mars retrograde will help you powerfully harmonize your Twin Flame relationship, clear old heavy karmic blocks and uplift your connection.

The true purpose of this period is to cleanse away the “lower self” programming and any blocks to unity, and to assist the Masculine to ascend into a higher state. Read more here in A Channeled Message From The Divine Masculine.

divine masculine twin soul


It can open your dream/telepathic connection further,
IF you clear what comes up. Temporarily it may feel blocked – but remember it’s to your highest good that you’re being SHOWN the blocks.

Twins communicate and have “remote interactions” on the astral plane, which is associated with the Solar Plexus (ruled by Mars).

So in this period deep underlying blocks can be resolved, opening to increased flow and togetherness in the “nonphysical”.

In short, a re-balancing of the Solar Plexus and Ego or “lower self” is happening as the cosmic energies are affecting us differently in this period.

Have a look here for another recommended resource for Mars Retrograde, as we go through clearing the solar plexus and astral cord so you can benefit from this with ease instead of living through the “purge”…


You can get much closer, even if you’re not physically together.
If things are blocked on the OUTSIDE, you can do “inner work” with their soul to bring you back together.

Your Twin’s soul will work with you to make this happen, because on the higher level they want to be together and experience true love, not physical world toxic connections. Go here to learn more.


Karmic connections can be resolved for good, opening to increased Twin Flame unity. With Mars retrograde, past sexual connections are likely to return somehow.

It can be a past mate from this life, or even a past LIFE mate. They may show up in a vision or dream, or someone may show up or return whose essence is LIKE a past mate…

Know that it’s meant to allow you to tie up loose ends, cut cords, clear old contracts like marriage vows, promises and more from past lives…

So you can open to unity with your Twin, your true divine cosmic counterpart.
(Union can’t happen when either party has connections with outsiders, even from past lives – so go here for solutions.)


Your Divine Advantage As The Awakened Twin…

This Mars Retrograde period may not be easy, but it’s an instrumental part of opening the path to physical harmony down the line.

We’re in the middle of releasing the “old karmic model” of existence, which was based in opposition, conflict and separation… With time, this opens to bring in more light, more unity, more love.

Remember you have a “secret power” as the awakened Twin. It’s never just about “them” – on a deeper level you already are one and everything you do, think, intend and focus affects the other.

The gift you have as the awakened one, is that your intentions affect the connection SO MUCH MORE STRONGLY than a Twin operating from Ego.

It means you have a divine power to change things around once you begin to use it.

(I show you how here.)

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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twin flame program

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